Win in Jianghuai millions of venture capital loans to you

for a lot of young people want to start a business venture, this news will say next is very helpful, the first session of Anhui province "win in Jianghuai" business competition will be in recently started, will have the opportunity to get millions of business loans.

Jointly organized by

it is reported that the competition will be divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in three stages. All the final projects can apply for the organizing committee recommended to the Anhui youth entrepreneurship guide fund management institutions to review, review may be obtained by 50 thousand -200 million business loans, including high-tech venture innovation and strong, broad prospects and great potential can be obtained 1 million -300 million equity investment.

a "win in the Jianghuai entrepreneurship contest activities for the majority of entrepreneurs is a very good business opportunities, at the same time, also reminded many young people, we must actively to participate in such activities.


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