Small meals join the project positioning five rules

open a small restaurant chain stores like, what do we need to know? Following the development of China’s food and beverage industry, the market demand, people on the food and beverage industry has its own views and understanding, let us share the following, the small meal to join the project positioning five rules?

A, main product positioning method

two, founder of personality positioning method

The development of

three, lifestyle positioning method

full, will hold. When consumers have been full, and then is to pay attention to emotion. 30 years ago, a man as long as there is bread in the house, you can tell a woman, marry me, I have to eat, the woman will marry him. Now, there is not enough food at home, but also to learn to love with a woman, why when people eat, the most important thing is emotional needs. Consumers like women, you give him a sense of security to eat, but also to give her emotional needs, different times, different gameplay. Improve the level of consumers, we do have to upgrade the level of brand fudge.

four, consumer groups positioning method

five, create a new category positioning method

our brand in the minds of consumers is recommended

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