Light luxury glasses store brand collection e school announced the completion of three million Angel

August 12th news today, overseas luxury light glasses store brand collection e school announced the completion of three million Angel round of financing, this round of financing by LIAN Yongxuan partner Feng Tao led.

it is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used to establish e learning at the end of 2016 stores in Beijing, China World Trade Center, Financial Street and Zhongguancun area under the line before the experience.

e school was founded in early 2015, is an overseas niche designer glasses store brand collection, the main light luxury fashion brand glasses. The company has been working with Jia Jia Jia, Matsushima Masaki, FLAIR, SUPERDRY and other brands to cooperate. read more

Promotion of College Students’ Web site Library Promotion of non mainstream methods

at present, the employment of college students has become a major problem we have to face, while the Internet is known as a paradise for entrepreneurs, so more and more students to the Internet business this way, to establish their own websites, to promote the development of their own website. However, many college students spend a lot of time and energy but have not been able to promote their website. The reasons may be many, but the bigger reason is that they have not found a good way of thinking and methods. Here I will introduce one of the non mainstream methods to promote college students website – Library promotion. read more

Stewardess network improvements

      1 add a pink background, gradient effect, the current site background color is white, it seems too monotonous.

      2 the top part of the home is best to add a big point of the banner, so it seems to be some of the atmosphere, that the head part of a bit stingy. Other sub column top should also add a banner, is the overall effect of the show,

      3 information page, all words of the title, at best, very boring, a line is divided into a column, on the left is the picture news + picture, this column is on the right side of the hottest new title
      such a similar form than the consultation is a better title, the following structure of screenshots, color like does not comply with the airline stewardess template read more

Website promotion should be like Transformers do

      "Transformers" went to the cinema this evening, although not to watch the premiere, but people are still full of visible marketing work is how in place. Judging from the details of the movie, it’s really amazing. To do the market work, like Transformers.

      1 good ideas are the foundation of success

      "Transformers" was popular in several generations of the classic animation, the hands of a child holding a Transformers, playing to play, how many people crazy. "Transformers" is like a man’s childhood pronoun. This is also the basis of the success of the film, emotional card juvenile feelings inside, because the name of the movie, I think there are a lot of people come to watch. Choose a good idea into the market, it means a part of success. read more

List of local website publicity expenses

This year,

made a new local website Kak network, now my expenses in the propaganda to give us a quote, perhaps to help:

1, design LOGO cost of 107 yuan

I was released in eight pig Street tasks, direct task offers 107 yuan. This is the first release of the task, there will be a future to do LOGO, if your heart is affordable price of 200 yuan, it is recommended to press the first release of 100 yuan, so that perhaps $100 can be solved. If 100 is not satisfied with the increase of the price, the time is the same as the two. read more

Jiang Likun talk about the role of net name in the network promotion

estimates that a lot of people see the title of this article, they would like to do not understand, what is the relationship between the screen and promotion?.

we should all understand, for the promotion, the resources are very important, which is the most important source of human resources. How to get a lot of network resources fast? The author believes that the establishment of a personal reputation, or to establish a personal brand is king. If a person’s brand is very loud, even if others do not know you, and you are willing to deal with you. How to build a personal brand name? Is the first step, it is like a company or website, a big name is the key. If your name is catchy, easy to remember, that your personal reputation will soon be lifted up. Write here, we should understand the relationship between the net name and promotion of it. read more

Do website alliance, thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers entered a new round of integrat

network founder Cai Wensheng said that the way the site alliance is conducive to solving the problem of the development of personal funds.

two days I was asked the most questions is how to make the site bigger." In the days before the third session held in Xiamen Chinese owners meeting, IDG technology venture investment fund partner to Wang told reporters. The site is still bigger to solve the problem of income. As the theme of the general assembly of the Federation, it is a hot topic to solve the problem. read more

Carrefour enabled CN domain name in June will be formally launched online mall

April 15th, Carrefour Chinese online mall enabled domain officially launched online, mainly selling groceries. Another traditional retail giant involved in electricity providers.

all goods from the nearest Carrefour store entities for distribution, the audience can enjoy 129 yuan shopping package post. Shoppers can choose two ways to pay online and pay on delivery.

from the column point of view, the site has a "light of France", "red wine estate", "imported food", "mother and child Pavilion" four theme pavilions. read more

Outsourcing in the growth of entrepreneurial firms

in an article on the VentureBeat, how the growth of start-up companies through the task outsourcing, thereby improving product development and reduce the risk of expansion of enterprise personnel, an interesting interpretation. In particular, the need to avoid risks, to provide you with five recommendations. (translator)

a few months ago, there was a telephone conversation with the boss of a SEO agent. She wants to find someone to help her users build up the chain. I immediately told her that there are a number of overseas companies and individuals to provide such services. Through a number of online outsourcing platform can successfully find. Her response was a shock, "it’s crazy to outsource overseas," but our world today is going on, every day and every night. Through this stage outsourcing, outsourcing companies, not only quickly into the development of new products, and these provide outsourcing services team is likely to have higher professional than hiring employees. read more

A domain agent urged users do not pay to change agent solution

In this paper,

only in reserved reserved

      today "domain agent urged users do not pay to change agent", think too much now this kind of unscrupulous agents, there are so many webmaster brothers suffer. Here, one method to deal with the unscrupulous agents say to you.

      1, find the domain name agent

      in order to avoid this situation, when looking for agents in your domain name, to find a free (free transfer) membership number and registrar domain agents, see, ask the Agency registration under the terms of service, etc.. read more