How to deal with the customers do not understand Shanghai Dragon

has some of Shanghai Longfeng unsuspectingly customers may sometimes be very enthusiastic to see some information on the Internet in Shanghai dragon. Unfortunately, they may see many good suggestions, and these may affect you to take unwise strategy of Shanghai dragon. Remember, they hire you, because they need your expertise. Never let your customers force you to take a bad idea. If you let them take the wrong tactics, so they will not hire you in. But your reputation is also very influential.

make sure you have frequent contact with your customers. If they don’t know what you are worth doing, then you must they often remind your hard work. Don’t just provide monthly reports a number, you should provide information weekly. Spend more time to meet with them, and make sure that they know your work process. In this paper.

3: your customers are not always on

2: not too basic or too complex did not give the customer related information

you can feel that people who do not understand the whirling like "algorithm", but you must let them feel your passion. You make your customers feel your passion, don’t just send a formal message boring. Pick up your phone, communicate your excitement. Enthusiasm is contagious, if you can relate to your customers, then customers will be more interested in your Shanghai Phoenix project.

when you meet a completely do not understand Shanghai dragon people, you may feel very frustrated. But you have to pay attention to your mood, don’t let your customers feel that you are very impatient. Or you might feel from the tone to you on their perfunctory and ridicule.

When the

of Shanghai Longfeng and completely do not understand Shanghai dragon when dealing with people, obviously you can’t put your work in Shanghai Longfeng deep to your customers report. But don’t ignore a simple fact that when your customers need to know when to micro information, you need to give your customers, even if the information is very basic. On the other hand, not because the information to your customers he is complex, customers miss this important information. If you don’t give your client information, your customers may feel you are lying to them.

5: to maintain the patency of the contact

often have a lot of Shanghai Longfeng experts need not understand Shanghai Longfeng with some people in this industry or agency meeting. This is a challenge for many Shanghai dragon Er, because in the absence of communication and understanding to a certain extent, Shanghai dragon Er is easy to appear distant and customer relationship. The Shanghai dragon consultant for three years, here are a few ways you need to pay attention to dealing with the customers do not understand Shanghai dragon.

4: show your enthusiasm

: the 1 tone

Now how will new fast get good rankings

love the stars think to want to make the site quickly get ranked can start from two aspects, one is that many of our webmaster used black hat techniques, but this method can now be identified completely, so is not recommended to use. The operation skill of another way is good, this method is being completely in love with Shanghai identity, we are going to talk about the two specific methods.

first we improve website internal situation after the need to pay attention to all kinds of problems, such as the site within the dead links, post quality, website title and description of the writing, keyword density and layout of the site, 404 page perfect and so on, these are the problems we should consider, only these are considering the place, and persevere to implement, then the site will have a good ranking. The website internal problems to deal with, we need to deal with external problems, the high quality of the chain is to be done, the chain has a pivotal position in the ranking of a website, but at the same time we should be monitored for the website and IP flow and other aspects of the data, adhesion in order to effectively improve the site, we can according to these data to gradually develop the implementation plan website.

when we do a website, every webmaster want your site as soon as possible to get good rankings. In the past will be a new fast for ranking, as long as the chain to do so is relatively easy, but with love Shanghai constantly on the algorithm to adjust, love Shanghai also continue to strengthen the crackdown on some cheating methods, after causing many webmaster website ranking to soon fell down, and some web site for a long time, but the ranking is not very good. So today we talk about how the new fast get good rankings.

finally we will say that the website internal links, early when the site itself weight is not very high, the chain may not have much impact on the ranking of the site, but the weight of the post site once up, then in.

technique is very rapid the ranking of the site before, many webmaster in site just on the line when the black hat technology, in a short period of time will be the site of the rankings rapidly to the home page, but this method greatly damage the user experience, and the use of this method will enhance the beloved Shanghai website home to the time is not very long, for some time the product, for the long-term and stable customer of this method is not desirable.

relative to the above mentioned black hat techniques, this method belongs to the white hat technology field, this method also won the love of Shanghai’s favorite, suitable for long-term stability of the station, the biggest feature of this approach is slow and stable effect, suitable for long-term promotion and maintenance.

, a black hat optimization technique

Black hat

two, good skills of

Entrepreneurs only want to sign confidentiality agreements to protect creativity, but why repeatedly

has life and death, failure is success, and Silicon Valley is no exception.

below to take inventory of these failed enterprises.

total financing: $150 million

in fact, this is not associated with arrogance, the core reason investors do not sign a confidentiality agreement with the entrepreneurs is reality: every investor in contact with your project, may also need to have at the same time see or even have invested in many similar projects. Investors probably signed a confidentiality agreement, and would not vote for your project for example finally voted other similar projects, investors don’t want you to come up with a confidentiality agreement to come, accusing them of stealing your idea or leakage of confidential information to you, investors do not want to let this become a piece of paper a sword hanging over his head, the investment company’s investment management and communication have no effect.

has gone halfway through in 2017, and some of the $1 billion 480 million in corporate profits have come to an end.

Behind every one hundred million yuan level

Quixey disbanded most of its staff at the end of 2. The company recommends similar applications, content and features through advertising, search, social and information platforms. Although the founder of CEO Tomer Kagan was replaced in March 2016, it seems that the company has never found its foundation and no steady source of income.



Before the

total financing: $133 million

peak value: $600 million

1. Why are investors reluctant to sign confidentiality agreements?

2013-2017 years April >

February 2013-2017,

, however, Beepi’s failure was a mistake in knowing what to do, according to people familiar with the matter. It is said that a large portion of the money is spent on "very high wages" and overtime. At the same time, the company’s founder and management issues are break the pale.

Yik Yak

peak value: $560 million


a lot of entrepreneurs will be very worried at the beginning of the financing, disclose their ideas to investors are not familiar with, explain their pattern, or disclose their data, whether it should be signed a confidentiality agreement first, in order to prevent investors of commercial secrets own? Otherwise, and how to prevent investors own ideas or disclose the other confidential information to competitors or other people

unicorn, are countless record prices of the corpses.

‘s familiar with financing circle know, prior to the signing of a formal investment document with the investors, if the entrepreneurs or investors to put forward the requirement of confidentiality, a confidentiality agreement carefully prepared, in most cases, investors will give you the stinkeye, basic meaning is "the first venture capital financing? This ring has no rules

February 2009-2017,

1, legal questions,

round of financing, valuation of the company had reached $560 million, 35 investors including Yuri Milner, Comerica, Redpoint, Foundation Capital and Sherpa Capital.

of course, there are more practical reasons why investors are refusing to sign confidentiality agreements, such as:


entrepreneurs may feel indignant, this information is my work, if investors do not promise confidentiality, how can I show you that I trust, not easily won creative mode or program, data? Why investors can not accept such a reasonable request? Why investors would be so arrogant?


Beepi in the second-hand car market, second-hand car through the Beepi review process finally delivered to the new owners, thus bypassing the expensive cost and the dealer’s commission system, and its strong customer service service is a big selling point.

the first contact with entrepreneurs on behalf of investors in general is not a lawyer, professional investors to sign any legal documents or legal nature need outside counsel to review and modify, confidentiality agreement involves confidential information, confidential information using scope, intellectual property, security measures, and the duration of confidentiality of confidential information returned. These are in need of professional legal review.



used Beepi Auto Trader Corp in February this year, a complete collapse, before the acquisition plan failed to forming Fair, Beepi tried to bay another used car dealers also failed to sell their DGDG. As a matter of fact, this is also expected. Hunting cloud network in December last year reported Beepi appeared the problem of shortage of funds.

reality is that an investor representative may have to look at the 4 week project, more than 20 projects, more than 1000 projects each year, these projects will inevitably be business or cross competition, if an investment of thousands of parties signed a confidentiality agreement, even if investors can know the coverage of confidentiality information, investors and how to avoid the duty of confidentiality in the project and have been put into the project after the investment management on mine? It is common to occur is that investors signed a confidentiality agreement, the entire company all keep confidential.

Will the ad group ‘s G7 become 7+2More than 10 years of entrepreneurship and investment experience,

in September 1st, Tencent open platform held in China Internet innovation and entrepreneurship competition Shanghai open class, Cai Wensheng share his more than 10 years of entrepreneurship and investment experience.

entrepreneurship, the beginning of a good idea, to start your business, you must first positioning, your entrepreneurial direction is what, or your product positioning is like. No matter what kind of product you do website, application or company, you must comply with three principles: demand, advantage and profit.

throughout the domestic advertising alliance, the author believes that in the advertising competition in the market is very distinctive "G7" phenomenon, they are:

fifth, the product name should be easy to spread, if the auspicious name, and registered trademarks. What is called "auspicious", the so-called auspicious atmosphere is easy to pronounce the name, you can at least ask the person to verify the name. For example, we see Meitu Xiu Xiu Meitu Xiu Xiu first to easy to pronounce, is called the MiTo master, and later also learned around the advice of friends including user suggestions, then switch to Meitu Xiu Xiu.

3 needs to have a large number of advertisers there are only dozens, maybe even a few, and

second, as far as possible no copyright and gray problems, the government does not interfere, competitors are not strong. Internet start-ups more than a decade, some people have made a lot of money from them, but a lot of it is difficult to go today.

in accordance with the above definition, we can naturally distinguish the similarities and differences between the website alliance and the advertising alliance.

How does

third, we must use the network alliance way development, forming the industrial chain. sh419’s approach is personal website, using a lot of personal websites to hang his search box, the whole Chinese Internet is helping sh419, so sh419 from 03, 04, 05 rapid rise. At that time, eBay and Taobao, Chinese accounted for almost 90% of the market share, Taobao why beat it? Was the three major portals advertising were all eBay bag and left Taobao, there is no way to advertise in many small and medium-sized websites, then win ebay.


1, placing advertising system code in a large number of third party media which is the same as the web site alliance;

5, advertisers pay advertising fees, marketing fees, promotional fees, rather than sales division, of course, does not rule out some advertisers will be in accordance with the sales department as a result of the promotion of income assessment basis.

2, the advertising content

in China venture inside, trademark and patent copyright has been either traditional industry or the Internet are missing the point, a good software, a good game, you did not apply for a patent will be gone. The value of a thing in the future, trademark and patent copyright is very important link.

1, the first sh419 theme promotion alliance "American": no matter shlf1314 Adsense in the global scope of large-scale, home to 150 thousand sites in China or sh419 theme promotion alliance, 5000 advertisers and split more than 200 million estimated annual income will be to promote the theme in 250 million / year performance firmly secured boss the location of

, does anyone in this market need you this thing, of course, first of all to reflect your needs, you will do it?. But if you just need it, it is called interest, interest is a beginning, to make it into a product, so that more people to use, you have to go to the market to investigate.

The development and market pattern of

deal with investors,

; How does

make products

fourth, once found in the future do not make big opportunities, immediately adjust and change. The beginning of the 98 year of the Tencent to the Alibaba looking back now, with the original idea is not necessarily the same, do you continue to adjust and change, in order to achieve a good product, you start from a position on how to walk along the road.

first, I will first define our advertising alliance, it is popular with many online media advertising business, in this sense, the website alliance, alliance, wireless software alliance and so on can be regarded as advertising, but the author mentioned in this article, after all articles in advertising are narrow concept "advertising alliance". As a true advertising alliance, it should meet the following characteristics:

search engine operators by keyword or bidding advertising business with a natural, 3, 4, 2 of the 5 conditions, so the ad code on the other third party media in order to consume more advertising budget become a natural choice for them to enter the advertising industry. In the current market, the main search engine operators to operate the advertising alliance for the mainstream leadership. Of course, with the development of the market, this pattern will change greatly.


4, advertisers and web owners accept and follow the price standards and data standards set by the Advertising Federation;

2, the second –shlf1314 Adsense Japan: inability to learn shlf1314 Adsense specific China website from joining the number and revenue data, the author also presided over the September Internet Conference on shlf1314 Adsense in East Asia during the forum asked the district manager Mr. Zhou Wen Biao these data, but the skill to avoid, "

this article comes from the point technology:

Internet development in the last more than 10 years, because few people compete, so you can do it slowly, but today, the times are different, you do out >!

ads advertising code box commonly known as advertising material or advertising creative advertising alliance platform by active push Note: this website and major differences in the definition of coalition formation;

Website revision experience sharing

website revision is a taboo. A lot of people because of the website correcting, appeared a lot of problems. For example, after correcting the spider can not, included straight down, and some even directly to the K. Often in the major forums to see such information, many friends see the information, are afraid to revision, think revision is undoubtedly suicide. No one likes to kill himself, so many people don’t change it.

in fact, everything is relative, and it is a quantity problem.

website to be revised? Of course, the revision, but you can not revision every day. You can wear new clothes every day, you can wear new clothes every day, but the website can’t change every day. Although they are meant for others, the way of seeing things is different. Good, for example, every day to face your wife, you have to see the numbness, and she suddenly change hairstyle, you will feel good. If she suddenly had plastic surgery, you might not be able to accept it. Why? Because the surgery is risky, it’s likely that she’ll turn into Angie Chiu, and she’ll probably be a spice girl from jurassic.

I cite this example only to illustrate a problem, that is, website revision does not mean the establishment of new sites. After the revision, the website’s channel name, channel address, and the content of the web site are unchanged, and the only change is the layout of the website, the color of the website. This kind of revision, search is welcome. But this relatively high weight of the site, if your website weight is very low, search basic cold.

here, let me make it clear. Because in many cases, the website revision may really have to be done and done again. This time, you should first make a site map, that is, to make the station’s documents, do not become dead connection. If it is a dynamic website, then the old version of the home page is directly replaced by two levels of corn. Related information is not deleted, in the old information, to join the connection of new sites. After the establishment of new sites, in the new station’s home page, do the old version of the link. In this way, the search will find that the new version, that is the old version, and when it was found, you will be on your site’s internal structure of the new weight judgments. New web site weight will gradually increase, the old web site will be gradually reduced, and finally only included in the old version of the home page content. Because the new version of the content, most of the old version of the information, which becomes the content of repetition, search will only include a corn under the information.

revision not frequent.

revision frequent, your web site in search engine weight will be reduced. As a result, traffic from search engines decreases.

revision can be explored forward, but to refer to relevant data.

many friends revised, completely according to their own preferences. I love black style, made his website. The website is not for you to see, of course, except for personal blog. However, I suggest you, no matter what station you do, plan the revision program from the visitor’s point of view.

revision, you can refer to a lot of data. Revision is usually base >

How much does it cost Shop budget

How much money to open a convenience store

? Many investment entrepreneurs want to know the answer, with the need to know about this shop project about how much of the cost, the shop before then, for investment in convenience stores, this is for you to listen to a small simple introduction to the investment cost to open a convenience store under a


cost budget

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How to attract customers in the winter

now with cooler weather gradually, when the cold winter has not said hello to us Pumianerlai, in fact, is also a lot of clothing store a headache, because this time the passenger generally do not stay in their store, how can we retain them?

winter with personalized jewelry fashion


buy a piece of clothing to send accessories, a simple sweater, with a large necklace to be decorated, but also young fashion. A clothing store in the East Street on the red, the shopkeeper to introduce customers to the accessories: "don’t think the winter clothes will not create space, it can be through some accessories, to show the different collocation effect. The same piece of clothing, through different accessories can change a different style, the same sweater with gorgeous pearl jewelry, will produce a different effect."

xishangmeishao "slightly sweet customers try clothes besides price, do not try to know how the effect is good?" "It’s a good fit to wear on your body, and your body is better," said, "you don’t have to wear it. It’s much more beautiful than when you came in"…… If you spend a little time in a street clothing store, you will be impressed by the enthusiasm of the owner or salesperson.

for customers, owners without exception, first proposed to wear clothes, as long as the body is a mengkua. In the sweet frantically, nearly half of consumers took out his wallet.

"women shopping mostly impulse consumption, stores in the commercial street, many customers into the store has great randomness. You can enter the shop, buy clothes do not look at your ability to buy. Who do not like to listen to others boast of their own, and now the girls are beautiful, try a few words on the clothes they are tempted." Pedestrian street in the city, a clothing store owner told reporters that their sales experience.

discount, is always a brand stores showmanship sales practices, regardless of season or goods, in a discount every kind of reason. For the economic strength of the street store, they can not say that discounts can be discounted, and now they have a better way to attract repeat customers".

Miss Zhang:

Win in Jianghuai millions of venture capital loans to you

for a lot of young people want to start a business venture, this news will say next is very helpful, the first session of Anhui province "win in Jianghuai" business competition will be in recently started, will have the opportunity to get millions of business loans.

Jointly organized by

it is reported that the competition will be divided into preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in three stages. All the final projects can apply for the organizing committee recommended to the Anhui youth entrepreneurship guide fund management institutions to review, review may be obtained by 50 thousand -200 million business loans, including high-tech venture innovation and strong, broad prospects and great potential can be obtained 1 million -300 million equity investment.

a "win in the Jianghuai entrepreneurship contest activities for the majority of entrepreneurs is a very good business opportunities, at the same time, also reminded many young people, we must actively to participate in such activities.


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Open a children’s clothing shop is very good

children’s clothing industry has been very hot, a lot of people who want to start a business are considered such industry, many brand discount store is very popular, now open a shop for discount children’s clothing business, is a very good business choice. Today’s children are the parents of the baby, many parents are willing to spend money on children’s clothing. And discount stores on the price of a big advantage, so small series for you to share the operation of children’s discount store business skills bar!

1, in the shop before, please fully understand the concept of children’s clothing discount store, children’s clothing buyers the higher the identity of the month is easy to succeed.

2, there is no stream of people shop, is open to their own look, would rather choose in the town, food market, but also in many places.

3, the display of children’s clothing items to be neat, reasonable, good display is the second design of children’s clothing, in particular, should pay attention to color, style and coordination.

4, each pick goods vision to relax, the simpler the better sell, 20-30 square meters of points, each species is not too much, but the style can not be less.

5, willing to spend money to hire experienced salespeople, according to incomplete statistics, they usually produce more than 20-30% of sales.

6, not their own do not believe their own eyes, the style or take it first, remember that you are selected for the customer, selling to see what customers like to say!

7, the business is not good, first look at where they do not do well, the clothes are not wrong, followed by the company and to see where the situation.

8, good attitude, reasonable profit, high quality service, will bring you good mood every day, every day good business.

children’s discount store business, whether it is money or experience, is a process of gradual accumulation. But with the increasingly mature market environment, the children’s clothing industry will become increasingly fierce competition, operators must look to the long-term, and have enough patience oh!

in fact, any business needs to have a very good business to do, otherwise it is difficult to start a good go, above the hope can bring some inspiration for you, please forgive the shortcomings, front shop for children’s clothing shop offers the latest and most complete clothing styles, the highest cost-effective the price is the best choice of children’s clothing, children’s clothing wholesale oh!

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How to do the exhibition activities to attract people’s attention

is now all over the world every year will hold some different events large and small, held at the same time, the goal is for the profit of investment, so, in the process of the event, how to attract people’s attention?

show how compelling? Whether at home is also on the international exhibition, can be said to be the same industry competition is the strength of their own company and product The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, the exhibition is all kinds of tricks, and the purpose is to attract the eye, causing everyone’s attention, better introduce myself. But, many companies have done a lot of work, spent a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but with little success. I have done according to their own experience to do a good job of some of the company’s practice, we hope to help a bit.

A, booth, display, air: this we do not have my explanation should be very clear. I do not think that there is no great economic strength is not willing to invest so much. Another problem is that if the booth is very large, but the content and display of things filled up, it looks rather small big hats, the effects are often not up to the expected effect, low spending.

two, PR: beauty belongs to the same generous. But I think the relevant departments should pay attention to the point that those who came to watch, is not a lot of people’s attention is on the beautiful body instead of your company and products to them? Please a model, how much is it?

three gifts: many companies use love to send a small gift this trick, or beautiful or practical, often attracted many participants of the eyes, often attracted a lot of people come to receive gifts, do not know if you have not found, many people received a gift away, for your company and products. See no see, or a


four, making more and more exquisite and expensive brochure: in the production of samples on the album, the exhibitors should painstakingly, often change the sample version, to improve the grade. In the exhibition, we can see that almost all the participants with data packages, some people simply throw.

the introduction of his own company, the main business enterprise, business philosophy, successful case, product introduction, made into the form of multimedia, compressed to 5 minutes or so, it has great power, can certainly 100 attract attention of the participants. In addition, you can also make the size of the famous film, electronic business card issued in the exhibition, the effect is also very good.

held in the whole exhibition, in fact, the end goal is recommended