Xiao Jun case analysis of the chain strategy in Shanghai Longfeng in effect

we often search keywords often encounter the keywords ranking page, and did not appear in some snapshots! I think there is a lot of people think, a web site to a web site outside the keywords ranking can do very badly, will think this kind of website in the use of the strong Shanghai Dragon Technology Optimization above, I used to have this idea, often when a search keyword will appear irrelevant to a site, will think there is a problem of search engine, or the chief of Shanghai dragon is very powerful, it is not what is done for these, you can also do the chain strategy in Shanghai dragon in today Xiao Jun1 with his site of Shanghai Longfeng development and some cases and the.

can of course this problem may also be due to the high weight keywords import links are sufficient to maintain this situation, but I blog in the early development of Links even for less than one, what is found each other after both sides add a link to my blog included only one page of love sea resolute will I the link is removed, the establishment of independent blog because I was only half a month, only included the home page, and Changsha Shanghai dragon I had only one month later before the appearance, when the Guangzhou Shanghai dragon the links are coming back, so that my blog basically can be ignored.


this is what I said earlier in the search for a keyword, the search results have not found the phenomenon of keyword ranking page snapshot, and because the dream in the title and description of the official site is not found GBK words, I think before I never will have it, in fact this is no doubt that search engine problems, as long as the combination of factors in search engine ranking is very easy to find, content, chain and influence keywords ranking keywords > import links

love Shanghai search keywords GBK. Official rankings love Shanghai second

because a lot of people have asked me this question so it analyzes my blog, following a more obvious example, search keywords GBK and UTF8 love Shanghai, dream official website appear at the top, because the same so only list the keywords property analysis of a specific look.

in my blog now has a lot of Shanghai dragon have asked me a question, why my blog can also in Guangzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Changsha ranked first in this website? I had Changsha Shanghai dragon, has been able to maintain before the keywords ranking, in addition to this reason, there are is the use of the chain strategy, at the later stage of the keywords to do some within the chain, with the main keywords ranking good reason, the keywords are naturally attached to do up, this amendment website will have such experience, after making new keywords will still have good old words ranking.

What is the electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon

summary: what is the electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon? It is actually very simple, is the electronic commerce network.


b) Shanghai dragon compared to SEM promotion cost lower.

as Taobao and Tmall these business platform using shielding some of the mainstream search engine robots.txt, so Taobao and Tmall these shops do Shanghai dragon also have no meaning. Jingdong and Dangdang although there is no shielding search engine, but after all, not their own independent website can be optimized for the smaller room. Therefore, suggestions on Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng significant independent B2C site.

C) Shanghai dragon compared to SEM is stable and long.


e-commerce is simply using the Internet the electronic platform engaged in various business activities to meet consumer demand is the final.

for the first time with the Shanghai Phoenix know when I was a newcomer, silly little crab, it is difficult to imagine the clerical duties is to do Shanghai dragon promotion of Shanghai dragon is what, why do Shanghai dragon is completely ignore. I only know that every leader arrangement down is the hair of the chain, the registered forum / blog, the chain of hair more bonus is higher, a long time will find themselves exactly like a machine every day to repeat the same thing, numb has become lazy thinking; however, once accidentally let I have a new understanding of the Shanghai dragon, according to the personal experience is what everyone is talking about e-commerce in Shanghai dragon

a) users trust hang natural search rankings, Shanghai dragon is the natural search engine rankings. SEM will display the text of

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon Chinese means both search engine optimization, search engine rankings by law, to optimize the rationality of the website, improve your site in the search engine ranking, so as to improve site traffic, enhance website sales and publicity, let search engine to bring more customers to you.

, a cognitive electronic commerce and Shanghai Dragon

search engine optimization Shanghai dragon network promotion can be understood as a branch of e-commerce promotion, Shanghai dragon has certain promoting effect on electronic commerce; electronic commerce is to rely on the network transactions, while the Shanghai dragon is through the search engine optimization and promotion, improve search engine rankings, e-commerce can help get better sales ability, find more customers, to achieve the purpose of consumer products.

two, the electronic commerce and the Shanghai DragonShanghai dragon

d) Shanghai dragon is more suitable for the long tail keywords, this is because Shanghai Longfeng low cost compared to SEM

four, Shanghai dragon relative SEM what are the advantages of


three, what type of business for Shanghai dragon

Webmaster meditation how to start from scratch, a Web2.0 station positioning analysis

the old saying goes: "seek first things, then prosper, and advance will perish.".

this sentence is used in many things is suitable, especially for the operation of the site. Now, because of the availability of open source programs, resulting in a surge in the number of sites, a concept came out, there are countless follow the trend of the site has risen. But for small and medium-sized webmaster, do stand at the beginning, how do you locate, how to plan? If not consider to download an open source program blindly start, the so-called plan in advance, the end result can be hard work for nothing.

in the following article, I will combine my own current operation is www.94hw.com (network of fun) to talk about how I positioned it, how to develop step by step. Is the fun is Web2.0 website, the specific mode is Digg digg type. Of course is the fun network is still far from success, so this article only and we used to discuss the exchange, please correct the expert.

(a) completely imitate, only a dead end, digg in China is not without hope,

if you just imitate the idea that someone else has succeeded, you’ll never succeed. If you can in the imitation innovation, has its own originality, perhaps can Zoupian Jian Feng, cut a piece of cake market. Take the familiar happy net, although it copy the mode of foreign countries, but it has its own clear positioning of the new, for the white-collar groups, but not with another familiar SNS website of campus network user, because the user group is different. Although many experts from happy net is not optimistic, but at least it is Chen Yizhou to buy a good domain name kaixin.com is an imitation of happy net to good, and if you see signs of Chen Yizhou’s copycat happy net can not exceed kaixin001.COM. It may become a joke in the history of the internet.

The era of

Web2.0 has passed, and now, when it comes to this concept, few people pay attention to it. But I always love the concept of love, a model called digg 2. Almost no domestic experts in the Internet Digg optimistic about this model, because people think Digg success abroad may be just a coincidence, but the domestic and foreign Internet environment and the quality of Internet users have too many different.

but I think the domestic experts are not optimistic about it. They can not conclude that this model can not live in china. A large operating team may not want to explore this direction, which is an opportunity for our small and medium sized websites. So, after careful consideration, I decided to fly against the wind and make a Digg station, because I was looking at the Digg model, not its success now. All or nothing, at least try hard.

(two) my late domestic Digg site >

Baidu always makes me happy, let me worry

June 14th, my new photo station, http://www.meinvjzy.com, is finally ready. With a very excited mood, only waiting for Baidu included. When I was done, I didn’t submit it to the major engines. Because once read a SEO article, say new sites are not submitted to the engine, the major engines will naturally included, but included time than submit to the engine relative to longer. So I didn’t submit the URL to the search engine at that time. Just, this new station and I did 2 months ago station (http://www.fzshequ.com each big engine normal included, site home first, PR=3, Baidu included 1000+. ) the link was swapped.

days go by and it’s been a week. What a rush! I’m looking forward to the new picture station every day as soon as possible. So the first thing I get up every morning to go to the computer is to go to Baidu site. Coincidentally, one day, coincides with Baidu every Wednesday or so big update, I once again did not hesitate to knock down the site, the results surprised me: Baidu finally included, happened to about a week. In fact, I know, not submitted to the engine’s Web site, usually after 1 months will be included in Baidu, but I was 1 weeks of the new station was included in Baidu, estimates have close relationship with the Links, because I did not do other promotion in advance. Most of the Baidu spider along the link address, climbed to my new station, included the home page, snapshot date is 6.18 days. Not only that, the major engines have also included this new station. Ha ha, don’t mention the fun,


but since the first Baidu included good times don’t last long, after, I insist every day update 20 article content (not the acquisition, the acquisition was asked not to love), often go to some of the famous forum included fast, top posts (of course with signature). However, second times, third times Baidu big update every Wednesday, my home page snapshot is still 6.18 days, did not increase any other page (of course, other engines are normally included, GG has been included on the more than 100 page. ) this has to make people wonder. I still don’t understand it until now. I insist on doing a month of content and promotion, the content has reached 400+, and the chain has reached 200+, anti Lian also has 9. Baidu why not update snapshot, I every day lead spider, do original content?.

ah, depressed, really depressed! This is really let me joy! However, since the station at this point, I also clung to confidence, continue to insist to be done, I believe that gold will shine in any place, Baidu will find out


, wait, wait. If you need to reprint, please specify: article source http://www.fzlshequ.com, thank you!


Xiao Zhen Gao Qunsheng Hu soup to head office.

in Hu soup to join the brand in joining the project representative, today Xiaobian for a good one to join the brand – xiaoyaozhen high Qunsheng Hu soup do you recommend. Gao Qunsheng Hu Latang is one of the many investors prefer to join the project, many investors want to visit a store in reference to Eve, but do not know the store in what place? For this small series for the following:

Xiaoyao Zhen Gao Qunsheng Hu soup food Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the company formerly xiaoyaozhen high Hu La headquarters is located in Xiaoyao Decoction Qunsheng Hu soup birthplace – Xihua County town of Xiaoyao Xiaoyao Town, high Qunsheng Hu soup store was built in the last century the mid 30s, has a history of over 70 years. Corporation has: Xiaoyao Zhen Gao Qunsheng Hu soup headquarters, Kao Hu soup condiment factory, Xiaoyao Hu soup chain training headquarters, Xiaoyao Hu soup technology training center.

Mr. Kao Qunsheng xiaoyaozhen Hu soup thirteenth generation descendant, his father happy learning Hu soup brewed according to the traditional techniques, the ancestral Hu soup recipe by Mr. Qunsheng continuous efforts, decades of innovation to explore a set of suitable for modern taste of Hu Tang Peifang, after he stayed the Hu soup, spicy and delicious food for a long time, appetite, dispelling wind and cold, and the efficacy of Huoxue Zhuanggu Yin yang. Mr Gao Qunsheng is now a "intangible cultural heritage Hu soup craft heritage", the boiled soup Hu has won the "Chinese famous snacks" "Henan famous" 3.15 "favorite consumer products" and in the previous xiaoyaozhen Hu soup won the "grand prize contest".

to promote the free and unfettered Hu soup is a traditional food health and sustainable development, we carry out domestic xiaoyaozhen Hu soup soup Hu joined, technical training, Hu soup ingredients business. At present, the development of more than 100 schools have been developed, more than a total of trainees in the people, all over the country, most of them have embarked on the road to get rich on the road to more than 3000.

is committed to a lifetime to do a bowl of Qunsheng Xiaoyao Hu soup, dedication to consumers of green and healthy delicacy. General manager of the company with all the staff warmly welcome colleagues came to discuss business, a total of large industry. Unremitting efforts to create China’s spicy soup snacks. In order to carry forward the local snacks in Henan and promote the national catering culture.

The above is the simple introduction of the

xiaoyaozhen Hu Latang high some details to join, if you still have what other issues are not clear please post our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message.

Female entrepreneurship needs to master the 10 successful methods

female entrepreneurs now and female entrepreneurial process It is often seen., they often face many difficulties, so women need to pay attention to some success in business, to obtain business success.

female entrepreneurial success method and sense of adventure. The process of entrepreneurship is inevitably accompanied by risks, the concept of women is relatively cautious conservative, relatively poor psychological bearing capacity of the risk, the lack of courage to innovate, more choice to imitate. See other people’s shop business is good, so they intend to own the same width of the Bay, the lack of their own personality, hobbies, strengths and many other aspects of thinking. Admittedly, imitation itself can reduce the risk, but not with their own conditions of imitation but increased the risk of entrepreneurship! The risk is not foolhardy, but their own, have the courage to bear the uncertain factors in the process of entrepreneurship. Meet the right project should dare to try, dare to challenge themselves, the way to reduce risk is to know more about the relevant industry, improve their comprehensive quality and skills. There is no risk of the usual sense of the business is not, can not lose business could not be met for the. Since the idea of trying to start a business, it is necessary to actively prepare to think, once considered mature should be brave to attack!

female entrepreneurial success two, rational thinking. Women watch TV often shed tears, which shows that women’s emotional thinking more rational thinking, all easy to start from their own likes and dislikes, unconsciously with their own feelings instead of others’ ideas. This habit of thinking is very harmful to entrepreneurship. Although mixed with passion and impulse, but entrepreneurship is a rational process, must be a scientific attitude to think about the problems encountered. Reduce the emotional impact. Accurately understand their strengths and weaknesses, to determine their own entrepreneurial ideas and models.

female entrepreneurial success three, small to large. Perhaps born, the majority of women are easy to care about small profits, the lack of a broad mind, there are sesame seeds and the suspicion of throwing watermelon. Do business to invest first, no pay no gain, vision needs to be put in the long run, the pursuit of the overall maximum benefit rather than the interests of a certain stage to maximize. In order to grow steadily for a long period of time, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice temporary interests. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, sometimes covet small profits but bring greater losses.

How – Zhengzhou Su cattle bones

want to say to eat, presumably no country can match china. But some people will say, is not to eat? There’s nothing to show off, but Xiao Bian doesn’t think so. We can’t ignore it because it is the most common, but we should be afraid of it, and only China can put the diet on the world can not reach the height. Some people say that China culture is ancient diet culture, namely "hunger breeds discontentment" the proverb, visible Chinese to "eat" attention. Pay attention to diet, naturally picky on the hotel. The avenue hotel, some day queuing, some different dominate the fate of a deserted house, just two words — features! The following small to say this is a distinctive brand – Su cattle bones.

how about Zhengzhou’s head of beef? What are the advantages? See the following details:

The core competitiveness of

‘s bovine bone: a center, two basic points

a center: the center of the quality of food products

two basic points: good taste, good atmosphere

development of the food and beverage industry has been changed, from food to technology, from the decoration to the service, dazzling, in fact, analyzes successful brand we can find such a law: no matter how bones change, but one center and two basic points of

has not been changed!

Sue cattle bone secret recipe: absolute confidentiality of the core competitiveness of

Su cattle bone core formula, derived from the family of Mr. Lu family heritage, containing dozens of flavors and fragrances, the multi process can be completed. Exclusive secret system, outsiders can not analyze all kinds of spices and the proportion of research. After mixing the formula, after a number of procedures for the production, cooling and strict testing, the Soviet Union through the cold bone of the cold chain distribution to the various stores in the country. In this way, not only can maintain bone Lo pure, but also to other brands are not imitation and plagiarism, to ensure that the interests of investors.

Su’s bovine bone joining advantages:

risk reduction, so that less detours:

Su cattle bone business 10 years, strong, there are a number of models for investors to shop. With the success of the brand to go, effectively reduce the risk of


minus decoration, so that shop investment is lower:

Su’s cattle bones is taking the public route close to the people and lively fashion decoration, relaxed, even open shop, do not need a lot of decoration into


reduction of labor, so that business becomes easy:

< >

Huangyuan to promote lighting work

2012, Huangyuan lighting lighting work according to focus, to promote the node to create highlights, reflect the characteristics of "the requirements to" energy saving, environmental protection features, the principle of "in" a new king, and color "efforts, through new construction, rectification, maintenance etc. steadily lighting lighting work. To further improve the city grade.

first half of the year, Huangyuan county will work with lighting lighting grinding Forest Wetland Park, the Arctic mountain scenic park, the ancient city of Huangyuan in two, Dan Inn, outdoor landscape and other key construction projects, combined with synchronous design, construction, acceptance and delivery. Taking into account the overall layout of the county, to promote landmark buildings, public facilities, the main tourist attractions as the focus of the lighting project. Completed an investment of 5 million 80 thousand yuan, the construction of City Road, East Road, East Street, North Street, Tibet Road, Dan Junggar phase two street 20 building lighting building, 286 street lamps on Main Street for maintenance and replacement. At the same time, focus on promoting the construction of new rural areas, to further improve the rural lifestyle, invested 310 thousand yuan, focusing on the implementation of the Ba Yan Xiang Ba Yan, Xia Si, Ba Yan Xia 3 Village lighting lighting project, for each village to install solar photovoltaic lighting lamp more than and 50, the implementation of the project to further improve the living conditions of the village people, travel more convenient. (author: Luo Hongmei)



Public memo New Year’s day around the new section of the lake city traffic control

In December 30th, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that 10:30 on January 1, 2016, forty-third day race activities will be held at Lake Sports Center Stadium, in order to ensure the orderly activities carried out smoothly, Xining police decided from January 1st to 12:30 10:15, the connection of traffic control on the part of the road in sea lake district.

Xining Nanchuan industrial park this year to build seven core area

Xining Nanchuan Industrial Park as the Xining national economic and Technological Development Zone "four major industrial base is one of the province to create a main position of Tibetan carpet capital of the world". This year, Nanchuan Industrial Park in investment and construction projects as the starting point, strive to build the core area, to enhance the overall image and competitiveness of the park.


entered the "12th Five-Year" period, Nanchuan Industrial Park, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone to seize development opportunities, increase industry efforts to foster and support the initial formation of leading industry and industry park. This year, Nanchuan Industrial Park will upgrade, through mergers and acquisitions or repurchase, planning the development of the highway toll station to serve the green entrepreneurial road of Qinghai cashmere industry area of small enterprises, remediation venture Road, enhancing the image. To speed up the Nanchuan River Park project governance, enhance the image of river landscape. Efforts to promote the relocation of the work area to create a harmonious environment for the park. To speed up the construction of the park central business district headquarters base, grasp the investment service center of the park main and subsidiary buildings, five star hotels and office buildings (office building), the project of Industrial Products Exhibition Center buildings and other construction, focus on creating Park core area. We will actively promote the construction of a comprehensive residential area of hot springs and commercial and recreational areas, and build a first-class living, entertainment and leisure area in Xining. Promote the construction of Qinghai international wool carpet manufacturing base and Qinghai specialty products exhibition center area, enhance the image of the characteristics of the industry area. Increase the Kunlun jade brand publicity, speed up the construction of the United States and Qinghai jade cultural industrial park area, to create the image of the characteristics of the cultural industry area.

Development Zone Nanchuan Industrial Park of Xining Development Zone "as one of the four major industrial base, is the province to create a main position of Tibetan carpet capital of the world". Next, the park will be in accordance with the production city integration, two wheel drive development model, and constantly improve the basic supporting capacity, expand financing channels and scale, assume the responsibility to promote the process of urbanization and industrial development. (author: