Dangdang regulations to Beijing to be sentenced to unequal treaties

Provisions "format clause

[review] dangdang.com all disputes must be resolved to Beijing". The day before, Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on dangdang.com together jurisdiction objection made a final ruling, that substantial inequality damages the lawful action of consumers, that dangdang.com jurisdiction clause is invalid.

Information Times News (reporter Wei Huihui correspondent Liu Kan Yang Xiaomei) online shopping has become one of the most important modern consumption patterns, many network operators registered users in the consumer link, advance in the format of the contract set in the jurisdiction clause, the terms of the format dangdang.com provisions "all disputes must be resolved to Beijing". The day before, Guangzhou City Intermediate People’s Court on dangdang.com together jurisdiction objection made a final ruling, that substantial inequality damages the lawful action of consumers, that dangdang.com jurisdiction clause is invalid. read more

How do the traditional enterprises make great value marketing

with the influx of a large number of traditional companies into the Internet, the competition is particularly fierce in various industries, the flow of less and less money to spend more and more expensive traffic. Faced with this situation, how can the traditional enterprises find their rational way to embrace the Internet? Ghost would like to introduce a seldom mentioned marketing – marketing news. Just imagine, if you can get with money to venture bidding Sina, Sohu, etc. these big portals to your business do an interview with a few period, whether it is to enhance the visibility of products or sales effect will be much better. read more

Hammer conference private notes – recommended to engage in sales and marketing friends to read


/ Vice President Xu Ming Wei

yesterday made a sentence without rhyme or reason "if I don’t buy a hammer, I’m sorry luo." This evening to Anfu road Drama Center opposite Marion coffee, have a cup of tea, open the computer, talk to explain exactly why I want to buy a hammer.

layman watch, experts see road. As a person engaged in sales work, naturally depends on how he conducted a product demonstration, fortunately, this hammer phone conference called classic. Friends joked to hear a "dialogue", this is not a simple tease fun comic, the crosstalk is carefully planned, organized, where is the baggage, where there is applause, where to pause, where should sell who have been very precise design. He is a genius, he for selling products and packaging, to grasp the needs of the user, are called the world’s level, the audience for the control of company values interpretation depends on this point, he won my respect from the bottom of my heart, I think I have to buy a hammer. read more

This document is a three new board of cross-border mergers and acquisitions have to stop eating!

Abstract: the day before, rumours of an alleged bank "Bulletin of cross-border capital flow situation meeting record file, put forward the overseas investment of 10, is expected to begin implementation. In fact, it is not anecdotal, because Wall Street Journal reporter confirmed that they have seen the document, and confirm directly informed sources ".

days ago, rumours of an alleged bank "Bulletin of cross-border capital flow situation meeting record file, put forward the overseas investment of 10, is expected to begin implementation. read more

Entrepreneurial pain but eventually All sufferings have their reward.

entrepreneurship is a very painful thing, and entrepreneurs will not be quiet. The more great entrepreneurial ideas will bring more lingering pain, let entrepreneurs sleep at night. Generally speaking, from the early start of the capital allocation and scheduling, talent recruitment, marketing strategy, management skills, the market trend changes, and competition and coping strategies, are likely to lead to business failure.

not all entrepreneurs are able to easily start to get rich, in the process of entrepreneurship to bear in mind these points, you can make the process of entrepreneurship with half the effort. read more

Product manager, do you know how to find a market entry point

entry point: popular point, is a breakthrough, that is, to solve a problem should be the first place to start.

looking for market entry point, mainly from the market analysis and product positioning two aspects:

followed by an example of how to find the market entry point, select the object: Penguin FM.

1 market analysis

market analysis can be: SWOT analysis, value curve analysis and related market analysis to understand the market situation in three areas.

1) SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis method is used to determine the competitive advantage and disadvantage, opportunity and threat, which will be a scientific analyzing method and strategy of company’s internal resources and external environment organically. – Baidu Encyclopedia read more

Cloud computing platform can quickly control the cloud rookie webmaster

2012, the Chinese Internet continues to continue the momentum of rapid development, the number of sites continued to grow, while the majority of the owners have begun to gradually shift from the favor of the host to the cloud host. However, after a period of time, it was found that the use of cloud hosting process we will face some thorny problems. The operation of cloud hosting and virtual host operating habits, not big differences, into the remote operation is very complex, the new owners operating error and other issues have become the obstacles in the process of promotion of cloud hosting, so to solve these problems has become imminent. read more

Dangdang made gimmicks to engage in promotional books have been questioned or exacerbate losses

Beijing, March 13, (IT channel Pan Da) recently, dangdang.com announced in 2012 fourth quarter, dangdang.com fourth quarter revenue of about 1 billion 615 million yuan, an increase of 31%; net loss of 122 million 100 thousand yuan, narrowed 6%, and has been a loss for two consecutive years dangdang.com.

industry analysts believe that Dangdang is an important reason for the loss of the proportion of the cost of revenue is too high, the highest reached 90%. Dangdang.com executives also said that last year the general and administrative expenses has actually increased, mainly because some 2012 produced an increase in labor costs and customer service service, the rise is the biggest technical personnel costs, an increase of 120%. read more

Taobao new service allows users to buy Japanese goods directly

Beijing time on June 7th evening news, Alibaba, Japan, said on Tuesday that Alibaba has launched a new service to help Japanese consumer products into the rapidly growing Chinese market.

is located in Tokyo Alibaba.com Japan, said the new service through the online retail website taobao.com China biggest help Japanese consumer products manufacturers China directly into the market, in order to save time and cost.

Taobao CEO Lu Zhaoxi said in a statement: high quality Japanese goods are very popular on Taobao, so we have begun to accept user orders, direct purchase of goods from Japanese manufacturers." read more

The toy shop sales 9 killer

typical small retail stores do not have much of a budget to build a gorgeous site, but everyone wants the network to bring them more business opportunities. Recently, the American toy magazine "TDMonthly" made a survey on 47 toy retailers showed that half of the people said their website is just to provide information, while the other half will realize online sales.

Pennsylvania Angel’s Toy Barn toy store owner Angel Stahl hope monthly online transactions can keep more than 100 cases. In fact, many retailers are satisfied with their web site, and the main purpose is to hope that this will bring greater revenue. read more

Automotive electricity supplier TrueCar submit PO applications for financing $125 million

NetEase Francisco April 4th message, according to foreign media reports, the automobile business website TrueCar.com TrueCar today against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed an initial public offering (IPO) application to the maximum financing $125 million.

TrueCar is located in the United States of California, Santa Monica (Santa Monica) by CarsDirect.com founder Scott · (Scott Painter); Pentel was founded in 2005, he was early consultant of Tesla motors. Penter said in an interview that the company had rejected the price of more than $1 billion acquisition proposal. read more

Taobao introduced the most stringent rules for vest shop Shop tragedy

IT home news June 13th news, Taobao today issued Vegetable & Fruit fresh categories "the most stringent ticket, 40 cherry sellers because of the quality of complaints by closing punishment. At the same time, the platform also introduced a rule known as the history of the most stringent, strictly closed shop to change the vest to shop behavior. It is reported that the rules have been tried in Cherry category, after the official commencement will be in full implementation of Taobao.

  read more

Ma Yun small businesses do not rush to do a good job of brand reputation

Jack Ma

is also doing business, the southeast coast of thriving state tend to make small business peers ashamed inland". One from Hunan entrepreneurs to list their garment factory in the "cloud" in one’s existence dilemma. He believes that the transport, cargo ship in the river cannot walk; consumer preferences, "most people prefer Zhejiang, Guangdong brand", and he this kind of small Midwestern clothing manufacturers, "it is very difficult for consumers to buy your account"; talent, "unfortunately, two or three talents went to the field to the city". read more

This year the United States mobile e-commerce market size or up to $10 billion

Beijing time on August 1st afternoon news, the U.S. technology blog Business Insieder said in a report, the role of mobile equipment in electronic commerce is growing, the mobile e-commerce market size is expected to reach $10 billion this year.

Business Insider interpretation of the report in the mobile phone users shopping four behavior patterns:

mobile phone to buy directly: mobile phone network for the electricity supplier to contribute an increasing share of the site. Research firm Forrester (micro-blog) Research forecast, the U.S. mobile e-commerce market size will reach $10 billion this year, while in 2010 this figure is $6 billion. Online (Cyber Monday, the first Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday) online shopping promotions in 2011 contributed 6.6% of mobile electricity supplier sales, an increase of more than doubled over the same period in 2011. read more

6 years of industrial fission, Wanda cut fuse it


2014, China real estate is to bid farewell to the "10 years", and Wanda seems will usher in the best time, it will soon become the capital market is a big story, the key moment it can remove the shackles.

This print journalist Huang Qiuli

_ _ editor Wu Jinyong

I am in an unprecedented mood today, very happy, my family and I came to Kunming to participate in the opening of 100th Wanda plaza." Speaking of this, Wang Jianlin took a look at the audience. His wife, Lin Ning, is much better than his oldest son, Wang Sicong. read more

The shoes retailer Tmall international direct mail home main landing

news August 8th, billion state power network that mainly sell shoes goods retailer Stadium Goods will be reached in cooperation with Tmall international, its overseas flagship store has recently been on the line.

It is reported that

, Stadium Goods sports shoes overseas flagship store sales of Nike, Air, Jordan Adidas, New Balance and Supreme brands, and through overseas direct mail mode from Chinese, sent to the United states. In addition to footwear, the shop also sells a small number of tops, sports bags and other goods. read more

Shentong business platform love to buy super net that died two months

reporter learned yesterday, STO’s business platform "love to buy super net" has been unable to access, on-line less than two months is failed.

data show that the first phase of love to buy super net investment of about 50 million yuan, by STO holdings of 70%, a company called fulcrum investment VC and part of the team of natural persons. Its location is similar to the shop No. 1, the main food and daily chemical products, department stores and small appliances supplement. Relevant responsible person said, will do a good job in Zhejiang market, and then into other provinces. However, the site is less than two months on the line that can not be opened, the official micro-blog has stopped updating since September 4th. read more

Rural e-commerce from Taobao whitewashing advertising

has a plant in the village found the ads, let passers-by can see a new look, a lot of people have said this is the village inside certain online shop selling shoes who earn a lot of money website. In fact, whitewashing advertising in early appeared, including Alipay, WeChat and other Jingdong, are whitewashing advertising online activities, its purpose is to let the Internet obviously, the brands and products into the rural market. In the current whitewashing advertising has also been a lot of Internet Co as a line of rural marketing publicity channels, especially the rural e-commerce is more and more valued Internet giant. However, at present, the e-commerce in the rural market can not be driven and developed as quickly as the urban e-commerce, but there are many problems. read more

Do a B2C site with its own characteristics

                  a few days ago were released "how to build the evergreen tree" in shopping website "and" coping strategies for search engine adjustment algorithm, by many webmaster friends to support. Today, I put my new ideas and experience and experience to write to communicate with you. If there is not the right side, but also hope that the majority of friends correct, we progress together.

can be said that in the world today, no one does not want to be a boss, including me. Is there a saying that is familiar with the phrase, "do not want to be a general’s soldiers, it is not a good soldier," in other words, it. Say do not want to be the boss, it is certainly not good". But for a word, if the boss is so easily when it, then we come in, encounter is not the boss? Haha, we don’t Chinese became boss of the country. (a pile of crap, turn to the question). read more