Small tanker ten brands list

is now a lot of equipment to oil as a raw material, because of this, will use a tanker on many occasions, it is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation, small and medium sized oil conveying diesel, kerosene, filling and filling machinery industry, automobile manufacturing industry. Today to introduce you to the ten major brands of small tankers, for your reference.

small gas machine one of the ten major brands list: Jiali

en Jiali (Beijing) good Petroleum Chemical Equipment Co Ltd Joint Venture both through the powerful combination of complementary advantages, together to create various types of gas station equipment products, nearly more than and 300 varieties, including control computer tankers and submersible pump vehicle refueling, refueling, LPG CNG filling machine, filling machine, liquid level meter, oil and gas recovery of gas station, gas station monitoring system with various products, equipment for advertising system. Sinopec is the buyer, the main business object is a number of large state-owned enterprises, individuals and small gas stations are not recommended, because the price is really expensive.

small tanker ten brand list of the top two: static Eagle


static Eagle gas machine is a silent mute refueling, her with a high power copper core silent diversion centripetal DC pump, no noise, long service life, more than 3 hours of continuous work. The static Eagle tanker was mute, marking the end of the era of vane pump using DC for nearly 30 years, has epoch-making significance. The technology also has a patent. But the price is a little expensive, after all, is to apply for a patent on the market while other brand publicity is mute, but the static performance in the silent eagle, and word of mouth is better than other brands listed.

small tanker ten brand list: three star

star is an old brand, the company’s main business is selling gas machine, filling machine, oil and gas recovery, liquid level, station level management system of petroleum equipment production, sales and service; at the same time, a series of independent research and development of the management system software is widely used in oil station management, is a tanker truck, tanker, oil tank, equipment sales and professional services provider. This is star enterprise products too much, almost every species are involved, people feel a bit too specific to do product shop shop too much, poor customer service service.

small tanker ten brand list of the top four: Rui Ling

Anhui Province Rui Ling Meter Manufacturing Co. Ltd., is an old brand enterprise, founded in 2006, ten years to focus on quantitative gas R & D and manufacturing equipment, liquid quantitative control equipment, as the originator of small gas machine research and development. For the national small and medium-sized enterprises to provide high-quality diesel oil, kerosene, gasoline engine oil and other small fuel tankers. 20>

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