Net push 365 clever use of micro-blog to increase the chain of Web site

has now entered the real micro era, everybody was enjoying his Twitter Life: "micro-blog" and "WeChat" and "micro novel" and "micro interview" and "micro broadcast" and "micro resume" and "micro video" and "micro music" and so on, as long as you can think of, no micro. In this micro world, how can we make full use of micro-blog to micro-blog marketing? Before I had in "fifteen increase the site outside the chain revealed a classical method" is introduced in this paper some commonly used methods to increase the chain, then how to use the micro-blog chain increases again for everyone to do a simple introduction. read more

Share how played Baidu

Baidu, a search engine that we all do. Although sometimes Baidu would like the vicious stepmother general Meng K our site, but we still love her ~ this is upset ah, then how, in the Chinese in website promotion, if you go to the Google ranking and ignore Baidu that is tantamount to self destruction, or the use of Baidu in China because the majority of visitors. We only follow the rules set by Baidu to play this game, it likes what we do, it will be "reward", give us a relatively good ranking. read more

Cheng Lingfeng split vertical operations will be portal trends

such as the title, this is Feng brother’s point of view.

first, such as health, parenting, such as small channels, there are many four major portals, relying on the flow of the door to maintain, but in the market without competitiveness, there is no independent income strength. The parasite is, too. These are independent accounting, and intensify reform, survival of the fittest.

second, sports, finance, technology, entertainment, such as medium-sized channels, there are shaping teams, play, and the market, but the potential has not been excavated. Should be independent vertical division, independent accounting, self financing, led by an independent general manager. read more

Talking about the most annoying user experience in website construction

website construction in the rapid development of the Internet era has become a technical threshold low, now many site is through the network to download the program to revise and apply a domain name space and built a website. So, as more and more sites on-line, the user experience is put on a level, many large portals have appeared when users access the site to find problems and put forward reasonable suggestions to improve the user experience of specialized departments. And many sites in order to improve the amount of access and access to more advertising opportunities, regardless of user experience, using rogue means. New treasure net in the website construction in many years of experience and user survey statistics, found that the following are some of the most annoying user experience: read more

What are the successful management skills to open a clothing store

basic necessities of life everything is not the lack of good direction of garment industry is the entrepreneurial choice, is worth in the industry, a huge market and profit of the apparel industry, also attracted a lot of attention of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial clothing stores are also increasing. But the opening of the clothing franchisee, want to succeed in business, still need some skills. Here to give you a look at the success of the opening of the franchise business skills, hoping to help more people. read more

What are the risks of food and beverage industry investment

reading: catering industry because of its broad prospects, large demand, profit margins and widely recognized by investors, has become the most popular investment industry. Investment risk, choose to be vigilant, the catering industry is a sunrise investment direction, but also there are some unavoidable risks, as catering entrepreneurs and to discern these risks, so as to avoid detours.

tangible risk refers to the risk and the degree of loss caused by the operator’s intuitive feeling and experience. Physical risk is also known as "hard risk", such as lack of funds or crowding out, rising raw material prices, loss of food prices, dishes unpopular, outdated equipment, etc.. This risk is obvious, and the value of the loss can be calculated. If the food and beverage enterprises to strengthen market research and operational risk management, to take appropriate measures or cooperation with professional food and beverage institutions, you can prevent or reduce the loss of this physical risk. read more

The successful operation of cabinets stores need to pay attention to what the whole

Home Furnishing products market development is very good, with economic growth, people’s demand for a variety of activities Home Furnishing obviously, which is a cabinet, a cabinet business franchise headquarters choose good cooperation is the first step to success. In the process of opening a shop, do a good job in the store franchise store operators, a good grasp of the key points, then the investor cabinet stores, will be able to get the desired income. So what are the specific ones? Let’s take a look at the following analysis: read more

A pregnant baby store location what trick

two-child policy open, pregnancy and infant supplies market demand alarming, hot consumer market capture, I believe the business will be good to open a pregnant baby supplies store. And a pregnant baby shop, the first step is the location problem. Store is directly related to the quality of the store business is good or bad, so sloppy.

in a maternal and child supplies chain of stores, we must first choose a suitable location. Followed by the relevant business methods. Maternal and child care chain stores in the initial investment in the problem of the novice will feel overwhelmed. Below, I will introduce to the novice to explain. read more

Dare to take to win customer trust


is the owner, but we can not for any of the goods in the shop are very familiar with, there are some quality problems, only the customer after their consumption is clear. And customers to our store, we have to be responsible for the customer, to provide them with reliable quality products, considerate service. Some businesses said that the goods are manufacturers, what are you looking for manufacturers to go! This shirk responsibility, only allow customers to be more dissatisfied with you, counterproductive. read more

Ten customs clearance integration reform started

The morning of May 1st, from Holland ocean imported a batch of cotton spinning machinery and equipment to choose applications in an integrated way in Yinchuan comprehensive free trade zone, customs procedures, the customs clearance time and previous clearance mode for at least 2 days shorter than. This marks the Silk Road Economic Zone in Qingdao, Ji’nan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Lanzhou,, Yinchuan, Xining, Urumqi, Lhasa and other customs clearance integration reform started.

Three quarter March Qinghai the province’s third industry growth rate higher than the national avera

[data Jun] report]

"date" of agricultural information service

mention of the third industry, people first thought is associated with the life of the industry, such as catering services, clothing stores, hotel accommodation, transportation and tourism, health care, pension services etc.. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg, far from the influence of the rapid development of the third industry to improve people’s living standards, improve the quality of life is so simple, it can effectively promote the province industrialization and modernization, expand the field of employment and employment. Today, we take a look at three of the information services and agricultural production of a hand, the collision sparks.This is from

"eggplant Geyuan modern agricultural production base in Xining city south of new village of the town a total total pick, you see there are long eggplant in the branches of the photo." In November 5th, in the supermarket to buy food Ms. Lee was delighted to find that picking vegetables not only depending on the appearance, can be found in the vegetables "origin" and "family". Ms. Lee found that only insignificant, with the rural information service of our province to speed up the construction speed, in the province of agricultural and livestock products, specialty goods behind weave a huge information service network, which covers half of Qinghai province.

and in Qinghai province science and technology information research data center, not only can see Ms. Lee to buy vegetable origin and planting, even the growth of soil, climate, water and other detailed information data can see. Here is our province rural information service platform "brain", every department and enterprise information data products and services are gathered here, in the "network" in the background, won the provincial science and Technology Department, provincial economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau more than and 20 unit. The other end of the network for their farmers or herders, not only provides medical care and employment information service, the most important is to provide management, field management, agricultural planting and breeding technology, the agricultural products price, even the "farmers’ customized service.


read more

Romantic love ice cream easily harvest wealth

easy business, to choose to join the romantic love ice cream? In our life, there will always be a lot of business with a small capital entrepreneurs choose to join the romantic love ice cream, open their own brand stores. In fact, it is also a very wise choice!

romantic love ice cream, and the market compared to other top brand ice cream, taste more of the good, the price is also very cheap! Romantic love ice cream, the product does not produce any ice residue, taste more delicate, smooth and fresh. At the same time, the quality of milk, low-fat low sugar, milk fat content of less than 3%, green and healthy, delicious food is for everyone. read more

See how Mr. Wang changed from a part-time job into a small boss

many migrant workers do not preserve the status quo, but there is yet no action, missed a lot of opportunities. As a member of the working family, Wang Rui positive action, opened a tea shop, opened the road to entrepreneurship. By opening such a tea store, he quickly in the entrepreneurial industry stand out as a representative of the successful boss.

tea shop owner Wang Rui, in front of the shop is just a shuttle in the city of ordinary working people, by working to save down a small amount of money they intend to open a shop boss. As a young man, in the face of the unknown life, we are all in for Mi Zhilian, no such a spirit of Mi Zhilian, how we can truly succeed?! read more

Women entrepreneurs should pay attention to the problem of entrepreneurship

now the female entrepreneurs in the number of each year is increasing, at the same time, female entrepreneurs in the business period will encounter and faced a lot of problems, so that the majority of women should be how to break through these limitations in the entrepreneurial process?

1, the limits of gender:

this is a woman boss first to break through, to break this point is not easy. "Patriarchal" concept has been in the land of China survived for thousands of years, ingrained, difficult to eradicate. Although after entering the modern society, in the hearts of men, "gender equality" has become more and more intense, but the woman itself is able to break this limitation, but has become the key to the problem. In the "equality" is more and more important, when a phenomenon began to appear, that is the society for women over concessions and care, let the woman from the weak in the wild storms once again become weak in the greenhouse. Gradually, women have their own habits can easily, there is to go through life, men in their own home, go shopping, as if this is a noble embodiment. read more

You must know the three points of the food and beverage business

low threshold of food and beverage business, technology is not high, the risk of high returns, many investors are optimistic about the reasons for the development of the food and beverage industry. In the course of business, many people are lack of experience, with the experience of others, not their own characteristics, do not know what are the problems in the course of business, do not understand business, eventually leading to failure of the restaurant, for this problem, the following is the summary of the problems of read more

Sony Ericsson baked give you health and consumer experience

what kind of food and beverage can be widely recognized by consumers, I think this question is no matter who is able to answer, that is healthy, delicious food. Good things in front of everyone will naturally learn to appreciate, what kind of food and beverage items with the above characteristics? Sony Ericsson baked dessert more healthy nutrition, leading consumer boom. Sony Ericsson baked dessert to join the brand with its unique advantages in the industry talent shows itself and investors of all ages, consumers, four free good projects, worthy of attention! read more

Thailand military helicopter scared chicken 280 thousand baht compensation

, according to media reports, a southern Thailand farm has more than 2000 chickens sudden unexplained death, was found after investigation, a huge military helicopter landing noise scared chicken lines near the.

1 reported on 26 southern Thailand Prefecture of Songkhla (Songkhla) 23 chickens bizarre deaths, the understanding to know the original wind vibration and noise caused by military helicopter, let a 4500 chicken farm more than half of the chickens were frightened by the sudden death, suffered heavy losses. read more

Shop operators need to do safety management

because of a temporary check, leading to the outbreak of the security incidents shop, and some are caused by a lot of property losses, while others will have serious personal safety incidents. So, do a good job shop management, also need to pay attention to safety management. And some people through the place, there will be security risks. So safety management has become the primary concern of all walks of life, our retail stores are no exception.

we have a supermarket near the shop because of the marble shop, it seems to be the atmosphere, clean and refreshing, but to the rainy days, there is often a customer slipping and passing. To the supermarket owner did not seriously, when there was an old man in her supermarket door slip and cause the leg bones broken, the old man’s son of the supermarket owner reported to the legal department, all medical expenses and compensation for loss of working time, the boss did not know a mistake. Then know to take measures to buy a non slip mat shop in the supermarket door. read more

f you want to control others, learn to control yourself

is a successful people need to learn to control their emotions, even a person can not control themselves, and how to control them? We always encounter such things in life, then, we must learn to control their own.

1 to calm

in your life fall into the trough, beside you all to tell you: to be strong, but also to be happy. It is absolutely necessary to be strong, but happy? In this case, I’m afraid it’s too hard for you. After all, who can in the fall head broken and bleeding also feel happy? But at least it can be calm. Look at the matter calmly, calmly deal with the other things to deal with. Calm, no happiness, no happiness. read more

How to avoid risk of fast food

catering industry has been a rewarding and attracted many entrepreneurs to join in, but many people are to follow suit, this choice is blind. The investment in the food and beverage industry has a lot of risk, the following analysis will be faced with some of the risks.

read more