Eight indicators to guide the investment to join the shop

nowadays, many people want to do business, want to have their own stores and their own career. So many people choose to start from the chain stores, because the franchise management model is relatively mature, so the person that join in is very much, today, the whole network Xiaobian to tell you about the eight aspects of open stores should pay attention to.

A Guide: the election of


two guide: identify the brand

in your chosen field, look at your choice of the chief’s own brand is high, brand credit is reliable, the best selection of some well-known brands to join this brand is often more reliable, public awareness is high, easy to develop business in the local. In the choice of the brand should be based on their actual ability, do not blindly chase the famous brand, relatively speaking, it will be very expensive, but also do not look for the kind of free to join, but not a bit of fame brand.

guide three: see Zhiyingdian performance

The number of outlets and the operating performance of

to see the leader, according to the "measures" requirements in the Chinese leader territory has at least two more than one year of operation outlets or established by its subsidiaries, holding company outlets, and at the same time the true disclosure of more than one year of business performance, in general, the number of outlets can see whether the project real market prospects, it is easier to investigate the real profit situation, it is easy to judge their own whether to join the project.

guide four:

joining mechanism

guide five:

sound training system

as chief should provide a sound management and marketing, technology and industry knowledge and professional training, and to provide follow-up technical guidance and training services to the franchisee, the unified quality standard which is conducive to the franchisee can be better to master to continue operation. A leader is only the surface looks good, he did not improve the training system, so as to who should take special care.


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