Father lost his son to help escape the money ran out of money to bear the cost of treatment

2 year old son suffering from serious illness need liver transplantation, his father had borrowed money to gamble and lose money, then go to work to prepare the field to pay back the money, but he also revealed that the children do not want to give up treatment.

2 19, ward in West China Hospital of Sichuan, 2 year old Xu wayze watching cartoons on the bed, his body a little discomfort, not long, I fell asleep, hands always pull a mother. According to Ms. Xu, his son in August 19th last year after the onset, in West China Hospital of Sichuan diagnosed as cavernous lesion of portal vein, after repeated invalid after the treatment, the doctor told her that she needed a liver transplant.   27 year old Ms Xu because of physical reasons, it is not easy to conceive Xu Xu, so her son is particularly precious to her. She and her husband, Mr. Wei are involved in matching, and finally, Ms. Xu decided to donate liver for his son.

2 year old boy suffering from disease   illness repeated

wayze Xu is a lovely and lively little boy, Ms. Xu is happy. However, in August 19th last year, which unfortunately fell this lovely child, the day around 9 p.m., Wei Sixu began vomiting in the hiccups, frightened his mother Ms. xu. "At that time, we immediately sent him to the Wenjiang Fifth People’s Hospital for treatment, spent 10 days did not find out the cause, but found his splenomegaly and hypersplenism."

According to Dr. Wei Sixu, director of


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