Chengdu province pig slaughtering supervision sweeping action started

in the process of rapid economic development, a lot of businesses in order to reap huge profits, but at risk, regardless of food safety, to the vast number of consumers’ health caused great hidden dangers. In response to this serious social phenomenon, the province of Chengdu pig slaughtering supervision sweeping action started.

2016 June 13th, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture held in Chengdu, pig slaughtering action to mobilize the general assembly of the province, the province’s total pig slaughtering supervision in the province, the action of mine clearance". 21 City States Department of agriculture and animal husbandry of livestock and poultry slaughter deputy leader, chief director of the prison, and the provincial food and drug administration, the Provincial Department of agriculture agricultural products (000061, stock it) quality and safety department, veterinary department, information center, dynamic monitoring of the responsible person to attend the meeting, deputy director of the Agriculture Department of Yang Zhaobo attended and spoke.

meeting pointed out that the supervision of pig slaughtering is an important part of food safety supervision, the government attaches great importance to social concern, the masses look forward to. All localities should comply with the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability requirements, enhance the slaughter supervision responsibility, do a good job on the tip of the work, to ensure the safety of the tongue.

meeting requirements, all localities should focus on the long term, accelerate the construction of long-term mechanism for slaughter supervision. To pay close attention to the implementation of the territorial government management responsibilities, regulatory responsibilities and corporate responsibility. To seize the entrance and exit inspection registration, slaughter and quarantine, meat inspection and other key areas, good meat quality inspectors, in the field of official veterinary and other key personnel, focus on small pig slaughterhouses, harmless treatment and mortality "slaughter" behavior. To enhance the ability of administration according to law, supervision and law enforcement, monitoring and early warning, and constantly improve the level of supervision.

meeting stressed the need to focus on all aspects of the current work, carry out solid pig slaughtering supervision, demining action". To investigate a small slaughterhouse (point) location, urban and rural areas, traffic arteries surrounding, private slaughter slaughter professional village (households) and meat processing focus on five categories of key risk areas. To keep an eye on the small slaughter point, "slaughter" slaughtering plant (field) and part of the slaughter pig disease harmless treatment of the "big three" key regulatory target.

crack down on private slaughter, slaughter buthing added "Clenbuterol", dead pigs slaughtered, pigs and other water injection prohibited substances and other "four" key violations, the elimination of "zero case" phenomenon. To prevent the occurrence of regional, systemic pig slaughtering quality and safety risks, effectively protect the quality and safety of pig products.

food safety issues, has always been a big problem plaguing the nation, how to make food security? How to effectively curb illegal business behavior! The introduction of relevant laws and regulations, is very necessary; local government as a positive, but also very meaningful.

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