Wisdom in bid have entertainment in the spike network

recently, a called wisdom in the bid (www.110bid.com) site in the author’s life was crazy turn. So I think the surprise is that in today’s no shortage of topics, the electricity business community has never been a huge public opinion patent, small electricity supplier can break through, it is a miracle.

with curiosity, the author of the wisdom of the bid had a simple experience, the reason for the break will clear up, the key in the entertainment subversion".

this site from the moment of opening, they began to subvert the user accustomed to feeling. read more

Gadmei and qiyi to build smart special purchases for the Spring Festival to parents

December 17th, the domestic digital photo frame leading brands Gadmei and Iqiyi held an online conference, launched a "warm heart to 2016 parents new year’s gift" – Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo Q10. This product at the same time landing Jingdong first, pre-sale period early adopters price only 699 yuan.

Gadmei VP Wang Yu said that Gadmei has been hoping to develop a suitable family of products, it has rich contents and perfect audio-visual experience, can spread happiness, happiness, memory can give family warm tips, so the intelligent transformation of traditional photo into "to the parents of small tv". For the Spring Festival to give a gift to the parents of the people, the Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo gave a great let the whole family happy New Year! read more

On the three core factors of network marketing in small and medium sized enterprises

now small and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to the network marketing, but many are because of the ability to move network marketing key not found, resulting in network marketing failure, in fact, want to do network marketing as long as do the three core factors can be, what is the three core factors of network marketing


1: positioning accurate target

for the network marketing must first focus on the target users, you have to learn to find the potential target users can focus on targeted marketing, at the same time, but also to see the degree of competition in the current market counterparts, to see whether the degree of saturation has been reached, if the competition is too big, so marketing naturally will be very difficult! read more

Analysis on the basic knowledge of Taobao

first stated, this article is aimed at Taobao off if you are a novice, veteran Taobao customer, and may earn thousands or tens of thousands or even tens of thousands can no longer read this article! Because you are not my article reading target crowd, this article I is not your dish O! (a _ u) O~

joined Taobao off this line for the novice, I heard Taobao money off, what Taobao is how to make money off? Everyone in the guest alliance inside the PID There were many discussions. What is this? What is the relationship between PID and their possible? These questions are all around the solution doesn’t open the hearts of the mystery guest novice in Taobao! With the increasingly long time, listen to people talk more and more tourists, Taobao slowly familiar with the original Taobao and to sell off is by promoting its own PID link to promote consumer purchase target products, profits divided into money earn commission income. read more

Cross-border tax regulations will appeal to all walks of life for the optimization of terms

is about to begin in April 8th to implement cross-border tax regulations sparked concern. In April 6th, Beijing held cross-border tax reform seminar, the relevant government departments, representatives of the school sector, Suning, Tmall, Jingdong and other mainstream business platform and the relevant person in charge of overseas businessmen to share their views on the new regulations.

quota, positive list, the implementation of supporting policies and window period is the focus of attention of participants. Their consensus is that: because of the upgrading of consumption, the power of the development of China’s cross-border electricity supplier imports still exist, the government also encourages its development. But the new cross-border tax reform policy uncertainties and non operational, many technical solutions and supporting documents have not been announced, the enterprise failed to give enough window to deal. read more

A large number of sites joint Dragon hardware to create a new network marketing situation

Beijing 7, July 2009 / PRNewswire / — recently, by a handful of websites and Tianlong Hardware City, CO hosting the network marketing training in Tianlong Hardware City two floor held from Tianlong Hardware City of more than 30 business representatives and businesses participated in this training. The network marketing training will be designed to illustrate the way of small and medium enterprises network marketing, combined with the actual experience of network marketing, network marketing can prove to bring good hardware companies. read more

The first rural electricity supplier development views support for various types of capital particip

special correspondent Zhang Mengjie Beijing reported

the first comprehensive deployment of rural e-commerce documents officially landed.

August 31st, the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and other 19 departments jointly issued the "opinions on accelerating the development of rural e-commerce" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions").

"this is the Ministry of Commerce for the first time put forward the development of rural electricity supplier, although the industry called blue ocean, but the first half of this year, China’s rural agricultural products sales of electricity suppliers accounted for only about 2.5%, and other areas of electricity sales accounted for more than 20% in general," said the Ministry of Commerce Electronic Commerce Research Institute deputy director of the research department of Zhang Li in an interview in twenty-first Century economic report. read more

CANN simplified and traditional Chinese domain names will be tested this week

      October 8th news, according to foreign media reports, the Internet domain name management agency ICANN recently said it would start this week, including Chinese, including non English domain names.

      it is reported that this week to participate in the test of non English languages have simplified and traditional Chinese Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Greek, Yiddish (Jewish used international language), North India and Tamil language.

      if the test is successful, then the.Com or.Net end of the above non English domain name will be put into use by the end of 2008. (editor’s note: a translation error, according to Admin5 senior researcher Xiaoyu domain membership reflect: the original translation article is how to test Chinese. Chinese smoothly like "       "   " "  . Chinese stationmaster net;;   & nbsp; " h; Y C, die. K C for   "   this domain will put into use at the end of 2008.         now we often think that is Chinese.Com is Chinese languages, is a transformation of the international domain name such as ".Com is the webmaster nets " xn--5tzn5gx0x.com"   real Chinese domain name for ". Chinese; station network   "   Chinese in the future the domain will support   ‘. " Punctuation analysis.     for example, " webmaster nets. Chinese " and " Adsense nets. Chinese "   same effect      ) read more

NetEase following the launch of the buy navigation station after the introduction of B2C online mall

[TechWeb news] December 16th news, NetEase, following the launch of the Group buy navigation site NetEase head, but also launched B2C online mall shop.163.com. Analysis of the industry, NetEase move is intended to rely on portals, online games and e-mail huge user base and influence, in the fierce competition in the e-commerce market accounted for a place.


mall currently supports prepaid recharge, online games, direct purchase lottery tickets, photo printing and printing individual customized and other living services, and will support the domestic online games market more than 95% game cards online direct. NetEase launched a number of these businesses, are associated with their own advantages of products. read more