In the face of how to carry out the work of Shanghai dragon new site

new website content update must pay attention to originality, spider love is valuable, love new things, in fact, a spider is Xixinyanjiu guy, as long as you are updated every day, and is a high quality original content, the spider can every day to crawl, included in the site was put out sooner or later.

general station on the line just as early and need to adjust the local search engine, but also the observation period. This is the time when we need to use robots, can be in robots first of all the spiders are shielded, not allowed to our site spider crawling in about 48 hours after the entry into force of the robots to our website program is uploaded to the space, this time can be assured to modify our website. The structure, internal links to adjust our website end website sitemap also produced and uploaded, statistical tools also installed is completed, it can open the door to wait for spider crawling website.

as the Shanghai dragon Er practitioners, especially the line just friends, generally had this experience, suddenly give you a new site to let you go, you will have what reaction? I believe that most people are confused and disoriented, do not know where to start, as to a very confused. In the house, don’t know where to start up. Just some time ago I also encountered such a problem, that is my real experience, below share with you a following on the new site, how to carry out optimization.

was followed by the entrance of the major search engines to submit, is actually submitted registration in the search engine on our website, let the spider know I was new, specially to you do not submit a report, never mind, just submit more conducive to the spider in the shortest time web crawling. The first time the general website and submit the crawling spider web site is not submitted within 24 hours, some will be longer.


Shanghai dragon patience is very important, especially new sites, many friends said that I stood for 10 days, also not included in the search engine. In fact, search engine has just launched a new station is very strict, especially the love of Shanghai, so we must pay attention to the IIS log, it is the site of the barometer. As long as every spider, did not meet the 404 code is at ease, how to do on how to do. Sink margin of Shanghai station on line 15 days dragon home was released (here refers to the love of Shanghai from home).

is a road is long and boring work, the chain construction site. See a lot of friends in question: the new site every day how many good outside chain? In fact, this does not have a uniform standard, according to the size of the site to develop a new site outside the chain is growing too fast, can also cause the attention of search engines, you are mistaken for cheating, so there may be right down, so do Shanghai dragon, patience is very important. When the new general observation period of day 30 to 100 the chain is enough. Large consulting, >

9 Shanghai enterprises choose outsourcing companies need to pay attention to the Dragon

3, asked about the operation of Shanghai Longfeng means and techniques

Don’t you want to be

5, ranking the target head

generally, almost all of the Shanghai dragon outsourcing companies have their own official website. So now we need to view their own website ranking, if their rankings are not very good, but others want to give Shanghai Longfeng, certainly is not persuasive. It is worth noting that, when ranking in view of their website, should not only pay attention to the rankings, more important is the need to check their website ranking history, is not very stable, or temporary ranking is very good. If it is only a temporary ranking is very good, it is likely that their operation is not normal, Shanghai dragon.

now individual Shanghai Longfeng outsourcing company, they said not to modify the source code of a website, do not publish an article, can put the site keywords ranking do go up. This means is not normal, they must be through the "black hat" (non conventional Shanghai dragon skills, a short period of time to get the rankings, but also the most likely to lose rankings, and it is difficult to restore) to achieve.

generally, because Shanghai Longfeng uncertainty, the other is not able to make the commitment of 100%, once the Shanghai dragon outsourcing company to you make the commitment of 100%, that in fact there are many outsourcing companies are not reliable.

1, ask whether you can cooperate before commitment

in formal cooperation before the view this company provides the case requires at least 5 or more, and the 5 case ranking in nearly half of the year are relatively stable, no obvious change radically phenomenon.

6, sign the contract when selecting the appropriate outsourcing package

Shanghai dragon outsourcing company packages are many, and not the rich content is better, must go to select the appropriate package according to their actual situation. It is not only a waste of money, more important is to finally even you first really want are not ready.

4, ask to see their customers


Shanghai dragon outsourcing company charges are generally not the same, must not believe the high price and low price can do, do it well, this is wrong. We must combine the above 4 detailed screening.


in the "Internet plus" trend, many traditional enterprises are facing restructuring difficult problem, it is because of this, more and more enterprises choose Shanghai dragon outsourcing companies to promote their website management. So enterprises in making a choice, what precautions, camp owners today to introduce enterprises to choose the Shanghai dragon outsourcing companies pay attention to 9 issues.

2, check their website

The talent predicament of local websites sums up the human resources problems of local websites

is in the stage where young talent website, the problem is the biggest bottleneck in the development of private website! Don’t say, even the official website in the face of the problem of talent is also painful.

, what is the talent problem faced by local websites,


precisely, the talent status of the local web site is:

have the right people difficult to recruit.

your part of the job recruit people.

when did people do not recruit training, emerge of itself and perish of itself.

have met a good number, not easy to take out, not by competitors is that all kinds of reasons to leave the high salaries.

tick in at least 5 years business early, high turnover rate.

when did business extremely difficult to recruit, management difficult.

when did the tragedy is, developed after the discovery, the original business start-up requirements for talents period than business maturity is much higher than


two, who are we facing,


faces fewer people, and many people start by copying other people’s job advertisements. Faced with no situation, most people are anxious to go to walking on two legs are tied back. No doubt, the result is only one failure. Seriously thinking, we find that the core problem is actually:

, who exactly do we need,


the question implies:

1, how many people do we need,

?What are the basic skills required for

2 and each person?

3, what personality traits do you have for each post?

4, the special post market has talent can not meet the requirements, how to solve?

What’s the difference between

5 and people at different stages of development?

6, what resources do enterprises match for talents?

three, summed up the current local website human resources issues

abstract and sum up from a rational point of view, the human resources problem of local websites is:

1, no standards – just want to recruit people, did not want to do a good job.

2, without training – only wants to pick up ready-made talent from outside, and doesn’t know how to train people inside.

3, no strength – low wages, talent quality is poor.

4, no culture – brain drain, small companies difficult to establish corporate culture, the boss can only lead by example.

5, not only the initial stage – business needs strong talent, but talent at this time what you


New venture enrichment project highlights

With the increasingly fierce competition in the

market, traditional projects, traditional business, it has been difficult to meet the growing demands of consumers, high grade. In order to have a more innovative, updated tide, better able to meet the growing needs of the material and cultural needs of consumers can seize the market! So what are the new entrepreneurial projects? May wish to take a look at!

version of solar pot

this product is for mobile phone, digital camera / camera, palm computer, high energy consuming products such as notebook computer batteries for power supply problems specially developed, can provide sufficient power in these products is depleted, provide convenience for people for business, tourism, field work. So the product market prospects.

USB pencil sharpener

see the above Xiaobian to introduce you to several new small projects, hope that the future of your business for the project, help, hoping to bring useful information for you, provide useful information to help your business a helping hand!


Chengdu is now a wonderful accident 4 cars crashed into a chrysanthemum shaped

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95 female students after the opening photo million a month

talking about self timer, countless girls who are familiar with it, which has become a very important part of many people’s daily lives, almost all need to do self. However, usually their own mobile phone customers, but there is a 95 of the female college students through open self Hall of the monthly income of 10000 yuan, or surprise you?

self studio was born in the early twenty-first Century in Europe and the United States, random self trend, in the short period of time in Wuzhou, by the pursuit of personality of young people of all ages, self portrait photography has become a mainstream way of shooting in the developed countries. 2012, the first time the self photo studio landing in China, the continuation of the European and American self wave, quickly formed a new domestic entertainment demands – freedom, sex, free and easy.

in the self Museum, they can both be a photographer, but also when the model, choose the creative props, according to the shutter, how to shoot on how to shoot. This new thing is – self museum. It quickly became a new entertainment demands of young people, all reflect the freedom, sex, free and easy. This is not, this girl playing self timer open studio business 95, the monthly income of 10000 yuan, how did she do it?

self timer can start? This seems to be a little people can not believe, but after 95 college students on the road through the "self" successful venture. A chance to go to the studio to take pictures of the opportunity to make way for the idea of entrepreneurship. Lu Lu said: I usually like to take pictures, but a lot of studio fees are expensive, and now a lot of female college students like self, I would like to combine the two, for their own art shoot."

2016 in March, Lu Lu opened the "Kacha self hall", is very popular in the campus, attracted a lot of girls to self. Lu Lu prepared a lot of clothing for the shooting of self, let the students dress up your own style in the shed and self.

entrepreneurship early enough, Lu Lu, who served as a multi duty, but also for the guests to play lights. Lu Lu by learning their own design of a self timer shed. The professional lighting, camera, screen, remote control, self people can see themselves through the big screen, put a satisfactory action after pressing the remote control shooting, recording their beautiful image.

Lu Lu also for filming the self timer who prepared a variety of clothing, let the students dressed as their most satisfied with the other in the shed and self. In addition to self, Lu Lu also opened an outdoor shoot, dress rental business. Never operate equipment Lu Lu, a lot of problems do not understand, even if someone help remote operation, control equipment, but in the installation and use is still encountered many problems, in order to learn this knowledge, she also went to study in Wuhan.

entrepreneurial road on the right track, Lu Lu will own three roommates with a recommendation














The cat’s how Cathie venture project shop – a of worry

for the amount of business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the project, is very important. What about Kay cat’s children’s clothes? In 2017, joined the project quality choice, entrepreneurial success be nothing difficult. How about joining the cat cat? Are you ready?

clothing brand to choose what? Since the launch of the cat children’s clothing has been welcomed by consumers, consumers are highly recognized. Cathie’s cat in the clothing design, fashion, novel style, meet the needs of different consumers, most children can find their own that a here, find his own heart love fashion.

Kay cat children’s clothes?

clothing brand to choose what? Cathie’s cat won the trust of consumers, is a children’s clothing brand, most franchisees more optimistic about not only so, Cathie cat’s bold use of color innovation, interest concept, build a wonderful world for children, children of whimsy stereo answer. Changeable style, deeply loved by children. Kay cat children conform to the trend of social development, well aware of the needs of the child’s heart, the market prospects for development.

joined Kay cat children’s clothing project, opened a cat cat’s own children’s clothing store, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. High quality to join the project, do not you echocardiography? What about Kay cat’s children’s clothes? It has the advantage of the brand to join the project choice, it is worth joining!

The Pocono fashion sports brand how significant advantage – Business

has the advantage of brand clothing to join the project choice, is a very powerful choice. How about the Pocono fashion sports brand? In the clothing market, not only is very popular, and join the Pocono fashion sports brand items, or very has the advantage of choice.

The Pocono

fashion sports brand fashion and avant-garde movement, and both comfort. It praised the "fashionable life, the joy of movement" philosophy of life, a new interpretation of free happy and comfortable way of life, so that each put on the Pocono fashion sports brand people can easily deal with every occasion. With the precise market positioning and the keen market sense, the brand will become a well-known fashion sports brand, and set up a good brand image! Is now the rapid development of the occupation of the entire fashion market, the industry has become a benchmark, but also a leader in the market position! The Pocono leading fashion sports brand, to help your career.

joined the Pocono fashion sports brand seven cooperation support:

1, store location support. Send site manager to assist store location, and conduct a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the business district in order to determine the prospects and feasibility of the shop, to ensure the location of the store to achieve the best.

2, decoration support. Professional design team, to provide professional design renovation program, truly one-stop decoration services, allowing you to save money and save time.

3, expert training support. Send the senior supervisor personally launched professional training, free of charge, improve the level of sales and service quality, let the store management work more professional, more effective.

4, opening support. The regional operation supervision to store providing business guidance, develop business plan, and assist the lead store business sales work; at the same time, in order to assist the senior supervisor of the pre opening, selection, and according to your city, consumption preference, crowd style to help you choose the most suitable for the goods.

5, after sales support. In the shop during the operation, the entire headquarters to provide business guidance, promotion plan and other support, help each area of the store implement promotion plan, the accumulation of membership, digest inventory, so as to improve the sales performance, let the shop stock pressure.

6, human resources support. We have a strong team of expert services, part of their fashion brand operation planning, brand image design, enhance the performance, recycling, low inventory operations, terminal management has a wealth of practical experience, at any time throughout the country for the first time the franchise industry information, is to make our products always walk in the market the.