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in April 4th, the first case of H7N9 avian influenza appeared in our province. Wei Jianfeng micro-blog is filled with information about this disease complex, even professional doctor and don’t see the true face of the situation. So the inspiration flashed through Wei Jianfeng’s head: why don’t you develop a bird flu APP and let people who want to understand the bird flu have a channel for comprehensive scientific knowledge?

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in April at the beginning of the week, Hangzhou hospital surgeon Wei Jianfeng has been with H7N9 avian influenza "race".

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from the idea to the launch, "epidemic prevention Daren" only five days time, this speed makes this software developers some overjoyed. "APP Store generally from the application for approval to go through the need for half a month, and this 5 days on customs clearance, may be related to the emergency situation."." Wei Jianfeng says.

APP: "epidemic prevention" and "mastery of health"

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the next few days, "and Master" way out: in April 6th, Wei Jianfeng by telephone conference and communicate with team members, to determine the development of a bird flu APP, to finalize the requirements, software modules and functions; 3 days later, "Master epidemic prevention" concept figure released; on April 8th to 9, completed and through online in April 10th, the first; on the site, less than an hour to download volume of 500 times; in April 12th, "Master Android open version of epidemic prevention"; in April 15th, the apple version can be downloaded using the.

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"master" and "taxi", "dig money", "friends", "seismic", "online kitchen"…… In Hangzhou, there are such young people, they are keen to develop mobile applications APP, many of which also received angel investment favor. Recently, the reporter approached several "Hangzhou" APP R & D team, see a grassroots local mobile Internet entrepreneurs.


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Wei Jianfeng: Master of health, founder

new download address now available for use, from December 1, 2007 0 onwards, the original download address stopped using, no longer return data. So make sure you update the code as soon as possible. Please forgive us for any inconvenience.

reporter saw, "Master epidemic prevention software includes" disease, disease prevention and disease opinion dynamics, four, from the day added a few patients to disease prevention knowledge, the authority of the official release, the avian flu information here.

introduction has "IT entrepreneurs paradise" reputation of Hangzhou, but also a variety of trendy APP birth of the land.

not long ago, a woman named "aunt," women’s menstrual management mobile applications, access to Bertelsmann’s Asian investment fund investment, real fund and investment millions of dollars of investment. This news, for the mobile phone application software research and development sector has been a "stimulant."".

Four alternative ways of running local websites

if there are people there are rivers and lakes, then there are rivers and lakes where there is a local website. The first batch of local websites, I’m afraid, is known as "such a city port of information.". The so-called "early bird" has worms, such "Hong Kong" category of keywords are often forcibly occupied the Baidu local city search first. Of course, these local websites are also the most profitable ones. Because of the excitement of these websites. Local websites have sprung up to cut local web markets. Then, how to break the tight encirclement under the barrier of the old local website and get better display? The author combines his new on-line website to explain the alternative operation of the local website.

1, domain name:

domain name for a website advantage is self-evident. But for now, most of the webmaster, a good domain name can not be met. Therefore, the domain name can not be too demanding. Easy to remember. In the propaganda, the domain name can be expressed reasonably in Chinese to facilitate the memory of Internet users. For example, the author’s newly launched new Huangdao network can be expressed in Chinese as "new Huangdao, even my brother"". The author and in many places webmaster exchanges, found that many people for.Org this suffix is not very cold. The author believes that the domain name suffix has the best.Com, if not, according to their preferences to choose a suitable.

2, the title of the website is going to be written:

doesn’t need to say more about the title of the website. You can see what kind of words occupy the search traffic in the local website. What kind of words do we use to intercept traffic?. By combining the rational use of Baidu word segmentation technology. More keyword matching has been obtained. Easy for later website search engine optimization.

3, website brand name selection:


website wants to be bigger and stronger. A catchy name of the website is very important. For example, the first batch of local websites is named after "certain information port" or "certain information network". We choose the name of the site, you can refer to the choice of domain names, Baidu search hot words to establish brand names. For example, the author is named after the new Huangdao network.

4, website promotion way:

above three points are the initial deployment of the site construction. And whether a website can be bigger or stronger is the way of promotion. Especially for individuals to do standing grassroots adsense. The site may not have much money in early stages for mass advertising. So small and fine way to promote it seems valuable. For the promotion of the website, the author is also slowly groping, I think you can stick, QQ group, other places to collect the flow of the site. The author recently try to stick it, promotion and website two-dimensional code propaganda.


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A new idea on the website of model essay

model website of a new idea, my website in the early stage is also the article station, actually not say very early, just 2 months ago, and later found that the site positioning is not fixed, key words can’t do. So a bold decision, on the site of a revision, even risking Baidu K (big SEO – I put the name of the site) to change.


every day to manually update, a few days later, Baidu finally re included me, and my mood website net "mood" in the Baidu keyword do the first, although the words may not bring what traffic, but my site traffic is mostly from the Baidu search for articles related to the IP though not much, the day is about 200IP, but it gave me the website has been re recovery, people want to exchange links with me, selling advertising and so on, my website finally began to have the income, not like before that by GG, mother and other Union, it makes me feel for Baidu I like the weight of the website is still relatively high, as long as your site updated every day, do some "pseudo original", with the collection procedures do not. Baidu will relax for you. Although my station is now collected almost 100, which is not a lot of standing, but I revised to now less than half a month, you can say that in this half a month or included. (everybody looks at the earliest written article of my website, you can see the time that the website is revised.


here, I do not say more, in short, seriously do stand, there will be harvested, free time into my mood network to see, contact QQ:516209696. Welcome friends to learn and exchange, especially the model essay, literature type website.

How to start a business without spending a penny when the boss

in today’s economic downturn, a lot of people graduate means unemployment, but just graduated from college and no venture capital, then no money how to start it? The following Xiaobian for everyone to bring a zero cost business case, for reference only.

to start, first of all to start-up capital. Do one of the most common enterprises, registered capital ‘starting price’ 30 thousand yuan." Worried about the occasion, Gao Xianwei accidentally received a campus in East Lake, the Development Zone Industrial and commercial bureau sent to the campus leaflets – Entrepreneurship zero down payment". The suspicion under, the two decided to try.

5 at 8:30 on the morning of 27, Gao Xianwei came to the East Lake Development Zone Management Committee, the office of the building on the 6 floor. "I want to sign up for a network company". Walk to the front of the window, he explained to the staff: see your unit’s leaflets, said the university graduates can be ‘zero down payment’." Yes!" Window staff warmly received him, with a student card?" "With." "Where is the company?" "International business center, this is the proof of property." "Oh, very familiar!" The staff looked kindly at the young boy and handed him a form to fill in the details of the board of directors, the board of supervisors, the shareholders’ equity and so on."

What are the procedures of the cosmetics store

cosmetics profits, it is an indisputable fact that the cosmetics store is a lot of people have always been a dream. So for the first venture partners, how to open a cosmetics store? What are the procedures of the cosmetics store? Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

A: choose brand

select brand is one of the cosmetics preparations necessary to join shop. Determine what kind of product you want to run, you need to understand the market of this product, as well as some information on this product. Only a full understanding of the market, the business of their own cosmetics have a comprehensive understanding of the store is likely to operate successfully.

After determining the

the good business brand, also need to determine the mode of operation, is taking a different route, operating only a product development route or take more than the whole, comprehensive management of a variety of products, this is the problem of operators must be carefully considered clear.

After the

Five: store layout

if you are open purchase cosmetics stores, need to plan their own layout shop, shop layout in addition to do lighting, music, background and other layout, also need to do commodity arrangement. The layout of the goods is a profound knowledge, to do a good job of commodity display, can bring a lot of benefits for the shop. Of course, if it is a store, then you need to join the headquarters in accordance with the guidance of the layout of the store.



if the store is very large, the salesperson needs to recruit a certain number of. For the recruitment of personnel requirements, must be a good foundation of the skin, with a good image quality, the best is related to the work of cosmetics sales experience. Of course, after the end of the recruitment work, but also the appropriate arrangements for training, not only to familiarize themselves with their own products to sell, but also to master the various marketing skills.

How to overcome fear and what to do if you fail

society in the development of human progress, the concept of employment is constantly changing. With the rapid development of the society, the women of the office workers also started their own entrepreneurial journey with their contacts and so on, then there will certainly be a different problem, fear and failure.

As in a box of

below is how to overcome the fear of failure, how to do, and in the strategic idea to help you continue to give up on the guiding suggestions.

How to overcome the fear of

1. imagine the worst possible scenario

2. looks at the process not the result

Might  Wise  Academy member, entrepreneur

Prepare for the clothing business

clothing industry is a very popular investment industry, the competition is very fierce in the industry, how can business characteristics, entrepreneurs should be considered a, at the same time to do the preparatory work, as the saying goes, a good beginning is half of success. Online clothing store sellers more and more, not only because the clothing store threshold is easy to enter, but also because of profitable.

location problem has been the focus of clothing store mainly consider sometimes, some remote shops may be business still booming, suddenly fire up or had deserted the shop after a period of time, which requires the owner in the location when specific conditions, but also from a development perspective, it in order to give clothing store business a good start.


Anhui there is another round of heavy rainfall after Typhoon

looked at Nanjing, Wuhan suffered heavy rainfall attacks, Anhui many places can finally breathe a sigh of relief, although the precipitation pressure is still very large, but no new rain impact, are of great help to the flood will. However, after the typhoon, there is a round of heavy rainfall in Anhui, the province’s people need to be psychologically prepared.

yesterday morning, the provincial flood control office once again held a press briefing, informed the province recently flood rainfall, and danger. 6 days to 7 days, the province’s overall range of precipitation intensity and gradually narrow the scope, but from Yuexi to Anqing, Tongling area, Nanqiao District Xuanzhou District, local still encounter heavy rain, heavy rain, other areas of small to moderate rain, Hefei temporarily After rain the sky looks blue. With the 1 typhoon this year, "NEPARTAK" landing, the province is expected to face a high level of flood and typhoon rainstorm double pressure, flood situation is more severe.

Yangtze River water level is still rising slowly in Chaohu basin defensive pressure

it is understood that, as at 7 o’clock, the province still has over the warning level of the 25 rivers, of which more than the water level to ensure that the 8, more than the highest level of water in the history of the 7 rivers in the 10. In addition, there are 7 large, 52 medium-sized reservoirs over flood level, flood relief work is currently being done. Across the Yangtze River across the province over the police, the Yangtze River water level is still rising slowly, high water pressure.

6 from 7 to 8, when the new river danger of 54, most of the dangerous situation has been basically controlled, reservoir dangerous place of 34. New break Wei 19, of which more than two acres of large Wei break. According to the provincial flood control office, flood control pressure along the Changjiang River in Anhui Province river, especially Sanjiang basin and Chaohu basin, has been to Hefei, Wuhu along the Chaohu and Ma’anshan, issued a notice: close to Yuxi River, river, and all the cattle Tunhe tributary drainage drainage pumping station, suspended, in order to reduce the Chaohu River tributaries defensive pressure.

typhoon, local area will face "It’s raining and blowing hard."

reporters from the provincial flood control office learned that Typhoon No. 1 "NEPARTAK" impact on 9~10 province in Eastern Jianghuai and along the south north wind 4~5, gust 8, accompanied by heavy rain, local area in Dabie Mountain area will face the heavy rain. Provincial Flood Control Office to remind, the province may face high flood water level and typhoon rainstorm double pressure, flood situation intensified. In particular, such a large water surface in Chaohu, high water lakes, wind and waves is very critical.

it is reported that affected by the typhoon periphery, further increase the pressure of flood control in our province. "River lake wind wave pressure large, medium and small rivers and reservoirs, the defense is difficult, and the tailings ponds flood risk, flood disaster defense difficulty surge, water works, disaster bearing capacity decreased, the typhoon comes the summer and weekend travel peak evacuation pressure." Provincial recommendation

Doors and windows entrepreneurs are most concerned about business skills

as a primary business friends, you must hope that their entrepreneurship can be balanced. Door and window industry in recent years is very fire, investment in this industry is also good. For the first time to open the door window stores for entrepreneurs, how to make the store profit is entrepreneurs are most concerned about the problem, the following Xiaobian finishing six the best shop profit method, for your reference.

1. vendor manage inventory

2. management and customer relationship

3. fiducial mark

this comparison tool for the discovery and analysis of the operation method of other enterprises better. It is said that after a careful study of the response system of an enterprise, an American hospital has greatly changed its emergency services. Another hospital has improved the patient’s hospitalization and registration system after studying the hotel room reservation system.

4. intersection

This is

at the final destination midway will another transport of goods from a conveyance to the logistics distribution center. Wal-Mart Store Inc in the United States is to take this approach: the focus of the goods in the strategic storage center, and then to its affiliated stores.

5. customer contact center

The establishment of a technology infrastructure through a quick answer customer questions center

6. according to customer requirements

this requires a flexible approach and end manufacturing method according to a pattern, so as to meet the special requirements of each market products and services to develop, the ultimate aim is to ensure that every customer to find he needs reasonable price of goods.


Beauty shop to join the local market is the key to development

beauty industry is a product of the development of people’s living standards, with the ability to continuously improve the female consumer nowadays, beauty industry usher in the development of the peak, but foreign brands continue to suppress, as if entrepreneurs want to invest in the beauty industry, how to survive? To borrow the industry’s argument, the local brand to promote the development of China’s beauty franchise industry is the biggest, is the integration of traditional Chinese medicine into the beauty products and services, and truly open the market for health beauty.

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