Several misunderstandings about rural retail business in the process of the whole users

customer groups are mainly farmers, even if cheated, I am afraid that they will recognize it, but also because farmers have not seen anything in the world, it is good to fool. In addition, farmers tend to be in the vicinity of the home, there is no need to hand over more than one hand…… The above points believe that a lot of rural retail households should have such an idea, however, this can really be a few big errors in the store business, but also need to cause the operator to be careful oh.

I found by visiting, and now the rural youth is not out of school to study, is to go out to work, stay at home very little. Therefore, the rural household is basically not the owner of 5-60 years old uncle, is 4-50 years old sister-in-law. It should be said that these people maintain the normal retail sales in rural areas, rural residents to make a certain contribution to life.

but some of them are old and outdated, and there are some misunderstandings in the actual retail work, which seriously affect the development of their business. In order to remind more rural retail households no longer enter the misunderstanding, this article will focus on the common misunderstanding summed up for reference.

misunderstanding: I think the lack of awareness of the rights of farmers, you can fool.

many shopkeepers, in rural areas because of traffic inconvenience, lack of information, especially now stay at home mostly is old or young children, don’t say they can at least say less experience with very limited knowledge and scanty information, and even said that the lack of awareness of rights. What kind of goods to buy, as long as a thing, they generally do not pay close attention to what manufacturers, what brand or shelf life, so it is good to fool.

so, there are often some shoddy, in order to really leave, casual fare chaos. Once the goods have been bought, the problem is basically no one to find, or to find can also get a reason to stall. In fact, this idea is not right now, with the gradual popularization of the television , as well as the exchange of young people outside, farmers began to wake up, rights awareness is much stronger than before.

they can understand some commodities have three packages, know the difference between the "warranty" and "repair"; also know what goods should offer customer service service; which products are manufacturers of gifts and so on. In addition, they bought the goods, the neighbors will be in twos and threes together to compare, identify, discuss, you can see the difference, and then say who is a good shop, who shop service enthusiasm.

some acquaintances because of the face is not directly to the retail households, but will keep in mind, perhaps later will no longer patronize your shop. So by fooling people do business will not be long, in order to be a long time to rely on good faith. Integrity is the fundamental business, regardless of rural towns should be so.

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