How to join View Park taro dessert

delicious and not expensive dessert to join the project choice, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Taro View Park dessert? Delicious dessert, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Join View Park taro dessert items, worthy of choice, it is worth joining!

taro dessert View Park since its inception, "Yu Guan yuan" as the authentic Taiwan dessert, "China healthy dessert industry first" as the standard; become "industry and society, partners respect respected social enterprises" vision; the best, the most suitable set of new technologies, the most healthy good product development, and adhere to the principle of real as in the past; taro View Park dessert for all the love people, the traditional healthy dessert delicacy to bring health, happiness and sweet enjoyment. read more

Open an art glass shop self-produced high profits

many people complain about the lack of good business direction, in fact, business on the side, as long as you discover there must be, for example can be seen everywhere in the glass, can also have great market prospects, if you open a glass art shop, how can the future? The following small series for you to analyze, for reference.

1. unique advantage of project process, improve the added value of the products. The use of unique glass craft processing

2. a small investment, homegrown. The processing site read more

Ali Bullets loaded gun aimed at the supermarket shopping scan code

how much business opportunities will be hidden behind a small bar code?

March 4th, Ali’s "code Amoy business responsible person Zhang Kuo tried to explain the" Match 8 Women’s Day "through the mobile phone Taobao scan the bar code on the product to the shopping convenience — how much if you want to buy a bottle of soy sauce, points on Taobao, find the favorites or purchase of goods has been found, soy sauce, and then point repeat purchase…… But now, as long as you pick up the sauce bottle in the home, found above the bar code, open the mobile phone to sweep, you can enter the payment process. read more

Make strategic reflection of Taobao 2008-2009 most sellers go grave failure

with extreme anger to write this article, I do not know how long this article can exist on the Internet, especially Taobao forum, may not meet with you has been deleted, but my opinion is to express our anger, to let everyone know that we are not sheep, guinea pig we were not a normal policy victim, so if you are a victim, please spare no effort to reprint any place, a person’s strength is limited, but we can also get together, the ant elephant


first, the 08 year evaluation of the door incident, although now has subsided, however, look back at the time, let the seller angry rules: read more

Help people to distinguish between the flow of the website of the company ndia venture capital

ShieldSquare is a cloud technology security solutions to provide a start-up company, mainly to help companies differentiate themselves on the site or mobile App applications on the human and non-human traffic.

company was founded in 2013, headquartered in India, Bangalore, the main product is to provide real-time online malicious robot defense services software. This Thursday (October 19th), they announced the acquisition of a risk investment, lead investor is well-known venture capital Venture Highway, in addition Facebook engineering director Vishy Poosala and previously invested in the company of a number of investors are also involved in the investment, but did not disclose the specific amount of financing. read more

Tmall trading rules questioned small sellers from malicious blackmail

these days, the seller has been doing a security nightmare: her mobile phone constantly reminded Taobao mall Tmall shop on insufficient margin, puzzled her online check, found the shop one day by hundreds of pen accounts of the evil shot, not a penny left ten million yuan deposit.

was questioned by the rules

Lin is a Tmall shop on the sale of imported wood floor boss. In Tmall, this kind of building materials industry business is not good to do. Ellingson with "to have business to do a business is not to earn" mentality around for two years in Tmall. read more

Speed transit nstitute 81.5% nternet users are interested in the purchase of nternet financial pr

Internet banking has become a hot topic nowadays, the first Alibaba, Tencent and other involved in the Internet insurance business, and then launched the balance of treasure Ali, everyone credit, pat credit and other online P2P business. Recently, Baidu has also entered the financial, test the water Internet banking business. Internet banking is what kind of charm, making many companies have resorted to exhaust all the skills rooted in Internet Financial? What is Internet banking? Speed transit Institute analyst team investigation network related data, we interpret the development situation of domestic Internet financial business. read more

Registered users handsome domain name said to buy 5 million

with the development of the Internet, cybersquatting trend more intense burning, including some of the names of investors and members of the IT. Yesterday, a man named "China V" of users in their own micro-blog broke their own registered a domain name, the domain name is the most popular fire word "handsome" Pinyin domain name. Micro-blog users "China V" said that if the Internet companies want to buy this domain name need to pay a penny less 5 million, he will not be shot. read more

Cloud computing platform can quickly control the cloud rookie webmaster

2012, the Chinese Internet continues to continue the momentum of rapid development, the number of sites continued to grow, while the majority of the owners have begun to gradually shift from the favor of the host to the cloud host. However, after a period of time, it was found that the use of cloud hosting process we will face some thorny problems. The operation of cloud hosting and virtual host operating habits, not big differences, into the remote operation is very complex, the new owners operating error and other issues have become the obstacles in the process of promotion of cloud hosting, so to solve these problems has become imminent. read more