The journey of life, my twenty-one years (end Edition)

was my 21 birthday in 3 days, and I had 21 years of experience, and I knew it myself. I finished it today,

!There are several

in life for twenty-one years, with twenty-one years of my sweet, sour, bitter, spicy… From the early years to wow, now older youth, from absolutely ignorant of innocence, to absolutely ignorant of stupidity… From campus life to society, from society to school, from school to society in the middle of the park. The weeks around… My life is not tasteless. Not… Not in worship, is a record of 21 years of

the past 07… In 07 ends, I wanted to write a summary of my last 21 years. But many things are counterproductive, new year’s day three days off my station in the div+css above… A holiday, is on the computer and the bed over. Today in the company,… His work was about, I began to recall the twenty-one years… I was born in a town called bandits nest village, our village every year seems to be shot


a year there are so few punks because mixed society too small, do not know what time, until several years later at < < young > > to understand why Yanzhou is south bully groups… Brother conquered… Listen to my mother, I am not in the village before the age of three home, grandma just watching uncle home girls, and I lived on a farm in wells, the house for three years,

when I was a child, my family was poor and I saw people eating good food. We didn’t have anything. Do not know how long to have now had the body head 185+, when I was young, because a little small always brother and war, was flat all my good suffer, cry every time that I go to cry for comfort, when Annaibuzhu greedy, secretly took the brother venture money (ice cream costs) to buy the mouth to eat, is delicious, eventually dad’s shoes are broken, I am in bed Juezhaopigu spent a week, did not dare to move from that in the miss

remember Dad took the first day, I see the red education teacher, a lovely aunt asked 1+1=? Mom. ` ` ` `… Naughty in primary school, on the table to jump up, the results of a step in vain… Face the blood home crying… But not disfigured face…


had nibbled bun head to the sheep, wonder why sheep don’t eat bun head, so call mandatory to let the sheep eat bun head, the mouth to claw open the top of the flower… Hum… Primary school, on a Saturday school to play, the fixed swing that "unity climber" to twist off, the jump away, helpless, at school is my grandfather, my grandfather also denounced the Monday school, don’t give me a favour, especially wronged, I was in the school library inside the bed time, not to eat, or the results of my little sister.

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