Sometimes a more pleasant business

although the current entrepreneurial boom is getting higher and higher, but entrepreneurs need to be calm, can not be confused by the tide of this wave of the direction of chaos. Perhaps a more pleasant business, now let’s feel entrepreneur Li Mingliang gentle entrepreneurial process!

edge show gorgeous transformation;

in the 2006 Weifang spring fair, Li Mingliang according to their major electronics company selected a production of medical equipment. Into the company, Li Mingliang did not care too much about wages, but did not hesitate to go to the company’s production line workshop.

for occupation technology, set up by the school to bridge social seamless for Li Mingliang, from students to the workplace so well to achieve the perfect turn.

Phoenix   quenching solid

2008 years, Li Mingliang returned to Anqiu, in the county’s water tank factory rented 3 cottage near the listing of the production of electronic medical equipment, officially began his own business process.

23 years old guy, not recommended

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