Mt.Gox intends to pass off the station in January launched the official not to say yes or no

Mt.Gox will close in January launched the official not to say yes or no

NetEase technology news on February 26th, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest bitcoin trading platform Mt.Gox today issued a statement on the website closed. The statement said the decision to suspend trading is intentional, but it did not progress and the rumors that there.

said in a statement posted on the official website of Mt.Gox, the company noted the recent report on the operation of the site and the trading market and repercussions. "Suspend all transactions and make this decision to protect the site and our users. We will pay close attention to the development of the situation and deal with it properly." read more

The US group net 500 jobs official said Xiaoxibushi

sina science and technology news on September 26th afternoon news, sources said, the United States Mission network is being carried out nationwide layoffs, it is reported that the number of layoffs or more than 500 people. In this regard, Wang Huiwen, vice president of the United States Mission Network responded that this rumor is false news, the U.S. group did not conduct a nationwide layoffs.

sources said, the U.S. group net recent layoffs involving the company headquarters and the 98 sub stations, which only the number of layoffs of about 150 people, including the departments involved in quality control, financial department, sales assistant, finance market, almost all of the people. read more

Why the United States shut down the website of the United States so developed web2.0

see Microsoft in the file after the leak, in the lawyer’s letter requires web sites to delete this file failed, Microsoft through negotiations with the IDC room, forced to close the site.

a lot of Internet users to look at it and feel that this is the U.S. version of the pull wire, and immediately said that the domestic output values. Forced to close the site of others, not only the original domestic dry, the United States also dry. No difference. But that’s not the case.

Microsoft is based on the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (Digital Millennium Copyright ACT, referred to as the Millennium law) to take this behavior read more

Pig did not develop, Ding Lei and started a live, this time he……

2016, the content in the mobile Internet business layout and drew a circle, a new list released "2015 white paper" the content of entrepreneurship, the Tencent launched the "plan" in today’s headlines, put "million" thousands of people plan a little information online "application".


/B12 light


content of entrepreneurship to spark Liaoyuanzhishi swept the Internet, Ding Lei also finally sit still, with a "NetEase" attitude to admission. read more

Facebook announced $16 billion acquisition of WhatsApp

February 20th foreign media reports, social giant Facebook announced that the company will be $16 billion in cash and stock acquisition of mobile IM application WhatsApp, the two sides have signed a merger agreement.

this transaction has been confirmed by the Facebook to the SEC submitted documents. Documents show that a total of $16 billion acquisition includes $4 billion in cash, plus a class of one hundred and eighty million shares of tradable shares. According to February 18th Facebook closing price of $65.265 to calculate these shares worth about $12 billion. read more

The famous site TOP25 died in the new Google algorithm under the knife

Google from the start of last week announced the "content farms", since the cheating sites and low quality site drop right punishment statement, there have been a lot of fame was dead at the site under their knife. From the beginning of J.C Penny cut in the head of the first knife, to Demand Media, fobers, and Overstock, another batch of station is Google on the list in the assassination of waiting to be punished. A foreign website called Sistrix made a special investigation, from the one million keyword search results statistics is currently Google right down the famous website and form, posted online for viewing. Let us look at the weeks, died in the Google algorithm under the knife site: read more

Today the central broadcasting station 630 news Internet pornography crackdown

    afternoon in the car to listen to a news broadcast, it’s crackdown on Internet pornography, the most pornographic website is the crackdown is completed, but there are still many walk on the edge of adolescent pornography, the impact is very bad website, the next step in June, the combination of the city police scrutiny of network network. To eliminate pornography and pornography. Virtual network police.

    while in the search and great in strength and impetus, the news just now, did not see the relevant reports, and in Beijing, channel more than and 10 big portal site has also been listed to make rectification.

    our personal website also should response to the national policy, from himself, from the side to start now, network traffic does not make money, we do not have to flow a bit and have any luck, or for the edge flow mentality.  

      rectification site, will not be conducive to the healthy development of the contents of the network, to delete, but also to each other to tell the friends of the webmaster, do not take youth gambling tomorrow.

  read more

Unfamiliar Street 2 letter domain name transaction price of nearly $20 million

renamed China ( June 4th news, last year to $1 million 200 thousand (about 7 million 470 thousand yuan) in the overseas platform node pats "Mo Mo" 2 letter domain name, recently traced the transaction, the transaction price of nearly 20 million yuan.

figure: in June last year, the overseas domain name trading platform, with a price of about 7 million 470 thousand yuan, and became the highest price in the Sedo platform in the domain name in 2014. Only one year, this is the price of nearly 20 million yuan turnover, the appreciation of space is self-evident. read more

Intelligent machine forced SP mode China Telecom reform wireless music industry

long constrained by the profit model of China’s online music industry, is brewing a new round of business model innovation.

in November 1st, the Ministry of culture called the main enterprises of national digital music executives held an all day seminar in Guangzhou, will come from the country digital music companies responsible for the development of the industry of the discussion.

the current development of the digital music is not optimistic, the original rely on advertising, download single way of payment has not been developed, and the mobile operators of the original very profitable SP wireless business, is affected by the huge impact of intelligent mobile phone. read more

Veoshoesshoes CMO Han Buyong e-commerce marketing to intensive and meticulous farming

recently, Adworld2011 and time* micro interactive marketing world summit held today in Beijing, Adworld2011 this year’s theme is: the reconstruction of 1, do 2, 3 understanding, science and technology channel do full live at the scene.

in the afternoon of e-commerce and Online Marketing Summit Forum, the name of the library CMO Mr. Han Buyong shared the network marketing strategy from the inside out.

below is the full text of Mr. Han Buyong’s speech:

Han Buyong: in our business, we believe that the price comparison in the media crazy situation this year, the electricity supplier from the previous extensive intensive and meticulous farming, now to 2011 should be a year of intensive and meticulous farming, intensive and meticulous farming. From the inside out is our experience of the past two years, we see these two years of advertising rose very fast, I need to share with you in this area we have two years of experience. We just last month is the two anniversary of the company, which is the two anniversary of our company from scratch, to 2011 is the year of more than 100 million. The first year is 40 million, in 2010 rose by three times, to the year of, I believe that this year’s index or to turn a lot of times, the pressure is very large. Especially for marketing pressure is very large. read more

How to maximize the value of QQ class site traffic

in the current market competition more and more intense situation, a lot of grassroots webmaster feel more and more difficult to make money, but a lot of industry site, specific community type of site has achieved good returns. For example, many of the current QQ web site has been successful, why do not you? Here to share some of my experience.

current online advertising is still a part of grassroots income indispensable, we now common in advertising is advertising alliance, Google Adsense Baidu, the theme of the ad, if the site has scale effect, you can get some brand advertising. These ads are nothing more than these types of billing: in accordance with the impression of thousands of people cost (CPM) charges, in accordance with the cost per click (CPC) charges, in accordance with the cost of each response (CPR) charges, in accordance with each purchase cost (CPP) charges, etc.. So how to increase advertising revenue, the inside There is much fineness in. read more

2007 list of top ten categories

      frontier: classification information after 05 years of rise, the precipitation of the past 06 years, there are a number of classified information site fell, part of the transformation, a part of the garbage station, the page is full of advertising. Just a little more vitality of the information platform, but also a considerable part of the early classification information website has a great development, such as reputation, kijiji.

      information classification can be predicted, 07 years will enter the stage of shuffling in real meaning, mainly classified information company in weaker gradually fell, not a small website classification of climate, will eventually be abandoned by the user; and to the left, is the real strength of the strong, in some classification information the city has a large number of loyal users, their services will eventually expand the domestic market each classified information. read more

Coroner’s list How did they die when they started 406 startups in the last 3 years

/B12 brother

a question, waiting for more possibilities.

this is the first N startups to die this year. Internet financial products e leased by the relevant departments to check the suspension of business. At the same time, in order to prevent false rumors caused panic and disorderly redemption, cash withdrawals, E platform to suspend the transaction to the community to suspend trading platform treasure.

crowd quickly onlookers, and then dispersed.

whether you want to admit it or not, we naturally like to look at the success of the start-up companies, but also keen to consume the news headlines contracted by BAT. But the fact is that the success rate of entrepreneurship is only a fraction of the mortality rate. read more

Web Content Alliance Daquan and introduction

According to the content of union propaganda, content alliance can quickly improve your site’s ranking, increase your website PV, add a rich channel for your website, bring entertainment content more rich, improve user retention rate, at the same time update for you free of charge, the most important thing is that the site was advertising the position for you to place ads, and can make money. As a webmaster only need to do is to put their two domain name to each other server IP, so you have a rich and professional website.Another advantage of read more

Cosmetic electricity supplier showing the trend of investment in the stars

recently, Chinese cosmetics conference just ended, with the value of the return, the new eco remodeling industry "as the theme, aims to examine industrial ecological environment for the survival of the hope, for brands, distributors, retailers how to return to self, to redefine its value, remove the impetuous, reshape the harmonious symbiosis of industrial ecology. During the appearance of renowned artist Peter Ho is one of the highlights, but not to sing, but the identity of the designer to attend, with their " not only cosmetic needs innovation, self growth also needs innovation in the breakthrough " the idea to share with you. read more

Ali in July 1st stop rebate rebate website search shuffle upgrade

Extended reading: Taobao Taobao customer contact cut rebate website in July the formal implementation of the rebate network decide on what path to follow? Ali mother alliance once again to adjust the rules for rebate promotion type Taobao rebate rules will adjust the ban URL query rebate

May 15th afternoon, the Alibaba group’s network marketing platform Ali mother issued "on the rebate Taobao customers to promote the rule adjustment notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), the "notice" said, in July 1st this year will prohibit the rebate Taobao customers (including Ali’s Amoy) Taobao platform product link shop link, shop name and treasurer name search services to users. read more

Shenzhen cross-border electricity supplier Wish based training commencement

under the mobile wave, do cross-border electricity supplier can not pay attention to Wish! Wish is the inevitable product of cross-border electricity supplier under moving trend, in Europe and North America as the target market, the customer has over a wide range of characteristics of consumption ability etc.. Unlike other PC electronic business platform, Wish platform rules are simple, very consistent with the habits of users in Europe and the United states. Since 2013 to join the development of cross-border electricity supplier, Wish abnormal rate, by 2015, global users reached 300 million, the amount of sales over 4 billion dollars, and China sellers only 60 thousand, and the platform settled threshold is low, so, no matter you have no experience of cross-border electricity supplier, on the Wish platform, you will have the chance to become big the seller, because it has just begun to force read more

On the implementation strategy of local Forum promotion effect

local Forum promotion summary, we will be divided into two categories:

first category: divided into online

second categories: divided into line (to do local forums are aware of this point, but really know how to use less)

online means a lot, the line complex patterns.

local forum can be divided into two categories:

first class: the effect is not obvious

1 [], QQ group promotion: search relevant local defects and want to join the QQ group, to mingle with the group of friends, friends come to the forum. But you have to know, these QQ group of friends are mostly based on a forum as a stronghold, and then gathered together, it is difficult to let people into the new environment. You can also think of, there are a few people will use QQ search service on the group, in addition to the webmaster. Of course, communication ability and communication time that people with relevant, as far as I am concerned, I don’t have too much time in the group to communicate with people, and then pull over. read more

Make strategic reflection of Taobao 2008-2009 most sellers go grave failure

with extreme anger to write this article, I do not know how long this article can exist on the Internet, especially Taobao forum, may not meet with you has been deleted, but my opinion is to express our anger, to let everyone know that we are not sheep, guinea pig we were not a normal policy victim, so if you are a victim, please spare no effort to reprint any place, a person’s strength is limited, but we can also get together, the ant elephant


first, the 08 year evaluation of the door incident, although now has subsided, however, look back at the time, let the seller angry rules: read more

YAHOO, Google are out of China’s Amazon to become a survivor

broke into the Chinese market of foreign Internet giants seem to have a Damour Damocles sword hanging over his head. How to maintain the corporate culture at the same time, the advantages of its resources to butt the Chinese mainland market, into China for 12 years, Amazon is a practice and has been a result of the case.

served as president of Amazon China, Zhang Wenyi met with the media more and more.

in the domestic electricity supplier companies, Amazon China is relatively low-key. This low-key can be summed up as the founder of Bezos’s personal style: self-confidence, disdain to follow. Its values are built around Bezos’s brain. Industry analysts explained that Amazon is a look at their own company, has always been the pursuit of long-term development, and will not be competitors around. read more