On the foreign trade site to promote transformation rate of neglected two or three suggestions

Select the

product description is a little higher, the conversion rate of the product description is not only on the search engine ranking plays a very important role. But when I search for some of the sites in Google, often found that many stations do not have the product description, or directly copied from other sites, this phenomenon is very common. Here I only say how to do to improve the conversion rate of the description: that is to add the product picture details of the map to enlarge the product description, which is similar to the practice of Taobao.

customer purpose basically is to buy the products they need, when customers enter the site, attracted by the pictures of the products, the price is more expensive than in other sites, customers are willing to buy. This is the author often receive customer mail inside said product picture looked very love content.

is through the three suggestions are summed up and compared to inform customers of the site. The original article by www.xihapu贵族宝贝 a small joke, please indicate the source, thank you


do foreign trade website, in fact, many are using ZenCart or mogento program of self-help. The webmaster of the layout, appearance design, and click on the convenience of the products will affect the purchase of customers. The following is the author of the two site home page:


The author of the September

because of the economic crisis, the number of people for the purchase of foreign demand for cheap things, which we do foreign trade, is undoubtedly a good news. But in the same conditions, improve their website conversion rate? Here the author after careful study of your site, that is easy to overlook the two or three suggestions, of course, like bestsell, feature products is helpful to improve the conversion rate, but these should be many webmaster have mentioned, so here I also mention some neglected, I hope to help the webmaster friends.


here is a product classification, one is not. This leads when customers came to the site, the second sites to reach a directory page than the first site to click, and click through the main navigation, the user experience is a blow, also led to second sites with a single volume is scarce.

two, product pictures


, the user experience of the website

with the relative success of a single transaction site:

three, a description of the product

Screening site keywords how to do long tail keywords

generally, a website with three core keywords is appropriate, in the website optimization process, determine the core keywords, update, chain promotion can not blindly rely on three key words appear repeatedly in the website content, so it is easy to appear keywords accumulation, will be hard to avoid search engine drop right. Understand the essence of keyword optimization webmaster usually let Web site traffic through the long tail keywords, improve the site weight.

what is the long tail keywords, long tail keywords refers to non target site keywords but also can bring the flow of search keywords, simply put, is to expand the core keywords, such as clothing, for example, keywords are clothing, you can expand the domain name in Shanghai, clothing, also can expand the season, for example spring clothing, with age and gender development and so on, in some competitive keywords, bring traffic to the site is mainly the long tail keywords, of course, for the website, a long tail key words bring flow is limited, want to get super high flow, optimization, need massive long tail keywords then how do the long tail keywords are selected


long tail keywords master stage, active manually collected real-time sorting. The Internet every day.

long tail keywords entry stage, by virtue of their senses to do long tail keywords. Many webmaster in the online website, involved on the website of the industry generally have a certain understanding, and the prospects of this industry is full of hope, the heart will have some directions and ideas, these ideas may be somewhat immature, or some childish, but by virtue of the site’s enthusiasm fully the idea of using the long tail keywords shown, although there may be misguided, even when the user is not cold, but only try to test their original idea is correct

long tail keywords learning stage, learning from competitors. The Internet has entered the era of almost any All flowers bloom together., an industry competition, a good learning webmaster should often to rival the site visit, learn each other’s advantages, of course, there are some combination of long tail keywords as the saying goes, line see road, as long as the industry has a lot of experience, learn, will find my own shortcomings and their strengths, learn the webmaster can continue to progress, "doctrine", sometimes also is a shortcut to website optimization.

long tail keywords leveraging stage, good at using a variety of tools. In the era of big data, user access to access footprint, some users is how to use keywords in the search engine, general search engines will feedback through the background data, appear in the following pages for the search engines, but also for the convenience of owners, the number of keyword mining tools, mining, owners can appropriate the use of these tools for mining long tail keywords however, the machine will inevitably be some "stereotype", although you can dig out a large number of keywords, are not worth doing, for the webmaster, to choose a good screen.


If the website is not to talk about the role of internal link optimization

in the web site, users in the website, it is in doubt for some words on the page? Will get lost in the web page, you want to find little page? Although internal links is an attraction add a ZZ optimization for crawling, but internal link building is the overall site planning the. Complete loss of internal link optimization, can also affect the user experience of the website. Thus, a chain optimization not within the site, will greatly affect the user access and deeper page browsing. More visible, well within the chain optimization website, not only to enhance the user experience of the website, improve website impression, reduce website bounce rate, more conducive to enhancing the overall weight of the site (the site also search engine users love love website).

think, site of the Shanghai dragon optimization only through the construction of the external links and content construction to complete, no internal links involved, the website will be what kind of


3. if no chain optimization, talk about how to improve the inside pages long tail keywords ranking

as a webmaster all know, along the link level of a spider crawling. Assume that a web page without any links to other pages, the spider always stays in the home page, the spider crawling effect of enthusiasm, so he was included are few. Perhaps only a few pages (the home page, or may be included by external links). The other extreme, just in order to optimize the chain verification, can let the spider crawling through a link, more deeply, stay longer, crawling more thoroughly. On the other hand, without the chain optimization website will make the spider crawling is not smooth, reduce the number of crawling, grabbing quantity reduction. Grab the shortage will affect the web exposure rate, flow reduction is inevitable.

?Many ?

2. if no chain optimization, what about ascension spider crawling depth, "included

according to statistics, Shanghai dragon optimization do good website, home page traffic accounted for 5%, visible, more traffic sources within the pages of key words long tail off. Obviously, no do chain optimization will lose a lot of traffic. Internal chain.

1. if no chain optimization, talk about how to enhance the user experience of the site

every day?

"content is king, the chain for emperor" by most Shanghai dragon Er too much sought after. A website from the building after the construction of the external links began. The new website weight is very low, there is no influence and authority in the Internet, most webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er that add the appropriate external links will help site weight accumulation. Had participated in a training, the teacher said the new chain release strategy: just set up websites every day issued 5 chain; the home page was collected after every release 10 chain; to be included within the pages, every day issued 20 outside the chain of more than 3 months; 50 new sites, released every day outside the chain more than half a year; the daily release amount will increase. Just think, if a stand of ten years, how many want to send the chain


Grassroots Adsense mobile station how to make, how to make moneyHow do 12% traffic create 40% of adv

12% traffic create 40% of advertising? The following is the author’s thinking:

– portals, information, entertainment mass media, professional collections, power and channel resources

10, the portal advertising products are relatively complete, suitable for various forms of advertising.

I am a rookie, although the station for three years. But still nothing. The failure of small owners. Not brought up a decent net. As for why I want to do mobile phone station, because a classmate asked me not in the website, let me look at the URL to him. I actually found no one can give out the site… I was silent.

the first part, talk about mobile station production.

3, portal advertising efficiency is higher. Access to the same population, the portal rate of arrival is obviously higher, lower delivery costs.

5 15, iResearch CEO Yang Weiqing said that China’s Internet portal accounted for 40% of the share of advertising, and portal traffic accounted for only 12%.

1 and portal websites have higher degree of expertise, higher information value, relatively high user base and high commercial value. They are more closely related to brand advertisers.

5. began adding ringtones, pictures, and e-books to every cell phone that.

1. adds all the model parameters and pictures of NOKIA phones.

2, the portal is still only 12%, but the portal in the whole Internet Ecosystem of the upper, belongs to the capital intensive areas, basically in a state of monopolistic competition, which belongs to the Tencent Sina, Sohu, NetEase, limited several portals, therefore, from the flow distribution map, and behind too many to count the small website compared to 12% of the traffic to create 40% of the advertising market, leading industry or reflect the 80/20’s law.

was making a mobile phone station, I divided several processes to implement

4. adds its applicable theme to each model.

for each model that is appropriate for its use

mobile phone network, his production is very simple. A dynamic and easy procedure. Due to the original classification. For several hours a day to engage in this column, so very fine points. That includes a number of commonly used software, NOKIA mobile phone and other mobile phone ringtones, ebook mobile phone pictures and so on. There is also a NOKIA mobile phone special theme and quotation etc. classification is more detailed, from various classification features are classified into different types of mobile phone users, and the topics and so on. This is a big project.

said so much, actually I want to tell my friends, do mobile phone charging station in addition to the optimized theme download and charging software download sites like, if you really want to do a love of the mobile phone users, this is a need to pay a huge project of labor. We need patience, perseverance and perseverance. the collection is a benevolent friend please skip

8 and portals are better for event marketing and PR reporting.

4, portal correlation and advertising environment is better. In small sites, although it can also disperse to reach the target population, but the relevance of small sites and advertising environment is usually better than the portal.

How does

– IM instant messaging tools such as and MSN, social communication

2. adds information to each NOKIA handset and, if possible, adds some.

– blog, >

– forums, communities, BBS Group Communications,

sum up: the value of traffic is not absolute. Advertising value and traffic size distribution is not proportional. The user value and business value represented by the flow, as well as the level of cost and efficiency, are the key to assessing the value of the traffic.


3. begins looking for software.

could use The total flow rate

9 and launching portals are good for the public relations protection of the brand.

6. insists on constant daily updates usage and feel of each model

– integrating

– search engines collection and integration of information

6, the portal’s service level and marketing ability are better, and the large-scale website lacks the specialized advertisement sales personnel, often relies on "the network alliance" the advertisement agent to carry on the advertisement to attract investment.

mobile sites in the industry have a special gold payment conditions, so more and more stations pay attention to this piece of things, including the upcoming 3G,.

5, advertisers put people on the web site familiarity and trust is relatively high.

reference: Internet value chain eco map:


7, portal website and brand information reports, advertisers can use advertising and website brand cooperation and cooperation activities, the influence and resources of the portal site, to achieve the maximization of the value of advertising.

second part, mobile phone website profit.

can be said that mobile phone website profit is higher than the professional website, a type of garbage website. If your content is really available. There is a user will fall in love with you. You will continue to download resources, continuous oral propaganda. Even told his software is downloaded from you site. To win the customers’ favor. Your success is the first step.

I remember in order to make the content of the full show, let the home become great, although the structure of DIV, but there is still more than 90 K, is not search pet. I also heard, but I will do, some user would want to play faster

God steam online business Ming Kai steam protection two baby mother’s steam insurance network busine

alliance, in relation to the webmaster, whether it can achieve the minimum guarantee income, many projects that reach the standard can be achieved, but the key is not so stable alliance does not deduct the amount, up, currently nine smooth network media nine. "

, a 88 year old sister from Chongqing, has both family and business acumen. Enter the auto parts, this line is three or four years ago, married to Fuyang after the birth of Dabao, want to find a career to do.


left hand two baby, right hand shop



talks about God’s little buddy, Tan Guiqun says

opened the inscription Kay steam boss Tan Guiqun’s WeChat circle of friends, throughout almost all the sun two baby growth record, looks more like a good years of quiet stay-at-home mom. Who can think of it as two of her mother, especially the little girl was born just over 3 months, she can put online automobile insurance business continued to expand business full of sound and colour.

support to business really God steam awesome

2, see Union home: do SMS alliance, are relatively low, the home made relatively deserted, but not the lack of a little atmosphere, perhaps the contents more chaos, we all know that the industry is low off, if the state check, then finish basically is. This. But there are a lot of alliance is free to write the program, so many alliances looks very similar, such alliances are generally garbage alliance, they took the program is a free program, not safety, credibility is not good enough!

just friends of the factory car care tools, mainly to do export business, she would take the goods to do the domestic online business, mainly to do X treasure, also tried other platforms, doorway their way adhere to self-study method of online business. There are also some sales and customer bases. But I feel that the business has been getting worse and worse for the past one or two years. I have to go through the train to reduce the price and get more and more profit. She started the transition with her husband to do online barbecue supplies business ideas.


3, a new alliance in general than the old alliance is strong, because the newborn, is bound to more than the old alliance, of course, is not absolute, but you can go to a bold attempt, is now eight weeks 7+1:youday.cn weeks, in fact they have a www.3bu domain name, the domain name is advertising, 7town etc. the old alliance aside, 520music Music Station didn’t know this alliance, see my friend made eight week Alliance doing the walk to do, because the league are relatively low, so it is difficult to find, general advertising Dadehuore, advertising, junk alliance, buckle the absolute quantity is deducted, very black

how to choose a good League? In the face of so many SMS alliance, dazzling, below my experience, to give you a few suggestions!


Tan Guiqun is satisfied with the operation of the steam car store now. She felt God steam auto repair shop customers online promotion is very accurate, especially awesome. "On the X treasure, we will also be on the activities, but we do not have many activities on this skit, and the activities of the discount subsidies are out of our businesses.". Unlike God steam online, platform subsidies are very large, so that we really feel that these businesses rely on".

5, do not tell the alliance with the wind, and some advertising alliance played loud, a lot of people are doing, in fact no other effect of alliance, the industry say, because the channel is a good one, who also don’t know, so many webmaster confused, with a mind to try to do, actually is to you, but is the deduction, so now many webmaster and investment income has always been mediocre, sometimes detained are deficient, so we must be cautious, good union is still there, you would find the

4, yields the alliance is false alliance, for example, others do movies are generally for 6 yuan / month, but some advertising alliance is 7 yuan / month, 10 yuan / month, this is false, cheat you to register, in fact not so much the price, do not believe you can try, very simple, SP to him before? He gave you is still high, what does he eat? Is definitely a big quantity, or false news! So many owners do not know the reason, we still care for

!The stability and strength of the

"I settled in December last year, members of the God steam business, when sales are very general. I wanted to quit. Communicate with a business executive, he said, you can refund. But I didn’t have much time to settle down. I suggest I try again. Later, I have more exchanges with the business, pushing several activities, the effect is particularly clear, an event to sell hundreds of pieces of repair board. Sales of other products in the store are also slowly moving up. The orders are stable every day, but it’s OK to quit and insist on winning".

telephone communication, Tan Guiqun said with a smile, in fact not so hard, because doing business online, pick up a single delivery problem online communication is good, do not need to run around here and there for business.

1, see Alliance Web site: for want to do a good union company, COM domain name League is better, because CN domain name is too cheap, too much, do garbage League people prefer to use cn

last year, God steam business personnel found her by X treasure, Tan Guiqun first reaction is a liar. Later download God steam online APP understand, and feel very formal, the product is very rich. Online similar products sell well. With the mentality of trying to settle in.


fortunately, did not quit, insisted that victory


Electricity supplier website, a consumer wants to say to you


as consumers, I hope that the electricity supplier in addition to promotions, but also to understand the intentions of customers, to provide some differentiated, unexpected service.


I am an online shopping fan (Diao Si), like many white-collar workers, like online shopping orders, and then go to the front desk to pick up things, do not go shopping, they buy things. This hobby, but also because urban life is too busy, and no time to go shopping, so understandable. In the experience of Jingdong, Suning, Amazon, Gome, the United States, Le bee, Dangdang and other electricity providers, there are always some words to say, of course, are groundless talk.

no surprise,

first of all, I was excited about the sale of electricity supplier, but after a lot of time no longer excited, but rather confused. Whether it is business or subsidize their own brand, special price promotion, really benefit consumers, but did not cultivate consumer loyalty, also did not bring the joy of like a brand. Now some promotional information sites, such as what is worth buying, sky pie, etc., to provide preferential information for each site, which even destroyed the original intention of these promotions. Because the electricity supplier is intended to use promotions, to attract consumers often come to the website to buy things, rather than go to various websites, only buy Promotional items.

in bold promotions at the same time, the electricity supplier increased short-term sales, but did not cultivate the loyalty of users. I dare say that Jingdong Fanxuan is indeed a good method, because the return to the consumer vouchers, as a unique secret temptation, so that consumers have to use off (the use of online shopping addiction disorder, forcing the fan) but the user long-term integration, is insufficient.

Jingdong has points, but it’s not obvious. For example, I’m bored with $39 for free shipping. I want to have the "super power" to receive something without paying for it". I hope that as a consumer, Jingdong can give me an extra reward, such as my birthday, you can choose a free 59 yuan birthday gift (previously the company often do this); Tanabata Festival, send me a few roses, good to send people. Yes, it is for a petty, annual consumption of 2-3 million consumers, this is worth it for you. If so, I’m sure some people will be looking for a new item on the Jingdong when they’re temporarily buying a product.

didn’t remind

in addition to providing an additional surprise is insufficient, the electricity supplier will not help users recommend some of its favorite things. For example, you often buy a brand of cosmetics, but this price reduction, the electricity supplier will not notice you, should not build a small mailbox in the station, each landing for you to send a few promotional information?. Or I have seen a lot of different foods, but no orders, and the next promotion, whether it should remind me extra.


web site >

Individual stationmaster’s opportunity lies in fractionize industry

now the individual stationmaster is more and more difficult, regardless of the site operation and site promotion, in the energy and capital investment are made more difficult to sustain the personal webmaster. But many people’s gold rush dream has never stopped, then, for the novice webmaster, we should do how to do less detours, as soon as possible to achieve profitability,


I personally feel that in the present and in the future, the opportunity for individual owners is to segment the industry. Of course, I have a reason:

one, personal site should try to avoid large and full

Many novice

do when the site is trying to do bigger and rounder, in many people’s minds think so, they think the site and supermarkets, large shopping supermarket love than the love around the commissary of the people will always be a lot more. In fact, this idea is wrong, but individual stationmaster misses the point, this point is what, this is a large supermarket and canteen, whether there is a big difference in the construction cost and operation cost are in the. Imagine, if there is a canteen, a person running more than enough, you can, if it is a RT Mart supermarket, to let a person to operate, what do you think?. So, despite a large and complete website may profit more and more extensive coverage of users, however, for individual webmaster, we must first recognize our own limitations, perhaps a small but beautiful site is more suitable for personal operation.

two, personal sites strive to brand

is now very popular from the media, in fact, is a brand, an authority or a celebrity in the field to use their authority and appeal to influence their fans, this is from the media. Now the personal site direction should be from the media and is consistent, in the first reason I have described, for individual webmaster, personal webmaster to avoid large and complete website is for this purpose, because a person or a few people’s effort is always limited, it may not have a significant impact in many areas, but if you focus on a project or field, it is not the same, as long as enough attention, so it has a good chance to achieve in a certain field become the authority. Not only that, if the individual is the authority of an area, and through their own professional to operate the site, then the possibility of success is even greater.

three, unobstructed interactivity can make personal sites more dynamic

actually, I think in the future, the personal site and from the media will form the same concept slowly, this can be understood, every people from the media almost all have their own website, and each individual website main operation that requires good operation from the media account to form their own the influence of. So, from this point of view, from the media attention should also be paid attention to personal Adsense, the most important one is interaction. Looking at some of the current media, those are the only ones

Concept and practice, how to plan holiday activities

the afternoon of September 1st, nineteenth phpwind operation counseling online interview held in hot, the guests for Senior Web business consultants, best-selling books "play make your site" author Chen Guangfeng and the Dragon Lane planning editor Jiang pan. The following share with you the content of the interview.

Part 1: keynote speaker for senior website operations consultant, best-selling author of "earn your website" by Chen Guangfeng.

phpwind millet slag: first of all, please invite our first guest today, Mr. Chen Guangfeng, please introduce yourself briefly.

Chen Guangfeng: Hello, I’m playing "make your website, web site operators must Manual" author Chen Guangfeng, thanks for the support and guidance of everyone, very pleased by the phpwind millet residue invited to share with you the topic holiday planning activities.

phpwind: millet residue Festival is touched day, happy days, to capture people’s festival to combine psychology, music, fun marketing, manufacturing hotspot, planning effective activities, finally realize the festival marketing. Then, please ask teacher Chen Guangfeng, what are the common holiday activities? Can you introduce some typical success stories?

Chen Guangfeng: holiday activities from the time, the more important a year in the Spring Festival, Valentine’s day, 38 day, labor day, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Qixi Festival, National Day, Christmas and new year’s day, we carry out the website related activities are usually based on the special nature of these holidays to plan.

from the point of view the main purpose of the event, mainly in the "rich web content" as the goal, to promote interaction and enhance the viscosity as the goal of the activities, to "promotion" as the goal of the activities, to raise awareness, enhance the brand "as the goal of the activities. Activities can be said to be the most important website marketing and promotion work, a good activity is the lowest cost marketing promotion. Today’s opening, many shopping sites have launched a student oriented group of promotional activities, such as excellence network launched the "school opening ceremony, preferential let you save in the end" special shopping activities, very targeted. Some of the more familiar local portals have also launched some major events. Long lane is held in the Qixi Festival "Tianning pagoda * beautiful encounter the Qixi Festival tour, Xiamen fish nets held" peony flowers by the fish at Mid Autumn Festival Mid Autumn Festival Carnival activities are very popular, it is the fourth year.

: Well, phpwind millet residue light front case is indeed very good, interested friends can download to 17v.net share forum Xiamen fish nets mid autumn Bo activities data model innovation network.

phpwind millet residue: holiday activities is part of a holiday in marketing, you just talked about the holiday activities can enrich website content to promote interaction and enhance the viscosity, improve brand awareness, so does the activity before planning what to do "

Zhou Ning O2O will be deep integration with local sites

must say, O2O is not B2C. A few years ago, when we built localized vertical mall, we found that local mass consumption online payment is not reliable, and then directly did not do this function, in fact, the mind is "later"". The idea is challenged by some metaphysical people: "what is this mall? Can pay online?" — a fluke, such mall is now to name the name, called O2O, a time fired into a star.

but, here it comes again. A pile of "contrary to the theory, results will return theory" people began to debate: what is O2O? Some people a little superfluous to O2O: "how to solve local mobile O2O payment and logistics?" another thought theory to understand in order to hide himself in the dull, said: "the O2O actually started is the concept of sub Ukraine must have


so what’s the legend of O2O? The noun is no longer introduced. Talk about attributes directly:

1 and O2O have localized attributes.

for many years, we have not been sufficiently profound in describing localization attributes, which shows our lack of awareness. Initially, we describe the localized attributes of the term "customization, non standardization, bulk commodities"; however, this does not explicitly indicate the localization of the core. The word "O2O" is an inspiration: "online soliciting, offline buying", which accurately describes the behavior. But what is the essence? A few months ago, I finally came to an exact word: experience.

takes the same approach when buying goods, buying goods that cannot be represented by indicators or standards, buying people’s skills, customized goods, and so on: site experience.


is going to experience the scene, it must be related to the local attributes and related to LBS, so it’s best to move. However, in terms of concepts, it is best to make clear that LBS is not necessarily related to mobile properties.

what are the benefits of experience based behavior,


1, authenticity, detail, inclusion process.

2, high conversion, real plus interaction, then the result is very high ROI. It has been proved by many cases in the practice of several years.

two and O2O have social attributes.

any digital technology is no substitute for real human display, just like human communication: no matter how accurate a rational word is described, it is not as convincing as a vivid example. Therefore, we see the so-called 3D case defeated like the video, and social cases such as mogujie.com shirupozhu. This is the experience of the core attributes of the requirements: "details, process decisions, whether authentic or credible."." Thus, O2O has to have social attributes, only socialization can process, details can be the most authentic

Novice how to apply for entrepreneurship policy

for the new venture and entrepreneurial team, won the awesome support policy is very important. However, the new entrants often do not know where to get entrepreneurial policy advice to apply for help and what requirements. Today let’s take a look at the following introduction.

A, how to find the support policies?

1. in general, provinces are equipped with the relevant supporting policies, especially the governments at all levels, human resources and labor and social security, finance, science and technology as well as the local committee of Communist Youth League’s official website, can refer to the latest policy;

2. pay attention to the government and functional departments of the official WeChat or micro-blog, the first time to obtain policy information;

3. actively involved in incubators, all levels of government and functional departments regularly held policy briefing.

4. participate in the business competition to obtain government and related functional departments. Such as "win in the business competition in Guangzhou college, winning the four contest a total of 376 projects, of which 235 projects have been formally registered, the founder of the company to the market, a total of 5 projects of the production scale of more than 10 million yuan, the highest a project scale has reached 500 million yuan.

1. college students entrepreneurial team: in order to support college students entrepreneurship, the state and governments at all levels have introduced a number of preferential policies, involving financing, business, tax, entrepreneurship training, business guidance, etc.;

2. the number of strokes to achieve a certain scale such as the Shenzhen team: according to the recruitment number (required signed more than 1 year term of the labor contract and had to pay social insurance premiums for more than 6 months) to give entrepreneurship to improve employment subsidies. To recruit 3 people (including 3) the following per capita subsidy of $2000 to recruit more than 3 people, each additional $1 to give 3000 yuan subsidy, the maximum amount of not more than 30 thousand yuan.

3. development scale to reach conditions: such as government small loans need to see more than 6 months, the water, which requires the company to run for a period of time; Shenzhen on independent entrepreneurs in the city founded start-ups, the normal operation of more than 6 months to 5000 yuan of business start-up subsidies; successful financing enterprise; tax to achieve a certain scale enterprises;

4. has been assessed by the level of the enterprise: for example, Guangzhou, Tianhe District e-commerce start-up companies for the first time was identified as municipal or more electronic demonstration enterprises, giving a one-time 100 thousand yuan reward;

5. "new three board" listed companies;

6. access to patents related to the enterprise.

three, how to improve the success rate?

1. patience to read the policy, the government to regulate the application process to understand, in particular, pay attention to the text recommended