Since the media blog also lost the original original!

no matter what you do, what you give is proportional to what you get. Get more, be destined to pay more; get less because you pay too little. Many people see the good news from the media blog, but do not see how much to do from the media blog, on the "original" two words, how a "tired" word,


to this day, my Shao LAN blog runs for one year in June, six days, and wrote 534 articles, that is, I am one day a minimum of an original article. Sometimes, I write a few original articles a day, when there is no content to write, I will write an original for a few days.

writing is really easy for someone with a little knowledge of the text. Maybe a few minutes to finish an article. Writing, simple? I admit that I love writing, my typing speed is faster, but the type with five pen, I write original articles, most of them in an hour or so, some three hours to write an original.

to write an original article, first of all want to write the topic, and secondly, the title must consider how to attract people. Finish the first section after drawing some pictures, not easy to find, is a waste of time, an article picture occupies the important role, which can express the theme of the article, also to some of the beautiful.

every day, I will go to the major websites to read the information of the day, the purpose is to learn some knowledge, and secondly, in order to find some topics that can be written. I almost got up in the morning and contributed to the big websites, then I wrote an original article, there was a topic at night, maybe I could write an article, and sometimes I wrote in the early morning.

Is it easy for

to make a blog from the media? Many people seem to be able to write an article every day, but it’s only an original article that will waste you half a day. Maybe I’m used to this kind of day, writing every day, spreading every day, and I don’t have time to do anything else. Sometimes I wonder, is it worth it,


many friends have seen the good news from the media and will certainly continue to write. For a long time, you’ll find it hard to keep writing. Sometimes, not people do not want to write original, but you really do not have so much time to write original, this is the helpless from the media. Even if you want to write original, you have time to write original, you will one day without content to do.

some time ago, a member of the Shao Lianhu VIP blog I asked me, said: "happy, you contribute in some sites is not to give money?" I said: "no." I was thinking that if I contribute money to other websites, I’m sure I’ll enjoy writing more. We have heard many writers have paid for them, why is the us from these media to write original articles without money?

to write this article, I also see Baidu have the same article, see the article is also on the articles from the media, the speed transit network the author writes, a woman writing royalties will earn a lot of money, but from the media. "

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