Travel bug your website is sticky


hint: I was a grassroots, I is the insect food, so I say is a just contact website grassroots thoughts. If you are a master, then you do not have to look at, please disturb the road, and secondly, I am not high culture, the level is not enough, so it is not good to write, please be a lot of people, we will see on it, hey hey,


has also seen master written on sticky articles, but I feel it is a great master of experience, and these worms, we can learn from the grassroots gap, not much, so I want to write such an article, you want to share


now, we look at the 2 words contained in the title, the website and Nianhu! In fact, the meaning is very simple, meaning is the meaning of sticky sticky! Website is a platform, the degree of user stickiness is demand of this platform! Analysis of the relationship between these 2 so let’s


a lot of people do website, the pursuit of keywords, the pursuit of SEO, the pursuit of traffic…… Wait a minute, but there are a couple of people who can do long, follow the trend, and how long will it take? That’s not OK, because these sites don’t have the places where the users stay. That’s the lack of stickiness. Because you have something here, there are other people, those users come here today, tomorrow can also go to other people, so the traffic can not go on!


why everyone’s Web site is almost, why some stations flow only rise not drop, and some stations flow only drop not rise? (the same platform, different treatment, why?)

, this is the same platform, it’s a different tack,


why do people need Baidu and Google and so on, because people lack of knowledge, to know the knowledge they need, people had to get the corresponding demand from there! So this viscosity index is high because the demand is viscous index!! needs more sticky about


station with money and technology of high viscosity index, money and technology to meet user needs! But we have no money and these worms grassroots technology that how to do? And we have a small broad, with their good ideas and creative


such as television station (now the site of the innumerable, several do good?): is the television station, how to make their stand more viscous? This requires you to think, for example, a membership reward system, see a movie to get gifts such as integral; to invite friends to watch movie together get points, and increase the level, the higher level, the more large the fewer restrictions on the way! PC egg egg is to let users get points for advertising prizes? So, not your platform is not good, and your lack of platform is more fun fun the more interesting ideas, so that less viscous flow is not high


as for other types of stations, I don’t give you an example. How do you make your station have a higher viscosity index?

Share how I played Baidu

Baidu, a search engine that we all do. Although sometimes Baidu would like the vicious stepmother general Meng K our site, but we still love her ~ this is upset ah, then how, in the Chinese in website promotion, if you go to the Google ranking and ignore Baidu that is tantamount to self destruction, or the use of Baidu in China because the majority of visitors. We only follow the rules set by Baidu to play this game, it likes what we do, it will be "reward", give us a relatively good ranking.

of course, we can take some cheating means to deceive Baidu, but one day will be found, and K will be miserable, as for what is worthy of our careful selection here means I will not mention, you can see a post before me: [nine] webmaster tricks backfire don’t play and search engine (

today I want to discuss is how to use Baidu’s own products to promote our website, after all, Baidu for its own products or preference are good, the following are some methods and experience I tried, a better method is proposed:

welcome package

1, news

Baidu home page’s first option. This is mainly to see the webmaster writing, if you write the original article (with your website) will soon be included in Baidu news, it would be a great blessing, Everfount flow will be to search this article you will also appear in the contraction results in a relatively high position. This method is difficult, because Baidu requirements for the article is relatively high.

2, Wikipedia

encyclopedia, Wikipedia webmaster best use to build a own entry, whether or not your keywords in the name of the website or in establishing an entry, for example I use my website name "spark media" in the encyclopedia set up an entry (http:// There are two advantages. First, stick it in the back. When you know it, it will bring convenience. Two, in case the site is K or penalized, visitors can still enter your site through links from your entry (because entries will appear in higher places in search results). Here, note that when you edit the entries, do not use too much advertising statements, links less, so that the entry rate will be high.

3, space

space, now Baidu space browser is also more and more, but do Baidu space do not ask for more, but fine, every day more updates. The flow brought by it is also considerable. Here, pay attention to the naming of space and the addition of the chain. You can use keywords to name your space, but Baidu space is not allowed for commercial use, if the name is too obvious, such as <

When encountered in Xinjiang Grassroots webmaster Zhaoan integration direction

December 7, 2008, Xinjiang’s first owners meeting, meeting a success, the importance of the integration of the participants profound awareness of the importance of mutual exchange of needed products and learning, the establishment of Xinjiang stationmaster alliance, imperative.

the evening of December 13th, stationmaster Congress convener and part of the webmaster party, to discuss how to establish the alliance and the development direction and mode, as Xinjiang station I (Western culture, because the website and the urgency of time, I did not attend, but photos and experience, also the share of intense interest soon Canon released online party here, want to insert a few words of mouth, integration of our Xinjiang grassroots webmaster said.

party according to the feedback logs, know in a special invitation to the official representative of the Xinjiang Internet association, some webmaster and Xinjiang Association of honest and careful communication, everyone’s ideas are pure, is nothing more than the official management department under the leadership of the official organization as the platform is able to make the grassroots webmaster the integration of resources and the government can provide policy support for us. But, unfortunately, things did not talk together, representatives of the association of ideas and the grassroots webmaster not only at the party we draw further apart, in support of the association, but association to the grassroots webmaster set a branch and Zhaoan "inhibition".

is the head of the individual, but as a grassroots I deeply know the importance of freedom, the importance of open, if the Internet is not free, it would be the real winter! First of all, the vast majority are owners would not violate the law, not to engage in edge ball, website will record in the first time, the audit information website etc. all job. So, I think the association should play the role of supervision and guidance on this basis, to upload the channel between the government and the grassroots, harmonious platform construction site in Xinjiang development, the establishment of long-term webmaster towards integration and resource optimization mechanism. According to my understanding and lack of, Xinjiang Internet association in Xinjiang station before the meeting organizer and guide role, when Xinjiang play their influence towards the integration of grassroots webmaster, but hurriedly ran out, to regulate, to be included in the leadership, I think, as do stand to have a basic positioning, positioning us the Internet society is not good, what are the age, is still talking about leadership? Still airs? All the station will go to profit, to the business model, the Internet society’s role should be like the government treat the enterprise as "separation", the role of the government should not be the leader, but more should be management Xinjiang, as the site development to provide resources, provide policy, providing a platform to provide channels, rather than blindly emphasis on leadership, management and competition Is the boss’s core position.

In the information age of

, the renewal of ideas is as important as the positioning of roles, but also the unit of the first webmaster conference of the government organization in Xinjiang, Mr. Ding Xiaoliang, and also the grassroots of Xinjiang

Thought by Baidu and Tao Grassroots powerful

think that year, Baidu has not developed when the time has just started, the Baidu alliance, attracting a large number of webmaster, put Baidu in their search box on the site, this effect as we all know, because of the large number of grassroots power, Baidu became one of the largest search. This fully proves, in the network of this land, grassroots power is quite powerful.

although Baidu is big now, the gas is also rough. To K K, so that a large number of Baidu webmaster passed on the survival of bile. But, the vitality of grassroots webmaster is very tenacious. Now because a large number of CMS programs and blog programs provide free next stop, so that site becomes very easy, so more and more people do web sites. Grassroots forces are becoming stronger and stronger.

is because of the grassroots team grow, so Ma play tricks, the guest, let’s do a large number of roots, the guest for its promotion. Recently, no matter, cyberloafing, found in various forums, post is Taobao Amoy link. And the network on a sudden emergence of a large number of guest website or store. It seems that Ma Yun’s approach, but also with the help of grassroots webmaster power, the expansion of the information surface. This approach is better than any advertisement. You go to advertising, but also the cost of advertising, and Amoy this practice, is nothing more than to increase the number of servers only, not out of their own too much money, let a large number of grassroots day and night, desperate for Taobao to do publicity.

No matter how

the result of this approach, only hope to do Amoy friends, in the promotion process of guest, can really make money.

this two days without incident, PHPCMS is also used to change a guest website, interested friends can discuss:

Your product is not a red cannon, what should I do next

Abstract: a red look not everyone can understand, but may make the venture into a sensitive, embarrassing situation: don’t get support and income from the market, the data can not support to get more support from the capital market, the original investment looks more like a burden rather than an asset… A red, even go down and unable to get up after a fall in the proportion of entrepreneurial companies I think should not be less than 80%



(this article from the titanium media feature column, "entrepreneur said", the most pioneering story of titanium)

some start-up teams are products, a debut will be able to get APPSTORE recommendations, and quickly occupy a place on the app list, the future can see a bright. But what I am dealing with is facing another problem. When the first version of the product fails to achieve the expected market response, what should I do first,


I think this will be an interesting topic, and it is a real problem that most of the entrepreneurs will face at the moment. So let’s talk about the topic.

didn’t look a red everyone can understand, not what big problem, but may actually make the venture into a sensitive, embarrassing situation: don’t get support and income from the market, the data can not support to get more support from the capital market, the original investment looks more like a burden rather than an asset… A red, even go down and unable to get up after a fall in the proportion of entrepreneurial companies I think should not be less than 80%


this is very easy to understand: the entrepreneur’s limited resources, if the first shot, won’t be done in one vigorous effort, there will be "two bad, three and exhaust" dilemma! This is cruel, it looks like you just a little over a somersault, but directly to your life!

well, entrepreneurship is so cruel, but objectively there will be more than 90% of entrepreneurs can not be a red cannon, and if, in case of misfortune, you become one of them, what do you want to do?

is unlucky to shoot,


technology was established in October 2014 November, angel investment began operations, and all the startups, after about three months, with the line of the first version of the product, but after a small range of promotion of disappointing results, the user retention rate is very low, active users almost all employees within the company and friends, the first shot, we don’t have red


before writing this article, cruel, I didn’t fully understand this thing is, this is a matter of vital importance should be serious, we must immediately targeted response to


the first step, first of all to re judge whether we have the wrong direction of entrepreneurship;

the first thing to ask is >

Network marketing will go from sensibility to reason

in the face of new things strange, human beings always experienced curious, questioning, impulse some perceptual process, and after a short or long impulse, will gradually calm down, and then the objective to make a reasonable evaluation, find a proper way, and play its due role.

In the development of the Internet Chinese

from the beginning of the 90s date, but really under the network business sense now is only ten years, but the network is under public speculation, experienced a bubble, winter and so on a series of ups and downs. The immaturity of emerging industries and the fear of wind and waves have made people more dependent on feelings to make decisions. Now, after ten years, especially in the last five years, China has built websites for service clients from large enterprises and small and medium enterprises to build their own business card websites. And then all enterprises rely on the search engine bidding, the major shopping malls opened a variety of members, in the website advertising and other means of marketing in a simple sense. Smart Companies in a time of exploration, and investment has become more rational, from perceptual orders, in the Internet industry staff is more and more difficult to deal with, which is also called the Internet came in the winter. In fact, the customer is not difficult, but a network of big trend, regardless of the industry, regardless of the company, ask the customer product features a direct recommendation network solution has been out of date.

Several events

08 years to review of the Internet community, in addition to the normal sense of the most cattle XX old topic, I want to have the use of network technology "classic 42 Jack" and "Wanglaoji marketing events". In the Internet, alas, the global economy is generally depressed. The opportunity implied by this incident will lead to the birth of a new industry – Internet marketing. This is already an obsolete word, but in China, the entire Internet industry, there are several real Internet marketing experts do?. Yes, yes, some of my buddies have fried XX people at very low prices, and have been able to borrow some entry point to get mad X events, that’s all. Because we do the Internet, still imagine how the customer’s money is too good to think, the enterprise has awakened. They are no longer satisfied with a business card website, or a universal network promotion product. What they need is a network marketing program that suits them. One in line with their own industry habits, in line with their own corporate culture, in line with their own product characteristics, fully in line with their own target customers use habits of network marketing program. Now, the big network environment is changing quietly. There are more and more choices in the network. People of different ages and classes will stop at different websites. Maybe they will often stay in the three major portals, but they will also set up their own online home in their peers of similar people gathered in, like most 70, 80 could not understand the non mainstream, but after 90 but never. This is determined by different values. The same is true of corporate customers. Few companies have products that are common to people between the ages of 0 and more than 100. So, enterprise >

How did he make 5 million + fans from 0 fans

micro-blog V interesting, many fans, how did they do it? Today we grilled a steak well-known micro-blog fellow from his uncle, micro-blog Ba Yan values, to his degree, take you 360° understand a large operation by micro-blog.

1: who’s uncle


category: famous constellation, micro-blog, tuba,

fan count: 5 million 840 thousand

micro-blog introduction: "constellation is just entertainment, the ideal is to make fortune with fans"

two: How did Uncle fellow do it?

said a clear fellow uncle micro-blog development, please see below:

down here


read this picture that micro-blog is not easy to do, the most important point is how to more quickly find their own position, micro-blog has its own unique characteristics, give a fans attention your reasons, uncle is groping for a long time, a chance to discover the road sign, so to a bright road. But to find a location to adhere to do so will need to have more skills, want to know more to look down! Down here:

June 2013 fellow uncle micro-blog was born

6.18 fellow uncle blog day, beginning the uncle and universal cartoonists like micro-blog, are free to give the fans draw custom comics, look at these comics, each style is different, there is not much difference with other comics, causing much attention. Sure enough, he painted for a month without painting. Continue to explore their own style…


= free draw custom comics for fans

rely on fans to help draw cartoons is certainly not the cause of a lot of people’s attention, after all, a picture can only be touched by a fan, other fans can only see in, all the year round does not feel drained to themselves, naturally lose the passion of the attention. This is certainly not going to go well. What about the attention of micro-blog’s peripheral users,


is a good way to hot ah, just a small poster that era, spoof star posters chant, arouse their fans attention, he is Tucao or point of praise, as long as the attention. Expected, after the release of nearly five thousand forwards, directly up to a new height.


, micro-blog hot occasion

but the new problem again, micro-blog is not a hot day ah, uncle need to create new content to consolidate old fans every day, attract new fans attention? So this uncle began writing the comic series, that Internet users a variety of psychological funny cartoons.

of course, it’s very hard to rely on your own efforts

Local talent network development core the pursuit of local corporate interests and mass base combina

local talent website is a collection of local human resources information website, its superiority is that it can provide talent exchange, personnel information, personnel recruitment and job seekers for local people and resources, the development of local talent website can be said to have a direct relationship with local talent, I run the Chengde talent network has a year half the time, from the beginning to the present day tour website No one shows any interest in the amount of thousands, can be said to be absorbed a lot of website development and the essence of experience, and in my opinion now, the development of a most important place in the core is the pursuit of trust based local company and the masses.

When I was running a

local talent website to find some local labor dispatch company and Human Resources Inc, these companies have an advantage, it is rich in human resources, they are in the hands of the human information and human resources many, these are our website must borrow in the early development of the place, so how do we do the network and local company with local talent, let the people do trust? In my opinion are as follows.

initiative, pay close attention to hard work, can take the initiative to find some of the talent market, Human Resources Inc, talent exchange base, the local labor service company, find the person in charge of them seek cooperation between the two sides, many of these companies do not have time to the Internet operates a network platform to promote themselves, so we take the initiative to come is consistent with their expectations early, when we can take the method of sharing these companies, which provide us with other personnel information for each other, we free information and advertising, although these are not income, but it can in a very short time Neitishen website popularity, I remember the website provides information in three months the flow rate reached more than 500, so that the website can use the information is the basis for the development of local talent network . Of course, we as a web site, has the potential to seek cooperation above will be the other party that what is false, this time is not urgent, it can’t find a word, we don’t care about the feelings of others, even if the local companies can not, we can also help the local newspaper information, the newspaper information reprint up is also a good choice.


website again when free information, this time is that we will visit the user development for members of the time, we will be the site of the personnel information is divided into two parts, one is free to visit the information we can see, can be released 100 assignments, another is the membership information, if needed for more information you have registered, this is to establish foundation for the masses to visit the site, when a lot of people are holding a kind of experience the feeling, this time if he wants to see the really useful information, we will experience the feeling into his membership feeling, if he registered as a member of feeling inside information is really useful, then he will let countless people, because he felt his cognition is correct, so in the course of time, Our mass base has been gradually built up.

Localization strategy of local website construction

in September 2009, I began to take over the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network", in order to attract popularity, I set up a web site navigation page on the site, included to search and other owners to provide Wulong local site. In addition to these sites included the local government portal website is updated frequently in tourism and other government departments, the basic site is an empty set, of course, including the construction of the forum and other personal information in Hong kong.

in this page after the completion of construction, there is no time to update, after all, a small county is not much love of Web site construction. In March this year, when the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network" requires a new revision, I am just trying to verify the effectiveness of these links. So I found such two problems: one is to update the news information of government portal website is not timely, most of the websites of government departments is still a basket case, there is no what information; two is the personal website basically is in the closed state, to find these sites stand long exchanges, we know not what is popular do not bother to renew the domain name space.

from these two questions, we can see the shortcomings of these local websites.

government each kind of class has the information to update slowly, the source is single and so on shortcomings, therefore when the stationmaster establishes a station, may construct a local news website, and the local government and the related department cooperation,. Relying on the Internet platform, various government bulletin information integration, classification, local policies and regulations to convey timely information to the local people, and receive feedback, become a link between the government and the masses.

, and personal web site positioning without features, which requires the webmaster in the Internet users to provide a variety of local online services. At present, the concept of digital city is generally put forward in cities, which contains unlimited business opportunities. As long as the local websites have relevant talents and continuously improve their innovative ability, they can actively develop various kinds of business.

in the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network" as an example, the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network" actively expanding in the advertising business at the same time, also to explore other profit and service projects in the region, in the home opened online classified information program, provides a platform for information dissemination for local users, both convenient for users but also provides a good opportunity for their development.

vast amounts of information and endless Internet, confusing too many people, so that many sites into the big and all the wrong road, so, adhere to localization strategy is the fundamental way out of local media sites.

this article by "water occasions" "webmaster" "jump jump" to provide.

How quickly does a new site improve adhesion

website how to increase the viscosity, in the final analysis is the attraction of the site, of course, and the location of the site is related. Holding a gun in one place the mentality of the webmaster, do not have to consider the problem of viscosity, just think how suddenly click on the line, and ready to get down station friends must consider whether their site has the potential to attract repeat customers. In general, a website that lets people visit second times, the following are essential.

1, website speed, imagine a website has not been opened for a minute, loaded pictures, and then loaded video, and then the patient has to go.


website speed, involves many aspects, the first is the website server problem on this, I believe that many owners have a lot of complaints to the child said, after all, now in the host market, but really can not find a problem with IDC, only one point, the strength of IDC to hard. You think, since there is no guarantee that there is no problem, at least make sure that the problem can be solved in time.

is the second web design, if you listen to the opinions of the so-called web design company, that is what to what the whole a trendy, fancy, so people have to make money. But if you are a understand some Internet webmaster, you should know the website design should be simple and elegant, this website is a collection of Internet users are willing to see, Baidu, Google, Myspace and other sites will know. Another reason is that no matter how delicious things are, there is always a time when you can get bored, but you can drink boiled water every day.

2, since it comes to web design, website design should have characteristics, not flashy, but have their own ideas, and not completely imitate other people’s ideas come over.

general, website design idea is, as far as possible to retain users, to attract users to visit the web page, we must pay attention to the following points: a design, to meet user habits, let a person to accept the strange things cost, unless we think the price is a must; B, on the page the more important something more serious, to establish clear visual hierarchy; C, can click on the place must be prominent, people obviously know can click; D, divide the page into a clearly defined area; E, omit superfluous words.

3, website advertisement and website profit cannot delimit simple equal sign.

has some website owners may want to make money like crazy, advertising on the page is actually the main content more, I think in the long run, this is not a good thing, it will make access to reduce the number of advertising, eventually lead to earn less money, do not try.

these methods are arch-criminal loss of a large number of users, in fact, these sites are using so many rogue means is to flow, or a little more direct said, is to make money, they just don’t know it broke your site off.