Huangyuan to promote lighting work

2012, Huangyuan lighting lighting work according to focus, to promote the node to create highlights, reflect the characteristics of "the requirements to" energy saving, environmental protection features, the principle of "in" a new king, and color "efforts, through new construction, rectification, maintenance etc. steadily lighting lighting work. To further improve the city grade.

first half of the year, Huangyuan county will work with lighting lighting grinding Forest Wetland Park, the Arctic mountain scenic park, the ancient city of Huangyuan in two, Dan Inn, outdoor landscape and other key construction projects, combined with synchronous design, construction, acceptance and delivery. Taking into account the overall layout of the county, to promote landmark buildings, public facilities, the main tourist attractions as the focus of the lighting project. Completed an investment of 5 million 80 thousand yuan, the construction of City Road, East Road, East Street, North Street, Tibet Road, Dan Junggar phase two street 20 building lighting building, 286 street lamps on Main Street for maintenance and replacement. At the same time, focus on promoting the construction of new rural areas, to further improve the rural lifestyle, invested 310 thousand yuan, focusing on the implementation of the Ba Yan Xiang Ba Yan, Xia Si, Ba Yan Xia 3 Village lighting lighting project, for each village to install solar photovoltaic lighting lamp more than and 50, the implementation of the project to further improve the living conditions of the village people, travel more convenient. (author: Luo Hongmei)
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Public memo New Year’s day around the new section of the lake city traffic control

In December 30th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that 10:30 on January 1, 2016, forty-third day race activities will be held at Lake Sports Center Stadium, in order to ensure the orderly activities carried out smoothly, Xining police decided from January 1st to 12:30 10:15, the connection of traffic control on the part of the road in sea lake district.

Xining Nanchuan industrial park this year to build seven core area

Xining Nanchuan Industrial Park as the Xining national economic and Technological Development Zone "four major industrial base is one of the province to create a main position of Tibetan carpet capital of the world". This year, Nanchuan Industrial Park in investment and construction projects as the starting point, strive to build the core area, to enhance the overall image and competitiveness of the park.


entered the "12th Five-Year" period, Nanchuan Industrial Park, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to seize development opportunities, increase industry efforts to foster and support the initial formation of leading industry and industry park. This year, Nanchuan Industrial Park will upgrade, through mergers and acquisitions or repurchase, planning the development of the highway toll station to serve the green entrepreneurial road of Qinghai cashmere industry area of small enterprises, remediation venture Road, enhancing the image. To speed up the Nanchuan River Park project governance, enhance the image of river landscape. Efforts to promote the relocation of the work area to create a harmonious environment for the park. To speed up the construction of the park central business district headquarters base, grasp the investment service center of the park main and subsidiary buildings, five star hotels and office buildings (office building), the project of Industrial Products Exhibition Center buildings and other construction, focus on creating Park core area. We will actively promote the construction of a comprehensive residential area of hot springs and commercial and recreational areas, and build a first-class living, entertainment and leisure area in Xining. Promote the construction of Qinghai international wool carpet manufacturing base and Qinghai specialty products exhibition center area, enhance the image of the characteristics of the industry area. Increase the Kunlun jade brand publicity, speed up the construction of the United States and Qinghai jade cultural industrial park area, to create the image of the characteristics of the cultural industry area. read more

Xining model workers for the first time to enjoy three gold treatment

The "51" on the eve of the municipal Party committee, Minister of propaganda department, City Union president Wang Haihong led the relevant personnel, 138 city municipal model workers sent condolence payments 138 thousand yuan, 29 low-income workers sent grants 234 thousand yuan, 25 workers sent to the difficulties helping gold 116 thousand yuan. This is the first time to enjoy the city level model workers three gold treatment.

in support of the municipal government of the city, I have introduced the "Xining city model worker selection and management Interim Measures", "model worker of Xining City Spring Festival condolences gold, the difficulties of low-income subsidies and special difficulties assistance fund management Interim Measures". This is since 1983 condolences to the workers congress named in recognition of the previous model workers and keep the honorary title of the municipal model workers, they in their ordinary jobs, has for the city’s economic and social undertakings have made a positive contribution, because part of the model worker disease and other causes temporary difficulties, the party and the government in a timely manner to they lent a helping hand. read more

How much money to join the Yellow barbecue

choose the catering market dragons and fishes jumbled together what brand is better? What do you think of barbecue? Remove the hot pot industry investment enthusiasm, it is the most popular consumer favorite barbecue. Barbecue investment to join the election on the Yellow barbecue. Huang barbecue is a traditional Shandong snacks, establishment has been three hundred years of history, the whole pig Huang barbecue grilled, a listing of consumers, in addition to the long history, unique and delicious taste and rich nutrition combination is the consumer favorite reason Royal barbecue, you don’t have to join the Royal barbecue. Worry about business, make sure you earn bowl full. So, how much home to join the Yellow barbecue read more

10 methods of entrepreneurs to relieve pressure

modern society survival pressure, the need for the fierce competition of the entrepreneurs, the pressure is as relentless, seriously affect the physical and mental health. In the face of setbacks and pressures, entrepreneurs should learn to self-regulation.

1. only one thing at a time. For example, now the job is to report the good, other things are left behind, do not think. Because women love to think more about everything, such as the way she thinks about her job, her weight, the health of every family member, etc.. So women tend to be more anxious than men, and more often. So more attention is needed. read more

Beauty oral products efficacy needs to be rational treatment of consumers

beautiful, in our lives, has been very popular choice. Beauty is the nature of each and every one of us, want to perfect skin, presumably different consumers will have different choices. Cosmetic oral products? Although good, but the effect we need extra attention. As consumers, we must be rational treatment!

beauty oral products sought after by

collagen products has been the protagonist of skin care. Nowadays, not only the major brands have launched a variety of collagen rich skin care products, all kinds of collagen capsules and collagen oral liquid and other oral beauty products advertising is overwhelming. As a collagen oral liquid says it is a small molecule, easy absorption, good taste, pure natural, collagen content up to 8000 mg per bottle, the loss to human daily full complement of collagen, make the skin becomes soft and white. Under the bombing of advertising, 24 year old Miss Lee has become a loyal fan of this product, the monthly income of $3000 per month to spend nearly $2000 to buy the product. However, after a few months, the effect of the product is not very sure about Miss Lee: "no change in the feeling of skin, with almost before taking." read more

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles business skills you know

catering industry small investment you have thought about what to choose? Throughout the snack industry market, countless snacks style dazzling, choose what? How to choose? How to choose not wrong? Became a small business entrepreneurs the most headaches. Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, a popular snack, Xiaobian remind entrepreneurs who want to run good skill.

snacks throughout the franchise industry development, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles joined the popular sentiment to let everyone see the rich opportunities, attracted a large number of small investors eyes, but to the success of the premise is to grasp the operation of the road which is the first step in winning the catering market, is the first step in the successful development of the good. The Hot and Sour Rice Noodles franchise business skills for small entrepreneurs to invest in the catering market. Business mentor for everyone deeplyanalyzing Hot and Sour Rice Noodles join business skills. read more

2015 entrepreneurial projects the rapid development of female luggage store

The rapid development of contemporary female consumers

economy, rising economic strength, keen to buy high-end women bags, women bags and therefore the market potential, worth entrepreneurs to the mining industry "money".

investment advice

1, a limited purchase bags: to pay attention to keeping the goods characteristics, women now want their bag or handbag is the one and only, so at the time of purchase should consciously limit the number of each style, and keep the update speed of styles. read more

Yangzhou Youth Office website to do illegal advertising illegal profit was sentenced to 5 years Nanjing December 16th news (reporter Wang Junyong) a website owner for the network game Sifu network publicity profit more than a thousand million, days ago by the Weiyang District Court of Jiangsu city of Yangzhou province to commit the crime of illegal business was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, fined 17 million 200 thousand yuan, 5 employees and 3 employed by the the name "customer" for illegal business crime were sentenced to 8 months to 1 years and 6 months of imprisonment and fined. read more

Mt.Gox intends to pass off the station in January launched the official not to say yes or no

Mt.Gox will close in January launched the official not to say yes or no

NetEase technology news on February 26th, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox today issued a statement on the website closed. The statement said the decision to suspend trading is intentional, but it did not progress and the rumors that there.

said in a statement posted on the official website of Mt.Gox, the company noted the recent report on the operation of the site and the trading market and repercussions. "Suspend all transactions and make this decision to protect the site and our users. We will pay close attention to the development of the situation and deal with it properly." read more

Unfamiliar Street 2 letter domain name transaction price of nearly $20 million

renamed China ( June 4th news, last year to $1 million 200 thousand (about 7 million 470 thousand yuan) in the overseas platform node pats "Mo Mo" 2 letter domain name, recently traced the transaction, the transaction price of nearly 20 million yuan.

figure: in June last year, the overseas domain name trading platform, with a price of about 7 million 470 thousand yuan, and became the highest price in the Sedo platform in the domain name in 2014. Only one year, this is the price of nearly 20 million yuan turnover, the appreciation of space is self-evident. read more

2007 list of top ten categories

      frontier: classification information after 05 years of rise, the precipitation of the past 06 years, there are a number of classified information site fell, part of the transformation, a part of the garbage station, the page is full of advertising. Just a little more vitality of the information platform, but also a considerable part of the early classification information website has a great development, such as reputation, kijiji.

      information classification can be predicted, 07 years will enter the stage of shuffling in real meaning, mainly classified information company in weaker gradually fell, not a small website classification of climate, will eventually be abandoned by the user; and to the left, is the real strength of the strong, in some classification information the city has a large number of loyal users, their services will eventually expand the domestic market each classified information. read more

The electricity supplier war out of mutual tear predicament, Ali behind the new mother beauty store

"double 11" is approaching, the electricity supplier ashes. Ali has just announced the double eleven plan, Jingdong a shot is a cool buy 11 days to Beijing Teng plan against Ali, Suning’s battle of Ping jing". The subsequent Suning and Jingdong copy is the tear forced out integrity.

in fact, with "integrity for eye" marketing have been excessive consumption, even cause consumer resentment.

today, Tmall posted ads to employees on the internet. Many people immediately found, this seems to be in response to the vertical mother to mother #1111 beauty store holiday # topic. The battle is finally out of the tear force, to gezonglianheng read more

Ali’s mother on the Google Baidu alliance will also inspire improvement

we all know, to do Baidu promotion, you need to stand has a very high ranking, a lot of stations, even if tens of thousands of IP per day, can not do Baidu promotion. Google AdSense? Do not need high ranking, as long as you have the traffic, you can apply for, and even can use blog application, relaxed restrictions. Recently, Ali mother came on hard, people have mentioned, your station is only 10 IP, Ali mother will call you put ads that Ali mother does not limit the user whether the size of the station, the station like Baidu limited, even more than Google AdSense to do a more detailed. read more

Anhui Taobao website of the whole process and publicity methods

should be the requirements of the webmaster. Today, the construction of the Anhui Taobao network station all written down. I believe that people know Anhui Taobao know. Anhui Taobao is created by me after 90 boys. Hey, why am I so many words. I contacted the site two years ago. Because I’m a programmer, so I have to.Net technology and study hard, never thought to do, a chance.

imperceptibly, I think of the website, began to register a domain name, website, of course, will come into contact with such as optimization, promotion, SEO and other information. Because they are programmers, some of the principles may be very clear. I began to position Anhui is the electronic commerce website, Anhui province at last, I put it as a national, because in the process of propaganda, many businesses across the country continue to join, so that I changed the single Anhui idea, because everyone is your customer, the customer is God, the site at the same time, I always follow you: good is not good, customers say well is good, so I don’t pay too much attention to technical problems, if the site is famous, do not delay technology. You have the technology to do better, no one is to open a shop. read more

16 billion 800 million can not save music as we are not too harsh Jia Yueting

in January 16th, has long been suspended LETV finally through the 16 billion 800 million financing strategy of Dongfeng shares resume trading, however Gaokaidizou remains is a limit, the capital market with the roller coaster joke let Jia Yueting become a "false step stop", at a cost of 15 billion big investment LETV financial record China is plunged 8% that became a "hit China" at the same time, titanium media founder Zhao Hejuan also questioned the group again, LETV financing does not solve the fundamental problem, said LETV deadly vital, crazy transactions. read more

Three years of mood story, resigned only for the site dream

for the first time in the station, to make their story, perhaps, just because I am also a boring and lonely lonely day in front of the display can sit more than 3 points but not sleepy only is the webmaster can understand the webmaster! So, from the beginning of the 98 year of the net, many on the network after the start of the establishment of the road to self-study now almost 10 years old, is a real mood to write!