How to successfully invest in the exhibition

now all the major small and medium-sized city are actively engaged in a series of events, is to attract investment, some of the more outstanding enterprises and investors to invest in local activities, and promote the development of economy, how should the successful investment?

in addition to the exhibition preparatory work, should also pay attention to the following aspects:

Second, to select the appropriate channels according to the characteristics of the brand and consumer groups, so as to the fastest speed, the highest efficiency and lowest cost products will be transferred to the terminal.

in the choice of any kind, must be aware of the future development of the company’s vision, brand development, product marketing strategy, but also take into account the different products in different markets, how to derive different forms, and through different forms so that the products have been good extension, to attract consumers and promote sales objective.   to meet these conditions, enterprises should also note: if your product positioning is taking the low-end market, is still in the start-up period, I suggest you choose the agents in the exhibition to select the main provincial agents. Because the provincial agents either in operation or in economic strength are stronger than single store dealers, through the provincial agents and the maintenance of good grade one or two dealer network in the shortest time and the fastest speed of products will be spread to the established market. If your product is taking the high-end market, the product style is distinctive, for high-end consumer groups, to select the low-end market to expand rapidly for the purpose of not suitable, and the suitable choice to the market gradually for the purpose of point to choose single dealer, and the dealer services, brand operation means and point of penetration, and ultimately to achieve good sales performance.

for more than two kinds of selection agents, depending on the enterprise business strategy. Under normal circumstances the country is still in the initial start-up enterprises to choose the most provincial agents, to a certain stage of development, the disadvantages of the provincial agents will emerge, reflected in the coordination efforts, market management, terminal support, brand communication, as the company gradually expanded, these defects will behave more prominent. There are a number of provincial agents in the management of the two agents, subject to their own capacity constraints, can not be a good idea of the brand and management accurately extended to the terminal. These are the strength of the enterprise is not strong in the investment can not be ignored, but also the development of every enterprise must pass the process.

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