Can also become a business opportunity Xu Zhen to provide service to create a different career

spell seat for many people should not be unfamiliar, and now there is such a choice when the taxi. For many people, this is only a choice. For Xu Zhen, however, this is an opportunity, an opportunity to help her get rich.

Xu Zhen is a warm and cheerful girl in Shandong, 21 years old, she graduated from a finance and Economics College, entered the Ji’nan high tech Development Zone, an advertising company to do copywriter planning.

advertising company’s business is very busy, overtime, staying up late is a frequent thing. After the end of the class to go home, there will be no bus, riding a bike or motorcycle is not safe, you can only take a taxi. Xu really home in the urban area of Beijiao, each taxi back to spend more than 30 yuan. Xu Zhen’s salary was only 2000 yuan per month, if a ten day, she spent more than half of the income in the taxi.

Xu Zhen think this is not the way to go, she wanted to fight the seat, hundreds of employees in the company, and have own the same route, if a taxi fare, by all rates, not to reduce the fare expenses?

said to do it, Xu Zhen quickly put the people looking for a small stick posted on the door of the company. Sure enough, her phone rang after work, the afternoon statistics, there are seven or eight colleagues to the north direction of the home, want to fight with her seat. She saw too many people, a car can not sit down, pushed out a few people.

to find the object after the fight, Xu Zhen gave the original often pull her back to the taxi driver Hou master call, said his spell block plan, also said to be able to sit for a long time master car. Hou master a particularly happy, promised to come down.

night plus class, Xu really and a few colleagues down the floor, Hou master car parked in the company downstairs. Spend very little money to enjoy the car treatment, it feels really good yo! Xu really happy, just with Hou teacher said, the company still has a lot of colleagues want to spell seat, because too many people, she did not promise. The master said, "then you introduce them to me. After all, I give you hard work!"

in Xu Zhen’s auspices, the company willing to fight a colleague is divided into North and south, East and west route, the night master Hou regular shuttle. Colleagues spend little money, sitting on a safe and comfortable car, I think both convenient and affordable.

months at the end of the day, master Hou send Xu Zhen home, gave her a red envelope containing 200 yuan. Lying in bed at night, Xu Zhen move the mind of the 200 yuan "windfall" taxi: now more and more, the increasingly fierce competition, if a "fight seat intermediary" to the taxi pull long shuttle business, believe that the drivers will be happy to give intermediary fees. >

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