Doors and windows entrepreneurs are most concerned about business skills

as a primary business friends, you must hope that their entrepreneurship can be balanced. Door and window industry in recent years is very fire, investment in this industry is also good. For the first time to open the door window stores for entrepreneurs, how to make the store profit is entrepreneurs are most concerned about the problem, the following Xiaobian finishing six the best shop profit method, for your reference.

1. vendor manage inventory

2. management and customer relationship

3. fiducial mark

this comparison tool for the discovery and analysis of the operation method of other enterprises better. It is said that after a careful study of the response system of an enterprise, an American hospital has greatly changed its emergency services. Another hospital has improved the patient’s hospitalization and registration system after studying the hotel room reservation system.

4. intersection

This is

at the final destination midway will another transport of goods from a conveyance to the logistics distribution center. Wal-Mart Store Inc in the United States is to take this approach: the focus of the goods in the strategic storage center, and then to its affiliated stores.

5. customer contact center

The establishment of a technology infrastructure through a quick answer customer questions center

6. according to customer requirements

this requires a flexible approach and end manufacturing method according to a pattern, so as to meet the special requirements of each market products and services to develop, the ultimate aim is to ensure that every customer to find he needs reasonable price of goods.


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