4 years of Network Entrepreneurship, experienced a webmaster ups and downs

05 years in September left the medical profession, I have been longing for entering the IT industry, started to learn windows, HTML, C, c++, ASP and so on, all from scratch! In the medical industry for three years, not hate, but compared to the unknown field of computer, computer knowledge seems to be more attractive to me more. Who can I start a passion! Don’t even know what is the U disk, what is memory, what is CPU, also do not know the difference between WEB development and software development, just want to learn, not considering other


to participate in the training process, slowly to the development of WEB, website production, writing in ASP, making the design with PS, more slowly fell in love with it, became my hobby and fun, do not look at the computer a day itch. Also made a personal website, has been immersed in their achievements and joy. In the study, and alumni together site production project, no matter how the price, all go all out, perfect to help others do well.

The true

network and have a better understanding of the source of graduate work after three months, while working to set up their own studio, their website construction project to do business from others, design and program development are just beginning to own fix, free to help others do, just for that in the sense of achievement, slowly, really seems to have come to the business, is also good, a person has been busy


just at this time, a friend told me that he is willing to invest, set up a network company, indeed, the beginning and lack of courage, not to engage in the past, but this time, my age, it is time to think about marriage, if you do not have time to go to the company. To personal problems, repeatedly, decided to


07 years in May, a new network company, "Tiancheng century" in the Wuhan Hongshan District, a 60 square meters of office opened business, entrepreneurship is difficult, hard, slept just two or three hours a day, every day there are endless things, the clerk asked a large number of the first month before, in addition to the existing project, almost no new projects, partner and I are very anxious!

began second months ago, all telemarketing personnel, marketing staff and other aspects of the business staff all quit, and requested a SEO optimization Promotion Commissioner, promotion company website. A month later, that is the beginning of July, customers take the initiative to call the company to ask business every day, the phone rang non-stop, it is really a good sign! Good scene lasted for two months, but investors need to start another development, provincial factory, provincial project construction site income ratio the income is certainly impressive, investors want to concentrate on other projects, requirements for cancellation of "Tiancheng century". Is really a dilemma ah, just like their children bear bitter hardships to die, the heart is not the taste.

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Talking about how to make rational use of station station

most people’s consumption is irrational, and now we have to introduce webmaster friends who have irrational consumption, this article is A5 starter, I hope everyone will support!


1. buy host: "host rent cheapest, save money"

many novice webmaster can make such a mistake, is to buy time to buy the cheapest host, but also to large capacity, better than 1G, and even some 5 yuan of money can rent for 1 years (1G), the host let me depressed for a long time, I do not exclude those cheap IDC, but must see if 5 dollars can buy 1G host IDC eat what? My host is 100M to 5 yuan a month, speed has been slow! And 1G=1! 1G year 5, assuming a server capacity is 250G, so it is a annual income is one thousand yuan, even the management costs are not enough! But a lot of people will buy the cheap, was hung horse


2. buy ads: "buy the cheapest, and buy pictures ad"

master in alimama purchase advertising generally choose the cheapest to buy, between 1 – 1 hairs, novice love petty, so I will buy 1 AD 1 hair between the two, but the gap is the master to buy text ads, and advertising pictures do not buy non novice.

novices usually want pictures ads to bring in several IP, even if everyone thinks it’s possible? I bought a lot of 1 yuan a week’s picture ads, and even brought one IP?. But the master who usually buy text ads, although the price is the same, but they brought many outside the chain, even more than PR3 are possible, of course, in this regard, try to buy PR page! The latter included Baidu good page


3. buy program: "cheap, there is no good goods"

selling programs generally have such a category:

custom hair style: priced at one thousand yuan – between tens of thousands of dollars. Mostly for Internet companies or studios. Higher price, suitable for large companies or experts,


independent research: priced at fifty – hundreds of dollars between. Mostly individuals. Relatively moderate price, suitable for novice, rookie, after-sales service is good,


: reselling procedures: This is suitable for those who have some experience to use, the price is relatively low, most in the hundred dollars, half of the after-sales service, but does not mean that newcomers can not buy

In fact,

novice purchase program is mainly to see the customer service service, but most of them are not civilized situation began to buy, in fact, some time ago I found in the A5 forum several sell with a program, 1900 sets of source +A5 video tutorial + marketing software +2 million cross stitch etc.. Everyone sold for 50 yuan, but only one of them suddenly sold for $10

Create 100 thousand IP after the feeling seriously do stand, intentions do station

I would like to design a website for Admin5 webmaster friends, it should not be a difficult thing. The difficult part is how we should design our exquisite website to serve more users. As long as you continue to stand, you can not do without promoting the topic of web site. Flow is the prelude to making money.

I do personal webmaster, time is not long, almost 3 years. 3 years when I had to build inside 100 thousand IP station (because of the early development goals change, in the sale of Admin5. You can ask the king. I took thousands to tens of thousands of IP sites, is countless. Maybe the webmaster friend thinks I’m bragging. Ha-ha。。 Of course, you can’t believe me. But believe in yourself as much as you do. As long as you work hard, you will succeed.

recently I’ve got a new site, a new site type that I’ve never touched on.

a weight loss web site, 99 weight loss network choose domain name, understand SEO friends all know why, I will choose Jianfei in the domain name this keyword. 99jianfei.com, 99 can be understood as a long time, I hope to lose weight friends can hold on to their weight loss plan for a long time. Also hope that I can be with you for a long time to adhere to his original dream. The Internet gives us tears, sweat, sadness, joy, loss and passion. The Internet is unreal, but everything is so real.

many webmaster friends work late every day. It’s a relatively late night crowd. In fact, efforts are bound to be. But many webmasters are in a sub healthy state. Long term computer radiation, lack of exercise, body fat, even fatty liver, have seriously affected our health. After the proposal, Admin5 do a topic about webmaster health.

strong body is the foundation of enterprise. The day of success, if the body also collapsed. Who’s going to stand up to you,


because the threshold of entry is relatively low, our personal webmaster in China is also growing at a rapid rate. Directly lead to competition is also very intense. Often a small piece of meat are countless people in the snatch. In the end, there was not much to be gained. In fact, do stand regardless of amateur, is a hobby, is full-time. I think the first to correct an attitude, serious do station, carefully done station station such as the army, charismatic enterprising generals to bring out a brave soldier. Only you are in the station, inject your spirit, your efforts. I think you will succeed. A brother is not as tall as a man. Why do you just look at other people standing tall and unwilling to own the site will grow up? For yourself to be confident, and most of their own web site should also be confident.

or that sentence: perseverance is victory. Want to build 100 thousand IP please: seriously do stand, with new do station.

by www.99jianfei.com webmaster feeds.

Some of the views of Taobao 13.6 investment million to build the city of Taobao

Alibaba announced on January 5th that Taobao confirmed that it would invest 1 billion 360 million yuan in Hangzhou and build its first "Taobao city", which will be a large online shopping mall with an area of 450 mu. It is estimated that the construction period will last 5 years. Details: Taobao invested 1 billion 360 million yuan to build Taobao city in Hangzhou. It also verified the Alibaba group announced in the next five years on taobao.com invested 5 billion yuan in the news in 08 years at the beginning of October. Why is Ali group in the Internet this move in the winter, the author analyzed as follows:

1, increase investment, increase competition with Baidu,

is well known that eBay and pat are now no threat to Taobao, and Taobao’s biggest competitor is Baidu. Baidu has cut the individual business, focused search engine and Baidu have developed, not only with the help of Baidu Baidu search advantage to promote the development of Baidu C2C, and with Baidu news, Baidu know heavy columns to promote the development of ah and ah, the channel also launched a series of activities such as ah Chinese will launch a joint fund for women’s development charity, push Merry Christmas gifts, new value activities to prepare a large number of credit evaluation system to kill "brush credit", "a penny" BaiduPay experience store shopping experience and so on to stimulate the attention of Internet users, attract more users to the Baidu platform. In this case, Taobao can only keep its first place by concentrating its firepower against Baidu.

two, build super business city circle, better do network business service

Taobao declared: "this Taobao city is not only a new home for Taobao’s small two, but also for our vast number of friends.". We will set up a special business district in Taobao City, to help you get online employment, and Taobao city as a model of online shopping center." According to statistics, in 2008, Taobao about 400000 people rely solely on Taobao net income to solve the employment problem, and about 1000000 people indirectly rely on Taobao employment. According to the relevant state departments of statistics, 09 years will have 6 million 110 thousand college students graduated in the global economic downturn, more than 90% enterprises 09 years will no longer recruit new people, according to the analysis, 30% of the graduates find work is very good, the rest of the 4 million college students to find a lot of work how to do? The students think of the open shop, through the online shop to solve the employment problem, and enterprise unemployed also joined the ranks of online business, so Taobao analysis "in 09 years there will be about 600000 people directly and fully rely on taobao.com and employment, there are nearly 2 million people in the Taobao online indirect employment." There is a certain basis for the data. However, the biggest difficulty for students to set up shop online is the shortage of funds. There is a high rate of failure and very little profit in online shop, which leads to the deterioration of the environment for students to set up shop online. This is reflected in the Taobao community postings, so Taobao needs better services to strengthen guidance and provide services to more small and medium-sized e-commerce sellers in Taobao.

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Talk about grassroots blog become brand blog of several major factors

The answer to

‘s topic today is that many people have been looking for it. Although the subject itself is old and a little divorced from reality, the low level once again wanted to make some meaningful sums. You are welcome to comment, criticize, correct –

such as the title, what factors make a brand blog? Long William will tell you: "visibility essential"; Mou Changqing, Lu Songsong may think: "this is the promotion of skills and coverage"; keso (Hong Bo) may say: "a dominant view"; I love Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil insisted: "attention is the Libo; Fried Eggs, niche software, scientific squirrel, crab etc. but entertainment believed:" to cater to the audience tastes, demand is the most urgent"…… But all this is not to our interpretation of the "it"? I think, behind the Hot Blog success hide this topic answer.

1) popularity.

popularity has been the dream of billions of bloggers. Have it, like the hands have a golden flexibly, can be called the rain could, a great mottaki. But the popularity of the forging, but it is a tortuous process. It requires that you have enough patience, perseverance, knowing how to stay asleep, and how to assess the situation. You also need to have excellent professional skills and can make a difference in your topic of concern, and be able to distinguish yourself from others…… All this is not something that can be done overnight. Moonlight from IT small Bo to name Bo, in the middle spent a few years, now make it easy, and set up their own creative team, adhere to the "Moonlight" brand. And how many people, a few years or even longer, always not to build a decent site? They are not bad luck, there are too many factors at work, technology, ideas, insight, patience, personality…… It’s easy to be a full blogger, and it’s hard to be a full person,


2) brilliant promotion skills and extensive coverage.

this is another brand shaping tool. Just like TV commercials, they don’t pay attention to depth, but seek extensive coverage. Lu Songsong is quite familiar with this law. He understood a truth: seeing is believing. Only by constantly stimulating your eyes can you make it easier for them to remember you. So, he would go to many places every day, leaving a lot of footprints, so that "Lu Songsong" these three words appear again and again. He has good grasp of rhythm, not the mad drying is not only fried rotten, do one-time deal, but relatively regularly visit periodically, like to help others with homework when he felt like, you will forget him, he had to remind you to review. Promotion is precisely like this, must pay attention to the skill and the method delicacy. Those rough tricks, such as "lost end link disappeared" and "false display of affection touted" or "stick to a small circle" and so on, to reach the height of people.

3) distinctive personality, novel and original, sharp article view.


PK money case recommended

is now in the social life, is a classic case of start empty-handed entrepreneurship as a new era at the same time, meet the eye everywhere, entrepreneurs should also be timely attention that some entrepreneurs start empty-handed classic case, the only way to success.

1, copying other people’s projects to make money.

2, by the shop to make money for their own goods.

several equally duck neck shop owner, it is not good to do business. Can be the first payment after the sellers. You run errands on the Internet to sell duck, duck leg, duck and so on, each cafe sold 20 duck leg, can earn 40 yuan, 10 yuan for the boss, with 30 yuan. Run 10 Internet cafes a day, but also earn $30 thousand.

3, do not spend money to sell potatoes, earn more than 10000 yuan a day.

4, the use of food and beverage industry to make money in the gap!

The restaurant is not

5, technology, customers, earn two.

to observe and find business opportunities, such as real estate agents, insurance companies and other units of staff love to wear a suit to wear a shirt? You find a tailor’s shop to make a suit, and then you go to the unit to talk about the custom suit. At the same time should be a pair of shoes? Would you like another good shoe polish? You do not need to invest much money, put money into the business card.


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Silicon Valley entrepreneur Reid Hoffman business

Silicon Valley in the United States is personnel intensive places, but also countless entrepreneurs for entrepreneurial paradise, as Silicon Valley connections to the king, Reed · Hoffman’s position is irreplaceable, his story is always so wonderful.

in Silicon Valley, Hoffman was posted on multiple labels, in addition to SocialNet LinkedIn, founder of Silicon Valley, he was also one of the most prolific and successful angel investors, investment in the early stage of Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, Airbnb and other star enterprise, known as the "king of Silicon Valley network".

of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, they all have entrepreneurial ideas, to explore the technology innovation, or the financing needs of the Hoffman, they are extremely want to see people. Hoffman had entrepreneurial experience, let him know how to get the first batch of key users, how to make the product has enough differentiation, how to take the risk rationally. "My work experience, let me have the intuition of a great entrepreneur should be long what kind, and they have to be able to understand the problem, will soon be able to change some things, and make the link between the different elements of skills."

Hoffman with their own experience to illustrate. He noted that the most important turning point in his career was when he started investing in PayPal. "At that time, the two founders of PayPal came to me and said there was a great idea

The success of Home Furnishing decoration shop need to pay attention to what the whole

home decoration store has been a lot of consumer expectations, shop, you need to pay attention to many aspects. So, if you want to open a successful home decoration stores, you need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, so you can better shop revenue.

1: the development of new stores in the development of strategic planning in the search for new business opportunities, there are usually two options: home decoration stores need to pay attention to what? First, the existing retail stores in the city to add new retail points; two is not yet opened in the development of new retail outlets. The first case is easy to make decisions, and the second usually requires a more comprehensive, systematic decision-making process.

2: Market Research, to determine the intention of the shop to conduct a rigorous market survey, the need to pay attention to open home decoration shop? Determine the retail opportunities, the intention to set up shop, such as the number of shops, regions, etc..

3: the choice of shops and retail formats, from the perspective of investment, home decoration stores need to pay attention to what? There are self – chain stores, franchise stores, such as a – level dealer model. From the point of view of physical stores, select the form of franchise stores.

4: choose to open a shop to choose geographical areas, the need to pay attention to open home decoration shop? Usually want to analyze their own business advantages, first in the smaller central city competition, and then as the axis to the surrounding city radiation, which is a relatively safe method.

we’re in the business Home Furnishing decoration stores, there are a lot of shop process can have quasi Shou, otherwise the shop, what you will feel left out, this time has been set up shop can only crustily skin to do so. So when we do something, we have to do in front of the perfect enough, not in the back of the remedy, useless.

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Have you ever thought so hard why so poor

in time to go to school every day in that class will engage in the hard work very hard for students but the results are not very good, there is no wonder why, because the method is not the same in the business field method does not work hard again to no great harvest.

1, no target or target is not clear

there is no goal, no direction, although every day to do more, but do not know what they are doing, why to do, in the end what to do, there is no planning, anyway, they are busy on the right. This is a big problem, although a lot of people every day in the continuous work of learning, but it seems to become a habit, not to muddle along without any aim of studying, and it is used every day to see, but not thinking. If you call it learning or doing more than others, then I would prefer to say that it is a waste of time than others.

in an industry to do a thing, we must first have their own goals, may be your goal will change, but no matter how changed, first you have to give yourself a position to set a goal for yourself. With the goal, with the planning, you will know what you should do, not what to do, with the goal, you know you have not done right, so you will progress, you will get closer and closer to making money.

2, too impetuous

impetuous, simply is not patient, can not adhere to. A lot of people look at others say that this money to do a good job, immediately look at the relevant articles, to buy the relevant software, reported to the relevant VIP, immediately on the stem, the results did not do a few days, no response, it gave up. After a few days and see others say another good, and the resurgence.

Internet is a gold mine, but not many can go fast, if you insist on not down, and want to find a shortcut, think simply to make money, but also earn more than others, or that behave is to buy a lottery ticket. In fact, dare to dare to perform the operation is very good, but don’t know what to do and what mix of pen is a pen, do not pay attention to summing up and insist that if money, wood can only say you good luck.

3, receive too much information, can not digest

Internet is a typical information overload, what is missing is the lack of information. A lot of people every day to see the article video, one by one, there is time to look at, constantly receiving information. Some people say that every day you can see 1000 articles, I can only say that just read it, did not think, did not consume the information. What is the digestion can not afford the consequences? Is more and more information in the brain, but not their own things, others say one thing you can think of a lot of relevant information, which is to say a word.


Suitable for office workers Entrepreneurship

guide language: the rapid rise of prices and house prices make people’s lives become an unprecedented pressure, the nine to five wages has been unable to meet the high standard of living, office workers also began planning to walk the road of entrepreneurship. So what kind of entrepreneurship suitable for office workers? Xiaobian to introduce you.

catch the sideline


to do their own work outside the sideline can make full use of the resources accumulated in the work and build relationships. Be careful not to be confused with the individual business unit business, will engage in work order upside down, even as long as it is profitable business on their own, while the unprofitable business at a loss or return unit, do not take the risk of moral, and may be subject to legal sanctions. In addition, to distinguish between the main industry, sideline, not because of their own entrepreneurial activities affect the work of the unit.

business partnership


choose the right partner to start a business. With the business partner needs attention is: responsibility, right and benefit must be clear, the best form of written text, signed by both parties, witnesses, lest a verbal statement without any proof.


advertising agent products, are still in the stage of market development of new products, the choice of product agents, the most important thing is to see the development prospects of proxy products. If the product market prospects, is to determine the future of product agents.