How about opening a breakfast shop in 2017

New Year approaching, this means that our way of life ahead of a year, in the past 2016, your dream finished? Or how far away are you from your dreams. Entrepreneurship is a lot of people have the idea, you are not ready to start your career in the next year? 2017 what kind of entrepreneurial projects for you? Many entrepreneurs have the idea to open a breakfast shop, then, in 2017 to open a breakfast shop to make money? Presumably this is what we want to understand the problem, we will follow the small series I come together to analyze it!

before investing in a project, the market is very necessary! It is understood that in nearly 1 million of the population of Tongnan County, there are nearly 400 thousand people in the County near the county, 20%% of people will go out to eat breakfast, Rice porridge, steamed buns, Steamed Buns, most people choose small breakfast, average consumption per person per day in 3 yuan a day, the breakfast consumption can be as high as 180 thousand yuan. In a small town where breakfast has such a large market, if the shop in the city, the development potential of

as can be imagined!

breakfast is the most important meal of the day, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people are aware of the importance of breakfast, a lot of students in the city, workers will choose to go out to eat breakfast, the breakfast market outlook will become more and more. 2016 breakfast shop to make money, of course, there is also an answer to this question, but the traditional breakfast if you can not break the taste, the drawbacks of a single species, but also can account for more market share.

found in the food and beverage market small, yijiale breakfast shop although the store is small, but it can follow the market demand, keep pace with the times. Yijiale breakfast shop launched a steamed stuffed bun, bread, milk, cakes and so on delicacy according to changes in consumer tastes, make breakfast delicacy more abundant, also can achieve all-weather profit.

2017 opened a breakfast shop? Xiaobian to further understanding, yijiale breakfast has opened more than and 300 stores in the country, shop business is hot, recently, yijiale headquarters began to join investment plans, million yuan investment project, a few meters can shop, became the object of many small entrepreneurs to join the.

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