2015 entrepreneurial projects the rapid development of female luggage store

The rapid development of contemporary female consumers

economy, rising economic strength, keen to buy high-end women bags, women bags and therefore the market potential, worth entrepreneurs to the mining industry "money".

investment advice

1, a limited purchase bags: to pay attention to keeping the goods characteristics, women now want their bag or handbag is the one and only, so at the time of purchase should consciously limit the number of each style, and keep the update speed of styles. read more

Yangzhou Youth Office website to do illegal advertising illegal profit was sentenced to 5 years

xinhuanet.com Nanjing December 16th news (reporter Wang Junyong) a website owner for the network game Sifu network publicity profit more than a thousand million, days ago by the Weiyang District Court of Jiangsu city of Yangzhou province to commit the crime of illegal business was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, fined 17 million 200 thousand yuan, 5 employees and 3 employed by the the name "customer" for illegal business crime were sentenced to 8 months to 1 years and 6 months of imprisonment and fined. read more

Mt.Gox intends to pass off the station in January launched the official not to say yes or no

Mt.Gox will close in January launched the official not to say yes or no

NetEase technology news on February 26th, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox today issued a statement on the website closed. The statement said the decision to suspend trading is intentional, but it did not progress and the rumors that there.

said in a statement posted on the official website of Mt.Gox, the company noted the recent report on the operation of the site and the trading market and repercussions. "Suspend all transactions and make this decision to protect the site and our users. We will pay close attention to the development of the situation and deal with it properly." read more

Unfamiliar Street 2 letter domain name mm.com transaction price of nearly $20 million

renamed China (eName.cn) June 4th news, last year to $1 million 200 thousand (about 7 million 470 thousand yuan) in the overseas platform node pats "Mo Mo" 2 letter domain name mm.com, recently traced the transaction, the transaction price of nearly 20 million yuan.

figure: mm.com

mm.com in June last year, the overseas domain name trading platform, with a price of about 7 million 470 thousand yuan, and became the highest price in the Sedo platform in the domain name in 2014. Only one year, this is the price of nearly 20 million yuan turnover, the appreciation of space is self-evident. read more

2007 list of top ten categories

      frontier: classification information after 05 years of rise, the precipitation of the past 06 years, there are a number of classified information site fell, part of the transformation, a part of the garbage station, the page is full of advertising. Just a little more vitality of the information platform, but also a considerable part of the early classification information website has a great development, such as reputation, kijiji.

      information classification can be predicted, 07 years will enter the stage of shuffling in real meaning, mainly classified information company in weaker gradually fell, not a small website classification of climate, will eventually be abandoned by the user; and to the left, is the real strength of the strong, in some classification information the city has a large number of loyal users, their services will eventually expand the domestic market each classified information. read more

The electricity supplier war out of mutual tear predicament, Ali behind the new mother beauty store

"double 11" is approaching, the electricity supplier ashes. Ali has just announced the double eleven plan, Jingdong a shot is a cool buy 11 days to Beijing Teng plan against Ali, Suning’s battle of Ping jing". The subsequent Suning and Jingdong copy is the tear forced out integrity.

in fact, with "integrity for eye" marketing have been excessive consumption, even cause consumer resentment.

today, Tmall posted ads to employees on the internet. Many people immediately found, this seems to be in response to the vertical mother to mother #1111 beauty store holiday # topic. The battle is finally out of the tear force, to gezonglianheng read more

Ali’s mother on the Google Baidu alliance will also inspire improvement

we all know, to do Baidu promotion, you need to stand has a very high ranking, a lot of stations, even if tens of thousands of IP per day, can not do Baidu promotion. Google AdSense? Do not need high ranking, as long as you have the traffic, you can apply for, and even can use blog application, relaxed restrictions. Recently, Ali mother came on hard, people have mentioned, your station is only 10 IP, Ali mother will call you put ads that Ali mother does not limit the user whether the size of the station, the station like Baidu limited, even more than Google AdSense to do a more detailed. read more

Anhui Taobao website of the whole process and publicity methods

should be the requirements of the webmaster. Today, the construction of the Anhui Taobao network station all written down. I believe that people know Anhui Taobao know. Anhui Taobao is created by me after 90 boys. Hey, why am I so many words. I contacted the site two years ago. Because I’m a programmer, so I have to.Net technology and study hard, never thought to do, a chance.

imperceptibly, I think of the website, began to register a domain name, website, of course, will come into contact with such as optimization, promotion, SEO and other information. Because they are programmers, some of the principles may be very clear. I began to position Anhui taobao.com is the electronic commerce website, Anhui province at last, I put it as a national, because in the process of propaganda, many businesses across the country continue to join, so that I changed the single Anhui idea, because everyone is your customer, the customer is God, the site at the same time, I always follow you: good is not good, customers say well is good, so I don’t pay too much attention to technical problems, if the site is famous, do not delay technology. You have the technology to do better, no one is to open a shop. read more

16 billion 800 million can not save music as we are not too harsh Jia Yueting

in January 16th, has long been suspended LETV finally through the 16 billion 800 million financing strategy of Dongfeng shares resume trading, however Gaokaidizou remains is a limit, the capital market with the roller coaster joke let Jia Yueting become a "false step stop", at a cost of 15 billion big investment LETV financial record China is plunged 8% that became a "hit China" at the same time, titanium media founder Zhao Hejuan also questioned the group again, LETV financing does not solve the fundamental problem, said LETV deadly vital, crazy transactions. read more

Three years of mood story, resigned only for the site dream

for the first time in the station, to make their story, perhaps, just because I am also a boring and lonely lonely day in front of the display can sit more than 3 points but not sleepy only is the webmaster can understand the webmaster! So, from the beginning of the 98 year of the net, many on the network after the start of the establishment of the road to self-study now almost 10 years old, is a real mood to write!

Modify Sina blog above banner

Methods are as follows:


first empty top LOGO (top bar background) method empties the top of a background picture:

< img  src=" javascript:Mlogo.style.background=”; " >

then write below for background code: (address for your background picture address)

< img  src=" javascript:document.getElementById (‘all’).Style.background=’url (the address of the background image); " >

< img  src=" javascript:document.getElementById (‘Mlogo’).Style.background=’url (top picture address);’ " >

Below is

two are modified, the modified code: read more

Baidu once again announced Beijing will resume normal national recovery

January 12th news, at about 12 noon, Baidu once again announced that the Beijing area has returned to normal service. And said that, as of now, www.baidu.com in the Beijing region IP resolution service has returned to normal, the rest of the country’s IP analysis is also being restored.

, according to Baidu’s earlier announcement that this morning, due to the Baidu domain name in the U.S. domain name registrar was illegally tampered with, resulting in www.baidu.com can not be normal access. Unable to access the user through the www.baidu.com, Baidu recommends its search through the www.baidu.com.cn. read more

Yang Fan why do I choose the site planning industry

today, Yang Fan said why I chose the site planning this industry, the following is my preliminary analysis:

one, follow the trend to see the development of

            site planning industry in foreign countries is the rise in 2002, but in the country is only gradually in the year of 2004. It is understood that in foreign countries engage in it network to make money is not the most technical staff, but the site planner. It technicians in foreign countries more than 8.3 times more than the site planning staff, but this data is gradually declining. We can see the importance of foreign website planning industry! read more

Automotive electricity supplier TrueCar submit IPO applications for financing $125 million

NetEase Francisco April 4th message, according to foreign media reports, the automobile business website TrueCar.com TrueCar today against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed an initial public offering (IPO) application to the maximum financing $125 million.

TrueCar is located in the United States of California, Santa Monica (Santa Monica) by CarsDirect.com founder Scott · (Scott Painter); Pentel was founded in 2005, he was early consultant of Tesla motors. Penter said in an interview that the company had rejected the price of more than $1 billion acquisition proposal. read more

A large number of sites joint Dragon hardware to create a new network marketing situation

Beijing 7, July 2009 / PRNewswire / — recently, by a handful of websites and Tianlong Hardware City, CO hosting the network marketing training in Tianlong Hardware City two floor held from Tianlong Hardware City of more than 30 business representatives and businesses participated in this training. The network marketing training will be designed to illustrate the way of small and medium enterprises network marketing, combined with the actual experience of network marketing, network marketing can prove to bring good hardware companies. read more

NetEase following the launch of the buy navigation station after the introduction of B2C online mall

[TechWeb news] December 16th news, NetEase, following the launch of the Group buy navigation site NetEase head, but also launched B2C online mall shop.163.com. Analysis of the industry, NetEase move is intended to rely on portals, online games and e-mail huge user base and influence, in the fierce competition in the e-commerce market accounted for a place.


mall currently supports prepaid recharge, online games, direct purchase lottery tickets, photo printing and printing individual customized and other living services, and will support the domestic online games market more than 95% game cards online direct. NetEase launched a number of these businesses, are associated with their own advantages of products. read more