Campus O2O college students new choice

for today’s college students, can be achieved through many channels to achieve the dream of more opportunities. The day before the exam, Tsinghua University is the school independent recruitment: "after graduating from business or business?" Once again the college students to start this hot topic to the climax. As for whether the students leave school business this matter, we do not advocate, but also not a stick killed, of which there are a few outstanding school entrepreneurship obtain some achievements. read more

Retail business after the season needs safety and mplementation

every year in any one of the shops there will always be a few months of the operating season, however, the end of the season is often ushered in the off-season. How to manage the store in this off-season. In this small series suggested that the retail season after the operation of the need for safety and implementation, morale, will allow the store to be able to protect the business, and then in the next season to earn profits.

in the county of Lianshui Suguo supermarket interview, third floor department store manager Wang Ming told reporters, "51" is a rare holiday sales season in a year, this time due to the high volume of sales, also brought increased intensity of labor. This time we are raring to busy sales, to seize this rare opportunity for a year in sales. But after the peak season, with sales down, sales staff tend to relax. This is not only conducive to sales, but also influence the store business image, which requires us to give them encouragement to boost morale. read more

nvestment projects to join the brand is very important

investment partners who understand the truth is that the choice of the project is best to choose a good brand reputation, because a good brand project can help you save a lot of financial, human and material resources in the latter part of the publicity. The choice of a strong Chinese fast food to join the brand, the success rate will be greatly improved, Chinese fast food is also the case.

Chinese fast food to join the brand choice

1, Chinese fast food to join the boss of the company’s credit is also very important. read more

What is the silver shop business success conditions

silver shop success need to meet the conditions? Many businesses are on the business knowledge is very interested, they want to quickly acquire more useful skills into business, today Xiaobian bring some professional advice on hope can help you easy profit, not to be missed.

inn location of the residents around (living conditions), transportation system facilities (traffic conditions), facilities of the surrounding environment (attractive conditions). Information on the above 3 conditions must be collected and analyzed. A large number of people, the transport system developed and has a number of functions in the region, is the ideal place to shop. However, it is necessary to grasp the premise that the region is the development of the process of growth, stagnation or recession stage, which is the first factor to be considered in the field investigation. read more

New business opportunities for integrated ceiling project

integrated ceiling is can often be seen in people’s lives, these a few years to buy a house car more and more people, also let the industry more quickly, if you want to start, but do not know what the project is good, can consider the integrated ceiling industry, here is the small series analysis on the industry market.

1. practical advantage of project safety, quality. />

2. beautiful appearance, style and pleasant. The design idea of

the current operating conditions of integrated ceiling market, basic decoration costs, including the cost of joining the store rent, deposit, and the first payment into the opening costs. Manufacturers in accordance with the store area size and dealer franchises are divided into counties (districts), the municipal level store stores and stores a total of three provincial level recommended read more

The same is she can set up shop daily net 3000

Many entrepreneurs who shop around

, but it is not enough in some life miserable for a long time is a collapse in the open does not go, today want to talk about a female college students to sell their dessert every day netted 3000 stories.

2010 just after the Spring Festival, who lives in Ba Da Guan, Qingdao, Qiingdao University, School of fashion design and performance of the school to go to school and the majority of college students, like graduating students are facing the problem of finding a job. But one morning in April changed her mind about employment. read more

Web site should focus on the promotion of online or offline promotion

yesterday, the chance to hear a new company in the discussion of their new station promotion program, then simply sit down and listen to the. May be no special promotion, so get together to discuss, the idea is very complex, but in fact the 00 pieces are also contains some commonly used promotion methods. They talked about the promotion of the two aspects: online promotion and offline promotion. I’ve been thinking about a problem, the new site should focus on the promotion of online or offline promotion? read more

Mobile QQ transfer function on the line will learn WeChat push QQ red

with the rise of the third party payment, online payment, transfer and other more convenient. The line transfer function in the mobile phone QQ, buddies transfer is more convenient, it seems no longer cold day run out, will be able to operate whenever and wherever possible. Mobile QQ transfer function followed the pace of WeChat, WeChat now has some features in the mobile phone QQ gradually increased. Then the phone will be re – QQ wallet WeChat red envelopes QQ red line it?

said WeChat red, if a gun and red envelopes used in WeChat, presumably not so much. After the rapid spread of the red WeChat red line, the reason for its rapid popularity may be due to the approaching spring festival. WeChat official data show: from the beginning of the new year’s Eve in 2013, to the new year’s day 16, to participate in the snatch WeChat red envelopes more than 5 million users, a total of more than 75 million times to grab a red envelope. Received a total of more than 20 million red envelopes, the average received red envelopes per minute to reach 9412. Just on the line soon, the rapid increase in the number of users to the future development of the red envelopes of WeChat played a good start. read more

Wang Jianlin latest speech Wanda is how to do electricity supplier

remember last year, Wanda Group Chairman Wang Jianlin in China economic person of the year awards ceremony with Ma bet? Wang Jianlin said at the time: "supplier and then powerful, but like bathing, feet, ears, these services, electricity providers can not be replaced." He and Ma Yundu is that by 2020 if the electricity supplier in China’s retail market share of more than 50%, Wang Jianlin will give the one hundred million of the one hundred million, if not, then, to the president of the United States, and then to the other side of the world in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of. read more