95 female students after the opening photo million a month

talking about self timer, countless girls who are familiar with it, which has become a very important part of many people’s daily lives, almost all need to do self. However, usually their own mobile phone customers, but there is a 95 of the female college students through open self Hall of the monthly income of 10000 yuan, or surprise you?

self studio was born in the early twenty-first Century in Europe and the United States, random self trend, in the short period of time in Wuzhou, by the pursuit of personality of young people of all ages, self portrait photography has become a mainstream way of shooting in the developed countries. 2012, the first time the self photo studio landing in China, the continuation of the European and American self wave, quickly formed a new domestic entertainment demands – freedom, sex, free and easy.

in the self Museum, they can both be a photographer, but also when the model, choose the creative props, according to the shutter, how to shoot on how to shoot. This new thing is – self museum. It quickly became a new entertainment demands of young people, all reflect the freedom, sex, free and easy. This is not, this girl playing self timer open studio business 95, the monthly income of 10000 yuan, how did she do it?

self timer can start? This seems to be a little people can not believe, but after 95 college students on the road through the "self" successful venture. A chance to go to the studio to take pictures of the opportunity to make way for the idea of entrepreneurship. Lu Lu said: I usually like to take pictures, but a lot of studio fees are expensive, and now a lot of female college students like self, I would like to combine the two, for their own art shoot."

2016 in March, Lu Lu opened the "Kacha self hall", is very popular in the campus, attracted a lot of girls to self. Lu Lu prepared a lot of clothing for the shooting of self, let the students dress up your own style in the shed and self.

entrepreneurship early enough, Lu Lu, who served as a multi duty, but also for the guests to play lights. Lu Lu by learning their own design of a self timer shed. The professional lighting, camera, screen, remote control, self people can see themselves through the big screen, put a satisfactory action after pressing the remote control shooting, recording their beautiful image.

Lu Lu also for filming the self timer who prepared a variety of clothing, let the students dressed as their most satisfied with the other in the shed and self. In addition to self, Lu Lu also opened an outdoor shoot, dress rental business. Never operate equipment Lu Lu, a lot of problems do not understand, even if someone help remote operation, control equipment, but in the installation and use is still encountered many problems, in order to learn this knowledge, she also went to study in Wuhan.

entrepreneurial road on the right track, Lu Lu will own three roommates with a recommendation

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