Kiki Zushi joined the popularity of high-quality security

now with consumer demand continues to rise in the catering market is constantly changing, sushi was one of the most traditional delicacy in Japan, in China, by virtue of its delicious nutrition and health characteristics, has been well received in the market, with the market constantly the development of a huge market demand for sushi industry to bring considerable development foreground. Xiaobian to recommend this Kiki Zushi joined the brand is very good, creative sushi products more popular in the market. read more

How to operate a restaurant store off-season to be good

hunger breeds discontentment, we have to eat every day, one day does not eat enough, we Chinese is very particular about food, food and beverage industry is very flourishing, business restaurant shop, now has become the choice of many people, because of the huge demand for food and beverage market, catering industry business, there is still a market and development prospects. However, the opening of the restaurant, the problem is bound to encounter off-season, how to operate in the off-season? According to everyone’s questions, here is to give you a look at how to start a restaurant business off-season business. read more

Small meals join the project positioning five rules

open a small restaurant chain stores like, what do we need to know? Following the development of China’s food and beverage industry, the market demand, people on the food and beverage industry has its own views and understanding, let us share the following, the small meal to join the project positioning five rules?

A, main product positioning method

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Henan garlic farmers face garlic price roller coaster how to avoid risks

garlic in life, most of our friends are often consumed. For the price of garlic, many people feel that it is not worth mentioning, but the price of garlic in Henan province has soared more than 10 yuan per catty! So, Henan garlic farmers face garlic price roller coaster, how to avoid risk?

after a lapse of 6 years, garlic you ruthless comeback. Garlic prices rose last winter, all the way up to the spring of this year, garlic prices around the country record highs, the price of more than 10 yuan per kilogram in many places, greatly exceeding the highest value in 2010 of $6.4 per kilogram. In May this year, with the introduction of new garlic, garlic prices have dropped, but affected by a variety of factors, the price of garlic is still high. read more

How to attract customers in the winter

now with cooler weather gradually, when the cold winter has not said hello to us Pumianerlai, in fact, is also a lot of clothing store a headache, because this time the passenger generally do not stay in their store, how can we retain them?

winter with personalized jewelry fashion

buy a piece of clothing to send accessories, a simple sweater, with a large necklace to be decorated, but also young fashion. A clothing store in the East Street on the red, the shopkeeper to introduce customers to the accessories: "don’t think the winter clothes will not create space, it can be through some accessories, to show the different collocation effect. The same piece of clothing, through different accessories can change a different style, the same sweater with gorgeous pearl jewelry, will produce a different effect." read more

What are the procedures of the cosmetics store

cosmetics profits, it is an indisputable fact that the cosmetics store is a lot of people have always been a dream. So for the first venture partners, how to open a cosmetics store? What are the procedures of the cosmetics store? Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

A: choose brand

select brand is one of the cosmetics preparations necessary to join shop. Determine what kind of product you want to run, you need to understand the market of this product, as well as some information on this product. Only a full understanding of the market, the business of their own cosmetics have a comprehensive understanding of the store is likely to operate successfully. read more