Suitable for office workers Entrepreneurship

guide language: the rapid rise of prices and house prices make people’s lives become an unprecedented pressure, the nine to five wages has been unable to meet the high standard of living, office workers also began planning to walk the road of entrepreneurship. So what kind of entrepreneurship suitable for office workers? Xiaobian to introduce you.

catch the sideline


to do their own work outside the sideline can make full use of the resources accumulated in the work and build relationships. Be careful not to be confused with the individual business unit business, will engage in work order upside down, even as long as it is profitable business on their own, while the unprofitable business at a loss or return unit, do not take the risk of moral, and may be subject to legal sanctions. In addition, to distinguish between the main industry, sideline, not because of their own entrepreneurial activities affect the work of the unit.

business partnership


choose the right partner to start a business. With the business partner needs attention is: responsibility, right and benefit must be clear, the best form of written text, signed by both parties, witnesses, lest a verbal statement without any proof.


advertising agent products, are still in the stage of market development of new products, the choice of product agents, the most important thing is to see the development prospects of proxy products. If the product market prospects, is to determine the future of product agents.


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