Online advertising alliance aims at long tail businessLong Yi in addition to free agents online shop

and sh419 theme promotion is different, at present, the shlf1314 AdSense or text link mode, basically in many web pages below you can see the shlf1314 collection to provide text link ads, click on these advertisements into the advertiser’s website. And sh419’s theme promotion in text links advertising based on the extension of the "sh419 TV" business, that is, on the web to provide video advertising, mainly services brand customers.

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      other promotion methods

      soft is hard advertising, so called soft Wen the subtlety lies in a "soft" word, like cotton hidden in the needle, and not dew, in the invisible enemy. When you find out that this is a soft text, you have cold stare, fell into the well designed "soft soap advertising" trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. As for the writing of the soft visible benevolence wisdom, free play. Soft Wen written, promotion is also the key, according to the investigation, with BBS post way to promote soft Wen is the best, can be published in such as buyers gathered Egou BBS, or to have certain influence industry website contribution.

      Yahoo Post Bar to sh419, Sina knowledge hall, Iask, question inquiry community, some suggestions on the shop commodity problems, such as "XX," in which website how to "buy XX" and so on, by the way we listed on the mobile phone network. Guide potential consumers to buy mobile phones on our website.

from this, and produced sh419 theme promotion and shlf1314 AdSense, for the majority of small and medium-sized sites bring traffic and advertising. shlf1314, AdSense, and sh419 theme promotions have created a new advertising model. To promote the theme and AdSense through analysis of web content, according to people reading interest and demand relevance, classification, orientation, precise target audience, and provide some content related words and pictures make more targeted advertising, advertising, Internet, reading habits.

      website development early, must cooperate with other websites, exchange, on the one hand can improve the flow of their website; on the other hand, can improve the popularity and reputation of the website. There are several ways of cooperation, one is cooperation activities, such as their own website, with other websites or forums for promotional activities. One is: advertising cooperation, and other topics on the site to achieve channel cooperation, such as as a shopping channel on a website. In short, cooperation is a very good way of website development, and it is a win-win model, and it is a kind of leveraging behavior.

currently, sh419 theme promotion to 200 thousand website owners, 5000 advertisers and 2007 account size of 200 million yuan on advertising alliance leader position in the league, the website has 28 large partners across the industry, "

      website promotion is to attract traffic, and then the flow to sales. Finally, it is to retain customers and cultivate customer loyalty. Among them, the core of the three step is to build website brand awareness, reputation and loyalty. Eventually become a leader in the sales website.

      three: CPS way to promote sales

today, some obscure website is very active. These names like "county and township cadres camp", discussed the county and township level cadres and political topic sites are everywhere. And Ali mother general manager Wu Yongming think, this kind of website has very high commercial value.

with third party information platform and mobile phone topic

 :     first look at the above: "e-commerce b2c: online free agent" tactics of the sea people

, the emergence of some web advertising affiliate sites, brings these web sites that are not known to advertisers into a platform or system. Search technology allows more Internet users to discover these feature sites, bringing more traffic for them, while advertising associations bring advertising for these sites, and achieve "long tail effect"". At present, China has formed the sh419 theme promotion, shlf1314 AdSense, Ali mother as the representative of the three major advertising alliance, Sogou alliance, NetEase NarrowAD Sogou bidding, bidding, bidding sina is also actively seeking a share.

 :     in some websites and forums to buy monthly advertising promotion, such as "buy XX online to XX network", the advertising links to their shop.

authoritative data show that every domestic Internet total flow is only about 30% to the big portal, the remaining 70% are located in more than 30 tens of thousands of various types of Chinese website; website 70% attention distribution of more than 200 million Internet users in these different characteristics, industry, and most have the characteristics of information content, the website lacks enough advertising sales ability. A large number of idle inventory advertising. How to explore the commercial value of these scattered websites, which need to rely on search technology to achieve.

seize the small and medium-sized sites advertising, long tail advertising and content matching degree higher, advertising attention degree is higher,

the higher the match between advertising and content, the higher the level of advertising attention." Xue Chen, executive vice president of the media, said.

      two: website forum

      a: soft advertising and hard advertising promotion

Thought by Baidu and Tao Grassroots powerful

think that year, Baidu has not developed when the time has just started, the Baidu alliance, attracting a large number of webmaster, put Baidu in their search box on the site, this effect as we all know, because of the large number of grassroots power, Baidu became one of the largest search. This fully proves, in the network of this land, grassroots power is quite powerful.

although Baidu is big now, the gas is also rough. To K K, so that a large number of Baidu webmaster passed on the survival of bile. But, the vitality of grassroots webmaster is very tenacious. Now because a large number of CMS programs and blog programs provide free next stop, so that site becomes very easy, so more and more people do web sites. Grassroots forces are becoming stronger and stronger.

is because of the grassroots team grow, so Ma play tricks, the guest, let’s do a large number of roots, the guest for its promotion. Recently, no matter, cyberloafing, found in various forums, post is Taobao Amoy link. And the network on a sudden emergence of a large number of guest website or store. It seems that Ma Yun’s approach, but also with the help of grassroots webmaster power, the expansion of the information surface. This approach is better than any advertisement. You go to advertising, but also the cost of advertising, and Amoy this practice, is nothing more than to increase the number of servers only, not out of their own too much money, let a large number of grassroots day and night, desperate for Taobao to do publicity.

No matter how

the result of this approach, only hope to do Amoy friends, in the promotion process of guest, can really make money.

this two days without incident, PHPCMS is also used to change a guest website, interested friends can discuss:

Kiki Zushi joined the popularity of high-quality security

now with consumer demand continues to rise in the catering market is constantly changing, sushi was one of the most traditional delicacy in Japan, in China, by virtue of its delicious nutrition and health characteristics, has been well received in the market, with the market constantly the development of a huge market demand for sushi industry to bring considerable development foreground. Xiaobian to recommend this Kiki Zushi joined the brand is very good, creative sushi products more popular in the market.

how about joining Kiki Zushi? After continuous learning and continuous innovation, after years of research and development after the launch of a series of various creative wood sushi delicacy, join in the traditional Japanese sushi on the improvement and optimization, making the product more in line with the social needs of our people. Kiki Zushi joined its product line is very rich, different tastes to bring more choices for consumers, highly acclaimed.

a good food brand, quality assurance is the most critical. How about joining Kiki Zushi? Also attaches great importance to the quality of the products, in the selection of raw materials and production and other aspects have strict requirements, with a rigorous and professional attitude to create the Kiki Zushi superior delicacy of different consumer groups, by love, has a good reputation in the catering market.

with sushi on the market sought after more and more, now on the market of sushi brand is also more and more, as the upcoming entrepreneurs for investors to choose a genuine, creative, unique sushi brand is the most key business. Kiki Zushi joined, innovative features more sought after food. Venture to open a Kiki Zushi store, a huge product advantage is the biggest guarantee of hot business, the headquarters also has a full range of entrepreneurial support, not a dream to get rich.

How to start selling food and beverage business war

China social stratum in the layer is the most basic, most important, that is Chinese the civilian class, as the people we love most is usually can buy both economic and practical things, so promotion has become our love, and this is one of a kind of interaction between businesses and consumers the way of marketing. Food and beverage business process is not static, but also need to do some activities to enliven the atmosphere of the restaurant, so as to attract more customers, how to do a good job in food and beverage promotions discount?

1, limited discount

business hours can be divided into peak and low peak stage. Business hours at a low peak, in order to attract customers into the store to buy goods, can be launched the "limited discount", i.e. within a certain period of time, the launch of several discount merchandise, enhance popularity, stimulate customers desire to buy. Time limit discounts are also used for foods that are fresh, such as bread, food, vegetables, etc..

2 discount coupon discount

coupon discount refers to the chain stores to provide consumers with coupons, consumers can enjoy the discount coupons directly, this is one of the commonly used strategies of price promotion. It not only has the "low price" promotion effect, but also make consumers have the desire to buy. Coupons are often printed by a manufacturer or company, and consumers can enjoy a discounted price for a given item by cutting off a coupon. Spring advantage is: can stimulate the enthusiasm of consumers to buy; attract new consumers to join. The disadvantage is: easy to employee fraud, and if the discount commodity attraction is not high, can not produce the desired effect.

3, seasonal discount

many commodities can use seasonal discounts to achieve seasonal consumption climax, such as drinks, clothing, home appliances, food, etc.. The use of price discounts in the sales season can promote sales, increase sales; in the off-season, the use of price discounts can be clearance, to prevent the backlog, reduce the loss of warehouse.

4, cumulative discount

cumulative discount is a discount offered by chain stores for many times. This is a long time activity. The most typical example is presented according to the customer shopping points, its approach is: consumers in the store to a one-time spending hard yuan, we can get the integral ticket, every vouchers as an integral point, collected some points to start with prizes. The more points, the higher the value of prizes. As a result of the purchase of goods to the chain of the majority of consumers in the vicinity, this method can increase the number of consumers to shop, and increase consumption, so the stability of consumer groups, has an important role. Its advantage is to reduce the cost of promotion, increase the number of transactions, can show the difference advantage with other stores. Lack of

Henan Yutong Bus was selected in 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects

With the continuous development of science and technology, many local enterprises have made a series of development in

. In the intelligent today, many local enterprises have made great achievements. This time, Henan Yutong Bus was selected in 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, we look at the specific details of the following events.

6 reporter learned from the Henan Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, in the Ministry of industry announced the 2016 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project list, the province Yutong Bus (600066, stock it) of the bus intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration selected. In accordance with the relevant requirements, selected items of technical level in the domestic or international advanced level, equipment and system demonstration projects to use safe and controllable, and the project in reducing operation cost, shorten the product development cycle, improve production efficiency and reduce product defect rate, improve the utilization rate of energy in five aspects has achieved remarkable results.

in addition, in the comprehensive standard of the Ministry of Finance in 2016 and the new mode of application of intelligent manufacturing pilot work in our province, there are four companies selected, namely CITIC Heavy Industries (601608, shares) of the "special robot intelligent manufacturing factory", Chinese a "new type of intelligent manufacturing new wheeled tractor mode of application", Xinxiang Aviation Industry Corp "aircraft key parts of the digital workshop, Zhengzhou Institute of Abrasives grinding, high performance super hard materials intelligent manufacturing mode".

in the era of innovation and entrepreneurship, many enterprises have made considerable progress. In particular, the full use of the Internet, the development of high-tech. In the process of economic globalization, Henan’s economy has been greatly developed, the relevant enterprises have also been considerable development, has far-reaching significance.

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Operating children’s clothing store to make money flow

now the domestic two child policy fully liberalized, while some children’s clothing store business has become hot up, children’s clothing store business is a business to make money quickly, Xiaobian introduce some process how to open children’s clothing store, and some experience for reference.

A, choose to join the brand

sales skills

sellers is the children’s clothing sales, pay attention to the skills, need to guide use of language, expression, behavior and the actual product is the perfect combination to impress consumers, instead of using an all-persuasive tongue debate with the customer to consumer behavior. Just as, when customers complain that children’s clothing prices are high, experienced guide will patiently introduce the product quality, customer service and characteristic service, let the customer feel the consumer value, rather than to "not expensive" or "do" to refute the guests, will sell the topic into corners. Good resources need to use an effective way to reflect the value of the brand of children’s clothing brand is not only the charm of the product quality, but also clever sales skills and good sales service attitude.

three, complete


The effectiveness of

Select small investment venture projects need to comply with the rules

now society, small business become rich way, many people get rich at the same time, there are a lot of people have this small entrepreneurial wealth idea, do I still operators should grasp the opportunities to get rich through entrepreneurship.

now choose a small venture project of many people, small business investment project risk, quick return, so, how to choose the project can make money in small business investment projects the? According to the three point selection can help you choose the appropriate small venture project. Select the three rules of small investment project management:

1, small investment projects integrity management. Maybe not rape, but I always feel that life is to do business. Integrity is the business of this, only warm hospitality services, reasonable prices, coupled with good faith, in order to win repeat customers. On this basis, the completion of capital accumulation, the accumulation of experience and accumulation of integrity and entrepreneurial ideas constantly updated, any additional investment, expand the scale of operation, the beginning of the second entrepreneurs in the premise of maturity, or through the mode of development and expansion of snowball ".

2, small investment entrepreneurial projects must choose the industry. The ancients have cloud: male fear of the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong Lang. The potential of the industry to have investment prospects. Of course, you can choose the kind of industry is currently very fire. You feel like you can do it, and then you get a ride. This is also possible. As long as justice, can make money is king. The author in the cosmetic industry are also considered for a few years, as long as the general understanding of some of the people all know this industry profits, but the competition is relatively large, investors can consider joining the type of cosmetics.

3, a small business investment projects must be selected for the champion! Chosen industry, do not rush to the shop. To choose a good leader of thousands on thousands of! The lesson of blood! The general study has the following points: 1, the website is not normal; 2,? There is no patent authorization, business license, tax registration or something? Must see things now! 3, the franchise has 4 enterprises, how much? How long do in this industry? How much profit rate is 5, 6, there is no physical store?? 7 products, first try, feel OK? 8, finally enterprises themselves have no factories? Clarify these questions, this is not reliable.

I want to remind

One in every 431 people in Tel Aviv

do you know where the world’s most entrepreneurs are? Not America, not China, not europe. The city of Israel in the middle east.

every 1 square kilometers with 19 start-up companies in Israel, the second largest city of Tel Aviv, one in every 431 people in business. These figures allow Tel Aviv to become the world’s largest city per capita entrepreneurs, and in many of the world’s Innovation Award in Tel Aviv, that only 400 thousand of the population of the town, and Silicon Valley, Berlin is considered the world’s most vigorous innovation of all.

This young city in

the old library in the public record space "

Jeremie is a Jew who grew up in Paris, France, he did not put their entrepreneurial dreams in the romantic capital, but chose to return to israel. At present, his 3D printing cloud platform services Pzartech came into being with the help of the Israel Institute of technology, and now he is dreaming of setting up a company to change the world.

the old library and the transformation of the public record space across the street, Tel Aviv is the core of the business district of Rothschild street. This is due to the famous British financial predators Rothschild family donated to build the name of the region, the largest Israeli workers bank, the Tel Aviv stock exchange and a variety of venture capital, funds and other companies. Although there are the most expensive house prices in Israel, but still attract a lot of entrepreneurs gathered here.

the building was the tallest building in Tel Aviv, later to become a part of the recommended

How about opening a breakfast shop in 2017

New Year approaching, this means that our way of life ahead of a year, in the past 2016, your dream finished? Or how far away are you from your dreams. Entrepreneurship is a lot of people have the idea, you are not ready to start your career in the next year? 2017 what kind of entrepreneurial projects for you? Many entrepreneurs have the idea to open a breakfast shop, then, in 2017 to open a breakfast shop to make money? Presumably this is what we want to understand the problem, we will follow the small series I come together to analyze it!

before investing in a project, the market is very necessary! It is understood that in nearly 1 million of the population of Tongnan County, there are nearly 400 thousand people in the County near the county, 20%% of people will go out to eat breakfast, Rice porridge, steamed buns, Steamed Buns, most people choose small breakfast, average consumption per person per day in 3 yuan a day, the breakfast consumption can be as high as 180 thousand yuan. In a small town where breakfast has such a large market, if the shop in the city, the development potential of

as can be imagined!

breakfast is the most important meal of the day, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people are aware of the importance of breakfast, a lot of students in the city, workers will choose to go out to eat breakfast, the breakfast market outlook will become more and more. 2016 breakfast shop to make money, of course, there is also an answer to this question, but the traditional breakfast if you can not break the taste, the drawbacks of a single species, but also can account for more market share.

found in the food and beverage market small, yijiale breakfast shop although the store is small, but it can follow the market demand, keep pace with the times. Yijiale breakfast shop launched a steamed stuffed bun, bread, milk, cakes and so on delicacy according to changes in consumer tastes, make breakfast delicacy more abundant, also can achieve all-weather profit.

2017 opened a breakfast shop? Xiaobian to further understanding, yijiale breakfast has opened more than and 300 stores in the country, shop business is hot, recently, yijiale headquarters began to join investment plans, million yuan investment project, a few meters can shop, became the object of many small entrepreneurs to join the.

How much is the fee to join Hot pot beef offal

hot pot food, a simple way to join, it is worth the attention of franchisees. In fact, the choice of business engaged in catering industry, is a very good choice. The quality of entrepreneurial projects, for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is a very good opportunity to choose. Beef offal Hot pot? With a new venture to join a good choice, it is worth you have!

Hot pot store beef offal good? Is the key to the election pingpai. Promising food items in the market, the development of fast, attracting more attention of consumers. Keeping pace with the times, in order to meet the modern people advocate ecological, green nutrition, health and fashion pursuit of food consumption, independent research and development of the company headquarters, raw materials selection of ecological, green, natural, healthy. Luo Fu joined the recommended beef offal package beef offal, well-known brands, more popular market.


store is Luo Fu beef offal Hot pot beef offal Hot pot shop. Luo Fu beef offal Heritage Classic, the delicacy brand favored by customers, the market has a high demand for its. Luo Fu catering choice beef offal join, easy to achieve your dreams of wealth. Not only inherited the essence of traditional folk food culture for thousands of years, more importantly, combined with modern fashion delicacy techniques, creating a new show Luo Fu beef offal, beef offal Luo Fu out of the ordinary brand.

open their own beef offal Hot pot stores, it is hard to avoid making money. The strength of the brand to join the project, the best choice for successful entrepreneurship. If you join the Hot pot beef offal is very exciting project. Come and leave a message! Want more worry shop, easier to choose to join the venture, beef offal Hot pot?