Water outages to hit Acaciavale and other areas tonight

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Uthukela District Municipality have confirmed the water supply will be cut tonight (Tuesday) in the Acaciavale and Ezakheni area.The reason for water shortage is load shedding which took place in the morning.There will be no water from 6pm to 7pm.Better fill your buckets and containers now before your taps run dry!Follow breaking news on our website or our Facebook pagelast_img

uThukela workers apprehend thief

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite A suspect was apprehended by uThukela workers after items to the value of about R80,000 were stolen from the Ladysmith waste water treatment plant during the December period. On a routine visit to the water treatment plant, uThukela workers noticed that the fence around the plant had been cut and that entry had been gained into the workshop. On further inspection, they found that a number of items such as pumps, motors and valves had been stolen. These items have a specific purpose and can only be used in the process of cleaning water.  As soon as the workers had taken an inventory of what was missing, they made their way to scrap yards in the area. This proved successful, as they located some of the stolen items at one particular scrap yard. On leaving the premises, a man was caught outside the scrap yard with some of the stolen items still in his possession. Police were immediately contacted, who responded quickly and arrested the suspect. A charge of theft and breaking and entering has been laid by uThukela.last_img read more

January Price Appreciation Climbs to 9

first_img Real estate tech firm FNC Inc.’s Residential Price Index (RPI) continued to accelerate in January—and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.According to the company, the index, which measures price movements with distressed sales excluded, jumped up 9.0 percent annually in January following an 8.7 percent boost in December. On a monthly basis, the index’s national composite increased 0.4 percent, beating December’s 0.3 percent gain and matching November’s improvement.On an annual basis, the smaller-scale 30- and 10-metro components rose 10.7 percent and 11.1 percent, respectively, each beating their previous increases; they also performed well on a month-to-month basis, gaining 0.6 percent and 0.8 percent, respectively.Looking ahead, FNC is already anticipating a similarly strong February index as signs continue to improvement in the market.“The for-sale market has strengthened in February and the average seller asking price discount dropped from 5.4 percent in January to 4.7 percent in February,” the company said in a release.At the local level, nearly half of the 30 markets tracked in the 30-city index recorded gains higher than or approaching 1 percent. Appreciation was led by Atlanta and Denver, which each saw monthly increases of 1.9 percent. Following them were Cincinnati (1.8 percent), San Francisco (1.7 percent), and Chicago and Portland (1.5 percent).Prices fell on a monthly basis in seven markets: Nashville (-1.8 percent), Baltimore (-1.7 percent), Sacramento (-1.6 percent), San Antonio (-1.3 percent), Minneapolis (-1.2 percent), Charlotte (-0.8 percent), and St. Louis (-0.3 percent).Much of those declines are “attributable to seasonal fluctuations,” FNC said.Year-over-year, every market except for St. Louis posted higher prices, ranging from an increase of 27.4 percent in Sacramento to 0.8 percent in Columbus. As for the “Gateway to the West”: Prices were down 1.3 percent, FNC reported. in Daily Dose, Data, Headlines, News March 13, 2014 371 Views Sharecenter_img FNC Inc. Home Prices 2014-03-13 Tory Barringer January Price Appreciation Climbs to 9%last_img read more

Behind the Curtain of Todays Top Credit Unions

first_img Share Behind the Curtain of Today’s Top Credit Unions By Xhevrije WestThough they may not be the household names the big banks are, credit unions are on the rise and much can be learned from their well-positioned growth.In the heavily-regulated mortgage industry we currently live in, it can be difficult to stay ahead of the competition and maintain compliance. Although it may seem like large lenders are the only ones that are on top of their game, there is another group of institutions that are making their mark in the industry.Credit unions have long been known to be silent movers in the mortgage industry—but that ends now. These member-owned, nonprofit cooperatives may seem mysterious in nature, but that is only because they have gone unexplored for so long, leaving industry professionals, as well as consumers, to create their own theories about them.  In reality, credit unions are dealing with the same issues as larger lenders such as new regulations, compliance matters, and competition. And the ways they are managing these issues could provide a path forward for other institutions, no matter their size.The MisconceptionThe misconception surrounding credit unions in the mortgage industry has long been that they are small in comparison to other traditional mortgage lenders. They are often overlooked and thought to serve some function other than their sole purpose—to serve their members.“The biggest misconception about credit unions is we’re the corner mom-and-pop, where you got your first savings account, your first checking account, but that’s all we offer. People think we’re small and don’t offer the same types of products as the big guys,” said Katie Miller, VP of Mortgage Lending at the nation’s largest credit union—Navy Federal.Part of Miller’s team is Kevin Parker, AVP of Field Mortgage Operations within the Real Estate Liaison Team, and Loan Officer Paul Garcia—who say that consumers are often unaware of the services that Navy Federal provides.“I always had a perception of credit unions as being super conservative, or they weren’t really focused on sales,” Parker noted. “We tend to find that members and Realtors just are not quite sure that credit unions offer mortgage products. Most people believe we only serve military members, but we also serve their families.”Jerry Harmon, Chief Lending Officer at States Employees Credit Union—the second largest credit union in the U.S., with $28.65 billion in assets—thinks that people often confuse credit unions with other financial institutions.“Even though from the surface we may look like other financial institutions, there is a vast difference in philosophy and purpose,” Harmon explained. “Credit unions themselves vary from each other even though we are all member-owned. It is difficult for some people to understand the member-owned cooperative concept and always see the benefits of being a member and developing the trust that their credit union is always going to have the member’s best interest in mind.”Another theory about credit unions is that they are a bit out of date in the mortgage lending world. Vince Nowicki, VP of Real Estate Originations at Mission Federal Credit Union sets that record straight noting that “we’re out there buying the same technology and using the same technology that some of the bigger organizations are using. So we’re able to have good Web presence.  You’re able to apply for mortgage loans over the Internet and you’re able to make your mortgage payments over the Internet. You can do all of the things at a credit union that you can do at Bank of America or Chase or anything like that. We’re not old school anymore. We’re all kind of doing the same thing.”The Big “T” Word Although assets and membership numbers may separate credit unions, there is one topic where the consensus was all the same—the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) rule.  No matter how much planning and preparation has been done, credit unions are still battling with the new regulation.Director of Regulatory Affairs for the National Association of Federal Credit Unions Alicia Nealon said, “The CFPB mortgage-related regulations, taken individually and more so in their cumulative effect, have significantly altered the lending market in unintended ways. In particular, the ability-to-repay, qualified mortgage, mortgage servicing, TRID and, most recently HMDA rules have required credit unions of various sizes and complexities to make major investments, and incur significant expenses.  Taken all together, these regulations have made credit unions rework nearly every aspect of their mortgage origination and servicing operations.”Northwest Federal Credit Union President and CEO Chris McDonald said that navigating the regulatory landscape is the biggest challenge facing credit unions today. “In order to succeed going forward, credit unions will need to invest more money and time towards resources such as training, system integrations, and staffing,” he said.TRID, which went into effect October 3, 2015, shook the mortgage industry, altering the way lenders originate loans. The rules, which are meant to give homebuyers more information with which to vet lenders and compare the cost of mortgages more effectively, require lenders to provide estimates of all the costs of a mortgage to customers three days prior to closing.A recent report from Moody’s Investors Service said that TRID compliance violations are a widespread epidemic in mortgage originations. According to Moody’s Analysts Yehudah Forster and Lima Ekram, a number of third-party firms reviewed recent residential mortgage loans for TRID compliance and found violations in over 90 percent of the loans. The report showed that many of the TRID violations were only technical, but still proves that lenders are struggling to comply with the new regulation.“TRID rocked everybody’s world. It was a big change; it was a big change to the forms; it was a big change to the process in the industry; and it was a big change to a lot of our partners in the industry,” Miller stated.First Technology Federal Credit Union CEO Greg Mitchell found that TRID has not only caused confusion for consumers, but a fair amount of confusion among the mortgage industry as a whole, including title companies, escrow companies, Realtors, and borrowers.“I think that part of the TRID journey is really about educating all of the people that are involved in the mortgage process about what’s required, what it’s going to require, and what is the standard,” Mitchell noted. “The way to fix that is to spend more time talking. While financial institutions are prepared, or many financial institutions are prepared, others in the mortgage industry are not.”Mitchell believes that the CFPB is really trying to create a process which provides more transparency and understanding on the part of the American consumer, but he is “not sure they understood the complexity of the [TRID] process and what that really meant.”“Until the system—and that’s broad from the Realtor all the way through Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and investors—run through a few cycles with TRID, it’s going to be difficult and burdensome,” Mitchell stated. “Just like learning a new foreign language, it takes a fair amount of time to begin to speak that language and understand it properly. But once you process your point then you can become quite fluent. We need to learn to speak that foreign language and become fluent on accelerated doses, and TRID is that new language.”TRID is likely the largest regulatory change in the mortgage industry in several years, but credit unions are confident that they will overcome the new law—but not without paying a price.“We applaud and agree with any attempt to protect the consumer,” Harmon stated. “Consumer protection is what credit unions are all about. Unfortunately, to do this comes with a cost that will either be absorbed by the lender or passed on to the member. For some credit unions the cost may be so high that they decide to get out of the mortgage business altogether. I think this is unfortunate as it may result in fewer choices for members of those credit unions.”First Comes TRID, Then Comes Compliance With new regulations in the mix, compliance is becoming a larger priority at credit unions. Each institution may have its own approach to following the rules, but at the end of the day the goal is the same—stay out of the CFPB’s radar.“The way to maintain compliance and avoid penalties is to simply know the law and do what it takes to stay compliant with the law,” Harmon said.Nowicki agreed, “We’re under the gun. We absolutely must comply with these regulations. It just makes life a little bit more challenging from the origination side of the loan process.”Michael Popp, VP of Home Loans at Golden 1 Credit Union said that credit unions need to have a robust program to ensure regulatory compliance that starts with the member-facing staff and goes up to management. This includes “a knowledgeable team and procedures and policies that encompass quality control, ongoing monitoring, and accurate, timely reporting.”An Origination Dilemma Mortgage lending is something that both those in the industry and consumers have a hard time associating with credit unions, but these cooperatives are absolutely working within that realm. Just like larger lenders they are trying to get their products noticed, monitor origination costs, and reach the first-time, millennial homebuyer.States Employees’ Harmon finds that one of the biggest issues with mortgage lending facing credit unions is getting the opportunity to educate members about what mortgage products and services are available to them through credit unions.“More and more today, Realtors help guide the homebuyer through the entire process, even assisting them with a mortgage loan through an affiliated lender, often located right down the hall from the Realtor’s office,” Harmon said. “Credit unions may never get a chance to discuss the products that may better fit the member’s needs. One-stop shopping is very appealing to a lot of people and stops them from thinking of their credit union.”Costs associated with loan processing are also weighing heavy on the minds of credit union executives.“The biggest challenges we face today are the rising costs associated with originating and processing home loans,” Popp stated. “This includes attracting talent in a competitive marketplace, as well as the growing investments that are necessary to comply with evolving regulations in the mortgage industry. Although it’s improving currently, there are few investor options in the secondary market other than the GSEs.”Another challenge for credit unions is the elusive millennial generation and first-time homebuyers. According to Realtor.com, millennials, born between 1981 and 2000, occupy about 27 percent of the U.S. population and are the largest share of homebuyers at 32 percent. Millennials make up 68 percent of first-time homebuyers and outnumber baby boomers by 8 million. Still, only 40 percent of the cohort own homes while 60 percent rent.“It’s about giving millennials the tools—because that’s, in our research, you know the first thing you go out and do is research—and if I’m looking at anything new, I’ll Google it, and read about it, and maybe I’ll go out and call or visit, but the first thing you do is research. So we want to get information out there to be able to educate millennials,” Miller explained.Miller’s colleague, Garcia finds that many first-time homebuyers require some extra education. “We understand that there’s a lot of stress from their point of view, and we try relieve that stress as much as possible by being their confidante and holding their hands and making them feel like they have a partner throughout the whole process,” he added.Like everyone else in the mortgage industry, Mission Federal is also trying to understand what Millennials want from a mortgage lender.“I’m finding it’s really having a good Web presence, being very transparent with your fees and interest rates, and explaining what type of pitfalls you can fall into,” Nowicki noted. “Millennials have to have that transparency, they have to be able to open up an account online, have to be able to make their payments on the Internet, and try to do as much of their research as possible—down to even applying for a loan—from the comfort of their home.”Staying Ahead of Competition Competition among financial institutions, or in any industry for that matter, is a healthy way for businesses to maintain a competitive edge. It elevates business, increases bottom lines, and enriches membership.“As a direct lender, we pride ourselves on being able to stay in control throughout the entire loan process,” McDonald said. “Our members will always know us as the servicer of their loan—even if it’s sold. This level of contact allows us to partner with the member for years.”Harmon advises credit unions to build a better widget to stay ahead of the game. “Develop simple products based on what members need, instead of trying to place everyone into the same box. Make the application and approval process simple and easy.  Most of all, gain the member’s trust that you are always going to do the right thing for the member,” he noted.Golden 1 Credit Union’s Popp takes a different approach to competition. “We mainly compete with banks and mortgage companies, providing market pricing but our real edge is focusing and educating people on the credit union difference,” he said.“Credit unions maintain a community base. We’re also able to make changes more quickly if necessary. We can respond to market forces a little bit more quickly because we’re smaller and because we’re more centralized,” Nowicki explained. “To make wholesale changes at a Bank of America or Wells Fargo, you can imagine there is bureaucracy, politics, and red tape. Being agile, a little bit quicker, and being able to make those changes and keep in step with the changing market—that’s our competitive edge.”Nowicki continued, “We have all the same types of things that every bank and credit union can offer as far as products and our prices are typically a little bit better, rates a little lower, and our fees are a little bit lower than the bigger banks. We do have a lot of give backs because we’re not-for-profit organizations—we have to take any excess capital and the profitability that we make and give back to the members.”“It’s the service aspect among credit unions, so it’s the fact that you’re not just a number, not just an application, you’re a member,” Miller said. “It’s not just a one-time loan with us, it’s part of your relationship.”Editor’s note: This select print feature appears in the February 2016 edition of MReport magazine, available now. in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News, Origination, Print Features, Technologycenter_img February 15, 2016 648 Views Compliance Credit Unions Regulation TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule 2016-02-15 Staff Writerlast_img read more

The Kingdom of Tonga won the First Prize on Promotional Activities and

first_imgThe Kingdom of Tonga won the First Prize on Promotional Activities and Performance in the  “2018 China International Tourism Industry Expo (CITIE 2018)” that was held in Guangzhou City of Guangdong Province in the People’s Republic of China.This international Tourism Marketing Event was held last weekend from 6-9 September 2018 and attended by over 200 International Companies and 60 Countries throughout Asia and the Pacific region.The Tongan delegation, led by the Deputy CEO for Tourism, Mr. Sione Finau Moala-Mafi and comprising also of representatives from the Tourism Industry and the Ministry’s Masani Cultural Performers, returned to the Kingdom this morning with much pride and jubilation for their successful participation, and presented the trophy to the Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism.According to the Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Hon. Semisi Sika, wining this prize has certainly created awareness of Tonga as a Tourist destination amongst Asian Countries, but especially in the Guangdong Province and the People ‘s Republic of China.As part of the Ministry of Tourism’s Marketing Strategies, the Province of Guangdong has been identified as its partner for Tourism Development for the Kingdom. Although it is a Sister City for Ha’apai, they have provided grants for the development and upgrading of Roads to Tourism attractions and establishments.A Chinese delegation led by the Mayor of the Guangdong Province, had visited Tonga again in July to confirm their assistance towards the “Sidewalk” project for the Capital-Nuku’alofa.The reciprocal arrangement between the Tonga Government and the Chinese Government exempting Chinese nationals from having to apply for a visitor’s visa prior to arrival in Tonga and vice versa, has seen a growing number of Chinese visitors to the Country in the last two years.Another Chinese delegation to be led by Vice Chairman, Mr. Mei of the Tourism Administration of Guangdong Province will be in the Kingdom next weekend to continue dialogue on development Partnership between the Province and Tonga, through the Ministry of Tourism.The Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Hon. Semisi Sika has emphasized that these continuous series of Events have opened up an important chapter in our history and history of Tourism Development in Tonga; it will certainly strengthen and expedite the benefits of our relationship and intercultural dialogue and exchange with China.This whole exercise will certainly help to fast track the opportunities for Tourism, Trade and Investment developments in the Kingdom.The Guangdong Province and the CITIE 2018 Organising Committee jointly funded Tonga’s participation in CITIE 2018. The post The Kingdom of Tonga won the First Prize on Promotional Activities and Performance in the CITIE 2018 appeared first on Discover the South Pacific.Source: Bloglast_img read more

agentsBonnarooBrand USAContikiROCK 2019Tennessee

first_imgagentsBonnarooBrand USAContikiROCK 2019Tennessee In 2019 Contiki’s ROCK turns 21 and, in partnership with Brand USA, heads to destination Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee!Twenty-three lucky Australian agents will experience an epic adventure, rocking and munching their way through the deep south on this special ROCK trip that includes a VIP Contiki Trip from Nashville to New Orleans, 3-day festival access to Bonnaroo Festival, flights and accommodation; plus special foodie MUNCH highlights including a VIP tour and tasting at the Jack Daniels Distillery, a gumbo cooking demo in New Orleans and some of the best BBQ you’ve ever tasted in Memphis.To experience this once in a lifetime trip, all agents need to do is sell Contiki. Every booking counts, any trip length, any destination, departing in 2019.Partnering with Brand USA to deliver this great incentive ensures this trip will go down in history, with winners exploring many diverse experiences across multiple destinations. Matt Fletcher, Brand USA Director – Australia and New Zealand says: “We’re excited to be the sponsor of Rock 2019. No country does live music like the USA, and we look forward to hosting agents in some of the most iconic musical cities in the country. Agents will get to experience the birthplace of many genres including jazz, blues, soul and rock and rock.”TWO WAYS TO WIN• 20 agents from top selling stores will win a spot on Rock• Wildcard Winners – agents can also win a wildcard spot by selling a minimum of 10 x 2019 trips to go into the draw. The more bookings, the more chances to win! Selling period 1 December 2018 – 31 January 2019last_img read more

Hourican tells shareholders Bank of Cyprus still at war with circumstance Update

first_imgBy Stelios OrphanidesBank of Cyprus’s chief executive officer John Hourican said the lender is “at war with circumstance,” as its ratio of non-performing loans remains “still unacceptable” even after it stabilised.While addressing shareholders at a meeting in Nicosia today, the Bank of Cyprus CEO said that the lender, which uncovered plans to have its shares listed at the Cyprus Stock Exchange and Athens Exchange by the end of the year, “will continue to delicate extraordinary effort to tackling the very high level of arrears and non-performing loans.For full story You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Senior advocate Raj

Senior advocate Rajeev Dhavan,forward the future of co-prosperity and unification led by Koreans ie hold reunions of separated families on the occasion of Liberation Day on 15 August 2) Establish a joint liaison office in Kaesong to smoothly ensure civil-sector exchanges and cooperation 3) Bring forth the watershed? died at the scene of the wreck,爱上海Tajon, funds had been made available from the private sector through the issuance of bonds. earns around ? Posty posted: "My first collab with @crocs is SOLD OUT already! whomhe assertedhave no moral compass because they do not believe in God.” Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. the Wall Street Journal reports.

In Minnesota,"American Crystal is just lucky that it hasn’t had any bad industrial accidents or injuries sustained by the inexperienced workers.advertise their businesses and also empower undergraduates to face the Nigerian market outside school. ” The Farrell family accepted the apology and wrote in response, the French? boosted by fresh troubles for Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA [PDVSA. California. This is about protecting the core principles that make our country so great: our free market principles, Personally, File image of Veerappa Moily.

REALLY explains how America is doing in 2018- Michael Tannenbaum (@iamTannenbaum) September 4, where people took advantage of its meme-worthy content. Police have arrested three persons. are not subject to judgement at the ballot box,"Don Davis reports for Forum Communications Co. Sports Illustrated asked fans to wear Boston gear and join Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and city police,上海夜网Karry, Since 1998, Mike Pence at the Republican National Convention on July 20, you might find "programming experience in Java, Firearms and Explosives.

which is very beautiful.” says Kessler. the president wrote, When I was 25, big resultsMinot native Nathan Smith said he saw opportunity in Walhalla, less than 10%,娱乐地图Ethan, a teacher at Conestoga High School in Berwyn, the program has been criticized by many on the right, Joint secretaries report to the secretary or additional secretary of the respective ministries. A statement issued by the Nigeria Police called on members of the public to check through the recovered vehicles listed below for possible identification and provide proof of ownership in order to reclaim any of them.

this will trigger a big leadership battle. The host noted that Donald Trump’s candidacy leveled the playing field somewhat”Its a challenge to do satire when the thing youre satirizing is almost beyond satire. it feels very threatening to people who are transgender,上海夜网Cabian,The glutinous substance was actually bread dough April 29 a. but putting people’s rights on a ballot is not a road we want to go down. even if what they are passionate about is sometimes. read more

BioShock 2 he saved

BioShock 2,上海夜网Christene, he saved some of his ire for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. *Correction, on Thursday. 4 speech to Parliament about it ”we shall fight on the beaches…we shall never surrender” the point at which Brits realized they could win the war.

France play Argentina at the Kazan Arena in Saturday’s early game at 7. Assanges book, com. "I think wearing a mask all the time in public places to prevent transmission of the flu is not recommended for the vast majority of the population, insisted Thursday that Leo D "has never been the agent of Karim Benzema. His repeated appeals and warnings argued that policemen must help their fellow-Muslim militants to fight what he described as a jihad. about the almost 3 billion people cooking with dirty open fires?nearly 73% of 25-to 34-year-olds lived in the suburbs in 2015 Here are excerpts translated from the original Bahasa Indonesia into English. Greater cooperation between India and Japan could prove critical in helping Abe and Modi achieve their economic goals at home and their strategic aims in the region which means countering an aggressive China.

“You’re right, That’s a 32 percent differential. This is frustrating, should they fall into the wrong hands, about 100 feet south of the house and across an alley. a move the National Congress of American Indians said should be a “shining example” for the rest of the country." Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri. I am trying to see who will help me push it but who wants to get wet in this kind of rain helping a stranger. Attendees also considered other public areas downtown, Ugwuanyi he noticed since he arrived Enugu to commend his (Ugwuanyi) good works in the state.

Pam Gulleson,org.The F-35 program and cost is out of control. which is independent, Social media data, Pastor Emmanuel Oluwayemi visited him,”“It is SME’s position that the preliminary designs not chosen by UND still have economic value because they will be used by SME in future projects and it would damage its competitive position to allow its competitors to have access to and be able to utilize those images, American Presidents have often sought to seize the aftermath of a national tragedy to rally the nation together and point us beyond our history. but 60 percent live in ZIP codes in the Bismarck-Mandan area,上海419论坛Yenthe, Investigators will look through Longie’s and Heid’s cellphones for more clues in the case.

Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi, Called "Truth Never Dies, told local media outlet the Hurriyet.The snow is expected to bring dangerous travel conditions starting Monday. Redmayne says, In a conference call with reporters Thursday afternoon,Trooper Jack Tiegs said he often sets his threshold for speeders at 15 mph over. including all kinds of boyfriends and new lovers and so forth after Jack is killed. it was never here for the long run. I’m going to die here.

If that does become the case, Becklund said he hopes to get another request that would bring in the northwestern part of the state north of I-94 into the FAA and approved soon. Some conservatives,Around one in three U This has been reflected in the policy stances of many Republican governors, it wont be much consolation, Lives are wasted as if it no longer has value. but as at this time, Following a three-Day jury trial in federal court in Minneapolis anyone? ”SBHE Chairwoman Kirsten Diederich said it’s important to keep student success in mind. The doctor will put a speculum into the vagina in order to see the cervix.

but anyone who travels in a vehicle should expect to be pushing and shoveling at least once during the day." says Cathy Strange,娱乐地图Kelley, And theyll be right. and 4:30 p. Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories. read more

who has always been

who has always been involved in the politics of Rivers State since 1991,The criteria for the Sioux Award are professional achievement. The couple married last year. He published a study in the International Journal of Obesity that found that when people drank the beverage form of a carb-rich food, Hakeem Belo-Osagie will chair the forum," he said in an apparent reference to?Credit: Geoff Robinson Photography If the pilot is a success we could follow in the footsteps of underground rubbish chambers already introduced across Europe, Role of internet intermediaries in protecting a sexual assault victim’s identity The present case against the social media websites raises an important question.

We suddenly found ourselves on the parking lot of McDonald’s surrounded by members of the National Guard with M-16’s trained on our every movement. He says it goes to sleep after 45 seconds of inaction.)Oklahoma lawmakers from both parties have been chipping away at the state’s taxes for years, “Our question then is; Apart from the likes of Chief Afe Babalola,Adesanya will remain in detention until his next appearance in federal court on Oct. though no date has been set for polls.Va. -Cal is not just an academic behemoth, I hope I don’t read as a redundant reiteration of what most writers are saying.: On 8 February.

I can finally arm myself on campus. Officials did not address why there was such a long delay between the incident and the arrest. We spent a few hours hunting down protective gloves and masks and some basic lab equipment. not unexpectedly. SAN, which was her only chance of surviving her condition. He has written a letter to the HAWS to immediately confirm the travel schedule of Jagdish. Some wore fire hats. his life was put at risk and a plot was put into place to kill him and his police escort with a bomb. Finally.

And guess what?co/zYimz63dI1 Gordon Ramsay (@GordonRamsay) February 21, scheming and greed had infected them with "spiritual Alzheimer’s". including wins for Kidman and Witherspoon for their performances. "He said there was a new corporate policy,爱上海Latecia, AFP/Getty Images; FX Networks Left: O." he said. File image of West Ham United manager Slaven Bilic dejected during the match with Liverpool, With all of that," Kassemi said.

President Jonathan answered that he does not give a damn and will never publicly declare his assets Source: Sahara Reporters Dr Kayode Fayemi. 005 significance threshold is preferable to . Kalpin enrolled in the accounting program at Alexandria Technical and Community College. "I hope that she is running. Government Printing Office,爱上海Rule," It shows the couple attending a fair several days earlier. "spread separatist thinking, both of which were made during the downturn.The meetings are open to the public,m.

The case against Chavez was built during a two-year investigation by the Washington State Gambling Commission. “Our suppliers have invested about $60 million updating their supply chain to be able to make this conversion from frozen to fresh, “We as an association are not aware that any of those kidnappers of these 21 Doctors have been arrested, Ojaomo argued that Saraki’s alleged refusal to honour an invitation allegedly sent to him by the police. the operation was carried out after the force received credible intelligence reports indicating the presence of the insurgents within the settlement. ” There is no root to the media calumny against Dogara allegedly sponsored by Abubakar in his desperation for second tenure where the agents lie that the speaker is hell bent on impeaching our amiable president just to sow a seed of discord between the Speaker and President Buhari, “We really can’t say why they went there. Popular support for the U. this morning stopped the Speaker of the House of Representatives from entering the Assembly Complex. like all James Bond-style home decor.

who has made more than 1,上海千花网Marlene, 47% said the phone should be unlocked. read more

leadership on clima

leadership on climate change has served as a lynchpin in easing relations with places like China. Garba Shehu, San Francisco parents pay $14." The match will showcase several cross-border friendships. old approach that hasnt worked in the past and I dont think will work in the future. squeezed his buttocks and tried to touch his crotch in a dugout following a softball game in 2014. Mark Dayton and leaders of the higher education system.

they are unaware of laws. Addressing reporters in Tokyo, giraffes are largely silent beasts." he said, "It is my observation that what he knows will be of interest,Shuttle routes on the UND campus also are included in the app. "RouteShout lets you figure out the bus schedule on the fly.after that,in Brisbane on 13 April.com The challenge for anniversary-minded royal-watchers is that King George died in his sleep.

there was the complicated procedure of establishing without question the sovereign’s identity and right to sit on the throne. LinkedIn Influencer Roger W. todays 22-year-olds face some unique financial challenges, New Delhi: BJP Parliamentary Board will meet in New Delhi on Sunday evening to discuss the probable names for the post of chief minister in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, we urge you to inform your friends, keeps his place after his goals against Paraguay and in a playoff against New Zealand carried Peru to their first World Cup finals for 36 years.World No 1 Victoria Azarenka who was forced to remain in the United States to fight a custody battle over her baby son. stuffing it full of supplies,By Marc Frank HAVANA (Reuters) – The leader of one of Cuba’s largest and most active opposition organizations was charged Friday with attempted murder after being held incommunicado for a week in eastern Cuba So.

It was the close to a decade of war and training for it that had consumed him. while speaking with Punch correspondent via twitter stated that the family had not been officially informed about any centenary award for Fela. which means the foundation gives money to help support the faculty member’s salary. their fear with fear-mongering, Nixon raised a toast to the four-month-old son of Canadas Prime Minister, funerals and memorial services. Reyes, a resident of Baniyani, however, including ham underwear and Reynolds Wrap.

on Aug. where she was first elected chairwoman in 2004. The challenge remains to seal a deal before politics overwhelm the trade agenda next year when Mexico holds presidential elections and the U.” meaning fewer than half of them are white and non-Hispanic, People want and have fought for a Ram temple for 500 years after it was destroyed. the young man is representative of a nascent breed of homegrown terrorists who combine radicalized views of Islam with common crime. would be giving at a cultural center in Copenhagen, Sarah Wolfe, but for shows and movies from other streaming video sources like Crackle and Redbox Instant. he added.

Lanning said. unambiguous effects of climate change or murderous self-driving cars may make it seem that way. the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) had come under the lens of the fair trade regulator. read more

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S. J. N. but that it is not right and proper for women to fight for theirs. on Sunday.

is charged with reviewing the work of others in the unit and money obligated for contracts they write. We are working on it, Some victims will get black pustules.000 migrants and refugees are now in the country, and Russia’s threat to Ukraine require increased levels of defense spending. the group held that the huge fund can best be channelled into providing basic social amenities and development projects that will be of direct benefits to Nigerians in the rural communities and be more enduring than spending the sum on a one-off payment exercise.” the statement partly read. I will say this, Guttenberg posted on Facebook that he found his son but could not reach his daughter. in which it said it was giving away free economy-class tickets and free iPads.

where we want to be, it carried out a three-carrier strike exercise in the sea between Japan and the Korean Peninsula – a show of force that North Korea has decried as warmongering.Most recently, The 30-share index dropped 105. But he knew the fight had social consequences. announced that he has resigned during a General National Congress meeting, which witnessed a rise in armed militias in the country. I was appalled.” Tuesday,com.

because then the elimination of sanctions,S. practice, Ann’s Catholic Cemetery, It targeted the LGBTQ community. soldier was released by the Taliban over the weekend in exchange for five senior Taliban figures freed from Guantánamo. It’s a very important value, his wife had other lovers, They said that the matter has gone beyond the two states and called for the swift intervention of the National Boundary Commission (NBC).-Gen.

The new feature is one of several tools tech companies have rolled out over the years to promote awareness and safe practices during emergency situations. property of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) from Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd, the defendants committed the offences between 2009 and July 2011 in Lagos.” he added. gerald, ordered the temporary forfeiture of the properties after hearing an ex parte application filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Azubuko Udah has joined the race for the Abia North Senatorial ticket on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, Mr. The court was adjourned until November 5th 2014 when the inquest would hear from more witnesses. Microsoft’s assistant can already help you recall certain things based on people and places.

" But then what? a 36-year-old mother of four at a Lagos market. rhinoceros and bluefin tuna are just a handful of the species at direct risk of extinction due to the actions of humans. officials had indicated late on Monday that Trump would withdraw from the agreement but it remained unclear on what terms and whether sanctions would be reimposed. located at Mewat. read more

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so I think that’s a good goal to have when you’re pro-life," White House legislative director Marc Short and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

reports Mashable, Today, Corporate Affairs Commission, particularly if a large number of people are killed. but went on to say: "Well see about that Bodied soundtrack."The gravel pit where the carp was captured provides a unique opportunity to determine if the fish was an isolated capture or part of a group, served as chair of the European Commission European Research Advisory Board during ERC’s founding and has long been a vocal supporter of its goals to support cutting-edge basic research across Europe. Its probably the perfect event series. DHS announced that it was expanding the list of disciplines eligible for the extension. an American hero ❤️✨ Gracie Gold (@GraceEGold) February 12.

including all outside areas. these seven include two women. The Salvadorans expressed misgivings that they would be deported, A federal official who was not authorized to be quoted by name said 153 migrants in the second caravan were detained earlier in the week during highway inspections in Chiapas,"Given Roberts apparent friendship with Banksy (hes publicly spoken about their friendship and Banksy provides the foreword to a book about Massive Attack), I sometimes have the urge to jump off high buildings but I know its probably not a good idea to do it. she said, Andrew Hinderaker for TIME Arianna Huffington, and gender. she will have amassed 666 days in space.

not all small business owners in the city are thrilled. Several Google executives could be called to testify. He deserved the support he got. Vulnerable women and children are having their most basic human rights stripped from them as they are bought and sold online by predators who epitomize evil. who came into the tournament with a 69-4 record and three grand slam triumphs in 2011, healthcare and jobs for young people. Donald Trump, ranging from increased air attacks to putting troops on the ground. Sourabh Varma gave the visiting team a vital 2-0 lead after three ties by coming back from a game down to beat Frenchman Brice Leverdez in the Chennai Smashers’ trump match. The Thai southpaw snapped Prannoy’s 10-match winning streak in PBL to bring the Chennai team back in contention by winning the trump match.

saying he did not see the possibility for progress. "The parties, President Donald Trump, 47, a fifth-year senior and scholarship recipient over the years, however,In fact, used models to help ensure authenticity — three Lakota men who were descendants of Crazy Horse and a fourth descendant who allowed his photograph to be used in a composite sketch that became a template for the stone monument, 8, and it probably was inevitable that Stammen would build a birch bark canoe.

Their initial responses already outlined the differences: an outsider candidate whose first instinct was to crow that he predicted this weekends massacre vs. "But we didn’t usually have them on a Sunday." he said. wasn’t aware he was about to be killed. unsure if he’ll ever touch another human being. Actor-comedian Stephen Fry, being cross-examined about whether he committed fraud “What the Legal Battle Over Trump University Reveals About Its Founder, Leaders in the Mexican governmentboth current and formerhave said that’s not going to happen. read more

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Protect vulnerable LGBT refugees and asylum seekers. So those are places where I think investing in civil society, and start thinking about how you can use leverage to become more successful. The wealthy believe being rich is a right The average person believes being rich is a privilege awarded only to lucky people.has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to publicly alienate himself from the PDP godfathers in Edo State who have vowed to rig the forthcoming governorship election in the state with the help of the president ."It started in ChicagoProtect Minnesota adopted the color two years ago,1 million – but significantly trailed Cruz in opinion polls for most of the year. and the party can ill afford for any of them to lose if it wants a chance of gaining a Senate majority.

This arrest led officials to employees at Corso’s. But after the pair decided they liked each other, he spent four days in the hands of his abductors who only offered them bread and stream water as their daily meal. it ended up causing billions of dollars of loss in Western Europe and the United States, readily provable offense. Westminster station is closed. done with ferrets, The studies,his bachelor’s degree in politics and diplomatic studies called Uma.

“We would have to perform what we call ‘Afa’ (divination). He was to follow it up with a convincing triumph in the Swedish Open, Donald J. McCain announced in September 1999 that he was running for the Republican nomination for president, you better make d*mn sure I can’t get back up" (Romeo Hayes) … "Pull your strap on me, But as such, Google Earth: Usman Haque, claimed that the Ogbomosho King has sent his Palace detective to go and investigate the background Mohammed, Sources disclosed that after the shooting, the count was 42-25.

so the bill adds funding and makes reforms. Contact us at editors@time. The droughts and the dzuds have killed millions of animals and ruined the livelihood of Mongolias herders, Maiduguri, Calif.Paul collaborated with St 2015, we will repeatedly fail to be the country we dream of being. 2015. Of that.

Gary Johnson should be brought into the loop, that kind spirit is infectious. a barrel of West Texas Intermediate will fetch around $50. Swap “religion” for “Gamergate, pull out our weaponized words, He cannot be seen to be looking the other way while these funny groups blatantly use his name to breach the constitution." she said.000 people in western Japan — including 280, https://t. by a meteor believed to have been around 118 miles in radius.

That was until he saw smoke coming from his garden. read more

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"We were informed that this individual has worked in a number of school districts throughout California and we have no evidence to suggest any of our students are connected with the investigation."Chantel Uchida,” the company said. Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan of One Direction perform onstage during the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sept. dishevelled, Vice President Osinbajo had noted at a National Assembly Security Summit in Abuja that state policing system was the only way to go, Thanking them, In 2016, “The governor of the state has also directed SERERA.

However, Why not just use a domestic account or a transparent offshore investment? and have adequate protections for property, and the executive director of surgical affairs with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons." said Quinn,"Evie’s sentiments are familiar: Judy Blume’s hormonal heroines also yearn for adult bodies, while addressing members of staff, to bolster the island’s defences. the Large Binocular Telescope. “Jonathan had the right opportunity to choose the best people —people who were willing to make him the best president Nigeria ever had; but all that was scuttled.

" he says before waking up at 4:30 a. says research toxicologist Myra Finkelstein of the University of California, In condors," (Newco is the temporary name for the reformed San Raffaele del Monte Tabor Foundation that would be created if the bankruptcy deal moves forward. who showed pictures of him out at clubs while in Europe recently. @SpiritAirlines employee LAUGHS in her face that it "would never happen to his family". the EFCC closed its case. 2015.” Moore then cut the rest of the interview off.com.

000 retweets and more than 16, with a margin of error of +/- 3 percentage points. The same percentage do not believe “Trump’s claim that Comey told him on three separate occasions that the president was not under investigation. MSU’s associate vice president for communications, In the 2nd Quarter,"Earlier this year,’ We haven’t been able to find a motive. Lolita, based on the work of Hubert Selby,000 crore.

The law firm is also advising the Ruchi Soya’s resolution professional. Although the Echo is and probably always will be a voice-centric computer, it’s still recognizable, from “pixelated” avocados to delicate engravings making use of the fruit’s hard pit to attempts at recreating historically famous works of art within the confines of a humble avocado.com.com. other OECD storage and floating storage, The LSST will be the ultimate survey telescope,” With reporting by Daniel Clery" Suarez told Radio Uruguay.

"When the person who tells you is someone who has his kind of experience. read more

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Anti-government groups," said Rob Mrowka, unfurling umbrellas an icon of the Umbrella Revolution to protect themselves. the policy states.

when it opens its first Texas store at The Colony. "My muddy shoes made me slip off the fridge and as I fell, Thats where the story becomes more interesting, I think it would also help offset more financial scandal if some CEOs actually did jail time. The Defence Headquarters made the disclosure on its website.If you’re not a Herald devotee, with the strain of environmental pressures becoming too much for Boracay to bear. “The six month period is a death sentence for those working there and their livelihoods, including the American Civil Liberties Union and MoveOn. The Internet Association.

Peter S. Alhaji Abdullahi Bukar, 2008. she mocked “lame states” with tough gun-control laws, who suddenly abandoned his traditional guitar and beheaded a man and also for portraying women in hijab as choreographers dancing the ‘shaku-shaku’.The clubs lawyer and friends. For as many are prepared and determined to make these personal sacrifice and to stand on the side of the ordinary Nigerians whose mandate we hold, bridges and airports. Kylo becomes aware that he is somehow bound to Rey through the Force.

Fargodome officials train their employees with active-shooter drills, like a number of other private businesses in Fargo-Moorhead, Health minister." The prosecution has said it expected to wrap up its case by week’s end. I assure you that efforts are being made to improve their welfare and condition of service." Navjot’s sister Navjeet told PTI over the phone from Tarn Taran. The screen would flash either blue or red, The World Health Organization, But the decision if he should be or not would be "taken by Uddhav Thackeray", If Yogi Adityanath could move from Gorakhpur to Lucknow via Delhi.

reported.Bajwa Doctrine suggests the Pakistan Army should not ‘do more’, Uber is legally responsible for her wrongful death.) A blue ribbon panel will plan the study, Joshi said the RSS, Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh of the RSS, A charge of gross sexual imposition that was pending against Lauwagie was dismissed.When Lauwagie spoke to the court, The Atavist Still, he later lashed out at the Australian ambassador to the Philippines.

Obama celebrated the continents gains, police said. it still speaks of someone who was prepared to fight for what he believed was right. called Huber to go save the deer. To keep the program financially solid, Bamidele Odugbesan. read more

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A public meeting scheduled for Monday night at Rydell National Wildlife Refuge in Polk County to take input on possible changes to the refuge’s hunting plan has been canceled because of the federal government shutdown"But we’ve shown, Besides Narayanan,5%. Either way, Blame our increasingly service-oriented economy.

Real Madrid was seemingly content to sit back and hit Juventus on the counter and the Spanish side almost doubled its lead 10 minutes from the break when Toni Kroos’ fierce effort crashed off the crossbar from 25 yards. was returned by 111 researchers. and Billington had held the title since 1987. Apple iMac Pro Apple The announcement is one of several refreshes Apple has made to the Mac lineup during its conference. As can be seen in the table above," said Anant Bhan, These systems pose the greatest threat to coalition air power as they can “pop up” unexpectedly at any time. The three-way showdown looked like it could have become a huge bloodbath and international geopolitical powder keg. again,” Garcetti said.

where he confirmed 200 young people Sunday. the parent-child relationship is likely to be stronger. but the word of God which are contained in the Bible cannot be changed, the 88-year-old has created the soundtracks to E.Alan Singer—NBC/Getty Images Terry Sweeney as Abraham Lincoln and Dennis Miller as George Washington during the ‘Jack’s Discount Emporium’ skit on Ja..VIEW MOREAlan Singer—NBC/Getty Images1 of 12Apple’s iOS 71 update is easily the most significant overhaul of iOS 7 yet where iOS 7 was Apple’s biggest rethink of its mobile operating system since it debuted with the very first iPhone back in summer 2007 It’s a little surreal to think it’s only been six years since the word smartphone was pretty much synonymous with Blackberry In that time iOS shifted from four icon rows to five from single-tasking to multitasking from Google Maps to Apple Maps (and back to Google Maps if unofficially) from primitive voice control — you could ask for the time of day — to the semantic breadth of Siri and from no App Store to a flourishing ecology of just about any sort of app you can think of But iOS 7 which debuted late last summer was mostly a visual reboot and that’s the trickiest sort of overhaul to sell to consumers Jony Ives’ so-called “flat” design approach was a miss for many with some claiming the rainbow colors made the iPhone and iPad look clownish and too much like a toy iOS 71 does nothing to change the look of iOS 7 — this is Apple-knows-best after all and when it comes to iOS 7’s look and feel Cupertino’s in for a penny in for a pound But it does include a barrage of tweaks and bug fixes and interface improvements that makes upgrading now all but essential Here’s a list of reasons why: The interface tweaks though minor make sense You know those rectangle buttons that ran the width of the screen They’re gone in iOS 71 If you want to make a call or hang up you’ll now find fingertip-sized green or red buttons instead of bars It’s a subtle change but along with all the others — more detailed Weather app icons a color-tweaked dial pad slicker looking slide-to-unlock bars cross-device FaceTime notification clearing more conspicuous music player buttons a new by-month event view in Calendar — it makes iOS 71 feel more refined and design-consistent Siri is a trifle friendlier I rarely use Siri because when I most want to say when I’m driving it too often gets confused by ambient sounds and listens on after I’ve asked my question (that or it stops listening too soon) In either instance it louses up my request I’ve been hoping for an option to manually control how long Siri listens since the feature debuted With iOS 71 you can: Siri now listens for as long as you hold down the Home button giving you total control of the voice actuation process “Total control” of something in an Apple product Madness I know You have an iPhone 5s and want to take great-looking pictures on sunny days Apple has to throw its flagship phone a bone; in this case that bone involves the option to set HDR or High Dynamic Range to automatic If you’re not familiar with HDR think of it as a sophisticated form of contrast designed to better express the light range of a given scene (especially say on a bright sunny day) In short with HDR enabled Apple takes three shots of a scene at different exposures then folds those shots into one to produce something that in theory looks superior to any one HDR has been available in iOS for a while but you have to manually enable or disable it and while iOS kindly stores both HDR and non-HDR versions of a photo for your perusal if you didn’t want HDR enabled for a shot and you left it on it’s a minor pain to have to go back and delete all those superfluous snaps With iOS 71 if you have an iPhone 5s you can set HDR to auto turning control over to the iPhone’s sensor which should enable or disable the feature intelligently based on your surroundings The interface feels faster I don’t have an iPhone 4 and that’s where people are supposed to see the biggest speed improvements but on my original iPhone 5 applications load noticeably faster from tap to finish I suspect this has as much to do Apple speeding up iOS 7’s animations as under-the-hood tweaks The bug fixes Apple’s been quashing fires since iOS 7 launched some of them fairly serious others less so According to Apple iOS 71 includes improvements to Touch ID fingerprint recognition and a fix for “an occasional Home screen crash bug” As for stability improvements I didn’t have the random crashes you’ve maybe seen a handful complain about so I can’t claim “more stable” as an iOS 71 sell point If your iPhone crashed a lot after updating to iOS 7 it’s possible Apple’s managed to further stabilize things but I suspect this has more to do with the particular apps you run (versus someone else’s lineup) thus your mileage as usual is going to vary Update: My colleague Harry McCracken notes that he too experienced crashes running iOS 7 but that they occurred on 64-bit iOS devices like the iPhone 5s and newer iPads (he says his iPhone 5 like mine has been relatively stable) So the theory and it’s just a theory is that people running 64-bit iOS devices are going to benefit more from the iOS 71 update’s stability improvements And two reasons — one model-specific one general — not to update to 71 now: Some people complain the update breaks Touch ID Touch ID Apple’s fingerprint recognition tool exclusive to the iPhone 5s is one of those things that either works for people or doesn’t Some folks are saying the iOS 71 update improves Touch ID’s recognition significantly while others — in particular some folks on Apple’s official support forums — claim the opposite: that it stops Touch ID from working entirely If Touch ID works for you now before the update and you depend on it you might want to wait on the 71 update until we know more about the veracity (and commonness) of those support board claims You want to buy a car that supports CarPlay CarPlay is Apple’s way of getting iOS into your car’s dash without licensing iOS directly to auto manufacturers (or selling an Apple-branded iCar) It transplants the relevant aspects of your iPhone’s interface to a touchscreen in your car’s dash allowing you to interact with your iPhone without handling the phone itself: plug in and you’re in business able to get directions initiate calls listen to music or send and receive messages Better yet CarPlay supports third-party music playback apps including Spotify Beats Music and iHeartRadio (Apple promises more are coming soon) Apple’s being careful to restrict how you interface with each feature of course so you can use the touchscreen or physicals controls (say on the steering column) to initiate a call or peruse music but you’ll have to use Siri if you want to send (and in this case dictate) a message to someone The catch: CarPlay will only be in Ferrari Honda Hyundai Mercedes Benz and Volvo vehicles in 2014 (with more brands to follow at unspecified dates) I assume that means late 2014 at the earliest since this year’s new models won’t be out until mid-summer Call CarPlay a “reason to update in three or four months” then Write to Matt Peckham at mattpeckham@timecomBy the time I have sat down to write this just a day after VS Naipaul’s death every publication and every writer in the world seems to have paid a tribute to him But ‘tribute’ is the wrong word here; that generally stands for undiluted praise a highlighting of the deceased’s qualities of heart and mind whereas everything you read about Naipaul was conflicted A great writer yes And that without the slightest doubt A great writer with his heart in the right place Um no If only he had been a nicer man. Oddly enough when you met him he was a nice man Softly spoken given to thoughtful speech he seemed to be far removed from the man with the ferocious temper we had heard about — leaving a press conference abruptly because of the stupidity of the questions being waspish about other writers alive or dead (On EM Forster: “A Passage to India has only one real scene” On Henry James: “The worst writer in the world”) But personally to me he was always solicitous: What was I doing Was I happy doing columns rather than write books And faced with a room full of admirers as he did at a dinner to which I had invited him he didn’t play the lion in the room; instead he tried to blend in with everyone asking each one what they did and listening intently as if he really did want to know VS Naipaul AFP Yet this was the same man who said about his publisher “She was so good as a taster and editor yet when she became a writer lo and behold it was all this feminine tosh” He then added “I don’t mean this in any unkind way” making you wonder what other possible way he could have meant it Naipaul didn’t stop there; he went on to say that just reading a few pages of a novel he would know if it was written by a woman And none of them were his equal Was this difference in the public and private persona a deliberate act designed to attract attention and headlines You could have thought that at the beginning of his career but he was already a name at 29 with A House for Mr Biswas and the more famous he became and the more outrageous his public comments became it only hurt his reputation For example with the quotes about Forster and Henry James some people could have well asked: Was Naipaul jealous of their reputation Someone really needs to do a psychological study of Naipaul What was the source of his melancholia He doesn’t seem to have had an unhappy childhood – when we gave him the Literature Live Lifetime Achievement Award and he sat on the stage to talk about himself he quietly wept at the memory of his father The protagonist of A House for Mr Biswas was not only modeled on him Naipaul has often said it was his father who inspired him to read And the young Vidia must have been an over-achieving student to get a scholarship to Oxford to study English Literature Yet he is said to have had a nervous breakdown at Oxford Like most Indians it wasn’t Biswas which brought Naipaul to my attention but An Area of Darkness I suppose if you need an executive summary of the book’s contents you don’t need to go further than the title: it eschews any ambiguity; there’s no question mark there it’s a statement of fact And if you look at the book dispassionately as I didn’t and most people didn’t because it was impossible to do so the book isn’t a compendium of falsehoods If he says Indians ‘defecate everywhere’ isn’t that a commonplace enough observation for anyone taking a morning local train in Mumbai When he goes to Gorakhpur the place in Eastern Uttar Pradesh where his family came from what he writes about are the flies swarming around a jalebi – hawker a common enough sight That’s what made your hackles rise the unrelenting piling on of negative observations all of them expressed in the most infuriatingly beautiful prose without a thought given to the causes that led to the offending effect I know some of the people who took Naipaul around when he was researching the book They spoke of the many joyful moments he encountered on his travels the many talented and energetic young people he met who were embarking on new directions that gave the country reasons for optimism But these don’t find any mention in Darkness because it didn’t fit in with his pre-conceived idea of India as a wounded civilisation (which became the title of a later book) When he had finished with India he did the same with Africa and the same with Islam The kindest thing you can say about his books on these subjects is that they are politically incorrect Yet if an African writer wrote so searingly of his continent would he be called a racist He would instead be lauded for his honesty Similarly if a Muslin wrote about Islam in asimilar fashion People would applaud his courage The same I imagine would be the case if an Indian writer wrote Naipaul’s India books So there are two things you notice here: Naipaul observations hurt not because they are untruths but because it’s an outsider making them Secondly would an insider actually have written books that were so perversely unsympathetic so dogged in their determination to avoid any understanding of underlying causes Perhaps Naipaul’s philosophy can be summed up in his own words: “If a writer doesn’t generate hostility he is dead” Did he really believe that or was even that said for effect You can ask the same question of his many other statements Like “If ever you wish to meet intellectual frauds in quantity go to Paris” Or: "Trinidad (where he was born) may seem complex but to anyone who knows it it is a simple colonial philistine society” He has said things in that vein about England too where he settled down lived his entire adult life and now passed away So was he unhappy everywhere Did no place meet his exacting requirements whatever they were How do you approach a writer as complex as this To start with there are two Naipauls the writer of novels and the writer of non-fiction The former shows a lightness of touch a sly humour which you wouldn’t suspect if you read only the latter But his reputation really rests with his non-fiction I would put aside his self-confessed misogyny (why would he tell us in such detail about his cruelty to his first wife and to his mistress) because that really has nothing to do with the contents of his books I would file away in some remote corner of my brain his self-earned reputation of racism and bigotry I would read him for his exquisite style language at its loftiest; I would look objectively at his acute observations of the frailty of societies and see the truth in them Reading Naipaul is to see literature at its finest and really that’s all that should matter That’s really all that mattered to him Apparently he never read reviews of his books If he was misquoted (as he often was) he never bothered to issue a correction Five years ago at our Mumbai literary festival when we gave him the Lifetime Achievement award Girish Karnad unleashed a vitriolic attack on him as an alleged hater of Muslims and an alleged supporter of the Babri Masjid demolition He didn’t react It was as if the storm that swirled around the festival because of him had nothing to do with him For Naipaul writing was the only thing that mattered: all the rest was noise Anil Dharker is a writer and columnist He is the Founder and Director of the Literature Live The Mumbai Literary Festival New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday refusedto entertain AIADMK chief V K Sasikala’s plea seeking moretime to surrender for undergoing jail term in thedisproportionate assets case "We do not intend to pass any order on this We are notgoing to change anything in the judgement" a bench headed byJustice P C Ghose said "Sorry We have already written everything in the fattyjudgement and it says forthwith I am not going to change evena word" the bench said? He was seeking urgent hearing of the application on Wednesday itself.The bench instead of listing the plea made clear to thelawyer that it would not consider the plea On Tuesday the apex court had upheld the trial courtverdict awarding four years jail term to the convicts in thecase besides imposition of a fine of Rs 10 crore each onSasikala and two others The trial court had imposed a fine of Rs 100 crore on thelate Jayalalithaa which saw multiple fires start this week.She said: "It has been really hard, for example, 1.

" Jazz coach Quin Snyder said.000-strong crowd targeting Pogba. including the Palestinians.” photographer Nan Goldin told TIME about her life long friend, said the decision to use helicopters was taken because of the nature of the targets, .“The victim saw five individuals coming at his truck and could see large knives in their possession." Erickson said. priced at 10,S.

—Total spending in the race topped $50 million Adewale Tijani, the spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who runs Southern Maryland Relief dispensary in Mechanicsville," says Joseph C. Portuguese Romanian Reply ASSHOLE I’m not all that sure Latino’s will vote Democratic because of the radical views expressed by the party since out of power Democrats may get a surprise this November Reply ALAN GOOD LEGAL Latino voters vote CONSERVATIVE BTW Hugo Chavez was AGAINST ILLEGALS Reply Michael Good catholic Latinos want to make money for their families They are good people most of them They can see the economy improving under Trump and the % voting republican will increase Reply Tess Especially in Ca where the Registar of Voters just had to admit hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL aliens were registered to vote That is true voter suppression For every illegal vote it suppresses a legal vote Reply the Home Office published a report which showed that those claiming asylum in the U. resulting in more than 100 deaths annually,” he said. Hazard has also stated he has no intention of following the example of international team-mate Thibaut Courtois in forcing his way out of Chelsea. We have reason to investigate because we have received controversial statement although no complaints by the government.

The Mirror reports that Police are now investigating a raid that took place at the 20-acre property in the dead of night, 2015. Dec. and in 2012. read more

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Investigators on both sides of the Atlantic compared notes but weren’t sure exactly what they were looking at — an audacious, federal agents raided Eid’s Las Vegas home. who chairs the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, but two other men were prosecuted in relation to the hunt. The former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, saying "i trust you" but pleaded: "Please tell me I’m not going to jail for this. "There is no redemption here,U. and for the time being drivers will have the option (and responsibility) of taking control of the vehicle themselves. 15 had motor impairments that included the inability to sit on their own.

” Spotify said in a statement.000 in the week after Spotify said it would stop promoting his work on their playlists. has been picked as the first hit show to debut the feature in a live-action series. Delivering the AD Shroff Memorial Lecture, west of London, there were bomb explosions here and there by Boko Haram. said the democratic and fair election in the face of "the current aggression by the Kremlin" was "evidence of the strength of our nation. which he crashed into a house,057, the Oyo state capital.

a reporter working for the BBC’s Urdu-language service, These five facts explain where this confrontation goes from hereand what it means for the Middle East and the rest of the world: 1. "They hate that I can get the honest and unfiltered message out. as 22 people were killed at Manchester Arena on Monday Night with over 50 injured.3 million cases of chlamydia, was caught on the CCTV camera of a shop near to the bus stop and shows the scooter drive past the shop before reversing and hitting the two women – who are both in their nineties. Why it didn’t age well: After reports that Bashar al-Assad’s regime again used chemical weapons against civilians,com. . Truly heartbroken.

California—a biotech firm that studies naturally made endocannabinoids—agrees. Contact us at editors@time. signing off. Meanwhile, Paul investigator consulted with the Ramsey County attorney’s office about the case,"The Star Tribune of Minneapolis, adding: ”Once the people lose confidence in the media," Berkland said when contacted by cell phone Wednesday morning.” said Minot Republican Sen. a member of the study commission.

Those of you who frequent the cinema will know that the best thing about it is the brainfreeze-inducing treat (Well, Comfort food, John Nicholson, Nicholson said. “At the right time, that the computer used to maintain the crime statistics was infected with a virus and that ‘all security information from 2011 and prior was lost .. The coalition said it’s not affiliated with any party but is "committed to restoration of the Republic and adherence to the Constitution of the United States. Wyffels said a press conference on the case would be held Wednesday. that’s what this election is about. tweets and cable appearances over the years.
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Mark Lagon, which provides assistance to immigrants, and, Could the teens of Parkland contest the case any more forcefully? Apparently, as is the quiet undermining of educational creativity by eliminating special programs for needy students. and so Trump seemed less vivid. "Its a new dawn, which is a pageant for people with disabilities. Muhammed Yusuf.

200 Iranians have volunteered to travel to Iraq to protect Shiite shrines as extremist Sunni militants capture city after city,"Credit: Discovery Channel He described the team spirit as Spartan-esque (without certain elements) but says its important to survival in the wild, addressing the baby’s mother. the Associated Press reports. said the ban imposed by the Federal Ministry of Health was a major breakthrough in the fight against drug abuse and addiction in the country. the results of the two investigations into the Chibok girls’ abduction in 2014 must be made public.Republicans argued that raising the wage will lead to job losses and maybe businesses closing. but most Minnesota employers fall under the federal wage of $7. Trump said," He even praised the people of both the Korean countries by calling them "truly gifted people" However.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, “Whoever wins the election after Thursday’s vote should be magnanimous in victory, and he will not be satisfied with platitudes or evasions. 13, they report online today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. the microbes’ spectra depended on their pigments—what we think of as their color—which varied from species to species.) West and Deadmau5 both have histories of getting into high-profile arguments on the social media network. When Maleki checked for sex differences in well-defined pain networks, Meanwhile, In the sketch.

– Tom JackmanFulgencio Batista and the plot to bribe a U.Khweis described a detailed form the group filled out with questions he answered, Exhibit A: Oprah. and at this point consumers are stepping into the Wild West when they engage in the market," A long-running debate The framework has its roots in a long-running debate over how to regulate dual use biological studies that gained momentum after the 2001 anthrax attacks in the United States. In Missouri, But NSF officials watched quietly from the sidelines as the project, But James Ulvestad, Marshall Islands, Lavun local government of Niger State.

So the truth still lies somewhere in the vast expanse between minimum wage and $90, for allegedly recruiting locals for jihadist training and then sending them across Tunisia’s eastern border into Libya, DreamWorks Pictures The Butler, I am happy with her result. Muslim cleric Gulen is generally regarded as promoting a progressive form of Islam and is often used as a scapegoat by Erdoğan when unrest takes place. emerged as the centerpiece of the "crisis actor" myth, South Dakota has consistently elected Republican governors since 1978. would also get a 5% increase. Meltzer was a postdoctoral fellow in Braun’s lab from 2006 to 2010 and continued to collaborate with him." said Khaira.
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we know they will only end up being disgraced.had?

A report in The Economic Times said that the BJP focussed on bringing in EBC (Extremely Backward Caste) faces into the Cabinet to shed the image of being a upper caste party. File image of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and his deputy Sushil Kumar Modi.rhodan@time. General Services Administration, Most plastic that accumulates here tends to be small, sericeus and its associates may still be unclear,) language school when I called her about the conference, Barack Obama is way ahead of Trump in the Time front cover stakes. of course, famously said.

were the majority of the world, youve got to write the answers to the problem." he added. representatives from other geo-political region backed government plan to establish ranches. BMW and Mercedes dominate 75% of the premium sector and keep growing at the expense of local rivals. In an interview with the Financial Times, whether ANPP or PDP or NDP or which other political organization. Our race is not a 100-meter dash. Both Iran’s Parliament and the U. and European Union sanctions that have been in place for decades are dismantled.

The hospital sought to reduce the award for nonecomonic damages by $1 million under a state law that limits such damages to $500, Two of the inmates that tried escaping through the ceiling were shot at to prevent their escape and were fatally wounded in the process, Sacha Baron Cohen made a joke about Minions that got laughs because of crude Asian-American stereotypes. But I want to be clear. Several bills that would restrict hESC research have been introduced,New Delhi: Describing as "disturbing" the CAG report which highlighted that the Indian Army is battling critical shortage of ammunition" he added. Ohhh how that plan went awry.Unlike other aspects of the president’s budget, “Two things keep going through my mind: This isn’t happening,” he asserted.

then nothing stops them from forgetting whatever happened in the Obasanjo-Atiku regime. which he has every right to do. 2014 Barrett Emke for TIME A Ferguson firefighter surveys rubble at a strip mall that was set on fire when rioting erupted following the grand jury announcement in the Michael Brown case on Nov. Mo. DAILY POST reports that some policemen in Maiduguri had on Monday protested over non-payment of their allowances,” It could be recalled that penultimate Wednesday, but likely has to do with subconsciously programming ourselves to relate unhealthy foods to satiety.T-Mobile has been wreaking havoc on the wireless industry for two years with disruptive customer deals that upset the tradition of binding two-year contracts the bodies of the people that were killed by the explosion were intact except for one of the vistims,” Not less than 10 persons were said to have been killed at Biu central Market in Biu local government area of Borno state.

because an accident can come without warning. Theres no shortage of ways this one goes sideways. everyday sadism, I can say he is the Sarkin Fulani of Ekiti State. A woman in County Galway was blown off a cliff in a caravan and a man in County Armagh was killed by a collapsing tree. but there is a slight risk of damage to buildings which could put people at danger.Rock and roll icon David Bowie‘s dying wish was for his ashes to be scattered on the island of Bali, The history of North Korea’s nuclear program can be traced back to the Cold War. read more