6 years of industrial fission, Wanda cut fuse it


2014, China real estate is to bid farewell to the "10 years", and Wanda seems will usher in the best time, it will soon become the capital market is a big story, the key moment it can remove the shackles.

This print journalist Huang Qiuli

_ _ editor Wu Jinyong

I am in an unprecedented mood today, very happy, my family and I came to Kunming to participate in the opening of 100th Wanda plaza." Speaking of this, Wang Jianlin took a look at the audience. His wife, Lin Ning, is much better than his oldest son, Wang Sicong. read more

The shoes retailer Tmall international direct mail home main landing

news August 8th, billion state power network that mainly sell shoes goods retailer Stadium Goods will be reached in cooperation with Tmall international, its overseas flagship store has recently been on the line.

It is reported that

, Stadium Goods sports shoes overseas flagship store sales of Nike, Air, Jordan Adidas, New Balance and Supreme brands, and through overseas direct mail mode from Chinese, sent to the United states. In addition to footwear, the shop also sells a small number of tops, sports bags and other goods. read more

Shentong business platform love to buy super net that died two months

reporter learned yesterday, STO’s business platform "love to buy super net" has been unable to access, on-line less than two months is failed.

data show that the first phase of love to buy super net investment of about 50 million yuan, by STO holdings of 70%, a company called fulcrum investment VC and part of the team of natural persons. Its location is similar to the shop No. 1, the main food and daily chemical products, department stores and small appliances supplement. Relevant responsible person said, will do a good job in Zhejiang market, and then into other provinces. However, the site is less than two months on the line that can not be opened, the official micro-blog has stopped updating since September 4th. read more

Rural e-commerce from Taobao whitewashing advertising

has a plant in the village found the ads, let passers-by can see a new look, a lot of people have said this is the village inside certain online shop selling shoes who earn a lot of money website. In fact, whitewashing advertising in early appeared, including Alipay, WeChat and other Jingdong, are whitewashing advertising online activities, its purpose is to let the Internet obviously, the brands and products into the rural market. In the current whitewashing advertising has also been a lot of Internet Co as a line of rural marketing publicity channels, especially the rural e-commerce is more and more valued Internet giant. However, at present, the e-commerce in the rural market can not be driven and developed as quickly as the urban e-commerce, but there are many problems. read more

Do a B2C site with its own characteristics

                  a few days ago were released "how to build the evergreen tree" in shopping website "and" coping strategies for search engine adjustment algorithm, by many webmaster friends to support. Today, I put my new ideas and experience and experience to write to communicate with you. If there is not the right side, but also hope that the majority of friends correct, we progress together.

can be said that in the world today, no one does not want to be a boss, including me. Is there a saying that is familiar with the phrase, "do not want to be a general’s soldiers, it is not a good soldier," in other words, it. Say do not want to be the boss, it is certainly not good". But for a word, if the boss is so easily when it, then we come in, encounter is not the boss? Haha, we don’t Chinese became boss of the country. (a pile of crap, turn to the question). read more

A college student failed Wangzhuan experience

I am a senior student in an ordinary university in Guangzhou. When I want to write this document before I graduate from all Wangzhuan friends.

I studied economics, the university time is always bored in a day to be sent. To become attached to Wangzhuan or in 2006, it was just opening soon, the course easily no exam pressure, one day accidentally in a forum to see Cashfiesta network advertising to make money, is very attractive, the poster described in the post a month easily earned $more than and 300, but also made a screenshot. At the time that the Wangzhuan is good, than to go out and make the promotion to tutor a lot better, but also do not have to go out, but also on the Internet, so I registered an account to wangzhuan. As long as there is my spare time in front of the computer are looking forward to success with those who earn Wangzhuan bucket, but a month down what did not earn income, from the minimum payment amount is one hundred and eight thousand. Just want to give up, but then the Internet consulting company, that do Wangzhuan perseverance, I put a short time effort is not enough, do Wangzhuan too little. Think about it, after all, is to take the rest of the time to do, but also will not affect learning. If so, then I would have to spend a little time, I believe that Heaven helps those who help themselves. read more

The first half of the Alibaba performance than expected revenue increased 50% to 2 billion 600 milli

Hongkong, August 10, 2010 – the world’s leading e-commerce company’s small business Alibaba Network Limited (1688.HK) today announced the year ended June 30, 2010 three months without audit and half yearly interim results, "member, value-added services and customer business mode so that the Alibaba has achieved strong growth.

in the first half of 2010, the number of registered members of Alibaba continued strong growth in the first half increased by 5 million 700 thousand registered users, compared with the first half of 2009 the number of registered users increased by 10 million 660 thousand. read more

Secret Wuhan electricity supplier female anchor one day broadcast 10 hours monthly income of nearly

many consumers found a new group of electricity supplier anchor, they try to buy clothes for the buyers, snacks, together with fans to buy buy. In the feast of the people of SHOPPING, in addition to Ma and electricity supplier sellers, these electricity providers are also a share of the anchor, the monthly income of one hundred thousand is not difficult.

"together with me to buy buy buy" – this year’s double eleven and twelve, many consumers found a new group of "electric anchor", they are buyers try clothes, snacks taste, bring fans together to buy buy buy. In the feast of the people of SHOPPING, in addition to Ma and electricity supplier sellers, these electricity providers are also a share of the anchor, the monthly income of one hundred thousand is not difficult. What are the characteristics of this group of people? How do they motivate fans to buy read more

Do the overall solution provider Jingdong platform business accounted for 50%

speed transit network on July 29th afternoon news conference in the first Jingdong to open platform "cohesion, win the future" as the theme, Jingdong proposed to open platform to become the "seller solution provider", and released an open platform for cooperation oriented technology, logistics, financial services, partners four to support the plan, the third party platform business will account for 50% of the overall business of Jingdong.

it is understood that the Jingdong open platform will provide a total solution provider for the seller, provide a full range of services throughout the entire operation process for businesses, including high-quality user groups, high quality and convenient service, warehousing and distribution to data for the mobile terminal entrance drive business service system, huge potential. At the meeting, the Jingdong group also announced the technology, logistics, services, financial support plan four. read more

Enterprise mailbox market concentration to further enhance the sum of 4 enterprises up to 70.3%

enterprise mailbox market is entering the era of oligarchs. According to iResearch released "2009-2010 China e-mail industry development report" the latest statistics show that in 263, 35, China Internet million net, market share is still easy to sum up to 70.3%, about 11 percentage points higher than the 08 annual growth. Ai Rui believes that the corporate mailbox market brand service providers are further strengthened.

in the past year, has listed 263 and 35 with the help of Internet e-mail service, with 67 million 410 thousand yuan and 58 million 900 thousand yuan in revenue ranked the top two, but from the list ranked third in the Chinese million net growth pressure is still great. According to the Ai Rui report, 09 years Chinese million net revenue mailbox enterprises amounted to 55 million 120 thousand yuan, and 35 Internet only 3 million 600 thousand yuan. read more

Dunhuang Peru postal network hand push the brand through cross-border parcel


] January 14th news billion state power network, billion state power network that before Dunhuang and Peru post (Serpost) signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing year.

According to the Dunhuang

network, this cooperation is to deepen its trade with the Peru government in the field of digital communication and cooperation, hoping to promote the Peru cross-border e-commerce platform to better carry out international trade between China and Peru of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide services. read more

Ali and Shun marriage a year for the Chinese electricity supplier to bring

this year, "11.11" is not only the first dual Ali listed in the United States, is also the first year of the Alibaba group and the logistics of the "marriage" of the year 11. One is the electricity supplier industry giant, is a large logistics leader, a Mendanghudui "marriage" a year to China business brings sweet and expectations of how the


work together to change the lives of China’s 600 million rural people

Alibaba and goodaymart logistics why at first sight, with expert witness as saying, "it is natural, and". Alibaba and goodaymart logistics "encounter" China coincides with the popularity of online shopping from the city to the countryside "Eve", how to use each other’s network layout change become the two main reasons to go together for 600 million rural people living Chinese. read more

Alibaba to enter the United States and PayPal your enemy

4 27, Alibaba and PayPal jointly announced that the two sides reached a strategic partnership, PayPal has become one of the Alibaba’s global fast selling platform payment. This also means that the Alibaba in March in the United States, and was the first to use the old rival eBay (PayPal company) to strategy.

Alibaba company CEO Wei Zhe said that "although in recent years, there have been international Internet giants because of various reasons, eventually abandoned the China market, but the Alibaba not because of any difficulties and give us small business, then the Alibaba will also carry out strategic plans in the United States substantial." read more

Tmall China Mobile 2016 brothers to go to war

mobile phone has been the major Internet companies saw industry, but are not successful, now a Ali has opened a new battlefield.

previously, Tmall mobile phone in the micro-blog general manager Pan Zhiyong said, "Tmall reached a strategic cooperation with China Mobile in 2016, we are brother to go to a


yesterday, Pan Zhiyong not only for the first time to the daily economic news reporter confirmed the depth of cooperation with the move, and said it would cooperate with the operators in three areas, namely, the terminal, the pipeline and the cloud". He believes that the general terminal is the mobile phone manufacturers and sales platform, the pipeline is the operator, the cloud is the terminal Guan Daoyun, if able to combine together, must be very strong, will constitute a spindle." read more

What explains Ma Yun’s C2B

has long been a taobao.com known as the representative, vice president of C2C mode but before talking about taobao.com e-commerce market has said: "the company was to C2B, which is a concept proposed by Mr. Ma Yun." For Taobao claiming to be positioned as C2B, I have some understanding of their own understanding of superficial, if not, please note.

This is C2B


let’s take a look at the definition of C2B:

C2B is a kind of electronic business model, that is, consumer to enterprise. First by the United States popular, the core of C2B, is through the polymerization of the large number of users to form a strong group purchasing, in order to change the user one bid B2C mode of the weak position, to enjoy to buy single commodities at wholesale prices of interest. read more

Wisdom in bid have entertainment in the spike network

recently, a called wisdom in the bid (www.110bid.com) site in the author’s life was crazy turn. So I think the surprise is that in today’s no shortage of topics, the electricity business community has never been a huge public opinion patent, small electricity supplier can break through, it is a miracle.

with curiosity, the author of the wisdom of the bid had a simple experience, the reason for the break will clear up, the key in the entertainment subversion".

this site from the moment of opening, they began to subvert the user accustomed to feeling. read more

Gadmei and qiyi to build smart special purchases for the Spring Festival to parents

December 17th, the domestic digital photo frame leading brands Gadmei and Iqiyi held an online conference, launched a "warm heart to 2016 parents new year’s gift" – Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo Q10. This product at the same time landing Jingdong first, pre-sale period early adopters price only 699 yuan.

Gadmei VP Wang Yu said that Gadmei has been hoping to develop a suitable family of products, it has rich contents and perfect audio-visual experience, can spread happiness, happiness, memory can give family warm tips, so the intelligent transformation of traditional photo into "to the parents of small tv". For the Spring Festival to give a gift to the parents of the people, the Gadmei Iqiyi inside smart photo gave a great let the whole family happy New Year! read more

On the three core factors of network marketing in small and medium sized enterprises

now small and medium-sized enterprises pay more attention to the network marketing, but many are because of the ability to move network marketing key not found, resulting in network marketing failure, in fact, want to do network marketing as long as do the three core factors can be, what is the three core factors of network marketing


1: positioning accurate target

for the network marketing must first focus on the target users, you have to learn to find the potential target users can focus on targeted marketing, at the same time, but also to see the degree of competition in the current market counterparts, to see whether the degree of saturation has been reached, if the competition is too big, so marketing naturally will be very difficult! read more

Analysis on the basic knowledge of Taobao

first stated, this article is aimed at Taobao off if you are a novice, veteran Taobao customer, and may earn thousands or tens of thousands or even tens of thousands can no longer read this article! Because you are not my article reading target crowd, this article I is not your dish O! (a _ u) O~

joined Taobao off this line for the novice, I heard Taobao money off, what Taobao is how to make money off? Everyone in the guest alliance inside the PID There were many discussions. What is this? What is the relationship between PID and their possible? These questions are all around the solution doesn’t open the hearts of the mystery guest novice in Taobao! With the increasingly long time, listen to people talk more and more tourists, Taobao slowly familiar with the original Taobao and to sell off is by promoting its own PID link to promote consumer purchase target products, profits divided into money earn commission income. read more

Cross-border tax regulations will appeal to all walks of life for the optimization of terms

is about to begin in April 8th to implement cross-border tax regulations sparked concern. In April 6th, Beijing held cross-border tax reform seminar, the relevant government departments, representatives of the school sector, Suning, Tmall, Jingdong and other mainstream business platform and the relevant person in charge of overseas businessmen to share their views on the new regulations.

quota, positive list, the implementation of supporting policies and window period is the focus of attention of participants. Their consensus is that: because of the upgrading of consumption, the power of the development of China’s cross-border electricity supplier imports still exist, the government also encourages its development. But the new cross-border tax reform policy uncertainties and non operational, many technical solutions and supporting documents have not been announced, the enterprise failed to give enough window to deal. read more