In Shanghai dragon old station looks for the novice advantage in what

Shanghai dragon

it is a technical, although easy entry, but really want to grasp its connotation, not every webmaster can have an easy job to do for those in Shanghai; a contemptuous disregard of dragon and Phoenix webmaster, you may just contact the old man, did not grasp in the mystery, the simple several popular keywords do learned, Shanghai dragon? Is too naive, in fact, Shanghai dragon is in need of long-term combat can know the truth, Shanghai dragon no real master, because all walks of life are different, need to have thorough understanding of an industry, in order to allow Shanghai to play the biggest role of the dragon.

, with vast resources of

two, rich experience in actual combat

said that Shanghai Longfeng fight is the resources, methods are similar, who have good resources, who will be able to easily do up the rankings, but, if you have a broad range of resources, it will have a treasure. Shanghai Longfeng resources is divided into two blocks, one is outside the chain of resources, human resources is two, both are very important, the chain resources are accumulated through long-term practice, which can send the chain site, the site outside the chain of good results, which sites outside the chain is easy to be deleted…… It is through their own practice to know, these chain resources are very valuable for every webmaster. While the network resources in Shanghai Longfeng obtained in the role is self-evident, understanding in the webmaster circle of people, many things are convenient and effective, published an article called out, others help themselves to reprint, that is what effect, a website has a large number of high weight link it what is the effect. The business circle game this session, I believe many good ranking sites are good resources, can emerge in the fierce competition in the

practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. Just look at the Shanghai dragon theoretical knowledge every day, not through a lot of practice, there will not be any promotion for a Shanghai dragon Er, because a lot of ideas may not work, only through their own practice to be able to find some good methods. Take out a website that can estimate what time should be able to the keywords ranking up, will keywords row up.


today, many just contact Shanghai dragon soon webmaster everywhere ask, what is Shanghai dragon cheats, in fact, Shanghai dragon what the so-called cheats, is actually some basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, and that knowledge is out of date, because love Shanghai algorithm is changing; for the webmaster friends in Shanghai dragon is the most important basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, basic knowledge is usually not changed with the algorithm, deviate from them. Shanghai, if there is no real cheats, why those old webmaster can be an easy job to do will make up the ranking? This is the old webmaster and novice difference analysis, the old owners simply do what are the advantages of Shanghai Dragon:

The current search engine features

The first Google Product Manager Meijer

love Shanghai to improve the structured data constantly to meet the intimate search.

and intelligent


pictures, audio and video content search. In the search results to the content, is very diverse, with illustrations, the latest news, micro-blog information, light application, intimate search, in the "2013 love Shanghai" advanced search results we mentioned.

speed is now all search engines are trying to achieve the goal. Fast refers not only to the search engine results faster, more refers to the search engine to get new information faster now blog, forums and websites have become the most important source of information, generally what great news, love Shanghai to direct fast.

personal media platform, real-time search engine is increasing, the love of Shanghai also launched a real-time search on micro-blog search method: input 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s browser? Rtt=2& tn=baiduwb& wd= key characteristics of real-time search of the most prominent is the timeliness strong, more and more unexpected events was first released on micro-blog the core, real-time search that is "fast", the user’s information for the first time to search engine. Such as keywords for search engines, results will be as follows. But now there is no love Shanghai real time search entrance obvious.

diversity mainly includes two aspects: content diversification and diversification search way.


, fast


has pointed out that the search engine still has innovation, change and great development space. Although Google future product refuses to talk about, but Meijer still suggests the future development direction of Google. She said: "we think beyond keyword search is very important, should allow the user to ask questions, in addition, the search engine may allow users to use mobile phone to access the site more convenient. We are still considering how to make full use of new media, how can the books, videos and news into the search experience. Then, will be the development of a variety of personalized search."




real time searchWith the rise of

today, Meijer for the development of search engine judgment have been achieved, with the popularization of computer and Internet application, the search is also more and more high, and the search engine is also increasingly fierce competition between, and in this period, the search engine is becoming more and more obvious characteristics:


In addition to the contents of the text but also includes

search a variety of ways: you can search by voice commands, commands and location etc..

The contents of this website will allow you to develop more quickly

2, clever for web content between the correlation, such as www.tbtmsy贵族宝贝 this website content below to add some relevant recommendations, to guide users to access some other related content, so it can effectively increase the PV value of the site.

1, we need to understand the user’s preferences, and a corresponding increase in the content of the website according to these preferences, so that these content is the real need of user preferences.

for the site, even if there is more than IP, if the PV value is not high, so this site is undoubtedly a dumpster, because only the user visit the page, can better prove your website is really valuable, users need the site. So how to improve the PV value of

4, no matter what kind of website, how the user cannot do without the topic of entertainment, so we.

(two) to enhance the website content PV.

The number of visiting the web site Keywords

2, created some distinctive theme columns or topics, synchronized around the theme of this paper, the total elapsed time, at the same time the article was collected to the column weight accumulation, is the best of both worlds, of course, this method is the most suitable for the old station some weight good.


1, need enough, closely around the long tail keywords write more words, let the spider crawl, so as to get the long tail keywords ranking, IP traffic for us.

(IP) is undoubtedly the most able to define a site’s success, but if the use of web content to give us this topic more IP, or Shanghai Longfeng article or less mentioned, so small finishing points for your reference:

(a) the content of the website can bring IP.

with 628 after the incident, Shanghai continues to love the algorithm adjusted vigorously against some garbage, cheat, collection site, to do this for a living master is a fatal blow, but for those of us taking the normal route, write original content owners, undoubtedly have more hope of success, but what kind of content can truly conducive to the development of our website? The following small sums up some to share to you, hope to help you master.

3, increase the number of web pages, for longer articles we can follow those pictures website, using the form of paging let users access the page, but the premise is the content of your site is enough to attract users.

3, through the alliance, using commercial means to write some and site theme related articles published, and with a link address, bring us the flow. (usually buy some such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent and other portal page small ads)

Shanghai dragon knife novice analysis 22 ideas of competitors

1, domain name registration age;

is 5, the content of the page contains a bold font or color and Italic Fonts;

14, website access speed and stability;

according to the above details under the careful analysis, will find that competitors have deficiencies, where he can we do not do, he do the place we want to do better, so I have no enemy, the enemy I have excellent ", remember to step down, to compare the steady good. As a webmaster should know how to analyze competitor analysis, although not necessarily beyond the opponent, but at least we know our own station where deficiencies can be adjusted, there are a lot of factors that influence the effect of the Shanghai dragon, we can overcome and solve.

11, how much do content;

10, website content, whether the original content;

has static links;

19, each chain number, quality, methods;

15, with the IP site are

as a practitioner in Shanghai Longfeng, optimize a station, competitor analysis site is essential, as the saying goes, Zhiyizhibi, to be victorious, we must understand the various practices of competitors, and collect all kinds of data, and then through the planning to the implementation of the optimization scheme. In the analysis of the competition, we have to analyze the industry’s first station, why others can do the industry first, it must have the truth, here are the 22 points I sorted out the analysis of ideas, hope for the new entry-level webmaster help.

12, the long tail keywords layout;


18, see the other website PR (for GG);

8, the website uses what form of

The frequency of updates 13,

, what is the use of 3 web tags;

2, what keywords optimization;

9, the website page content is rich, is related to the topic;

site title, description is contained in the

The structure of ;The analysis of ; How How the quality of 4,

22, the website chain layout;

21, the website included snapshot, the proportion of

17, the other Links;

How to How much is the

view web content contains pictures, pictures are annotated ALT tags;

16, whether the site has updated drive;

6, check whether 7, whether

20, web page code is used in table or DIV+CSS;


site navigation structure is clear;

Shanghai dragon is not suffering but continue to enjoy the process of life

But there is another >

"do nothing except to learn from Shanghai dragon", a friend said in a well-known webmaster forums. Indeed, Shanghai dragon is a long-term project, is really very simple, but is "content, chain, chain, anchor text, statistics (with their competitors)" repeat. But at the same time is boring, need long-term "content, chain, chain, anchor text, statistics (with their competitors)", and unremittingly.

as Corinth in Greek mythology the city-state’s founder and the king. Cici Fuss was even kidnapped to death, there is no death. But also because of this, Cici Fuss has violated the interests of the gods, the gods to punish Cici Fuss, asked him to push a boulder on top, and because the stone is too heavy, every time up the hill when due to gravity naturally rolled down the mountain, come to naught, so Cici Fuss in the course of their lives in always keep repeating pushing the rock up the hill, the stone rolled down the hill, Cici Fuss hill, and then pushing the rock up the hill, so repeatedly, the gods that no more than futile and hopeless labor more severely punished. Cici Fuss’s life in such a futile and hopeless labor which slowly exhausted.

Cici Fuss predicted the fable of human destiny, with the "Old Testament – Ecclesiastes" classic words to summarize, is: "there is nothing new under the sun", "his spirit departs, they return to the ground. What he intended, day out "," living people know, die. The dead, no knowledge. No reward, there is no memory of them. Their love, and their hatred, and their envy, have already perished, the conclusion must be "void void, void void, everything is void". If only this pessimistic attitude, despite the profound profound, but human life is certainly not any significance, only waiting for death fate, let alone what human civilization from generation to generation, life and growth in nature.

Shanghai dragon is a life of suffering? This knowledge made me think of Cici Fuss in ancient Greek mythology.

patience is a virtue, but for the boring work with patience is not equal to the life in dire straits between the suffering, this is two completely different life experience. Any work in the world, has a dull and mechanical labor, but if in which we could not find the joy of work, if only the endless suffering of it, we will never really love this job, and try to overcome all kinds of difficulties in the work process, and boring. The efforts to complete the work, and get great satisfaction, gain confidence to meet. If we will only stay in the "suffering, patience" work attitude, even when the lowest standard one day at a time "is impossible to achieve, let alone make achievements.

Talk about the importance of careful optimization of Shanghai dragon from their own experience


spider love Shanghai diligent, but included the content on the website is not much improvement, after careful analysis, but found that the old domain name, has left many path before the path to spider crawling, but it is the residual path, because the path is the old path, spider are familiar with, so the spider site looks very diligent, the main reasons can be included but not ideal! Find the defects, I immediately set robots.txt file, to those who don’t have residual path blocked, then the site collected and ranking situation has been significantly improved

!Although the

here, from the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is successful and there is a long way to go, but through careful observation, let me imperceptibly changed the misunderstanding easily ignored, it gives me more confidence, and then from the A5 to see a Shanghai dragon optimization tool is dead check the website link, I have confidence on their web sites is sufficient, you know my templates are personally prepared, so sure that your site is not dead links, but after the Shanghai dragon optimization tool out, but the accident found two dead links, one is multi label a number, the other is a record number to the website is a dead station, he immediately changed the two defects! But I did not expect this.

then I A5 from the Shanghai dragon column, learning about the Shanghai dragon more knowledge, recognize the importance and content of the chain, so I insist that every update three articles and five articles of the original article, at the same time, an appropriate increase in the web site of the chain, the website content, but also optimize the keywords the density, while optimizing the site within the chain, such as the anchor text, navigation and so on, let the internal links form a versatile network! After a serious website optimization, began to have significant improvement, love Shanghai spiders also to more diligent! It makes me more confident the foot of the


before I did a lot of websites also have many websites, later because of the busy work, gradually lost many sites, even some of the domain name to management, later being registered, but in the last year, I again picked up the website, hope that through the operation of the site, to support a household then, with the collection for many years the old domain, the construction of the fine arts college entrance examination, because their operation is the old name, so the website snapshot update is timely! Let me have a further operation of the

Shanghai dragon gives the first glance is very difficult, but once after the entry, you would have thought that it is very simple, is not out of the chain, plus some original content, pseudo original content? But once deeply, you will find that the original Shanghai the dragon is not very deep, but never simple, more careful is a down-to-earth, the following is to combine their own examples to analyze, careful optimization of the importance of Shanghai dragon


From the effect of my website, the difference between Baidu promotion and Google Adsense

you know, the station station of the main profit model is advertising alliance. US advertising alliance Baidu in the domestic reputation is mainly Google Adsense, three big promotion, Ali mother alliance good reputation. Other minor league said that the deduction amount is serious, price is also relatively low, can also see many webmaster Posts Little League without complaints K number of events in each big Adsense BBS. Of course, Google and Baidu K, the post reaction also occasionally see. Why most webmasters is linked to Google Adsense, many people say that Adsense prices are high relative to other Union not less, but the fact that in recent months the Adsense Google price is not high, may be affected by Google events, Google Adsense reduced the percentage of

to the station?But

, the author of a stock station at the same time hung Google AdSense and Baidu promotion, the result is in fact or Google revenue is not high, the reason Google Adsense click price higher than Baidu promotion, in fact the price is a little high. The main reason is the advertisement matching and web advertising content. The more relevant, more content, higher cost, users are more interested in the website, click rate is higher. I stood stock two ad rate average is about Google Adsense hits in 1% to 2%, while the promotion of Baidu click rate is too low, only 0.2%. Even if I put Baidu promotion ads "the best location of the content page above two 300*280 placed side by side, click rate as well. The reason is Baidu promotion advertising matching is really very low with a stock. Net, Google display Chinese ads are most stock related content. Baidu promotion, 6 ads in only one stock related, other advertising is like what certain equipment company, what products such as advertisement, advertising is not related. And no suction force, users browsing not to click on.

however, Google technology is not so good. I think take stock website. As everyone knows, Google Adsense display principle is the higher price of advertising more priority display, but is sometimes deranged. Because the new page the stock network, not all is actually English advertising visit the page display. The reason is because I have a English station, is also linked to Google Adsense, of course English station and the Chinese station with a Google account. English station advertising prices than Chinese stand high, so also no one seems to visit the page according to the account to Google the default judgment, display advertising English high price stock. I just started on Google Adsense when the click rate is very low. The reason is that advertising is English, web surfers don’t click. Then click >

Webmaster friends, please calm down and do the station

today a webmaster friend chat, talk about why he stood IP is not high, also can’t keep visitors and so on. Go in and see, first don’t say keyword choice, give people the first feeling is uncomfortable, the template gives people feel very confused, color collocation does not meet the station type, the content is messy and empty. How can such a station to retain visitors, ask webmaster friends, you do stand, have considered the user? Do you do when the station, and whether there is a plan to re run your site?. Many webmaster are very impatient, standing on the line, the template is not ready, the content did not collect well, the external links did not do, and promoted a few QQ group, every day in the traffic statistics, and then asked why the station did not flow. Excuse me, if you enter such a station, you will stay? Absolutely not, so webmaster friends should draw up a plan for themselves, including the station’s preliminary planning, medium-term development, late operation. Set up a good mechanism, so that when you run the station, you will not be confused and aimless. Here’s how you should do it:

1. to find a suitable location, it is best to segment the industry, do fine, do fine, make features. It’s hard for an individual webmaster to do a big, all – around station. Therefore, station type selection needs to be seriously considered, and the general direction must be correct. Content must be done, the site is relatively rich, very strong, and only after it does not seem empty, to vigorously publicity, but also to have effect. A no content station, you propaganda and what use, no content is not keep the user.

2. website template positioning, must be suitable for your industry, professional and technical station to do entertainment station template, what do you think the result is?. In this regard, you can look at other people’s, and ask their friends or friends around to give some advice, although not all accepted, but they can give you a lot of advice, and when they are visitors, is very helpful.

more than two, 3. do well, oneself is not to do Baidu included, bright and included speed increase, PR value promotion, station itself weight ascension. For example, the first stage to do how much included, how many links every day, how many updates every day, how many QQ groups to promote every day, how much the chain construction?. In the first second stages, you should revise and perfect the problems and deficiencies in your first stage. I think these 2 stages should be done at least 3 to 6 months longer. If it is done in accordance with this, they themselves and the station itself is constantly improving, and naturally can also understand the experience you need to build.

4. continues to tune and improve user experience and listen to the voice of users. Use all means, a lot of publicity, continuous learning, promotion and improvement of nature, success is not far away.

from the above point of view, it is very simple, but also people looking forward to the final success. But the webmaster friends you really Jingxiaxinlai stand for? 90% of the webmaster and not to do! Most of them are talking in the group, spam, IP, everywhere asked why Ip is so.

The local property network has verified the potential benefits of the new model to share

Now the

network environment is not very good and this is well known, many owners have moved to the local market, but compared to the local market and the network market is two market different, have different rules, publicity, promotion and profit in different ways, as early as two years to be a direct garbage station, work flow SP, put some advertising, do exchange chain, money is faster, but it’s not too good to do, except they are old, stuffy head to make money, because this is a competition on the network. The local station, due to geographical reasons, but there is no such situation. Now let me say how my property network works. As everyone knows, the local real estate network are based on advertising fees, franchise fees to these money, for the novice, in a short period of time to collect advertising fees is a very difficult thing, but also make visibility, allow developers to accept is not able to complete work within a short period of time.

my operation is:

one, let developers eat free lunch.

two, let developers taste the taste of the network, but can not eat the mouth.

three, taste it and eat it in your mouth, but you need to pay for it.

then I’d like to say "

" one by one

1, to eat free lunch, for developers, generally divided into two cases, developers own development, their own sales, developers development, to the professional agent company sales. So this free lunch will work for anyone, let your website give them free groups. Just don’t collect their money and introduce them to the customer.

two, but not to eat the taste, this operation requires skills, first of all to give him a list of customers, and these customers if valid, in front of a few before you be sure they want to buy a house, and willingness of the developers, and then to number three or four on the line the rest is only the name, no phone. Everybody knows that.

three, mouth to eat to pay, this is not necessarily the first few transactions, but they do not have the intention may have a variety of reasons to clinch a deal, but the customer is true, good luck may be a transaction, then the rest is your weight, say about money, or to advertise him the list is either to his organization group purchase then collect intermediary costs, we are 1% intermediary fee.

my station is Shangqiu real estate network, we can see, there is a middle of the house and buy advertising, this ad is, I use the above three steps to do. I was lucky. I got two sets in the middle of the list. Then they made one year AD, and then gave me a 1% Commission for the one-time customers, 0.8% of the mortgage clients. A house is probably around 2500-3200 yuan. We started the month before the spring festival. Then I’ll post the ad and send the article. Yes, the ad on the phone is me