The profiteering operation method of download class website

one, download station market

, we’re so bad,


every day in our study way, I put our circle metaphor of "eight guardians" on Ding Chunqiu, so we ignore the way, in fact the right path is profitable and sustainable development, the 06 year, I wrote a software modification of creativity, the title is XX download, but actually do not have the resources to download, the results can be taken to 20 thousand days of IP/ traffic, then Jonathan specifically to test it, he reached a conclusion, that is the search volume is too large to download resources.

so from now on, we must be more on the way, in fact, from the beginning of 1000 posts, I was more of some thinking to write something in the past, the thinking is extracted, let everybody to good use.

now, they are doing a download station, including the legendary 100 thousand / day of the original idea, and also on the way to turn to download the resource station, then I will say how to do the download station:

1 search for a real static forum, such as the BBSGOOD forum, and don’t use the traditional download resource program. Those programs are pseudo static, and BBSGOOD is really static.

2, go online search download station, looking for individual station, and compare these individual station flow level, looking for a high ranking personal station.

3, copy the above all the resources, and the resources were repackaged, then add in advertising, advertising is not a traditional ".Html download" of this kind, must have a strong attraction, such as "the day to earn 500 yuan.Html" or "passion sister free video to you.Html" a glance to attract you, no matter who download resources to open and see.

4, carefully upload each resource, and pay attention to the SEO optimization of each page, each keyword will be in GOOGLE

ADWORDS keyword tools, query the relevant long tail keywords, and then on the ad page to do.

5, keep a diary and keep track of what you do every day.

two, download station publicity

a lot of people say it is difficult to download station, the reason is that he is doing is difficult to expand hotlinking, hotlinking, search engine is the best stand in the front row, download station flow is the most important way to use search engine.

1, using search engines. The SEO in front is basically set up well, then the most critical link is to exchange links with others,

do more anti link, insist on doing at least 5 backlinks every day, the regular site is the method of chronic flow method, but also the most effective way.


Fifty questions you must know before you do the station

thank the author’s share, this is an old article, but also a good article can not bear to delete, put here, hoping to help novice friends! To be a Chinese webmaster, if you don’t know the following 50 questions, you will suffer a lot, or you may be a unlucky station owner.

fifty questions, there are forty you can do, then you are passing the webmaster, this is the 50 webmaster, at least know the familiar problem.

1. webmaster can not know ASP, PHP, c++, net, but can not help but know HTML language. If you don’t know, fix him in a week. Even HTML do not know, how to do the link later, technology secretly fool you, a few do not know.

2. do webmaster, must know the small letter home but, if your domain name is registered in the small agency, estimates you bigger, want to transfer to many websites do half that agency has run away.

3. must know that the top registrar must know the ownership of the domain name and must use the whois to check the domain name itself.

4. must know that it’s no use just registering.Net.Cn, and you have to get.Com, or else the pain will last you a lifetime.

5. must know that the virtual host does not restrict IIS, and says IIS is cheating.

6. must know 100 webmaster, must have the heart of 5 adsense.

7. must join 5 webmaster groups, you must know your counterparts in the field of 10 websites of the latest developments.

There must be 2

8. QQ, a QQ can do the assassin or flash at any time. Spying on other people’s intelligence for their own use.

9. must know how to make money online, must be familiar with 5 alliance products, at any time put union advertising.

10. must know SEO, must know how to cheat search, this is the webmaster minimum requirements.

11. must have at least 3 domain names, 2 spaces, or not a webmaster.

12. must learn to respect, everyone on the Internet is a cow, each can access the Internet is cattle, may your arrogance lost a great opportunity,

13. must learn to steal, others have good, you must be able to quickly take, take possession of, so as to have beyond.

14. must have 2 proficient in ASP, PHP and other network technology friends, you can help at any time.

15. must have 2 hacker friends in different fields, and if you’re done, someone can help you.

16. must have 2 friends from the domain name, who have good things, and someone to help you buy and sell.


The opening of the second International Business Festival

in order to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, a variety of entrepreneurial competition, roadshow tour, the lecture is a wave after wave, of course, these forms of business meetings, entrepreneurs are an opportunity. The second session of the Pearl River International Business Festival opened in Hengqin in April 23rd, wonderful not to be missed!

  recently, the reporter from the Zhuhai Macao International Business Festival press conference was informed by the Zhuhai business fraternity, Hengqin · jointly organized by the Macao youth entrepreneurship Valley and Macao news network second Zhuhai Macao International Business Festival, will be held in April 23rd in Macao Hengqin · youth entrepreneurship Valley officially launched. It is understood that in addition to the opening ceremony find everything fresh and new, the business section is to pay more attention to the interactive platform will create entrepreneurs and investors in the content.

    Zhuhai business fraternity President Guo Zhiru introduced, in response to the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" call, Zhuhai venture Union launched in March 21, 2015 held the first Zhuhai Macao entrepreneurship festival which is defined as the annual session. This event will bring together a lot of innovative and creative industries outstanding participants, in the two day of the event set up a number of dry full of topics and activities.

in April 23rd to start the day, the organizing committee will organize a series of entrepreneurs and investors interactive forums, corporate presentations, project roadshow, provide multiple exchanges docking platform for participants to be held in April 24th; a large coffee will enjoy private entrepreneurship, China Festival, Zhuhai Macao released entrepreneurial role models, alumni Zhuhai Macao International Business festival. By then, not only from the Pearl River and Macao to participate in the outstanding enterprises of their own grassroots entrepreneurs holiday, but also invite international entrepreneurship big coffee to the scene, with the participants to share entrepreneurial mentality.

    at the press conference the same day, the Pearl River Australian entrepreneurial model character selection activities also started synchronization. By the famous entrepreneurs, the major media, the government and investment institutions formed by the jury of the selected group of entrepreneurs in the Pearl River model, and promote outstanding corporate image, establish industry benchmark and model. Selection activities for a period of nearly a month, the results will be announced in the April 24th business festival.




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GirlUp let thousands of female passenger station

female entrepreneurs in the actual business process will encounter a variety of problems, there are such a group of female passengers to join hands, the creation of female venture capital community, to do tens of millions of female entrepreneurs, the family".

1 9, GirlUp Beauty Workshop announced that it has completed the pre-A of the financing of 17 million, by the Swiss capital, China smart and purple venture capital joint venture. It is reported that GirlUp was founded at the beginning, which received Huang Taiji He Chang, Zhu Yonghua, Lenovo holding spring Chu seed investment, rich capital, JJ venture capital investment angel Yang Shoubin.

GirlUp is currently the first brand of domestic women venture capital, but also the most active and highest quality community of women entrepreneurs. GIrlUp’s main business is venture capital investment and financing, marketing and other services, women’s community products and related training.

GirlUp the investor Ai Rui Yang Weiqing said, the reason is because the GirlUp investment GirlUp, created a female entrepreneurship service this new category and do the first, but also because of the less than 10 people and almost all girls team has a rapid execution, iResearch survey is also very unique, not only participate in GirlUp activities, private entrepreneurs have contact connection interview with GirlUp, is from iResearch data detection to the brand keywords and activity, so as to confirm the investment.

GirlUp was founded in August 2014, more than 100 activities, and help the successful financing of more than and 50 female projects, such as Xiaoxian stew, rock me salad, babe, word meme etc.. At present, GirlUp has grown into the most active and highest quality women’s entrepreneurial community, linked to the line of nearly 50000 women entrepreneurs and the 1000 investment institutions.

GirlUp founder Wu Jing said that this round of investment funds is mainly used to expand and build a team system, business development focused on community level training product development and FA business model, the brand, GirlUp continues to spread do influence, the expansion of recruiting editorial team.

GirlUp hopes to become a female commercial cutting-edge media future, related industrial projects in the female brand building and communication, women entrepreneurs grow their own fields of design related products and services, solve social marketing, financing, and the depth of talent demand pain points for women entrepreneurs; at the same time, GirlUp will also establish membership system and services. For a female who really solve the problems encountered on the road of entrepreneurship, as millions of women entrepreneurs’ family".

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About 100 thousand investment in new energy projects to make money

      about 100 thousand investment in new energy projects to make money at the moment, due to the current energy shortage, people pay more attention to the amount of new energy. Now about 100 thousand of the investment in new energy projects, many consumers have been like, more people at this time will be rich vision to invest about 100 thousand of new energy projects!

source of energy-saving gas to join:

What the whole investment de Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing Roast Duck fame is as everyone knows, for many young entrepreneurs to choose a good Roasted Duck joined the project as their wealth start in life is undoubtedly a good choice. Roasted Duck joined, for white-collar workers, farmers, students, women, 80 investment groups to bring the real wealth of life, for investors to bring high-quality products, Beijing Roast Duck high visibility, has a great market development potential. Then the de Beijing Roast Duck to join


de Beijing Roast Duck investment? What are the advantages?

The development prospect of

Roasted Duck shop considerable, de Beijing Roast Duck to join, you only need to find a room of ten square size pavement can shop, only one investment, can be long-term benefit. There are business crispy Roasted Duck you don’t have to worry about the business, the experience is not enough, the headquarters has provided a unified image, unified brand, unified technical standards, unified, unified mode of operation for your taste, and the headquarters will be in the site selection, store decoration, cost control, health standards, marketing planning and other aspects of the range of standards for the franchise system training.

de Beijing Roast Duck joining has the following advantages:

Low cost:

1, before joining the company is headquartered in Beijing, in 2011 the headquarters moved to Shandong, there are two main reasons, first in Beijing northerly location in South, some franchisees not idle, the company headquarters selection in Lunan area is conducive to the south to join to come visit. Second in Beijing, the high operating costs, additional expenses indirectly is added to the franchisee’s body, now greatly reduced in Weishan in Shandong, operating expenses, the company put this part of the cost profit to the franchisee, places in the formula is the same, the franchisee can learn only 5000 yuan and Beijing Quanjude comparable Beijing Roast Duck technology.

2, the strength of the company: the company has a strong technical training system, the implementation of on-site guidance in China enjoy shop service, do not pay a penny took the lead in the first to finish in the initial fee, dispel the franchisee afraid to spend money to learn anything about. The first in China to pick up a large hotel style Roasted Duck shop to join the project, that is to say you have the money to open the Roasted Duck Quanjude store, our company has the absolute power to help you do it, and you go to the store to provide professional Roasted Duck master work, the strength of enterprises not impossible to help you do it.

3, the follow-up service is good: after joining the store to open the shop, regardless of the technical problems encountered by the vendors, the company will give you a solution. The company in line with the interests of franchisees above everything else to help the mentality of the franchisee to play a good foundation. The company has a new project on the line, franchisees can lifelong free learning.

4, advertising effect is good: the company will be in the near future high ratings TV, the major newspaper media, well-known sites do not

Large merchants and large enterprises to help out the Western Conference

Xining’s new development needs to attract more investment vision. With the Hongkong real estate industry the latest international information, covering many areas of real estate development, investment, marketing planning, sales agents and other diversified enterprises — Hongkong real investment group; introduction of Darunfa supermarket and will soon be officially settled in Xining Jiangsu Albert group has come……

"not to invite the government delegation, for investors, business oriented, face-to-face promotion of city planning and construction projects, industrial chain extension and supporting industry, service industry development project." The Xining city development and investment fair, the municipal government for enterprises to build investment platform sincere willingness and intention, make local enterprises excited, also let the news that foreign enterprises is full of curiosity. This will lead the enterprise and the original intention of the scale, the grade is let me host unit unexpected.

list of important customers dizzying

West Court to apply for the implementation of the urgent need to help the poor relief

from Shaanxi to work in Xining Lee asked for more than two years of wages, due to the unknown whereabouts of the debtor was in trouble. In April 27th, Xining City West District People’s Court of the Executive Board issued capital of ten thousand yuan to help poor communities to Lee et al., to solve the difficult problem of life of Lee et al., 4 implementation of the backlog carried smoothly.

April 24, 2007, West Court civil judgment of Lee and enforcees Cai Zhao, labor contract dispute case verdict, Cai Li and others pay wage arrears 5913 yuan, Zhao bear joint liability payment. After the entry into force of the judgment, CAI and Zhao did not pay arrears on schedule, so Lee, who apply to the court for enforcement. However, the implementation of the process, the whereabouts of a missing Choi, Lee et al and Zhao Mou reached a settlement agreement, agreed to postpone payment. But Zhao took out 1722 yuan, due to too much debt, there is no ability to pay. At this point, Lee and other people asking for wages have spent more than one thousand yuan of travel expenses, life has not landed.

to solve the difficulties of Lee et al, the implementation of the judge for the applicant to apply for judicial assistance, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the applicant.


The first phase of Chongqing e-commerce business training classes

is now a mobile Internet era, at the same time, there are a lot of good business projects have to be realized through mobile Internet, mobile Internet began to pay attention to the importance of such an industry in the country.

7 9 afternoon, Guannan County Bureau of human resources and careful preparation of the first phase of e-commerce entrepreneurship training in the county occupation technical training employment guidance center opened. County Deputy Secretary Xia Suming attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

the training for a period of three days, the first phase of a total of 50 students participated in the. Participants in the training mainly from the county to be engaged in the electricity supplier industry youth groups. To ensure the quality of training, the county people club Bureau hired a professional engaged in "Lianyungang electricity supplier entrepreneurship training instructors involved in teaching guidance in curriculum designing, training project" China Alibaba Taobao university entrepreneurship training system ", according to the training object level and the demand is set to two modules, each module can satisfy different training objects, different levels of students to ensure the rationality of the teaching schedule. July 14th will also be held in the second phase of the network e-commerce entrepreneurship training courses". After passing the training, training students can also be settled in the county of electricity supplier Incubation Center for rent, utilities, enjoy free tax relief policies, the successful implementation of independent entrepreneurs, can also apply for 5-10 million secured loans.

Xia Suming on behalf of the county Party committee and government to smooth opening training congratulations. Xia Suming requirements, to participate in the training of personnel must unify their thinking, enhance understanding, a profound understanding of the significance of supplier training; cherish the opportunity to practice, give full play to the exemplary role of youth groups in the business; correct attitude, strengthen consciousness, orderly electricity supplier to carry out the work of entrepreneurship. Xia Suming hope that trainees can treat this training seriously, seize the opportunity, and strive to learn more knowledge, to achieve better results. At the same time, also hope that the county community sector to make every effort to create a good learning environment for students, many students want to get ideas, ideas, continue to do a good job in the county youth employment service work, ensure the training tasks can be successfully completed.

for the Lianyungang to implement such a kind of electronic commerce entrepreneurial training activities for the local e-commerce whole youth entrepreneurial activity is very helpful, but a life in the future which such training is often held.


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How to operate the dessert store profit

dessert industry hot business opportunities, which also want to do business friends brought the opportunity to run a dessert store, do a good job can earn a lot of money. You may also want to know, open dessert store to make money? How to operate a dessert store before profit? Look at what the business of the road!

One of the

One way