Teach you how to choose the right tea brand

food and beverage industry investment brand has been a very critical issue, such as tea, cakes and so on these small brands is even more so. Choose the brand skills. A cup of tea 70% profit to stimulate a lot of venture capitalists, but also a small investment, the risk is relatively low, the market is quite impressive, all of which makes the tea industry thriving. The tea chain is also a catalyst in the market continue to mature, the headquarter using its own industry experience and logistics services to help the franchisee shop, collect fees, and the franchisee have its own brand into the market constantly. To a great extent, the headquarter and franchisee cooperation is both resource sharing, complementary advantages, the market for the limited resources of the franchisee, choice of tea can greatly reduce the operation difficulty and the time to explore the industry rules. However, at the end of a lot of franchise fee, you can sleep without any anxiety of the tea shop? Choose tea really as franchisee said with profit? You know there’s no 100% profitable industries, there is no successful tea brand to join 100%. read more

The availability of supply to meet customers’ needs to store in hot season

in the coming season, how to grasp the busy season, so that the shop’s products sell hot, which has become a lot of shopkeepers are thinking about the problem. In fact, if the availability of supply, to meet the needs of more customers, will be able to get the shop even in the peak can also be prosperous. Now, let’s see how I operate in the peak season.

My shop is located in the intersection of

County, a crossroads of two streets, can produce a "corner effect", when I selected location is the use value of the favorable conditions, because it is the intersection of two streets, so they will have more customers to patronize. Last November, I shop near the low rent housing completion launch, there are more than and 300 households in low income households. Tourists increased, but there are two small supermarkets around the opening, the competition between the shops is also more intense. I’m going to open a shop window on the west side of the shop, to increase the area of the display of goods, but also to make the past more clearly see the goods in the shop. read more

Fish hot pot to join the most potential to join the project

has been hot pot in our side are very popular. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the entrepreneurial fish is very potential Hot pot, join the brand project selection. Next, let’s take a look at your eight pot hot pot fish?

2017 has arrived, but the weather did not spring warm in cold weather, eat a Hot pot is obviously the most happiness but. Hot pot is also very rich in the market, with the popularity of hot pot, more and more people want to join the hot pot industry to fight their own business. Eight kinds of fish pot buffet Hot pot market popular, high degree of approval, is the best choice to get rich. Is there any doubt that the food and beverage industry will join in the eight pot, which makes it easier to get rich?. read more

If you want to control others, learn to control yourself

is a successful people need to learn to control their emotions, even a person can not control themselves, and how to control them? We always encounter such things in life, then, we must learn to control their own.

1 to calm

in your life fall into the trough, beside you all to tell you: to be strong, but also to be happy. It is absolutely necessary to be strong, but happy? In this case, I’m afraid it’s too hard for you. After all, who can in the fall head broken and bleeding also feel happy? But at least it can be calm. Look at the matter calmly, calmly deal with the other things to deal with. Calm, no happiness, no happiness. read more

Colleges and universities in Zhejiang province at the end of March, and comprehensively improve the

Since the

management policy propaganda so large, awesome enforcement of such education, management of natural to keep up with the pace, therefore, Zhejiang province has a new management policy support, Zhejiang University at the end of March to promote business school.

The general office of the Zhejiang provincial government recently issued

read more

Disruptive innovation has been distorted by the Chinese Internet

it is undeniable that the rapid development of the Internet, many opportunities for entrepreneurs. Rotten street in 2013, the Internet thinking always behind the subversive innovation of the figure, there is no suspense is the outside of the Chinese Internet has been read askew.

enter from the low-end market: the existing market and value network, attract existing mainstream market low-end customers with "low quality" mode, gradually expand. In the process of continuous improvement of their performance, to the high-end market. In simple terms, that is, persimmon pick soft pinch, from the bottom to occupy the mainstream market. Specific examples such as />

strictly according to the standard to judge the theoretical system of Christensen, a typical representative of the Internet China under the "Li Kui" and "Li Gui" are as follows: read more

How to store cigars

whether it is a cigarette operator, or a senior smoker, we need to understand the storage method of cigarettes. Moreover, different cigarette products, storage will be different. So, how to store cigars? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce some methods for you. If it is smokers, may wish to learn about. If you are a cigarette operator, you can teach your customers, so as to create more loyal customers shop.

1) the best way to keep a cigar

according to the purchase price of cigar, if the number of cigars exceeds the amount you spend in 1-2 days, you must find a suitable storage environment for your cigar, otherwise, you will invest in cigar dashuipiao: dry, tasteless, no smoking. The best way to store it is to put the cigar in a container that can keep the temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and keep the humidity at a level of 72. Of course, the most convenient way is to buy a wooden box with a humidifier, moisturizing. read more

How important is the renovation of the dry cleaners

now is the time of year in winter, in this season every year, usually when the dry cleaning business is hot, and now there will be a lot of people started to invest in business at the same time dry cleaners, dry cleaners, want to have a good business, the decoration is an important part of.

The overall image and the interior decoration of

A sign of the requirements, read more

2014 mobile Internet business has come to life and death

the development of each industry, can not be smooth sailing, we need to experience such twists and turns. Experienced the past two years after the mushrooming of competitive, mobile Internet startups found that the day is not good.

"a lot of entrepreneurial projects have become a public welfare project. From 2013 to the present, the early teams were not doing anything good. Or, 10 out a year, but there are 500 VC waiting there." Bean fruit network founder Wang Yuxiang said. read more

How to join View Park taro dessert

delicious and not expensive dessert to join the project choice, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Taro View Park dessert? Delicious dessert, the best choice for entrepreneurship. Join View Park taro dessert items, worthy of choice, it is worth joining!

taro dessert View Park since its inception, "Yu Guan yuan" as the authentic Taiwan dessert, "China healthy dessert industry first" as the standard; become "industry and society, partners respect respected social enterprises" vision; the best, the most suitable set of new technologies, the most healthy good product development, and adhere to the principle of real as in the past; taro View Park dessert for all the love people, the traditional healthy dessert delicacy to bring health, happiness and sweet enjoyment. read more

Handjack elder brother investment in the automotive supplies industry start-up story

with the development of economy, the number of cars is becoming more and more popular, becoming the most popular means of travel. This is the automotive supplies industry has brought tremendous business opportunities. But what about the automotive industry? How can you make a lot of money by investing in a car beauty shop? The following small series to introduce an investment in the automotive industry in the process of successful entrepreneurs.

read more

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles business skills you know

catering industry small investment you have thought about what to choose? Throughout the snack industry market, countless snacks style dazzling, choose what? How to choose? How to choose not wrong? Became a small business entrepreneurs the most headaches. Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, a popular snack, Xiaobian remind entrepreneurs who want to run good skill.

snacks throughout the franchise industry development, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles joined the popular sentiment to let everyone see the rich opportunities, attracted a large number of small investors eyes, but to the success of the premise is to grasp the operation of the road which is the first step in winning the catering market, is the first step in the successful development of the good. The Hot and Sour Rice Noodles franchise business skills for small entrepreneurs to invest in the catering market. Business mentor for everyone deeplyanalyzing Hot and Sour Rice Noodles join business skills. read more

Energy saving lamps ten brands list

lighting market in the whole, energy-saving lamps have become the mainstream of social consumption. Of course, because people’s consumer demand, energy-saving lamp market brand is also very much. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of energy-saving lamps, so that consumers in this area have the option to choose a more appropriate energy-saving lamps good products.

energy-saving lamp ten brands list, PHILPS lighting: NO.1 was founded in 1891 in Holland, the world leader Home Furnishing lighting, the world’s 100 most valuable brands, PHILPS Electronics (Chinese) investment company limited. read more

Good curtain fabric chain store skills

if you intend to open a curtain cloth store, if you want to make money fast, you need to pay attention to in the operation of certain skills, in fact, how can we make the curtain cloth stores more personalized? In fact, under the condition of market economy, the curtain cloth market main body must study the market, left at this point, the curtain cloth shop franchise and development will lose the direction.

because curtain fabric stores emphasize professional and specific trend, some curtain cloth store employees in the subconscious lack of overall marketing concept and competition mental preparation, in the mind is often passive, lack of brand building and business awareness, lack of initiative and enterprising. This tends to make itself vulnerable and disadvantaged. read more

How to open a deli location

is now the pace of people’s lives in constant speed, also let the people’s diet has undergone great changes, also let the catering industry development is very good, a lot of people eat food is a delicacy, so popular and high demand in the market, if the financial strength, rich to open a Deli is good. Now there are many small entrepreneurs interested in it, then the next look at how to open a small shop with a small shop how to choose it!

how do you shop? Importance of site selection read more

2015 entrepreneurial projects the rapid development of female luggage store

The rapid development of contemporary female consumers

economy, rising economic strength, keen to buy high-end women bags, women bags and therefore the market potential, worth entrepreneurs to the mining industry "money".

investment advice

1, a limited purchase bags: to pay attention to keeping the goods characteristics, women now want their bag or handbag is the one and only, so at the time of purchase should consciously limit the number of each style, and keep the update speed of styles. read more

How to do a good job in the store environment hygiene

even store a large commodity price, complete, affordable, but if the shop is very dirty, this shop is that it is difficult to attract customers. So, if you want to open a thriving business shop, do a good job shop health is very important thing. I shop although the area is not large, the commodity is not very complete, but in the business, I pay great attention to the store every day in addition to adhere to environmental sanitation, clean, clean up the garbage, but also attaches great importance to the commodity display, let the shop always keep clean and tidy, orderly set. read more