One in every 431 people in Tel Aviv

do you know where the world’s most entrepreneurs are? Not America, not China, not europe. The city of Israel in the middle east.

every 1 square kilometers with 19 start-up companies in Israel, the second largest city of Tel Aviv, one in every 431 people in business. These figures allow Tel Aviv to become the world’s largest city per capita entrepreneurs, and in many of the world’s Innovation Award in Tel Aviv, that only 400 thousand of the population of the town, and Silicon Valley, Berlin is considered the world’s most vigorous innovation of all.

This young city in

the old library in the public record space "

Jeremie is a Jew who grew up in Paris, France, he did not put their entrepreneurial dreams in the romantic capital, but chose to return to israel. At present, his 3D printing cloud platform services Pzartech came into being with the help of the Israel Institute of technology, and now he is dreaming of setting up a company to change the world.

the old library and the transformation of the public record space across the street, Tel Aviv is the core of the business district of Rothschild street. This is due to the famous British financial predators Rothschild family donated to build the name of the region, the largest Israeli workers bank, the Tel Aviv stock exchange and a variety of venture capital, funds and other companies. Although there are the most expensive house prices in Israel, but still attract a lot of entrepreneurs gathered here.

the building was the tallest building in Tel Aviv, later to become a part of the recommended

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