The future of the nternet and Taobao marketing analysis

, webmaster friends, farewell ADMIN5, 3 years later, I came back, this time back to share some of the Taobao and web site combination.

entered, first a brief overview of the 3 years I went, very tangled said since I don’t do it in Beijing, came to Beijing a lot of contact with the Internet company, then the real out of the small city into the city only to find that the development of the Internet in the most populous city so fast I went to the company, group purchase, e-commerce companies, including the Jingdong store, although has been done before the webmaster friends and family opposition, but now I feel not to do so many years I want to come to the big city owners even a good job can not find, the real teacher recently and I really learned a lot of practical Xuanxi something here I want to thank my teacher, he let me know before I do the station is so pale.

I want to A5 some of the old people should remember that for a long time before we do the site’s profit model is completely pop Baidu promotion and Google promotion, I remember a feeling that pop stand to earn 20 thousand IP, when the background refresh the total advertising revenue, when I really feel is in seconds in the money, then meet with 1000IP4 yuan this income is


but you reflect on it? Now there are many webmaster to day dozens of pieces of money in advertising in the construction site or site to update, update or update? I understand personal suffering, often support their beliefs in a way, circle someone into others, are so every day.

personally feel that the personal webmaster should consider giving up a single advertising model, I think the social development of the Internet speed is too fast, there are new sites open every day, there are countless websites shut down in frustration, then shut down for many reasons, but most are going to go without money so the webmaster to reflect is not to start with the product, this is the best way, many owners began to try to do a Taobao customer, when you see a website from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions of times, they will find the happy, why not to flow? The time found that the site was K, I think many webmaster can have such experience, Taobao has been flooded, want to have to do is maintenance free Taobao customers only A strip of.

recently I was helping a friend planning operation of automobile hub modified Taobao shop, my friend is very good products is our customer service attitude strict in demands, are good, perhaps because we have a belief that Taobao wants to do the store, but with the modified version of Taobao’s revision, restriction and limitation in Ma’s monopoly, small sellers can hardly go out, I think we can also feel, of course, what is the most painful? That is the Taobao blocked Baidu spider, the conversion of Taobao marketing mode completely to Taobao customers, through.

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