Published brochure for boaters regarding the payment of sojourn tax in 2018

first_imgThe Ministry of Tourism has prepared a short information brochure for boaters in Croatian, English, German, French, Italian and Polish, regarding the payment of sojourn tax.The brochure contains information on the obligations and possibilities of sailors regarding the payment of the sojourn tax and a table with the amounts of sojourn tax fees. The brochure will be distributed to marinas, port authorities and tourist boards throughout the coast.We remind you that the Ministry of Tourism significantly raised the sojourn tax for boaters in August last year. The drastic increase in the sojourn tax for owners or users of vessels has brought five to six times higher prices of taxes than before, depending on the category of the vessel and the time period for which the tax is paid.For example, the owner of a yacht 9 to 12 meters long has so far had to pay an annual fee of about 150 euros, and according to the new Regulation on determining the amount of sojourn tax for 2018, the price will be about 775 euros, and for yachts 12 to 15 meters annual the fee jumped from 176 euros to 1.024 euros. Also, the Office abolished the payment of an annual lump sum for the use of marinas, which has been the normal practice so far.What is certain is that vessels are movable property, and if sailors are dissatisfied, they can easily move the vessel to another country. The negative consequences are already being felt in all marinas, and will only be felt next year. At the end of the season, the line will be drawn, and I wonder if anyone will respond if there is a rapid decline?Side dish: Boat brochure 2018last_img read more

TZG Gospić has announced a public tender for the design of a new logo

first_imgThe prize for the selected solution is HRK 5.000,00. Offers and creative solutions must be sent by October 15, 2018, but interestingly not by email, but by mail. You can download the tender documentation by clicking on the following links:1. Public tender2. Application for the tender3. Authorship Statement Guidelines for drafting a logo solution of the Tourist Board of the City of Gospić according to the description of the tender are that the visual identity of the City of Gospić must be recognized from the solution, any colors or color combinations can be used, that the size of the proposal allows is a solution solution creative, unique and simple and to follow modern trends in design.The old visual of the Gospić Tourist Boardcenter_img The Tourist Board of the city of Gospić has announced a tender for the creation of its new logo, with the purpose of use on all on-line and off-line promotional materials (posters, leaflets, brochures, monographs, website and more), the tender says.last_img read more

Cro cards, tourist land, new strategy, lower VAT…

first_imgAs we know, the strategy for the development of our tourism expires in the second year, more precisely until 2020, and a new one will be drafted soon. What is important is the new strategy of our tourism will be done for a period of 7 years, not 10 years. A new tourism strategy As part of the draft law on value added tax, which is currently under public debate, it has been proposed to reduce the VAT rate for the preparation and serving of food in restaurants to 13 percent. Not all the details are known yet, nor what exactly the proposed reduction of VAT to 13 percent for food in catering will refer to, but certainly how the lower VAT in catering will open a new one. Also, the new Aliens Act will come into force next year. The new law will allow the import of foreign labor without any quotas. Currently, out of 18.800 quotas for labor imports, practically everything is fulfilled, more precisely about 17.500 quotas. However, it is pointed out that special attention will be paid to maximally activating the domestic workforce, although it is not yet known how to implement it. Finally, we received a cancer of the wound of our tourism, which certainly hampered investments in our tourism – of course it is a question of tourist land, ie the Law on Unrated Construction Land. It is about 10 million square meters that have hampered investment in tourism for 20 years. During the four days, there were a lot of events, and so a lot of statements that could be drawn from the leading people in tourism. But let’s go in order. Tourism development study of all five Slavonian counties Thus, the Cro card project has been announced once again, which should start on January 01, 2020, but although I still do not know exactly how the technical project will be implemented, it is known that employers will have the opportunity to give their workers tax-free HRK 2.500. for the consumption of tourist facilities with the aim of encouraging domestic tourists to travel exclusively in Croatia and outside the main tourist season. According to statements from the Tourist Forum in Osijek, the bill is coming to the Government in two weeks, and the entire procedure is expected to be completed by January 01, 2020, when the law should enter into force. Lower VAT in catering Aliens Act – simplified labor imports  Although the synergy, ie the definition of one brand Slavonia, and not as before that five (5 Slavonian counties) should have been made before DHT.a and UHPA Day in Slavonia, as well as one tourist platform, to use the focus of the media and the profession this year in Slavonia, soon that document should see its light of day. The development strategy for five Slavonian counties is being worked on for the period from 2019 to 2025. Cro cards Family farms will finally get a little wind in their backs Minister Capelli also announced that the sojourn tax for guests of family farms will be lower. When and how much Tourist land Lots of stories, guesses, information on the dropper, trial PR balloons, etc.… but we will soon see the content. In any case, various new changes have been introduced since the second year. The days of Croatian tourism, which were held in Slavonia for the first time, are over, and the impressions are still adding up. What is certain is that the reactions are extremely positive, and Slavonia not only met expectations, in fact, the reaction was high above expectations and everyone was impressed by what they saw and experienced. According to official information, there were over 1.500 applications to DHT in Slavonia, the most so far. Photo: Visit Slavonia Baranjalast_img read more

Storytelling in museums: Split-Dalmatia County starts project to revive heritage characters

first_imgThe project is implemented in cooperation with the association Interpretirajmo Hrvatska, which is committed to encouraging excellence and efficiency in the interpretation of Croatian natural and cultural heritage, as well as raising awareness of its importance for the development of local communities. The aim of the education is to transfer the knowledge and skills of heritage presentation and interpretation using the storytelling method accordingly Interpret Europe certificate.  The training is attended by 14 heritage institutions, mostly museums from the county, while the participants in the training are professional museum staff and museum associates – licensed tourist guides who will become costumed performers in the first person for the Museum of the City of Kastela, Museum of Poljica, Museum of the City of Trogir, Museum of the Trilj area, Museum of the City of Split, Museums of Ivan Mestrovic, Archaeological Museum of Split, Croatian Maritime Museum Split, Natural History Museum and Zoo, Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments, Public Institution Starogradsko field, Kliška fortress, Rhythm of the game and TZ Sinja.  Photo: Split-Dalmatia County Split-Dalmatia County through the Administrative Department for Tourism and Maritime Affairs and a project called Dalmatia storytelling destination began education intended for heritage institutions under the name  Costumed interpretation of heritage. center_img Bravo for this unique project in Croatia, which should be an imperative of all destinations in Croatia. Tourism are stories, let’s tell our authentic stories. The goal of the project is to revive heritage characters from the county and create a creative 365 tourist offer within museums and significant heritage sites.  last_img read more