YAHOO, Google are out of China’s Amazon to become a survivor

broke into the Chinese market of foreign Internet giants seem to have a Damour Damocles sword hanging over his head. How to maintain the corporate culture at the same time, the advantages of its resources to butt the Chinese mainland market, into China for 12 years, Amazon is a practice and has been a result of the case.

served as president of Amazon China, Zhang Wenyi met with the media more and more.

in the domestic electricity supplier companies, Amazon China is relatively low-key. This low-key can be summed up as the founder of Bezos’s personal style: self-confidence, disdain to follow. Its values are built around Bezos’s brain. Industry analysts explained that Amazon is a look at their own company, has always been the pursuit of long-term development, and will not be competitors around. read more

Opportunities and challenges of Feedsky topic marketing

    from Marketing Pilgrim  see the news, web usability research master Jakob Nielsen  eye movement experiment recently concluded:

    We simply confirmed for the umpteenth time that banner blindness is real. Users almost never look at anything that looks like an advertisement, whether or not it s actually an ad.


    the Chinese Internet users do not ignore the phenomenon of advertising does exist, Banner users almost never look at anything that looks like advertising, whether or not it is not really advertising. read more

n April the share of the domestic browser market share rose E local accident

IDC network ( on 04 August 05 reports: according to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in April the domestic browser market, Chrome and IE still take the bulk of each share was 40.87%, 30.21%, ranking in the top two. And last month is different, the share of Chrome being eroded, while IE rose slightly to achieve turnaround. In addition, Sogou high-speed and QQ ranked 22 swaps, disaggregated 3, 4. Next, IDC comments on the relevant data will be collated and analyzed.

  read more

Li Shufu accelerate the automatic driving legislation to strengthen the electricity supplier tax man


technology news March 3rd morning news, NPC and CPPCC kicked off, the CPPCC National Committee members, Geely chairman Li Shufu this year has brought three proposals: to speed up the automatic driving legislation, prudent and reasonable revision of the law of promoting private education, strengthen the electronic business transaction tax management.

Li Shufu believes that the future of the future of the automotive industry will become the direction of the development of the automotive industry, in the individual, transportation and social aspects have great social value. This has been a consensus between the industry and the government in Europe, the United States and china. However, at present, the relevant laws and regulations of various countries and regions for the automatic driving car on the road test and the subsequent large-scale promotion there are still obstacles. Automatic driving has brought new challenges and opportunities to the development of China’s automobile industry. It is urgent to determine the possible problems in advance and plan the legislation as soon as possible. read more

Stewardess network improvements

      1 add a pink background, gradient effect, the current site background color is white, it seems too monotonous.

      2 the top part of the home is best to add a big point of the banner, so it seems to be some of the atmosphere, that the head part of a bit stingy. Other sub column top should also add a banner, is the overall effect of the show,

      3 information page, all words of the title, at best, very boring, a line is divided into a column, on the left is the picture news + picture, this column is on the right side of the hottest new title
      such a similar form than the consultation is a better title, the following structure of screenshots, color like does not comply with the airline stewardess template read more

A simple web page can not improve sales

Jacob Nielson reports that today’s Internet users are becoming more and more impatient when shopping online. People will no longer go to the home page of the site or by category to find the contents of this product and user evaluation, but mainly through the rapid Google search. If the user can’t find what they want, they will leave.

has a profile page that allows users to quickly find what they want is very important, especially when you are selling goods. If your web page is filled with useless articles, gadgets, and unrelated items, the page becomes meaningless. However, it has become a common practice to make web pages more complex, and e-commerce sites have adopted a "scattering" approach designed to provide as many options as possible to all potential buyers. Each web page no longer makes it only a commodity, but is filled with a lot of irrelevant information, advertising and related goods. read more

Gadmei and qiyi to build smart special purchases for the Spring Festival to parents

December 17th, the domestic digital photo frame leading brands Gadmei and Iqiyi held an online conference, launched a "warm heart to 2016 parents new year’s gift" – Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo Q10. This product at the same time landing Jingdong first, pre-sale period early adopters price only 699 yuan.

Gadmei VP Wang Yu said that Gadmei has been hoping to develop a suitable family of products, it has rich contents and perfect audio-visual experience, can spread happiness, happiness, memory can give family warm tips, so the intelligent transformation of traditional photo into "to the parents of small tv". For the Spring Festival to give a gift to the parents of the people, the Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo gave a great let the whole family happy New Year! read more