Miniature version of Xining into the capital

Xining in the end is what kind of? How beautiful is there? In the "beauty of Qinghai", "Xining summer tourism brand slogan of today, more and more people pay attention to the capital of Xining. Reporters from the city Bureau of parks, a modern city to show our city landscape as the main content of the "Xining garden" has been built at the venue, the ninth session of the Beijing Chinese International Garden Expo in April this year, Beijing homes can enjoy the beauty of Xining.

of the Xining park by the Xining municipal government for the construction of the implementation of construction, municipal government commissioned by the city Bureau of parks, park planning, the project has been basically completed, after the spring of this year the construction unit will also further improve the green space, plant landscape. Xining Park covers an area of about 1000 acres, the development of history and culture in Xining to highlight the theme of "xiadou, the construction of Xining cultural city".

at the Xining park entrance, first introduced the eye is a national characteristic pottery decorative wall and floor tile decoration five dance, they unearthed 5000 years ago to Majiayao cultural sites five dance pattern pots as the theme, to show the ancient culture of Xining, at the same time, a piece of engraved "xiadou Xining, cultural City" landscape stone, tell people have entered the Xining park. The park main scenic spots: Xining ancient eight, Lake Race sculpture, sculpture, Xining impression theme of Tibetan antelope. The Tibetan antelope sculpture, with a group of Tibetan antelope Qundiao, to reflect Xining higher, faster and stronger spirit of the plateau, with flower plants, composeflowers lawn, create the Huangshui River Basin and Xining natural landscape characteristics; Xining impression is the priority among priorities of the Xining Park, here with hollow walls, a unique plateau landscape the plant, a large plant landscape, city development and landscape construction in Xining in recent years, to show the world the new achievements in economic and social development of ancient plateau culture.

it is understood that, in order to let more people understand Xining, in recent years, showing the unique charm of China Garden Expo exhibition platform by the city, has been successful in Chongqing, Xi’an city construction of Xining garden, made a deep impression on the other provinces and cities in the eyes of the masses, this is the city for the first time in the capital construction of Beijing Xining garden, garden all departments, expect to leave the best impression of Xining as the capital of the people. (author: small words)

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