Dongying, Shandong, the book bank let you fall in love with reading

saw you writing some time cards, there is always what is your hobby column, always can see many of the students wrote to read this thing, then just think that is a kind of coping, but later experience real benefits to reading. In the park, the book sound loud shade area, leisure area; people quietly recitation; community library, full of reading people…… Walking in the streets of Dongying, Shandong, Dongying, a warm reading of the picture into the eye.

Zhao Baojie, director of the press and Publication Bureau of Dongying District of, said with a smile, "the rich literature is quietly infiltrating the young city."

residents love books, is a microcosm of the city’s level of public cultural services. Dongying innovation model of public cultural services, adhere to the "cultural man, with Derun, in the heart of Huimin" philosophy, open to advocate universal reading, explore a new mode of reading construction of scholarly society "as the theme of the national, the wind brings reading lively situation all over the urban and rural areas.

"scholarly bank", moisten things silently

adults are busy with their work and life, how can they achieve the infiltration of their books? Break up the whole into parts "." Zhao Baojie said, "Dongying District, efforts to create" elegant "elegant restaurant" and "bank" scholarly community ", let them read the initiative in the fragmented time, product ‘trickle’ into the ‘rivers’, finally realize the improvement of the cultural quality."

walked into the Qingdao branch of the Bank of Dongying, in the waiting area, the customer elegant reading picture has become a beautiful landscape. Customer Wang Xiao said with emotion: "because there is a book to accompany, waiting for the time to feel less boring." Bank staff Zhang Nan introduction, since the waiting area set up a reading shelf, put down the phone to pick a favorite book to read to become a common choice for many customers.

Dongying district "book bank" pilot take the cooperation between the government and the bank, by the district library branch library system cooperative bank configured for use and related equipment; cooperative banks provide lending sites, shelves and reading seats, buy books, and the establishment of "book bank" logo in a prominent position. Qingdao branch of the Bank of Dongying district is one of the "book bank" one of the pilot projects, and now has more than 2 thousand books for the public, to become the first book bank in Dongying".

a cup of coffee, a good book

indoor light soft, soothing music, at the coffee table clean Hong Ying, holding a book in another world forgotten outdoor noise. This picture is not a lens in the film, is a corner of the Dongying city book. Recommended in Dongying District

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