Travel bug your website is sticky


hint: I was a grassroots, I is the insect food, so I say is a just contact website grassroots thoughts. If you are a master, then you do not have to look at, please disturb the road, and secondly, I am not high culture, the level is not enough, so it is not good to write, please be a lot of people, we will see on it, hey hey,


has also seen master written on sticky articles, but I feel it is a great master of experience, and these worms, we can learn from the grassroots gap, not much, so I want to write such an article, you want to share read more

Share how played Baidu

Baidu, a search engine that we all do. Although sometimes Baidu would like the vicious stepmother general Meng K our site, but we still love her ~ this is upset ah, then how, in the Chinese in website promotion, if you go to the Google ranking and ignore Baidu that is tantamount to self destruction, or the use of Baidu in China because the majority of visitors. We only follow the rules set by Baidu to play this game, it likes what we do, it will be "reward", give us a relatively good ranking. read more

When encountered in Xinjiang Grassroots webmaster Zhaoan integration direction

December 7, 2008, Xinjiang’s first owners meeting, meeting a success, the importance of the integration of the participants profound awareness of the importance of mutual exchange of needed products and learning, the establishment of Xinjiang stationmaster alliance, imperative.

the evening of December 13th, stationmaster Congress convener and part of the webmaster party, to discuss how to establish the alliance and the development direction and mode, as Xinjiang station I (Western culture, because the website and the urgency of time, I did not attend, but photos and experience, also the share of intense interest soon Canon released online party here, want to insert a few words of mouth, integration of our Xinjiang grassroots webmaster said. read more

Thought by Baidu and Tao Grassroots powerful

think that year, Baidu has not developed when the time has just started, the Baidu alliance, attracting a large number of webmaster, put Baidu in their search box on the site, this effect as we all know, because of the large number of grassroots power, Baidu became one of the largest search. This fully proves, in the network of this land, grassroots power is quite powerful.

although Baidu is big now, the gas is also rough. To K K, so that a large number of Baidu webmaster passed on the survival of bile. But, the vitality of grassroots webmaster is very tenacious. Now because a large number of CMS programs and blog programs provide free next stop, so that site becomes very easy, so more and more people do web sites. Grassroots forces are becoming stronger and stronger. read more

Your product is not a red cannon, what should do next

Abstract: a red look not everyone can understand, but may make the venture into a sensitive, embarrassing situation: don’t get support and income from the market, the data can not support to get more support from the capital market, the original investment looks more like a burden rather than an asset… A red, even go down and unable to get up after a fall in the proportion of entrepreneurial companies I think should not be less than 80%


(this article from the titanium media feature column, "entrepreneur said", the most pioneering story of titanium) read more

Network marketing will go from sensibility to reason

in the face of new things strange, human beings always experienced curious, questioning, impulse some perceptual process, and after a short or long impulse, will gradually calm down, and then the objective to make a reasonable evaluation, find a proper way, and play its due role.

In the development of the Internet Chinese

from the beginning of the 90s date, but really under the network business sense now is only ten years, but the network is under public speculation, experienced a bubble, winter and so on a series of ups and downs. The immaturity of emerging industries and the fear of wind and waves have made people more dependent on feelings to make decisions. Now, after ten years, especially in the last five years, China has built websites for service clients from large enterprises and small and medium enterprises to build their own business card websites. And then all enterprises rely on the search engine bidding, the major shopping malls opened a variety of members, in the website advertising and other means of marketing in a simple sense. Smart Companies in a time of exploration, and investment has become more rational, from perceptual orders, in the Internet industry staff is more and more difficult to deal with, which is also called the Internet came in the winter. In fact, the customer is not difficult, but a network of big trend, regardless of the industry, regardless of the company, ask the customer product features a direct recommendation network solution has been out of date. read more

How did he make 5 million + fans from 0 fans

micro-blog V interesting, many fans, how did they do it? Today we grilled a steak well-known micro-blog fellow from his uncle, micro-blog Ba Yan values, to his degree, take you 360° understand a large operation by micro-blog.

1: who’s uncle


category: famous constellation, micro-blog, tuba,

fan count: 5 million 840 thousand

micro-blog introduction: "constellation is just entertainment, the ideal is to make fortune with fans"

two: How did Uncle fellow do it?

said a clear fellow uncle micro-blog development, please see below: read more

Local talent network development core the pursuit of local corporate interests and mass base combina

local talent website is a collection of local human resources information website, its superiority is that it can provide talent exchange, personnel information, personnel recruitment and job seekers for local people and resources, the development of local talent website can be said to have a direct relationship with local talent, I run the Chengde talent network has a year half the time, from the beginning to the present day tour website No one shows any interest in the amount of thousands, can be said to be absorbed a lot of website development and the essence of experience, and in my opinion now, the development of a most important place in the core is the pursuit of trust based local company and the masses. read more

Localization strategy of local website construction

in September 2009, I began to take over the "Chongqing Wulong shock animation training network", in order to attract popularity, I set up a web site navigation page on the site, included to search and other owners to provide Wulong local site. In addition to these sites included the local government portal website is updated frequently in tourism and other government departments, the basic site is an empty set, of course, including the construction of the forum and other personal information in Hong kong. read more

How quickly does a new site improve adhesion

website how to increase the viscosity, in the final analysis is the attraction of the site, of course, and the location of the site is related. Holding a gun in one place the mentality of the webmaster, do not have to consider the problem of viscosity, just think how suddenly click on the line, and ready to get down station friends must consider whether their site has the potential to attract repeat customers. In general, a website that lets people visit second times, the following are essential. read more

Cheng Lingfeng split vertical operations will be portal trends

such as the title, this is Feng brother’s point of view.

first, such as health, parenting, such as small channels, there are many four major portals, relying on the flow of the door to maintain, but in the market without competitiveness, there is no independent income strength. The parasite is, too. These are independent accounting, and intensify reform, survival of the fittest.

second, sports, finance, technology, entertainment, such as medium-sized channels, there are shaping teams, play, and the market, but the potential has not been excavated. Should be independent vertical division, independent accounting, self financing, led by an independent general manager. read more

Baidu always makes me happy, let me worry

June 14th, my new photo station,, is finally ready. With a very excited mood, only waiting for Baidu included. When I was done, I didn’t submit it to the major engines. Because once read a SEO article, say new sites are not submitted to the engine, the major engines will naturally included, but included time than submit to the engine relative to longer. So I didn’t submit the URL to the search engine at that time. Just, this new station and I did 2 months ago station ( each big engine normal included, site home first, PR=3, Baidu included 1000+. ) the link was swapped. read more

Four alternative ways of running local websites

if there are people there are rivers and lakes, then there are rivers and lakes where there is a local website. The first batch of local websites, I’m afraid, is known as "such a city port of information.". The so-called "early bird" has worms, such "Hong Kong" category of keywords are often forcibly occupied the Baidu local city search first. Of course, these local websites are also the most profitable ones. Because of the excitement of these websites. Local websites have sprung up to cut local web markets. Then, how to break the tight encirclement under the barrier of the old local website and get better display? The author combines his new on-line website to explain the alternative operation of the local website. read more

How much is your website worth per P

as for a web site is not to earn money, how much traffic, webmasters are very concerned about, but as a webmaster, you have calculated the value of each IP, have studied a IP real overweight?. Different types of websites, each IP value is different, to the blogger personally operated two sites, for example, to calculate and compare.

is the first site for the type of news website, mainly rely on advertising to make money, is set up with Dedecms, a major update some of the network news, the daily flow of about 500 or so, a monthly advertising revenue at around 1000, according to this ratio calculation, a day of IP 500, calculated in accordance with 1000 each month, the daily income of 30 yuan, then the 30 divided by 500, each IP value in 0.06 yuan. The second site is the product type website, about forty IP per day, the monthly income of 1000 yuan in the same day, the same income is 30 yuan, the value of an IP is almost a piece of money, is more than 10 times the news website. read more

Fifty questions you must know before you do the station

thank the author’s share, this is an old article, but also a good article can not bear to delete, put here, hoping to help novice friends! To be a Chinese webmaster, if you don’t know the following 50 questions, you will suffer a lot, or you may be a unlucky station owner.

fifty questions, there are forty you can do, then you are passing the webmaster, this is the 50 webmaster, at least know the familiar problem.

1. webmaster can not know ASP, PHP, c++, net, but can not help but know HTML language. If you don’t know, fix him in a week. Even HTML do not know, how to do the link later, technology secretly fool you, a few do not know. read more

A new idea on the website of model essay

model website of a new idea, my website in the early stage is also the article station, actually not say very early, just 2 months ago, and later found that the site positioning is not fixed, key words can’t do. So a bold decision, on the site of a revision, even risking Baidu K (big SEO – I put the name of the site) to change.


every day to manually update, a few days later, Baidu finally re included me, and my mood website net "mood" in the Baidu keyword do the first, although the words may not bring what traffic, but my site traffic is mostly from the Baidu search for articles related to the IP though not much, the day is about 200IP, but it gave me the website has been re recovery, people want to exchange links with me, selling advertising and so on, my website finally began to have the income, not like before that by GG, mother and other Union, it makes me feel for Baidu I like the weight of the website is still relatively high, as long as your site updated every day, do some "pseudo original", with the collection procedures do not. Baidu will relax for you. Although my station is now collected almost 100, which is not a lot of standing, but I revised to now less than half a month, you can say that in this half a month or included. (everybody looks at the earliest written article of my website, you can see the time that the website is revised. read more

n winter, individual webmaster left is king

a few days ago in Shenzhen guy told me to deal with home farm site, asked the reason, the answer is, do financial before, has been doing Amateur Station, now the company is affected by the economic crisis, the shortage of funds, many employees no pay for several months, and his website have no profit, no income, could not carry, had to be sold to the home farm site.

winter seems to have really come, and more and more "cold", and personal Adsense more or less certainly will be affected by "winter", before the domain name stop service domain name is a precedent. Maybe another time, do local classified information website found in advertising business has become more and more difficult to earn, do group purchase also found that business has become more and more difficult, with the cooperation of enterprises recruitment website facing the present situation of a large number of layoffs will face no embarrassment partners…… read more

Discuss the future trends of the site navigation station

sat next to the computer in a daze, do not know what to do, remember to go on the road to see a lot of leaflets and clerks, the popularity of home computer memories, how fast, how fast the update speed of Internet cafes? Some people say that with the Internet network technology in China is improving, pouring a lot of computer training the number of classes, the school website is also increasing, it can be said on the web site of the oral innumerable, asked a lot of friends, you are the most on the Internet is what? But, Baidu, Google, 123, etc., wherein the site navigation station with no necessity of survival, is it? I do not think that is. read more

Create 100 thousand P after the feeling seriously do stand, intentions do station

I would like to design a website for Admin5 webmaster friends, it should not be a difficult thing. The difficult part is how we should design our exquisite website to serve more users. As long as you continue to stand, you can not do without promoting the topic of web site. Flow is the prelude to making money.

I do personal webmaster, time is not long, almost 3 years. 3 years when I had to build inside 100 thousand IP station (because of the early development goals change, in the sale of Admin5. You can ask the king. I took thousands to tens of thousands of IP sites, is countless. Maybe the webmaster friend thinks I’m bragging. Ha-ha。。 Of course, you can’t believe me. But believe in yourself as much as you do. As long as you work hard, you will succeed. read more

From the effect of my website, the difference between Baidu promotion and Google Adsense

you know, the station station of the main profit model is advertising alliance. US advertising alliance Baidu in the domestic reputation is mainly Google Adsense, three big promotion, Ali mother alliance good reputation. Other minor league said that the deduction amount is serious, price is also relatively low, can also see many webmaster Posts Little League without complaints K number of events in each big Adsense BBS. Of course, Google and Baidu K, the post reaction also occasionally see. Why most webmasters is linked to Google Adsense, many people say that Adsense prices are high relative to other Union not less, but the fact that in recent months the Adsense Google price is not high, may be affected by Google events, Google Adsense reduced the percentage of read more