The same is she can set up shop daily net 3000

Many entrepreneurs who shop around

, but it is not enough in some life miserable for a long time is a collapse in the open does not go, today want to talk about a female college students to sell their dessert every day netted 3000 stories.

2010 just after the Spring Festival, who lives in Ba Da Guan, Qingdao, Qiingdao University, School of fashion design and performance of the school to go to school and the majority of college students, like graduating students are facing the problem of finding a job. But one morning in April changed her mind about employment. read more

National network information office to rectify false information Haiying Sun and other large V was s

the development of the Internet, so that the transfer of information is very fast, WeChat, micro-blog, etc. have appeared, and celebrities, such as micro-blog and other red forwarding information more quickly with prestige. During the Spring Festival has been the transfer of false information, therefore, the State Network letter office to rectify false information, Haiying Sun and other large V was sealed.

What is
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Open an art glass shop self-produced high profits

many people complain about the lack of good business direction, in fact, business on the side, as long as you discover there must be, for example can be seen everywhere in the glass, can also have great market prospects, if you open a glass art shop, how can the future? The following small series for you to analyze, for reference.

1. unique advantage of project process, improve the added value of the products. The use of unique glass craft processing

2. a small investment, homegrown. The processing site read more

What basic qualities do college students want to succeed in business

2012 graduation tide coming, but in a "college students" voice, entrepreneurship has become less, how to succeed? Here, we do some summary of the successful cases, hope you can have some perception and inspiration.


heard too many "entrepreneurial failure flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" experience, today’s graduates have entrepreneurial ideas, but the practice is less. In 2004 the Shanghai University JA business planning in the finals, the players have shown their business plan, but even the first prize winner also said his plan is "fantasy", in recent years will not consider entrepreneurship. While the judges that his work is the most operational of all participants. Experts believe that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the innovative spirit of the students have confidence in their ability, and entrepreneurship is the need for passion and confidence. read more

Top 10 tips to help improve the floor paint brand

into the text before the first mention of a question, the content of the enterprise web page is written to whom?

I have served as curator

SEO website in a well-known Dalian floor paint enterprises, the original floor paint enterprise website optimization team after several brainstorming meeting, determine a scheme about optimizing the site floor paint enterprise overall policy is: & quot; original content + humane chain correlation between " + industry chain;. However, at that time, we are not the same as the degree of awareness of SEO, resulting in the original ideas about the content of the enterprise website, the views can not be unified. At that time, the most controversial topic is: "what is the content of our web site for whom to read?" read more

Web site should focus on the promotion of online or offline promotion

yesterday, the chance to hear a new company in the discussion of their new station promotion program, then simply sit down and listen to the. May be no special promotion, so get together to discuss, the idea is very complex, but in fact the 00 pieces are also contains some commonly used promotion methods. They talked about the promotion of the two aspects: online promotion and offline promotion. I’ve been thinking about a problem, the new site should focus on the promotion of online or offline promotion? read more

A webmaster to Baidu CEO Robin Li’s public pay New Year’s call letters

Dear Mr. Robin Li:

Hello! Were bull, we ushered in the new year, we wish you and your family good health, good luck in everything! Congratulations to Baidu in 2009

full of arrogant!

last night, the Spring Festival Gala, see you sitting in front of the position of the audience, a brilliant smile, graceful bearing. The photographer also deeply attracted by your grace, many precious lens on your valiant and heroic in bearing face. I believe the country hundreds of millions of Internet users also in the spring of 2009 has witnessed your style, there are such a young CEO are proud of Baidu. read more