Why am a failed stationmaster Sharing the failed experiences of four websites


is not A5 moderator identity, maybe I had already left the station this circle, thanks to A5 let me continue to adhere to the webmaster industry! Contact this industry for a long time, many see too many examples of success, really envy those successful webmaster, also can be the envy of their and reflect on their own, why others can be successful, and himself as a "old station" is actually nothing now. Ashamed to say, I am 09 years when accidentally entered the webmaster of this industry, which has almost 5 years passed hand won’t have a decent website, for many people it seemed unbelievable, but here is indeed, what causes me fail now this back a failed write about their experiences with the hope that the majority of owners to share.

clearly remember my first good website name game BBS (domain name I not listed, because the domain name that is now a local county forum in), was mainly trying to make a game community forum, then a variety of online games has a lot, you love to play games also, while playing the game in the game to make some friends, get to know more people you demand for various teams, gangs, guild and so on is made, we all hope to make a website to bring everyone together, even after the change of the game can be found on the site which followed this play together. The purpose of this site is. As I read the College of computer science and technology professional, since that learned in schools fur I began to crustily skin of head to do a website, the first is the use of ASP language Dvbbs network program, this program is now in decline, now do not know anyone remember this program not later, because a variety of functional limitations, feeling the template is not good-looking, changed with the PHP language discuz program, it is also at that time I knew the difference between ASP and PHP. At that time he did not know well but also to promote the website, more not to listen to SEO this concept, the site was built after every day is friends inside the game promotion, most of the time is not more than 100 people visit, but that day to see someone posted on the website of the feeling is still hard to forget you, later because of time to play games to occupy more, with respect to the site management time is less, sometimes forum several days are too lazy to take care of all the above information, a lot of garbage, so in the months before the aborted


second is the time when the site navigation site still more fire, the acquisition of Li Xingping hao123 and Cai Wensheng 265 were Baidu and Google price myth deeply attracted me to the Internet, just to find a navigation source, buy a space to register a domain name simply change the title to an on-line navigation station. That is because of this low threshold entry leads to the country navigation station blossom everywhere, and at the time the navigation station is a burn money to live, take the ordinary SEO did not enhance the flow of what, I >

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