Xining Municipal Bureau of safety supervision to strengthen the file management actively promote the

In order to further standardize the management of archives work, ensure all accurate, standardized, orderly cataloguing of archives access to convenient, recently, the city administration in accordance with the relevant requirements, the Municipal Archives of the actual, 2004 to 2011 were collected and archived documents.

in the filing process, the city administration to strictly enforce the classification, arrangement, document number, catalog, bookbinding, boxes, shelves and other procedural requirements, one is to do the complete collection of documents and content integrity, the title is concise exact, clear writing rules; two is to do the test is reasonable, correct classification the files are arranged, appropriate, accurate content; three is to achieve the volume required to fill in the table directory, pro forma clear, neat, no leakage; the four is to do the correct number, catalog number, file number does not lose the leakage; five is to achieve the file bag door neat, strong, to meet the requirements, do not set, set out metal, leakage, breakage during the storage period, a clear division. In a period of three months of work, the city administration is a kind of safety arrangement, specification, type, such as various types of Party government documents a total of more than 100 volumes, more than 2 thousand copies of the document, laying a foundation for ensuring standard file management authority documents and institutionalized. (author: Ma Xu)


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