Why is the chain to the end keyword ranking is still completely indifferent

The quality of the chain, The update cycle of

6, love Shanghai. Love Shanghai generally once a month big update, general keywords are required by the big update ranking is > obvious

. Keywords the competitive decision, you do a keyword, how many people will tell you the competitive position of the home page, of course, if the home is large website column page live content page, is enough to let you spend more energy to deal with the increasingly fierce competition of keywords, the more we difficult to sit up. While popular keywords, perhaps only a few chain can do it.

is this the chain for keywords ranking, the influence factors can be divided into the following 5 factors, when we send the chain saw no keywords ranking, we can refer to the following questions, whether associated with their

4. Now the hair of the chain do not have many places, is probably the most forum and blog the chain, personally feel that the results are not what is generally more cattle X forum will never make you advertise, unless some advertising, many outside the chain have not been included in Shanghai’s love, and more how quality is zero, the efficiency is zero, send more have effect to the ranking will not.

2 of the website, the weight of 1, keywords competitive

3, the internal optimization effect. Internal optimization are not in place? What many web sites, every day no content update, just start from the chain, so the effect is certainly not so obvious, the best way is to combine inside and outside, the content and the chain construction.

The stability of

. This website weight influence keywords ranking, that is to say the same words, the weight high website may not need the chain can easily go up, but not the weight of the website, perhaps only through the chain to make it produce rapid accumulation ranking, of course, right down the site need to spend time and energy even more, the chain of hair are more clouds, only can let the site back then there is the hope of weight.

5, the chain. The stability of the chain on posts can keep long time, can keep the best, when the hair is removed, certainly can not bring effect, and when a published account of too much to be deleted, impact on the site is very large, perhaps because of the chain loss rate is too high and cause site drop right.

Hello, first to the side, feeling a bit difficult for you today that is outside the chain. Good for the chain are mostly friends, outside the chain of resources has become an indispensable factor in the website optimization competition, in the short term to let alone ranking keyword generation station optimization is unlikely to produce the effect, especially some competitive keywords, want to sit on to more difficult. At present, many in the QQ group and forum can see many of my friends would ask why he made so much of the chain, keyword ranking or no effect, their operation has a problem or crazy love Shanghai.

Don’t forget the enterprise website optimization marketing mode allows two-way operation twice

But many To promote social


how in the process of Web site optimization to increase marketing genes? Generally speaking, website optimization is divided into two parts of content construction and the construction of the chain, so the optimization of the two parts has become an important basis in marketing. In the content construction, website content to be standing in the industry point of view, the sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height were analyzed, and introduced to the enterprise product advantages, this internal propaganda is a subtle, rather than direct advertising words, this potential content construction, not only can play the role of website optimization at the same time, can also be other enterprise websites, the formation of viral marketing effect.

optimization personnel must think, ordinary enterprise website content, it is difficult to become the object of other websites, then to optimize the role of staff, will be passive to wait for others to reprint, into their own initiative to reprint, construction of this kind of active reproduced but also to the chain by increasing the extended reading of the link, it is the action which can shoot two hawks with one arrow, effectively improve the optimization function of the website, because even love Shanghai Scindapsus update algorithm, let the chain construction site has more requirements, the original content with the chain, can reflect the essence of the construction of the chain well, so as to enhance the website optimization effect.

in the optimization process to integrate marketing ideas, but in the professional marketing also want to raise cash to optimization, currently in the network marketing, the core is social networking platform for marketing, marketing in this way is more capable of producing viral, such as a micro-blog V reprint information often can cause the attention of countless people, a little information can contain a huge marketing power, which is the other marketing methods can not be compared, but I believe that in these social platforms, can also pay attention to the construction of the chain and content construction. "

a lot of enterprise website content is relatively small, this obviously constitutes a congenital deficiency of Web site optimization, although many enterprises in the process of building the website have been aware of this problem and put forward the content of news release system, through the method of news richness seems to enhance the content of the web site, but in general, this release the way news is not able to effectively promote the enterprise website construction, many just as decoration, because the contents do not know how to write, do not know how to do optimization.

Website Optimization Marketing Analysis of

into the optimization of

is simple to some enterprise web site optimization and optimization, and simple ranking does not rise can effectively promote the website operation effect, can not enhance the site’s profit margins, the author thinks that the site optimization, website marketing should combine together, make optimization become a part of marketing, so that it can in the rankings website at the same time, also can grow into the site to provide more opportunities for profit.

Net push 365 clever use of micro-blog to increase the chain of Web site

has now entered the real micro era, everybody was enjoying his Twitter Life: "micro-blog" and "WeChat" and "micro novel" and "micro interview" and "micro broadcast" and "micro resume" and "micro video" and "micro music" and so on, as long as you can think of, no micro. In this micro world, how can we make full use of micro-blog to micro-blog marketing? Before I had in "fifteen increase the site outside the chain revealed a classical method" is introduced in this paper some commonly used methods to increase the chain, then how to use the micro-blog chain increases again for everyone to do a simple introduction.

1, find suitable for publishing the chain and more stable micro-blog website

do SEO friends all know, do the chain to choose high weight and relatively stable site to do. I recommend you use Notepad dog Xweibo and micro-blog, because micro-blog Notepad dog and Xweibo are free and open source program, suggest that you choose to create using the two open source micro-blog website, must judge whether the site is stable, then the next step, otherwise some personal open a small closed chain you are lost.

2, make good to release micro-blog information

one day I browse Notepad dog at micro-blog website, found China technology resource sharing network with micro-blog chain, Baidu, it was Baidu included, then I also learned that the increase of the chain method. The following network push 365, first let us see the Chinese science and technology resource sharing network in the record dog micro-blog is how to operate it, as shown in the following picture:

Baidu included results

, it is easy to see that the micro-blog is added to the title of the article (www.escience.gov.cn), click enter the article after micro-blog, as shown in the following picture:

chronicles dog micro-blog’s release of information

, we look at this micro-blog above, is not at once know how to remember the dog micro-blog skillfully increase the chain?. Then I give you see China technology resource sharing network in a Xweibo website is how to set up, I suggest everyone in the Xweibo set in the background must fill in the website such as content, plus the best on the web site, so that there is effect. As shown in the following picture:

the effect of filling out a profile on a Xweibo site

was included in the Baidu, the site described in the link can appear in Baidu search results, as shown in the following picture:

3, summary

net push 365 think, in micro-blog release chain, or special emphasis should pay attention to quality, every day should not be too much, too much will backfire, >

Share how I played Baidu

Baidu, a search engine that we all do. Although sometimes Baidu would like the vicious stepmother general Meng K our site, but we still love her ~ this is upset ah, then how, in the Chinese in website promotion, if you go to the Google ranking and ignore Baidu that is tantamount to self destruction, or the use of Baidu in China because the majority of visitors. We only follow the rules set by Baidu to play this game, it likes what we do, it will be "reward", give us a relatively good ranking.

of course, we can take some cheating means to deceive Baidu, but one day will be found, and K will be miserable, as for what is worthy of our careful selection here means I will not mention, you can see a post before me: [nine] webmaster tricks backfire don’t play and search engine (http://bbs.admin5.com/thread-1428919-1-1.html)

today I want to discuss is how to use Baidu’s own products to promote our website, after all, Baidu for its own products or preference are good, the following are some methods and experience I tried, a better method is proposed:

welcome package

1, news

Baidu home page’s first option. This is mainly to see the webmaster writing, if you write the original article (with your website) will soon be included in Baidu news, it would be a great blessing, Everfount flow will be to search this article you will also appear in the contraction results in a relatively high position. This method is difficult, because Baidu requirements for the article is relatively high.

2, Wikipedia

encyclopedia, Wikipedia webmaster best use to build a own entry, whether or not your keywords in the name of the website or in establishing an entry, for example I use my website name "spark media" in the encyclopedia set up an entry (http:// baike.baidu.com/view/2739054.htm). There are two advantages. First, stick it in the back. When you know it, it will bring convenience. Two, in case the site is K or penalized, visitors can still enter your site through links from your entry (because entries will appear in higher places in search results). Here, note that when you edit the entries, do not use too much advertising statements, links less, so that the entry rate will be high.

3, space

space, now Baidu space browser is also more and more, but do Baidu space do not ask for more, but fine, every day more updates. The flow brought by it is also considerable. Here, pay attention to the naming of space and the addition of the chain. You can use keywords to name your space, but Baidu space is not allowed for commercial use, if the name is too obvious, such as <

Cheng Lingfeng split vertical operations will be portal trends


such as the title, this is Feng brother’s point of view.

first, such as health, parenting, such as small channels, there are many four major portals, relying on the flow of the door to maintain, but in the market without competitiveness, there is no independent income strength. The parasite is, too. These are independent accounting, and intensify reform, survival of the fittest.

second, sports, finance, technology, entertainment, such as medium-sized channels, there are shaping teams, play, and the market, but the potential has not been excavated. Should be independent vertical division, independent accounting, self financing, led by an independent general manager.


‘s views and trends are similar to the one envisioned by Li Xueling in 2005 as editor in chief of the NetEase. Independent of the channel into a subsidiary, independent investment, employees share shares and options. But the NetEase finally failed. At that time, Li Xueling believes that NetEase with Sina’s approach can not go beyond Sina, with this approach, you can hatch a number of listed companies.

later came to Cao Guowei, followed by a similar strategy at sina. Real estate is one example. It is said that negotiations have also been made in the field of gaming. The idea was to spin off Sina’s game channel and merge with a vertical gaming portal, headed by the entrepreneur, who was injected and held by Sina and will be listed independently in the future.

The operation mode of

portal hasn’t changed for ten years, and the staff is lack of vitality. Without a change in strategy, it will only become more depressing. It is worth noting that, if the four door business alone accounting, has been in a small profit or even loss situation, especially in game income to support other business Tencent and NetEase.

regardless of sports, finance, automotive, technology, games and entertainment, the vertical web site outside the gateway has been well developed. They are more capable of entrepreneurial leadership and organization more powerful technical support team, more and more flexible and more radical, under the support of VC, the investment is higher than the portal, to get more high quality audience than the portal and more powerful influence.


example doesn’t need to be crowded, and the car home and Li Xiang will be enough. By the way, there’s one more thing that needs to be mentioned. Li Xueling himself was doing before YY started to play the game. With game, information and community roots, there is a game based voice communication tool, YY. Isn’t NetEase allowed to do it? Dude, go out and show it to you.

, for example, the most familiar tech circles of your readers. Four major technology channels in the mainstream industry continues to decline in the influence of the crowd. It is an indisputable fact. The most timely, powerful, and most technically valuable reports are based largely on emerging blogging sites. Portal science and technology channel articles and layout, lack of spirit, individual plates and even degenerated into public relations personnel "bribery soft text" of the land, and to "flicker" the boss to the budget of the flower rack.

Talking about the most annoying user experience in website construction

website construction in the rapid development of the Internet era has become a technical threshold low, now many site is through the network to download the program to revise and apply a domain name space and built a website. So, as more and more sites on-line, the user experience is put on a level, many large portals have appeared when users access the site to find problems and put forward reasonable suggestions to improve the user experience of specialized departments. And many sites in order to improve the amount of access and access to more advertising opportunities, regardless of user experience, using rogue means. New treasure net in the website construction in many years of experience and user survey statistics, found that the following are some of the most annoying user experience:

1, website pop-up ad. Before the Internet advertising show a single form, usually the site pop-up advertising, in the first station when it automatically pop-up an advertising page. So there was a lot of browser filtering ad functionality. There are still several websites that still employ such an advertising display, which is rather offensive. It is recommended to download Maxthon browser.

2, website floating ad. Most of the website a few years ago, there is such a function, when the page is opened, each page has a floating small square photo, full version of the mobile floating, some websites even a few such floating ads, completely left regardless of the user experience. As a result, a significant number of browsers have developed the ability to filter floating ads. And this year, similar floating advertising has no market, and relatively rare, can be described as a nuisance.

3, the site opens a new window. Although many people like the website to open a new window, but if you open every page is a new window, it will greatly affect the user experience. For example, from the home page click to see an article, click to enter new window after reading, see related articles, click again, and it is a new window, and so on, after reading several articles of the taskbar arrangement was already crowded, and don’t say another possible bomb advertising pages, quite Speechless.

4, the content of excessive paging. Some websites in order to improve the PV, will be an article with automatic program is divided into several small pages, read a paragraph to a page, or even a short time, and may turn to the second page third page is a word or a symbol, I believe you also have such experience, the result is nothing more than a off.

5, non – three click reading. Usually site has a principle that three clicks can read the article, but some websites, large portals are in the majority, regardless of this principle, so that people are not ashamed. I like to see a more interesting articles on the home page, click to enter, I have a lot of content, but I want to see this? Look, oh, see, click again, there is a lot of content, the original is a small bar to look for the channel content, and then click to enter again, there is a special page, searched for, click, finally appeared >

What are the successful management skills to open a clothing store

basic necessities of life everything is not the lack of good direction of garment industry is the entrepreneurial choice, is worth in the industry, a huge market and profit of the apparel industry, also attracted a lot of attention of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial clothing stores are also increasing. But the opening of the clothing franchisee, want to succeed in business, still need some skills. Here to give you a look at the success of the opening of the franchise business skills, hoping to help more people.

clothing to join someone said that the three key conditions of the shop: "the first is the location; the second is the location; or the location of the third". Thus it can be seen that the development of clothing franchise stores has a profound impact on the successful operation of the enterprise store. Between the leader and the franchisees need to cooperate closely, all-round thinking and formulate shop strategy, formulate and implement a plan in the most effective way, including market analysis, business investigation, location, decoration, opening and opening. All equipment, equipment and goods should be ready within the prescribed time. In order to achieve the fastest and highest economic benefits.

should pay special attention to, although the flow is very important, but the success of clothing is an important factor in the success of the potential customer quality, that is, those who agree with and appreciate the style of clothing brand. In the same trade area between the two competitors, it is possible to complement each other to form a cluster effect. Such as in the market positioning, positioning and product positioning and other aspects of different clothing store together, it will complement each other, the difference in competition.

and in the same business district, there is an interaction between different industries may lead to the popularity of the entire business district. Such as clothing stores and leather goods stores, shoe stores, cosmetics, table stores, and jewelry stores, etc.. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate and analyze the situation of the same trade and different industries.

before the opening of new stores, the need for the market to conduct a full investigation and analysis, clothing to join the understanding of the target city population, economy, and the development of clothing industry. According to the selected target city, it is possible to know where the market environment, and in the future of business in a targeted manner, for maximum success.

according to the characteristics of consumer demand for clothing, we need to understand the population of the selected cities from the total population, age structure and the total number of families and structure. Through the understanding of these cases, the franchisee can grasp the macro situation of the target city population, so as to subdivide the potential target consumer groups.

although the garment industry has a great prospect, but there are many places that need attention or in the operation time, read the above introduction, believe that everyone on the clothing stores business success tips this problem, also have their own understanding. Today’s entrepreneurial market itself is very chaotic, want to succeed in business not only to join a good project in the late recommendation

What are the risks of food and beverage industry investment

reading: catering industry because of its broad prospects, large demand, profit margins and widely recognized by investors, has become the most popular investment industry. Investment risk, choose to be vigilant, the catering industry is a sunrise investment direction, but also there are some unavoidable risks, as catering entrepreneurs and to discern these risks, so as to avoid detours.


tangible risk refers to the risk and the degree of loss caused by the operator’s intuitive feeling and experience. Physical risk is also known as "hard risk", such as lack of funds or crowding out, rising raw material prices, loss of food prices, dishes unpopular, outdated equipment, etc.. This risk is obvious, and the value of the loss can be calculated. If the food and beverage enterprises to strengthen market research and operational risk management, to take appropriate measures or cooperation with professional food and beverage institutions, you can prevent or reduce the loss of this physical risk.


catering intangible risk refers to the operator is difficult to rely on intuitive feelings and experience to judge, it is not easy to assess the current value of the risk of loss. The invisible risk is also known as "soft risk", as a result of poor quality of service caused by the image of catering enterprises decreased, due to low operating food quality and consumer confidence crisis caused by customer dissatisfaction due to false propaganda or boring and rebellious, because of the internal management of catering enterprises caused by relaxation and low labor efficiency, divided in public opinion and catering enterprises the risk of loss of the blind. Food business operators must attach great importance to the invisible risk, often to danger, keep a clear mind.

time of the catering industry risk


refers to the risk caused by the time difference to catering business. There are many reasons for the risk of time, such as the impact of seasonal changes on the food and beverage consumption, the market life cycle of the product, the change of consumer’s time, and the time difference of the competition in the business activities. Time to prevent the risk of the catering industry, must set up the concept of time, always observe the influence analysis of the change and development of things in motion time trend may bring to the catering business, try to eliminate the risk of time interference and damage to the catering enterprises to achieve business objectives, accurately grasp the opportunity, to ensure the normal operation of catering business.



refers to the food and beverage enterprises to achieve business objectives in the process, due to the impact of spatial factors caused by the risk. The cause of space is also the risk of many aspects, such as catering enterprises location and environment factors, around the market supply and demand change, regional history or tradition or custom or cultural differences, across the population distribution and resource conditions etc..

The successful operation of cabinets stores need to pay attention to what the whole

Home Furnishing products market development is very good, with economic growth, people’s demand for a variety of activities Home Furnishing obviously, which is a cabinet, a cabinet business franchise headquarters choose good cooperation is the first step to success. In the process of opening a shop, do a good job in the store franchise store operators, a good grasp of the key points, then the investor cabinet stores, will be able to get the desired income. So what are the specific ones? Let’s take a look at the following analysis:

join cabinet shop provides product styles to meet customer requirements, the general is directly related to the cabinets stores sales, so the cabinet franchise attaches great importance to the development of new products. So in this premise, the cabinet to do the key thing is to join the store to join the consumer.

so at this stage of the upgrade in the consumer driven growth in the industry, cabinets stores to make their products have a certain market share, brand cabinets production shops must be to brand competition, establish and strengthen its own brand. After the initial stage, the current cabinet stores have a strategic transformation of the needs of the next   cabinet stores; phase R & D costs will be put into the production process and design capabilities to enhance the synchronization target.

The design capacity of

cabinets stores put forward more requirements, cabinets stores will also invest more money in order to improve the design center of the ability to develop new products, and suppliers are more willing to have a certain scale and high brand awareness and product cabinets stores in cooperation, then joined the brand cabinets the project is to create wealth for investors, is to make cabinets stores have a good development in the industry.

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A pregnant baby store location what trick

two-child policy open, pregnancy and infant supplies market demand alarming, hot consumer market capture, I believe the business will be good to open a pregnant baby supplies store. And a pregnant baby shop, the first step is the location problem. Store is directly related to the quality of the store business is good or bad, so sloppy.

in a maternal and child supplies chain of stores, we must first choose a suitable location. Followed by the relevant business methods. Maternal and child care chain stores in the initial investment in the problem of the novice will feel overwhelmed. Below, I will introduce to the novice to explain.

due to prominent position and obvious, it is easy to be found and find customers. Maternal and child supplies the chain store, to facilitate customers to operate, the surrounding conditions are favorable for good especially with the development of modern urban civilization, consumers have a higher demand to the environment and geographical position. This requires the articles of chain store location is most important sites surrounding environment to join the health of maternal and child supplies.

novice want to open a good baby products chain, market research is essential, only to understand the needs of the market, the market can go deep into the actual shop. It is also hoped that every one like to add to the maternal and child care industry friends, pay attention to maternal and child supplies store chain pre investigation.


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