What is the electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon

summary: what is the electronic commerce of Shanghai dragon? It is actually very simple, is the electronic commerce network.


b) Shanghai dragon compared to SEM promotion cost lower.

as Taobao and Tmall these business platform using shielding some of the mainstream search engine robots.txt, so Taobao and Tmall these shops do Shanghai dragon also have no meaning. Jingdong and Dangdang although there is no shielding search engine, but after all, not their own independent website can be optimized for the smaller room. Therefore, suggestions on Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng significant independent B2C site.

C) Shanghai dragon compared to SEM is stable and long.


e-commerce is simply using the Internet the electronic platform engaged in various business activities to meet consumer demand is the final.

for the first time with the Shanghai Phoenix know when I was a newcomer, silly little crab, it is difficult to imagine the clerical duties is to do Shanghai dragon promotion of Shanghai dragon is what, why do Shanghai dragon is completely ignore. I only know that every leader arrangement down is the hair of the chain, the registered forum / blog, the chain of hair more bonus is higher, a long time will find themselves exactly like a machine every day to repeat the same thing, numb has become lazy thinking; however, once accidentally let I have a new understanding of the Shanghai dragon, according to the personal experience is what everyone is talking about e-commerce in Shanghai dragon

a) users trust hang natural search rankings, Shanghai dragon is the natural search engine rankings. SEM will display the text of

(Search Engine Optimization) Shanghai dragon Chinese means both search engine optimization, search engine rankings by law, to optimize the rationality of the website, improve your site in the search engine ranking, so as to improve site traffic, enhance website sales and publicity, let search engine to bring more customers to you.

, a cognitive electronic commerce and Shanghai Dragon

search engine optimization Shanghai dragon network promotion can be understood as a branch of e-commerce promotion, Shanghai dragon has certain promoting effect on electronic commerce; electronic commerce is to rely on the network transactions, while the Shanghai dragon is through the search engine optimization and promotion, improve search engine rankings, e-commerce can help get better sales ability, find more customers, to achieve the purpose of consumer products.

two, the electronic commerce and the Shanghai DragonShanghai dragon

d) Shanghai dragon is more suitable for the long tail keywords, this is because Shanghai Longfeng low cost compared to SEM

four, Shanghai dragon relative SEM what are the advantages of


three, what type of business for Shanghai dragon

Yishui view relationship to talk about website optimization and the structure of the human body

do website optimization for a long time, met the most is nothing more than home page optimization, articles, links to such problems, I can not help it will be linked to these problems and the structure of the human body, do site optimization as a person, people have a brain, bones, flesh, meridians, homepage, content, keywords, inside chain net station etc..


site within the chain as the meridians and meridians throughout the body, and plays an important role in making various organs of good coordination, is the main channel of systemic blood running, in the same chain to our site, throughout the site, is the main channel of the spider crawling, the body meridians can not connected, but can not appear meridians no symptoms, but the site within the chain is also so, the chain is not the more the better, should pay attention to the distribution and form, and can not appear dead links, link error phenomenon. Source: 贵族宝贝hqbank.cc Yishui webmaster from original, please specify.


on the front page of the site like the human brain, the importance of comparable importance, the brain is self-evident, so is the website home page, we want to optimize a station, first to optimize the site’s home page, especially for the love of Shanghai optimization, because love Shanghai for your home page weight is very high, higher than any other search engines, so we have to do is to let the mind clear, eliminate distractions, remove evil thoughts, applied to the website optimization is to determine the home key, reduce redundant code (code optimization), the removal of cheating information etc..

layout architecture as the bones, bones propped up in the body, but our website is to use keywords architecture to support, when we remove pictures, flash, the contents of the article, there is a layer of keywords architecture, of course, the human skeleton structure is in accordance with certain rules, determines the skeletal architecture the appearance, appearance of beauty and ugliness to influence others to your evaluation, the evaluation on the website’s user experience, so we should be user centered in the keyword layout structure, reflects the user wants to see the information, make users want to see the form of information expression.

site within the article is equivalent to the muscles throughout the body, attached to the bone, there are a lot of articles, ZhengZhan everywhere, but optimized for very successful website, these articles are not loose, they cling to the keywords architecture, from the layout of the keywords of the position and the form of decision. However, everyone should be the flesh and blood are not exactly the same, our article is too much, the copy will be right down the search engine.


Cheng Wei 15 billion dollars has been melted down, still financing, not yet to the endKeep the car t


According to the


according to the introduction, Didi travel has invested OFO, Cheng Wei is OFO director, Didi travel and OFO also have a lot of cooperation.

Cheng Wei pointed out that in the shared platform, can be used 10 times a day, can reduce half of the car all services built several large parking lots in the suburbs of the city center, parking lot can become green and the school, this change will happen over the next ten years.

it’s hard to imagine half a year without having to buy another car. A bike can be used ten times a day on a shared platform.

drops CEO Cheng Wei before the date of travel in Beijing to attend a forum revealed that the largest bicycle manufacturers Giant may be acquired by OfO.

car treasure CEO Li Peng, car treasure profit is mainly on the B side, one of the most important is to build auto parts store, car Bao auto parts auto parts supplier mall is connected to line service providers and channel sales management system sales. The latter is easy to understand the meaning of the former is said by the management system, supply and demand directly connected accessories business and service shop, through the integration of products to provide the B business at a low price, to obtain a certain profit, but it is worth mentioning that businesses have settled for free.

is one of the world’s bicycle production and marketing of the largest company, its network across five continents and more than fifty countries, companies all over the mainland, the United States, Britain, China Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Holland and other places.


friends who have cars know that vehicle maintenance service is becoming more and more important in our daily life. How to keep the car convenient has attracted more and more attention of the car owners. In the car market, O2O industry moment rise, there are two main forms: one is the traditional enterprise in the line of auto + Internet mode; one is the Internet companies to penetrate the line, forming Internet plus car model. In fact, they don’t have much difference in essence, but differ in the starting point, as a point of departure from the traditional auto industry moved to the next line put things online, one is the direct use of the Internet for the integration of the automotive industry, through online and offline collocation, and ultimately promote the development of the automobile market.

car is the same, the car is using the lowest rate of industrial products, the automobile produced only 4% of the time in use, 96% are idle, this city to build a parking lot, this model is destined to be inefficient.

talking about the market of O2O industry after automobile

drops into future unmanned



talking about profit model

America’s top technology companies are doing this thing, apple, shlf1314, Tesla in the car, the automobile industry is the only investment Apple drops, because the mobile phone industry is coming to an end, he to the layout of the automobile industry.

this time to raise a vehicle to treasure CEO Li Peng to carry on an exclusive interview:

face the car

approached to keep the car treasure

Cheng Wei said, change does not come from the end, not from the car, but how to change, but from the use of information revolution, only the Internet’s big data in order to move the car, share the use of.

Cheng Wei said that the second five years, bit hope is not only the largest travel platform, but also become a world-class technology companies, to promote the transportation and automotive industry revolution. Drops have 200 billion revenue a year, if by this scale, far from the valuation of 50 billion U. S. dollars.

C end face, their goal is to establish a sound service system, improve service consciousness, pay attention to user experience, will investigate real-time user feedback, they will update the merchants, select high-quality merchants settled car treasure has been free of charge, the elimination of irresponsible businesses, to protect the interests of owners, the owners get the help the most reasonable price, the most perfect service.

Beijing car Ying Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2015, the company is located in Beijing Haidian, 2015 will acquire a potential capital, Ronglian wealth funds and 20 million yuan car network interconnection joint angel investment. Keep a car treasure from January 2014 officially launched to the project incubation to 2015 officially from the parent company car networking independently, experienced a long incubation period, it is a O2O mode for the owners to provide a comprehensive service such as self-service platform, to provide maintenance, maintenance, beauty, car washing, gas, insurance and other preferential information query real time and interactive consumer evaluation for the owners, the car maintenance service transparent, the user can understand the market the price of service product, and price selection and online ordering. Currently, the car has more than 450 million treasure users, more than 3 merchants, opened 132 urban services, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places set up branches.

that’s why capital favors artificial intelligence and driverless cars because he can turn cars into shared, intelligent traffic.

"I believe that after ten years, the automotive industry will become the world’s 3-4 most intelligent companies in the world, and I hope it will be one of them."."

Cheng Wei revealed, "drops in the future to do three things, namely:

previously, v-mobile bicycle, bicycle manufacturers and OFO are co manufacturing bicycle, once the acquisition is completed, it is the first time in the field of bicycle bike manufacturers under the acquisition line.

1, intelligent transportation, not only cars, networking, roads and green and red

About Alt and Title of the two label usage

Title: the label link notes.

Alt and Title two label usage, we usually are in use, recently a lot of friends ask such a question, how to use these two labels should be good in Shanghai Longfeng in? Here is what Qingyong personal understanding and practice, talk about their own suggestions:

because the search engine page source code, if the links or images with the Title or Alt tag, but also be helpful to such a key of the ascent (do not deliberately use these two labels to add a keyword density).

Title label: mainly on the link to comment or strengthen the function, there may be friends will ask: " link is the text, why should strengthen? ". In fact, when we call a content page title when, due to the layout of the page or appearance may, will only display the content page part of the title text, so, this time to do this link on Title, search engine users or the link to this understanding is not better at.

Alt: the role of image annotation tags;

read the above comments, everyone may already have their own answers to.

if a picture is linked with Title and Alt, these two labels should be how to deal with

For ?

users, if the wrong URL a picture or because of the reason of the network open, if the picture has a Alt tag, so the picture wrong position will display the Alt annotation content to the picture, so the user experience has also played a role for.

1, do Alt tags; we can think, if the pictures on Alt, then combined with the above two label notes, then the search engine will understand the meaning of this picture, we took this picture link as well as text links (have pictures on Alt this time, we label), again.

here is both put together just in front of our analysis are separate, a picture with the links in many phenomena such as some kind of products, or the mall ". Here are what Qingyong advice:

first, we look at their Alt and Title these two labels represent what meaning.

Alt label: mainly comments on the role of pictures, because of a lack of current search engine spiders on the picture of the judgment, so here add to the picture of Alt, can play a role for picture naming, make the search engine more clearly a picture of the meaning of.

this question may we often meet questions:

Luna chubby medical website optimization editor vulnerable

Many novice

wants more webmaster, editors can attach importance to this work, adjust the focus of the work, because we need a visitor’s approval, only that web site will go farther and farther, farther and better, www.pb39贵族宝贝 original, reproduced must be marked "/p> copyright, thank you!

third: website editor should be gradual.

, website editing work, update the content is simple, it is not, because many websites, especially the transformation of medical websites need more content rate, because the patient needs through this article to understand the hospital, understand their disease, more important can end through your hospital therapy to solve their problems, so the website editors should need to know about the patient needs, this is the key to website content update.


for the optimization of medical website, website content is very important, or that sentence "content is king", then, for more hospitals optimization webmaster, how to do better, keep patients, is the key, and today from here to share some experience her chubby, hoping his 2 April will do the second skin experience to share with everyone.

, for example, 2 of their website has a lot of mesh editing, every article has strict regulations system, so many girls by love, there is no doubt that this is the power of the web editor.

many network editor think optimization is the simple content editing, and send the chain can, in fact wrong, and not so simple, the network is the editor of website promotion is an important part of high quality content to attract the customers, but also greatly enhance the conversion rate of PV and website, and even be able to role for hospital website brand.

maybe many editors will say, we write the contents are relevant to the patient and then OK, the content is reproduced by the browsing probability is high? Of high probability, to bring you the high rate of conversion, with reference to these three questions, you can compare your nature. The article is not close to the patient, such as diabetes, many patients need to understand diabetes care and diet usually through the network, and these contents with the seasons, such as solar term is different, and this is a kind of thinking, so as to let the patients retain, of course, will your article, or even help you use to QQ space or in other places, it is less effective, the article was reprinted in stationmaster net, also cannot do without this point.

website editor is not updated.

The first point:

second: the content of the website need more close to the patient.

If the website is not to talk about the role of internal link optimization

in the web site, users in the website, it is in doubt for some words on the page? Will get lost in the web page, you want to find little page? Although internal links is an attraction add a ZZ optimization for crawling, but internal link building is the overall site planning the. Complete loss of internal link optimization, can also affect the user experience of the website. Thus, a chain optimization not within the site, will greatly affect the user access and deeper page browsing. More visible, well within the chain optimization website, not only to enhance the user experience of the website, improve website impression, reduce website bounce rate, more conducive to enhancing the overall weight of the site (the site also search engine users love love website).

think, site of the Shanghai dragon optimization only through the construction of the external links and content construction to complete, no internal links involved, the website will be what kind of


3. if no chain optimization, talk about how to improve the inside pages long tail keywords ranking

as a webmaster all know, along the link level of a spider crawling. Assume that a web page without any links to other pages, the spider always stays in the home page, the spider crawling effect of enthusiasm, so he was included are few. Perhaps only a few pages (the home page, or may be included by external links). The other extreme, just in order to optimize the chain verification, can let the spider crawling through a link, more deeply, stay longer, crawling more thoroughly. On the other hand, without the chain optimization website will make the spider crawling is not smooth, reduce the number of crawling, grabbing quantity reduction. Grab the shortage will affect the web exposure rate, flow reduction is inevitable.

?Many ?

2. if no chain optimization, what about ascension spider crawling depth, "included

according to statistics, Shanghai dragon optimization do good website, home page traffic accounted for 5%, visible, more traffic sources within the pages of key words long tail off. Obviously, no do chain optimization will lose a lot of traffic. Internal chain.

1. if no chain optimization, talk about how to enhance the user experience of the site

every day?

"content is king, the chain for emperor" by most Shanghai dragon Er too much sought after. A website from the building after the construction of the external links began. The new website weight is very low, there is no influence and authority in the Internet, most webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er that add the appropriate external links will help site weight accumulation. Had participated in a training, the teacher said the new chain release strategy: just set up websites every day issued 5 chain; the home page was collected after every release 10 chain; to be included within the pages, every day issued 20 outside the chain of more than 3 months; 50 new sites, released every day outside the chain more than half a year; the daily release amount will increase. Just think, if a stand of ten years, how many want to send the chain


Do the data analysis to improve website weight

, a weight from

search engine through the overall performance of the web to raise or drop a website. The overall performance including: the content of the website, the chain structure of the site, the site of the vote, the audience, the website of timeliness, site of scarce resources and so on these comprehensive factors. The station outside the station and two factors, the search engine weights through the comprehensive score of these factors to judge a site.


2. pageviews (PV

) through data analysis ?The weight of the

in front of us understand the real website weight, also know how to judge the website weight, then the data analysis we need to do the following analysis can help us to improve the weight.

real weight sum up is a comprehensive score, it is the inheritance of every page on our website in, and he is not specific to a certain point or one of the elements of our weight is the higher the keywords ranking, but the website weight does not directly determine the ranking.

said the weight of a lot of people will say it’s very simple we love Shanghai webmaster tools check weight can, in fact, the webmaster tools of love Shanghai weight is not really love Shanghai weight, only as a reference value, true love is the core element of Shanghai weight search engine, is unlikely to be open.

1. included rate

three, how to improve the weight of

many of our webmaster or site when doing the Shanghai dragon to bring up is not to control or update every day through the optimization, think the ranking do go up over, in fact, Shanghai dragon is more important to go up in the data analysis, the initial ranking is based in later through data analysis, stable ranking is what we should do. The change in our analysis we can better grasp the needs of users on the website of good data, reduce the rate of jump out to enhance the page residence time, so we will find our website search engine is more valuable for the user, the weight level our website will be the last step, we discuss today is to share the website data analysis of how to do.

two, the website weight how to judge


site only included will get the weight, so the citation rate is a basic data not included the weight is out of the question. Included rate mainly refers to the collection we see our website each column below "is how, whether our important pages are included, such as product information, price information and so on, because these pages are really important in ranking, the general collection rate of more than fifty percent that can. If the index rate below twenty percent, that we need to pay attention to, if the collection rate of less than ten percent, it is not normal.

Close a Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to help you break

pictured as "a statistical diagnosis in Shanghai Shanghai dragon" love in the index, through the observation that the diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng heat always keep a steady growth trend. The index data is not a lot, but the figure can be found an interesting phenomenon: the more rapid development of the region, the optimization is more focused on the diagnosis of Shanghai dragon. Why so? Network marketing developed city has always been the high point, and the creation of these enterprises every year in the city network marketing value, but also in other city several times or even several times, even in sales are not anxious to store marketing.

diagnosis, optimization advantages and disadvantages of process diagnosis in Shanghai Longfeng site, for the website search engine development contributed to the electricity supplier homeopathy record, looking for the best breakthrough. Because the A5 optimization group (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝, Shanghai dragon) full of my website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, out of a eight page "website optimization proposal", according to my proposal, to solve the problems of the site did not think, just over a month, ranking number rose, because the Taobao is the guest website, the Commission turned up a few times, I feel Taobao off too good to make money, you believe it? But I believe, I really appreciate A5 optimization team, so I felt inspired to write the original article, for a long time did not write the original, the original hope not too bad.

How does the

but the Internet development is rapid, but the development of the electricity supplier companies in the country has not yet fully spread this around on the "Shanghai dragon" will appear in the search. But if the enterprise fully understands, enabling enterprise network marketing strategy, and how will look? Perhaps in the near future, it is such a situation. Even so, the market is still like a raging fire around the Shanghai dragon, development trend can not be limited to. >

Internet market is unpopular popular electronic commerce is remarkable?. In the enterprise sales profit, the real sales mode has not meet the development of the Internet, which coincides with the rise of Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center "in 2010 Chinese e-commerce market data monitoring report" shows that in 2010 the total sales Chinese e-commerce sales volume reached 4 trillion and 500 billion yuan ($684 billion).

enterprise compete for the electricity supplier era? The search engine ranking decision sales performance, but a poor ranking don’t hack away, how to win a higher ranking, more enterprises to put into place by optimization of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon on the search engine rules of exploration, the site has a good ranking. But Shanghai Longfeng optimization is good, but how much do the occupation of Shanghai dragon er? Most only learn fur, will be called experts to carry out orders process. Reasonable optimization, to achieve high ranking website or a thousand li a day. The optimization of failure, at the end of the light is right down, heavy losses of K station, but what about the profitability of

?The Shanghai born dragon

High quality content push skills let B2B industry website traffic doubled

B2B website is a platform, a market, good and bad, valuable information is of little value, and as a platform operator, we have the responsibility to "push" website content to the user, allowing users to first see is the high quality content, is promoted one of the methods of user experience, but also make the search engine of B2B industry site high weight, increase the user experience, search engines, much higher ranking, natural flow will rise. Some of the many people at QQ said: Li Xuejiang, you help me look at our website, I found the most good websites do not have serious problems in content push.

to take charge of business information ranking, priority display, such as: the supply of information, business information and other sellers information collation is the charge ordering information before, otherwise do not meet the profit model. In the website home page and column page, also recommended the product information display fee (convenient search grab, the latest information also want to find a place, but the charges) product information is not necessarily the most content rich, the quality of information, and the first show high quality content contrary, how to to solve this problem?

business shops, a lot of functions, but also it is very beautiful, but the website home page, column page display shops, or search results pages of the shops are not much content, or content quality is too low, or too poor reading experience, a comprehensive domestic well-known B2B website also has the same serious the problem. There are search results pages, most of them are no map, content editing, rarely very messy products. The information industry, industry technical knowledge and other information, some did not recommend reading the content, or is not recommended to the quality of the content, whether it is for the user, or search engine, is a bad experience, to improve the rating of the search engine on the web, increase the amount collected and keywords ranking, it is necessary to push to do the contents of the. In turn on those who do very good B2B industry website, you will find their content push most of the work done well.

1 business column priority show rich product content charging enterprises and business information


must provide more services to member fees, use more services to help customers improve the artificial information, as long as customers make money, we should assist the clients to input information, photos, customers do not understand the entry that information should urge customers to provide the corresponding information, if the customer is not positive, stating its pros and cons, told they, if buyers see a company information is not perfect, they do not understand, do not trust the conditions, will not contact you, which will make money effect, we must ensure that the information is perfect. The first time the customer may tell you very busy, many reminders several times, have good service patience, must make the most of the customer’s product information is very rich, high quality content. The content of quality evaluation mechanism when the product is released, the quality score for content, >

Discussion on enterprise competitive keywords Shanghai Dragon

enterprise competitive keywords now become many companies competing to compete in bidding competition, for our Shanghai dragon these words will appear a lot we can not imagine the situation, according to the experience of the last 3 months to operating industry keywords, and in the optimization of the Related words three months in Shanghai love home. In fact, we believe in is not so difficult, here I will take some practice to detail my


said that, in fact, a small industry key is not so difficult, just to test our patience and perseverance, the foundation well, love Shanghai will give you a good ranking. My writing is not good please include a lot of

fourth: Web site keywords rose, of course, certainly to keywords stability maintenance, love Shanghai whether it is updated every Monday, or monthly update, as long as we persist in their work, whether it is content in that period, the chain in every day, friends of the chain in the United States every day, whether in the maintenance of our website the weight and ranking will play a very good effect of

famous source! ! !This article from the

second: this step we of course above has been on to optimize the preparation of words, foreshadowing, this step must be added to the first batch of initial content for the website, adding initial content to our first is to make the website looks normal, website with content readability! The word I added almost all the content and related to the industry. Don’t try to copy it on other websites, we must modify some key parts, Shanghai is most interested in love is a fresh thing, with its own characteristics of the content. We must remember that.


: first to optimize the words we conduct a detailed analysis of the election race. And determine the different schemes according to the words for the word because of the heat, Chongqing moving company, the auction is very much, I use the method of the site title, description, keywords, focus. And ensure the harmonious chain on the site, I do a site map this, and the robots.txt is written, which is more conducive to the work of the late

www.dyjqw贵族宝贝 station to write, please thank

(ranking figure for this operation words)

third: after the completion of the construction, we must submit to a web site included, which makes Shanghai included our love. Then I will update every night 2 articles, 5 chain every afternoon, do a Links every day. Of course, the chain and chain technique, especially outside the chain, 10 chain a chain equivalent to the garbage station, this I know! For these basic work, we need the daily management of the site and do not work every day! Keywords a month you will rise to the first page.