How to open an ice cream shop

open an ice cream shop, shop area is not too large, 5 to 10 square meters is enough, the overall cost of investment is not small, suitable for small businesses, especially in the summer, the fastest way to open the ice cream shop. The following Xiaobian teach you how to successfully open an ice cream shop.

1, equipment purchase. Soft ice cream machine, hard ice machine, ice machine, ice machine, Smoothie machine, refrigerator and other related equipment can ice to search from the Internet, then the goods more than three, can buy cheap and practical equipment.

2, pay attention to cleanliness. Ice products are most afraid of is the work of health, ice products contain a high content of milk, milk this product is easy to lead to the breeding of bacteria, so do a good job of health is particularly important. The contact with ice cream, or ice cream spoon must be cleaned, and the cleanliness of the store must always pay attention to.

3, store consumer positioning. The distribution of the main customer groups in the age of 12 -35 years old, due to the different needs of each part of the population, so the need for segmentation. People aged 12 -18 years old on the cheap and good taste of ice cream interest; people aged 18 -25 years old for new, but the price of less than 50 yuan in the interest of ice cream; 25 -35 years old people interested in good taste, strong brand of ice cream.

4, site selection. Usually for a ice cream shop where there are: Commercial Street, shopping malls, supermarkets, schools nearby (distance school less than 1000 meters), the campus, bars, office buildings, gas station, airport, train station, subway stations and other places.

5, reasonable pricing. Ice cream is a necessity, the price factor is a major factor in people’s consumption of it. Prices and operators in the region, target market, ice cream flavor, equipment related. For example, the lowest price of ice cream on campus entrance (5 yuan).

6, to have their own style. The ice cream market is divided into many types, each style of ice cream in addition to the names of different ingredients, different people have different feelings after eating, so operators must comply with its product sales shop decoration style. Better than the ice cream to give people a kind of romantic feeling, people feel warm, with warm tone for the tone, light yellow, pink based.

? The secret to an ice cream shop is the above, have you learned? As long as the above aspects of attention to grasp, in fact, open ice cream shop is not so difficult, now in the summer, it is a good time to open the ice cream shop, entrepreneurs may wish to try.


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