Discussion on search engine does not include the normal operation

2, the search engine doesn’t love those hidden links. May link is not intentional, just from the aesthetic angle will hidden links in the graphic, which may lead to a search engine that is not included. The hidden links include links hidden in a transparent image or link will be a lot of hidden in the small picture or the same as the general text, no special label web links.

The above points is >

1, do not submit duplicate domain name or web page. Now the search engine has been completely intelligent, as long as you submit once, it will remember, if there is no display, probably because not too many rows on you. Can not be repeatedly submitted, otherwise it may cause the search engine does not include the consequences.

6, the use of blog comments frequently posting, hidden links to your web site. This is to increase the number may reach your site through pollution blog. This is the contempt of search engine link to the quality of evaluation, this approach is as long as the search engine detective, the site will be search engine delete.

4, registration of multiple domain name bombing. This is some new approach, this approach often wishful thinking, with a small smart, actually search engine can identify. The registration of a lot of domain name, but so many domain name will use the same address, as a master, also soon be able to do the station identification methods of search engine, only selectively included, serious cases will also master page fengdiao.

3, directly copy the page and the mirror ". The intelligent search engine can make the automatic selection of a display in the search engine results in multiple websites the same mailbox. Noble baby and Yahoo engine has patented technology to identify duplicate web pages, so now directly copy the web pages and web image it is very OUT, will lead to a search engine is not included.

5, some unreasonable steering. Of course, some turn to a new page for the visitors to have a role, it is reasonable to. But some illegal steering more steering techniques such as the use of porn sites, makes users unable to choose, was forced to open its web page, which is on the visitor’s deception, is also a contempt for the search engine. The search engine is zero tolerance for steering the illegal and unreasonable.

site, updated every day, insist on the creation of the soft, its purpose is to arouse the attention of search engines, make oneself in the search rankings. But for many new friends stand may feel rather baffling, the search engine is not included, or only included the home page, do not know which violated the law. Some people do not want to love down his own cleverness to save manpower or promotional costs, sometimes the effect is just the opposite. The following, according to author’s experience, this tells us website external promotion several illegal operation, hope that we can avoid detours.

The key is whether you are novice Wangzhuan actionMethods of exposure and beauty Wangzhuan !

first, I’m going to throw cold water on the newbie webmaster. Wangzhuan for the novice is not so easy. Get to the point, Wangzhuan is the primary goal in the pursuit of any webmaster, don’t tell me you are pure public! And your website wants to make money, you must have traffic, regardless of regular warfare, garbage station, everything is talking around the traffic. And how to do traffic, is a lot of novice webmaster in the site after the completion of the first threshold!

corn and a rabbit has a near Wangzhuan master, because the corn rabbit do a lot of garbage station, station and so on, regular warfare is not to let this premature end! Corn rabbit is very angry, why others are noisy can make money, but also a lot of money, why can’t I do is not? I’m too impetuous? Or am I not insist on my website? Or EQ enough? also say, I really like this, ha ha but I don’t plan to make money, ability to earn hard money every month I have the qualifications? So, I want to learn

For example, many people use the

2, beauty and traffic operation!

1, short passion isn’t worth it! Long lasting passion makes money!


A: get 100 number, the number 100 is set to women, and search for some girl’s life photos, not too beautiful, strive to real, data write hidden advertising, such as "my recent life according to web site: yumitu" and then use the teny software to the 100 all hung up online display! Then to each big city dating service to registered members the method of dating has been flooding, write the real credible partner, marriage information in the personal data not that you want to cheat ah, ha ha. Then make sure that these dating members are online easily accessible by online men and generally add this

expert told me a lot of web traffic surge, website publicity, website creative methods, so that my eyes will come out! Now my experience and Master Wangzhuan share one or two to the novice to see, and now work aside! As a long experience, and is one of the main ideas of this method! Bring you beauty, and Wangzhuan and experience.


plug-in, I do not want to touch, but since the existence of the plug-in, we are not unfamiliar, have to use it, otherwise the exchange when not get it, also has not used the plug-in regret, because anything there is reasonable! Many friends do Wangzhuan even some special features do not know, so we can not be less a Wangzhuan communication tool we must study thoroughly, because it can improve the efficiency of our work. So, I also tried a new , I use the purpose of plug-in is to understand, the end of the experiment to delete.

!The most effective

space, the secretary is the same, even if they do not usually use, but must go to download a try, the more operations, ideas wider, more experience. If you don’t know the registration League, you should try to register an alliance ad; if you don’t know the exchange chain, you can register an exchange alliance in person, and put the code into your blog or station to operate. A lot of people don’t understand how traffic stores and releases traffic, and it’s not understood for a long time, but it’s not necessary to explain it once you move it.

, Wangzhuan mainly rely on traffic! How do

beauty economy, this is a magic weapon has higher successful businesses including! As for how to use the method of beauty, is problem, do you think now beauty is vain to let you eye addiction? Many times past you may have in the unconscious beauty behind the operator contributed IP. Here’s a brief discussion of ways and ideas that you can use to accommodate

we usually start with, can not earn much money, when the right hand. When you need to do it, you can operate it, not delay how much time, accumulate over a long period of time, I believe that the ability to do their own poor, unsure of the people will be less and less, the quality of all Internet users will gradually improve. Finally, if you are beginner want to learn more knowledge to the team can Wangzhuan, under the banner of the Forum: hihhh.cn/, novice can see online video tutorial above is very helpful in understanding the wangzhuan.


many beginner in the golden Wangzhuan forum complaining of which will not will not, in fact a lot of friends reflect their hands-on ability, the fundamental reason is not formed to operate the habit, you know at any time to try some of the basic operations of our new benefits only, no harm. Regular practice can increase self-confidence, can enhance the ability to judge the right and wrong, but also to deepen understanding. Novice in stereotypes it is impossible to know the feasibility of the project project which can make money, the operation can be found over the problems, if not, only hearsay, only experienced things have a final say.


red Wangzhuan every day some members will also go to the space to play, can be said to be compulsory. farm has not used any plug-in, take a little time, both , but also work and rest, stealing vegetables, not guilty, we have developed a stolen food can not be stolen habits, see food stolen. But playing parking spaces on the rules more, and the general people will not do paste and report things like that. The master of a higher rank is wiser and knows each other well, and he will not make any destruction. Of course, there are some unruly people from time to time, but eventually they will become mature.

wants to get high traffic, and whatever method you need, it requires 100% effort and persistence, because only persistent passion can bring in benefits.

The old station opened in March on a monthly income of 800 yuanEt 01.21-01.27 weeks amount has been

: http://top.admin5/u Alliance

webmaster information alliance group: 5084047

today to stationmaster net look, was never love writing, always feel that typing is a dirty work! Or to recognize right now, maybe someone says your old station opened, you can make the site a monthly income of 800, simply do not believe, in fact my site has been open for several years. Has been flat-share space, just stop for a month, so that is new, remember two times before the GG update PR, 58UN from PR1 to PR0, that time will not have the.

these days, XXX, PK account is K, the monthly number of less than 1000 D, sh419 account is also prohibited search business!

of the siteWhen the

more information in

in April, flat-share in stationmaster net a space, and then put the site set up, has been very love DEDE, from the original version with him, I feel pretty good, mainly for sh419 included a very powerful www.58un.cn! Now traffic is not large, stable at around 600 /IP, the 123456 is the background statistics password, open statistics is the end of April, just today is little more than three months, just opened the station when GG PR update once, from PR1 to PR0, has not previously hung in the station, for the record, the record failed several times! Perhaps the old domain name sh419 previously very cold, or how, as long as I have a domain name, the second day will update the home page, remember that there are several sh419 K, but I also included a change analysis.

: Hello

easy advertising alliance: 01.21-01.27 weeks amount has been paid in full, please check station to verify if there is any problem, please contact customer service. Customer service :319035193 183288818 319035197

tell me now, now the site of the PR3, sh419 also included 600+, maybe someone will say, you this rubbish station, how can you earn hundreds! Oh, actually stand for me, is a kind of complex, 04 years began for the station, but that was for free free domain name, the 05 year began to contact the GG and sh419, the GG and the sh419 super good application, remember that sh419 members can submit its own page that included sh419! GG was placed in the station, when it comes to money on the K GG K, a total of several have been! Do not rely on this money, are in a number of league play abroad, but also can be said to be B,! Literary talent is not good, said is a title to go to the station, or how close a little bit of money, because it is the PR3 station, the top selling some links, a There are two hundred months, though, little traffic, but also can be said to be one of the Internet industry, in the home to a development of Internet cafe system made an advertisement, not much, a month to 300 yuan, the top station website also put a 300 yuan / month advertising, now basically stable at around 800. Maybe some people will say you are not above put MM ads, it XXX, MM advertising low, a few cents a day, that is because GG did not apply for down, has been hanging in the above, "said funny, back to MM, I called together to discuss this some of the things and my website. This station >

Admin5 every day look at the channel alliance ah, a lot of information to make money online.

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

address: ete.cn

for the first time to let you know the domestic

dynamic alliance! !

want to join the Admin5 alliance channel, please contact

Your product is not a red cannon, what should I do next

Abstract: a red look not everyone can understand, but may make the venture into a sensitive, embarrassing situation: don’t get support and income from the market, the data can not support to get more support from the capital market, the original investment looks more like a burden rather than an asset… A red, even go down and unable to get up after a fall in the proportion of entrepreneurial companies I think should not be less than 80%



(this article from the titanium media feature column, "entrepreneur said", the most pioneering story of titanium)

some start-up teams are products, a debut will be able to get APPSTORE recommendations, and quickly occupy a place on the app list, the future can see a bright. But what I am dealing with is facing another problem. When the first version of the product fails to achieve the expected market response, what should I do first,


I think this will be an interesting topic, and it is a real problem that most of the entrepreneurs will face at the moment. So let’s talk about the topic.

didn’t look a red everyone can understand, not what big problem, but may actually make the venture into a sensitive, embarrassing situation: don’t get support and income from the market, the data can not support to get more support from the capital market, the original investment looks more like a burden rather than an asset… A red, even go down and unable to get up after a fall in the proportion of entrepreneurial companies I think should not be less than 80%


this is very easy to understand: the entrepreneur’s limited resources, if the first shot, won’t be done in one vigorous effort, there will be "two bad, three and exhaust" dilemma! This is cruel, it looks like you just a little over a somersault, but directly to your life!

well, entrepreneurship is so cruel, but objectively there will be more than 90% of entrepreneurs can not be a red cannon, and if, in case of misfortune, you become one of them, what do you want to do?

is unlucky to shoot,


technology was established in October 2014 November, angel investment began operations, and all the startups, after about three months, with the line of the first version of the product, but after a small range of promotion of disappointing results, the user retention rate is very low, active users almost all employees within the company and friends, the first shot, we don’t have red


before writing this article, cruel, I didn’t fully understand this thing is, this is a matter of vital importance should be serious, we must immediately targeted response to


the first step, first of all to re judge whether we have the wrong direction of entrepreneurship;

the first thing to ask is >

When a 90 entrepreneurs now what

is known to be as early as possible is no problem, but some early is not necessarily a good thing. Entrepreneurial tide is extremely fierce, when it comes to be able to bring a few entrepreneurs into the public view, and when the retreat, it may take away the glory of several entrepreneurs. The road is full of entrepreneurial survival of the fittest cruel, those 90 entrepreneurs a year now what? Share a few look.

1.  22 year old Harvard student Hugh "cloud as the chain is peeling

22 years old as the founder of the chain of   &   CEO, gold card. Legend is China’s 30 youngest entrepreneurs under the age of the list of the youngest ever, Harvard University, Forbes, quit school entrepreneurship.

do is called a "cloud as the chain ‘products, according to the official introduction, its greatest value lies in the video content into a two-way interactive one-way output form.

looks so cool, I also look at this function in the end is how a principle. Take a look at the clouds are being held in the end what is the chain of high-tech.

question: Technology of pseudo innovation, according to know friends broke the news, this technology has long before someone doing it, technically not fresh.

Question two:

2.  a flash in the pan face MOE

adorable face, mobile APP a comic avatar. With DIY cartoon picture, how many boys and girls are young artists like this, at that time, no doubt is the most eye-catching adorable face, since the capital market of tens of millions of Chinese currency directly to pound the adorable face, let the full 90 entrepreneurial team overnight was pushed in the teeth of the storm.

mode is simple, easy to copy, it is flawed adorable face, especially in the domestic market, COPY was too common. In addition, it can only be a burst of red flash fireworks, the most beautiful moments will make people lose interest.

> but not

Visual design is more than graphics

in general, I encourage visual designers to have a deeper understanding of the design requirements before they can be designed:

1, this product needs to give what kind of a group of people to use, what kind of visual experience do they need?.

, for example, you are doing a set of software for a bunch of veteran cadres, so don’t be as busy as qq. (introduced a way to determine the visual style by collecting visual elements from typical users)

2, this is what kind of product, it needs to show the user what kind of "temperament" and emotional feelings.

said last time feeling very good visual design innovation, in fact, a large part is that it used for those Ajax animation with the positioning of the product "smart, quick". It makes me feel in my senses that "this product is very light and fast, it won’t occupy a lot of space in my cell phone, and also a lot of Internet traffic."".

3, how much creative space can I play and whether I need to follow some cognitive stereotypes?".

, for example, a product you do in the industry already has many of the same, they have defined such products on a sensory form, so whether you need to follow? If you change your ideas how much risk? Are you sure you can do better?

(sorry, there is no typical example here. I think most of the time, visual design needs to be self – characteristic,

Addition and subtraction in

visual design:

1, a product of the visual design needs down, you can not immediately have a lot of ideas, this is a very common phenomenon. But many times the market is no longer waiting, and your boss will ask you to finish the design quickly.

2, then, let’s get started. Start with subtraction and start your design with the simplest style. Maybe he doesn’t have what color and style, and there is no effect of visual display very slow.

, when you’re done with this subtraction design, then look back and think about it. Most of the time you’ve got a good idea that you can optimize.

if not, as long as you in this design do some modification dyking type can complete the design.

3, of course, there are times when the design requirements come down and you’ll have lots of creative ideas.

then, don’t push yourself, don’t creep along and don’t dare to follow the idea. Make them all out. Then, put these ideas together, contrast, combine to form your style.

, but finally you have to do enough subtraction". "Getting rid of the excess" is a job that must be done seriously. Almost all day we can see many visual designs for vision.

4, production >

Marriage can not choose a good invitation to design a gun and red open studio

fashion creative 80 married family, for their wedding have a very good idea, all hope that their wedding invitations from the invitations to the formal wedding are particularly distinctive. Although the wedding company more and more, but most of them are concerned about the wedding scene, a small wedding invitations little attention. />

  Mr. Yip discovered the business opportunities. He said that if the invitation has its own characteristics and style, not only easy to remember, and may be collected as a bookmark, the wedding will be more meaningful.

simply their own design invitations so he decided to give his wedding invitations a creative design. Because of the media background, he has a special liking for the newspaper, in the design of the invitation, he first thought is to use the newspaper layout background. For the influence of retro, his wedding invitations to a newspaper in the Republic of China as the base, and then in the following header with classical Chinese wrote: "XX and XX gifted scholars and beautiful ladies get married, please what time to what place to attend our wedding ceremony.

"where do your invitation? "I’m going to get your invitation as a bookmark" and "I’m going to get married recently.""…… For a time, this creative invitation was a hit.

> A

How to successfully invest in the exhibition

now all the major small and medium-sized city are actively engaged in a series of events, is to attract investment, some of the more outstanding enterprises and investors to invest in local activities, and promote the development of economy, how should the successful investment?

in addition to the exhibition preparatory work, should also pay attention to the following aspects:

Second, to select the appropriate channels according to the characteristics of the brand and consumer groups, so as to the fastest speed, the highest efficiency and lowest cost products will be transferred to the terminal.

in the choice of any kind, must be aware of the future development of the company’s vision, brand development, product marketing strategy, but also take into account the different products in different markets, how to derive different forms, and through different forms so that the products have been good extension, to attract consumers and promote sales objective.   to meet these conditions, enterprises should also note: if your product positioning is taking the low-end market, is still in the start-up period, I suggest you choose the agents in the exhibition to select the main provincial agents. Because the provincial agents either in operation or in economic strength are stronger than single store dealers, through the provincial agents and the maintenance of good grade one or two dealer network in the shortest time and the fastest speed of products will be spread to the established market. If your product is taking the high-end market, the product style is distinctive, for high-end consumer groups, to select the low-end market to expand rapidly for the purpose of not suitable, and the suitable choice to the market gradually for the purpose of point to choose single dealer, and the dealer services, brand operation means and point of penetration, and ultimately to achieve good sales performance.

for more than two kinds of selection agents, depending on the enterprise business strategy. Under normal circumstances the country is still in the initial start-up enterprises to choose the most provincial agents, to a certain stage of development, the disadvantages of the provincial agents will emerge, reflected in the coordination efforts, market management, terminal support, brand communication, as the company gradually expanded, these defects will behave more prominent. There are a number of provincial agents in the management of the two agents, subject to their own capacity constraints, can not be a good idea of the brand and management accurately extended to the terminal. These are the strength of the enterprise is not strong in the investment can not be ignored, but also the development of every enterprise must pass the process.

Want to join the home business good store design

engaged in furniture franchise business, your shop can not be the first to catch the eyes of customers is very important. Everyone wants to own Home Furnishing stores perfect design and exhibition, Home Furnishing join is a good project hundred-percent, if investors can create a good Home Furnishing shop that is a tiger with wings added, following small details to explain in detail for you to create the perfect Home Furnishing franchise stores.



1. must be based on the target customers of their own products

The size of

2. Home Furnishing shop there is a direct relationship between

and selected locations

3. wants to make an in-depth understanding of its management strategy, and strive to find out its shortcomings, and its shortcomings, such as the ideal solution can not find.

two, the unique name of

have a unique style.

1. do the name of the home store is the embodiment of corporate culture

2. do a good job to the home store named this link is the enterprise to participate in the market pass

3. name is elegant and not vulgar, fashion and not exciting, let a person can know what you are feeling.

three, Home Furnishing stores decoration

1. always adhering to the principle of frugality, make the best use of the

2. home decoration must be combined with ornamental and practical

3. decoration can not be blind impulse, must be combined with realism

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How to make your clothing store promotion distinctive

with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the traditional clothing market is now undergoing a change, and now entrepreneurs have joined the clothing market competition pressure. Looking at the current market clothing stores all kinds of promotional activities, in fact, most are similar, if divided up categories from the form and mode, can generally be divided into their regular promotion mode and non regular promotion mode (i.e. theme promotion). Clothing store sales promotion is to attract consumers, improve sales performance is an important means, what kind of clothing store promotion method can make your clothing store promotion more attractive? This is a question worth exploring.



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