Deep grilled P2P net loan platform enabled domain name

renamed China ( March 5th news, Internet banking is one of the most popular areas as the present, the relevant domain name P2P net loan platform is also popular attention. Not long ago, the network P2P financial companies enjoy the investment to spend 1 million 200 thousand yuan acquisition of the brand name HXT.COM, became the focus of hot debate. So, these net loan platform like to enable what type of domain name, enable these types of domain names for those net loan platform has a pivotal impact on how it? read more

Shenzhen cross-border electricity supplier Wish based training commencement

under the mobile wave, do cross-border electricity supplier can not pay attention to Wish! Wish is the inevitable product of cross-border electricity supplier under moving trend, in Europe and North America as the target market, the customer has over a wide range of characteristics of consumption ability etc.. Unlike other PC electronic business platform, Wish platform rules are simple, very consistent with the habits of users in Europe and the United states. Since 2013 to join the development of cross-border electricity supplier, Wish abnormal rate, by 2015, global users reached 300 million, the amount of sales over 4 billion dollars, and China sellers only 60 thousand, and the platform settled threshold is low, so, no matter you have no experience of cross-border electricity supplier, on the Wish platform, you will have the chance to become big the seller, because it has just begun to force read more

10 years worth up to 500 times! Pay 1 million 240 thousand yuan new domain name

renamed China ( April 15th news, according to foreign media news, payment domain in the near future to be well-known domain name investors Mike Berkens for $200000, the price of about 1 million 240 thousand yuan successfully sold. The domain name changed in 2005 when the price is only $355. Less than ten years, the domain name value rose more than and 500 times


by the word pay (payment) constitute the domain name, suitable for all payment platform. According to the "Chinese whois query system, the domain name is registered in April 7, 2005, in April 13th just updated the domain name information, the current holder is a company called INTER-MARK. The relevant mainstream suffix domain names have been registered. read more

The impact of online shopping survey of consumers under the ten factors

with the rising cost of advertising, e-commerce business pressure is more and more big, how to improve the user becomes more and more important in the turnover rate based on the original, this article from the brand, users lock, publicity slogans, detailed anatomy of a variety of products, hoping to find a a common disease in increasing the proportion of ROI business.

a, brand effect

brand is the guarantee of customer loyalty and turnover rate. Whether it is from the search engine brand zone, or search engine brand, the general conversion rate reached more than 50%. Visible brand conversion rate how much force. And from several major portals advertising or other CPS channels of advertising, brand awareness of the turnover rate is much higher than the rate of non well-known brands. So why are the portals are the major brands of CPS rather than non well-known brands, because it will affect their conversion rate, and ultimately affect their income. Therefore, the impact of the brand is the biggest cause of turnover. read more

One week news review Double 11 trading volume record Baidu web site to open cooperation

, a reduction of 11 electricity supplier promotion war: Tmall play a leading role in Jingdong lonely

annual 1111 promotional activities finally came to an end, and in the past is different, this year’s electricity supplier war has become a one-man show Tmall, other electricity providers to participate in the weak, the basic has become a supporting role. This makes Tmall led 11.11 shopping Carnival day trading volume reached $19 billion 100 million (Tmall, Taobao, 5 billion 900 million), far more than last year’s $3 billion 360 million, thus setting a new record. read more

Taobao, a buyer information was leaked lost 50 thousand yuan

[Abstract] earlier, the buyer had received a call from strangers said orders frozen situation.


Times News (reporter Zhang Sijia) Shunyi District Ms. Qin online shopping, because the owner said the account was frozen for buyers with a refund, she will enter the bank card number and password "owner" offer ", then in the account of 5 yuan was taken. It questioned Taobao or store customer service to disclose its shopping information, fake shop owner is how to know what I bought and how to get my contact information? read more

Online video advertising service provider TubeMogul million investment

online video advertising service provider TubeMogul website

  Beijing on October 9th news, according to foreign media reports, online video advertising and analysis service provider TubeMogul announced on Friday that the company $10 million in the second round of financing, bringing the company’s total financing reached $15 million.

TubeMogul said that the second round of financing initiated by Foundation Capital, the investor also includes the Bridge Ventures and Knights Capital Partners (Trinity) previously involved in the financing. Trinity Ventures partner Azia · Chopra (Ajay Chopra) said in a statement: "since its inception, TubeMogul revenue growth at an annual rate of 300%, and the company’s capital utilization efficiency is very high." read more

Monitoring treasure mobile application monitoring services to lead mobile APM

leading application performance management operators, cloud wisdom (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. recently announced the launch of mobile application monitoring services". The new enterprise monitoring service solution based application service interface monitoring business processes, applications or services to capture end-user experience, follow the application of interactive data flow analysis, found that the availability and correctness of the port operations and business performance data, is the first in the country. read more

Ma talk about entrepreneurship down-to-earth work to make venture capital to find a website

Alibaba do not go for other Internet companies: Money – – old recruiting work. A: but people – things – money. People are the first to do the brand financing, Ma is the opposite of the way; people are looking for a site to venture capital, Ma has let venture capital to find a website.

when a lot of money can not find the site crazy pursuit of venture capital investment, Ma Yun is critical of venture capital. Ma can be so arrogant because he has a first-class team and a potential brand. read more

Promotion of College Students’ Web site Library Promotion of non mainstream methods

at present, the employment of college students has become a major problem we have to face, while the Internet is known as a paradise for entrepreneurs, so more and more students to the Internet business this way, to establish their own websites, to promote the development of their own website. However, many college students spend a lot of time and energy but have not been able to promote their website. The reasons may be many, but the bigger reason is that they have not found a good way of thinking and methods. Here I will introduce one of the non mainstream methods to promote college students website – Library promotion. read more

Jiang Likun talk about the role of net name in the network promotion

estimates that a lot of people see the title of this article, they would like to do not understand, what is the relationship between the screen and promotion?.

we should all understand, for the promotion, the resources are very important, which is the most important source of human resources. How to get a lot of network resources fast? The author believes that the establishment of a personal reputation, or to establish a personal brand is king. If a person’s brand is very loud, even if others do not know you, and you are willing to deal with you. How to build a personal brand name? Is the first step, it is like a company or website, a big name is the key. If your name is catchy, easy to remember, that your personal reputation will soon be lifted up. Write here, we should understand the relationship between the net name and promotion of it. read more

Dangdang made gimmicks to engage in promotional books have been questioned or exacerbate losses

Beijing, March 13, (IT channel Pan Da) recently, announced in 2012 fourth quarter, fourth quarter revenue of about 1 billion 615 million yuan, an increase of 31%; net loss of 122 million 100 thousand yuan, narrowed 6%, and has been a loss for two consecutive years

industry analysts believe that Dangdang is an important reason for the loss of the proportion of the cost of revenue is too high, the highest reached 90%. executives also said that last year the general and administrative expenses has actually increased, mainly because some 2012 produced an increase in labor costs and customer service service, the rise is the biggest technical personnel costs, an increase of 120%. read more

Tmall China Mobile 2016 brothers to go to war

mobile phone has been the major Internet companies saw industry, but are not successful, now a Ali has opened a new battlefield.

previously, Tmall mobile phone in the micro-blog general manager Pan Zhiyong said, "Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with China Mobile in 2016, we are brother to go to a


yesterday, Pan Zhiyong not only for the first time to the daily economic news reporter confirmed the depth of cooperation with the move, and said it would cooperate with the operators in three areas, namely, the terminal, the pipeline and the cloud". He believes that the general terminal is the mobile phone manufacturers and sales platform, the pipeline is the operator, the cloud is the terminal Guan Daoyun, if able to combine together, must be very strong, will constitute a spindle." read more

What explains Ma Yun’s C2B

has long been a known as the representative, vice president of C2C mode but before talking about e-commerce market has said: "the company was to C2B, which is a concept proposed by Mr. Ma Yun." For Taobao claiming to be positioned as C2B, I have some understanding of their own understanding of superficial, if not, please note.

This is C2B


let’s take a look at the definition of C2B:

C2B is a kind of electronic business model, that is, consumer to enterprise. First by the United States popular, the core of C2B, is through the polymerization of the large number of users to form a strong group purchasing, in order to change the user one bid B2C mode of the weak position, to enjoy to buy single commodities at wholesale prices of interest. read more