Novice how to apply for entrepreneurship policy

for the new venture and entrepreneurial team, won the awesome support policy is very important. However, the new entrants often do not know where to get entrepreneurial policy advice to apply for help and what requirements. Today let’s take a look at the following introduction.

A, how to find the support policies?

1. in general, provinces are equipped with the relevant supporting policies, especially the governments at all levels, human resources and labor and social security, finance, science and technology as well as the local committee of Communist Youth League’s official website, can refer to the latest policy;

2. pay attention to the government and functional departments of the official WeChat or micro-blog, the first time to obtain policy information;

3. actively involved in incubators, all levels of government and functional departments regularly held policy briefing.

4. participate in the business competition to obtain government and related functional departments. Such as "win in the business competition in Guangzhou college, winning the four contest a total of 376 projects, of which 235 projects have been formally registered, the founder of the company to the market, a total of 5 projects of the production scale of more than 10 million yuan, the highest a project scale has reached 500 million yuan.

1. college students entrepreneurial team: in order to support college students entrepreneurship, the state and governments at all levels have introduced a number of preferential policies, involving financing, business, tax, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, etc.;

2. the number of strokes to achieve a certain scale such as the Shenzhen team: according to the recruitment number (required signed more than 1 year term of the labor contract and had to pay social insurance premiums for more than 6 months) to give entrepreneurship to improve employment subsidies. To recruit 3 people (including 3) the following per capita subsidy of $2000 to recruit more than 3 people, each additional $1 to give 3000 yuan subsidy, the maximum amount of not more than 30 thousand yuan.

3. development scale to reach conditions: such as government small loans need to see more than 6 months, the water, which requires the company to run for a period of time; Shenzhen on independent entrepreneurs in the city founded start-ups, the normal operation of more than 6 months to 5000 yuan of business start-up subsidies; successful financing enterprise; tax to achieve a certain scale enterprises;

4. has been assessed by the level of the enterprise: for example, Guangzhou, Tianhe District e-commerce start-up companies for the first time was identified as municipal or more electronic demonstration enterprises, giving a one-time 100 thousand yuan reward;

5. "new three board" listed companies;

6. access to patents related to the enterprise.

three, how to improve the success rate?

1. patience to read the policy, the government to regulate the application process to understand, in particular, pay attention to the text recommended

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